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Tick Bites Home Remedies

2 Home Remedies for Tick Bites


Remove tick by gently pulling straight out, grabbing as close to it's head as possible (tweezers helpful) being careful not to squeeze it's body.

Kill or safely contain tick.

Wash/disinfect hands and bite site.

If you have one - use a venom extractor to suck out hole tick made, and/or treat with heat...(organisms sensative to heat).

Try not to touch eyes or mouth or face and wash well any thing that gets blood etc. on it.

Heat treatment can vary...but generally must be hot and sustained enough to hurt moderately. without actually blistering skin.

Sources of heat may be fire (like a lit candle near the bite) or a heated metal object (like a spoon) or glowing ember, hair dryer, light bulb, etc.

Heat also takes away itchiness.


Please, I ask you to try (Cenovis brand for me) multi vitamin tablets; and it would seem the swinger added to this is Fish Oil capsules; I have had many and severe reactions to the neuro toxins of the scrub typhus or chigger bites, and except for sleep disturbance, all other effects have apparently been halted in their tracks. I stress how severe were the 'reactions'and how incredibly improved were the physical symptons. No medical nor layman had heard of these that I encountered, and no help had been forthcoming, but now I hope this helps others. Please write if you have been assisted so I know if it works for you.

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