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4 Home Remedies for Circulation

sara eastern

Drink more water, eat more (raw) garlic,
add chilli pepper to your diet, and get yourself moving, as energetically as You can, as often as You can, for as long as You can .........


My wife used to have some issues where she had a foggy memory and she also had cold hands and feet. I told her to take ginkgo biloba and it was ok. Then a friend of hers told her about this supplement called Nutrizen. It has 5 herbs and it's affordable which is really cool. Ginkgo and ginseng were in there together so that helped her circulation a lot! Plus she said she feels a lot less stressed at work. She told me she feels so much better now that she takes it. And since she feels better, I feel better! Hope this helps. Wish you all the best in health and happiness.

John Wakamoto

Raw garlic cut into small pieces drink with water. Plenty of high pace exercise 3-4 minutes a day. Jumping Jacks 50 times quickly.


Put powdered cayenne pepper into socks and gloves to keep the feet and hands warm.

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