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28 Home Remedies for Razor Burn


My five month old son has suffered from eczema for a the last few months and I started using a special soap to help relieve the symptoms. The other day I got horrible razor bumps, that were extremely red and painful. I saw the soap sitting on my counter and decided to try it on the razor burn. It was incredible, instant relief. Within minutes the redness subsided and my skin was back to almost normal. It is called Shea Moisture. It's raw shea chamomile and argan oil Baby eczema soap.The high levels vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties of the soap is a miracle worker. I will be using this right after I shave from now on and hopefully it prevents razor burn.


I heard about using Psoriasis cream and was leary because of the salicylic acid, but it worked like a charm. No burning at all. I also found it at the dollar store and it was just called Psoriasis Cream. The real stuff is expensive.
My legs were burning, bumpy, and I couldn't stop starching them. I got insane relief. I woke up the next day and my legs looked normal.


I have sensitive skin and I find that diper cream works great! It takes the pain away instantaneously and doesn't sting when applied!


the best way to get rid of razor burn is to mix 1/2 cup of carnation milk and 1/4 of vinegar and 1/4 of a cup of dry powdered milk (lowfat). Stir all together and apply to razor burned areas twice a day for 2 weeks. very great results!! hope it works for you! :)


- Caladryl (for soothing/non-itch)
- Pinch of baking soda (exfoliation/de-redness and swelling)
- Tea tree oil lotion (healing/antiseptic)
-Sensitive skin shaving cream (no scent or hypoallergenic)
- Aloe

Stir together to make a lotion-like substance. The ingredients can be to whatever ratio you want (except baking soda {pinch}) depending on what you want its prime job to be. Apply thick coating to legs before you go to bed. DO NOT RUB IN! It should be visible on the surface and feel wet. Cover with pants and wash off in the morning. Cured my super awful, super itchy razor burn in 4 nights.


I just want to say that my opinion after reading some of these is that some are remedies to alleviate the discomfort from razor burn and some are to heal the actual razor burn. Anything exfoliating like an acetic acid type of solution (main component of vinegar maybe alpha hydroxy acids or glycolic should help because exfoliation will help the hair to break through the skin.

Honey Lynn

There are effective ways on treating razor burn. Actually most of them can be found in your kitchen. The home remedies for razor burn consist of aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, ice compress, tea tree oil, oatmeal bath and cucumber.


Wow. Idk why people feel the need to submit awful chemicals on a home remedy site.
Aloe afterwards works pretty well. I moisturizer every so often with coconut oil, Shea butter may be better to, it cured my dry elbow where as coconut oil it always felt dry sometimes still.

Befor shaving, EXFOLIATE!!!! You should exfoliate Often anyways, I always had horrible rash and iteration. Everywhere I shaved. After exfoliati g alone it cleared up significantly. When it does flare up, I do the sensible thing. Bust out HEALTHY chemical free actual CURES. I'm sorry but man ade chemicals do not cure, they temporarily 'solve'(coverup) a problem creating bigger one (among others) in the end. Really. Vaseline for a cure? Hello petroleum.

Honestly your best bet is to play around with natural remedies. Try a oatmeal bath soak. Try honey. I bath in kefir and it makes my whole body soft in a matter of minutes.

Bottom line. Clean. Exfoliate. Moisturize.

I use baking soda alone, or with essential oils(real e.oils are organic and contain NO chemicals) sometimes making it solid but most the time powder. Works amazing. Never have b.o AND I'm letting icky bacteria and toxins get out .


You have got to try Razor Burn Freedom for Women from Swedish Skin Care and you can even find it on Amazon. Me and my boyfriend both use this product; he shaves his head all the time and uses it to keep it soft and from becoming inflamed. And I use it because I get goose-bumps when I get out of the shower and they always turn into bad razor rash if I do not use this product. If you have this problem, then this product is worth a try.


Dove body lotion or E45 cream woks pretty well on my legs after shaving and on my bikini line too :)

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