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37 Home Remedies for Mosquitoes


use windex on mosquito bites it stings but the itching goes away.


Take 5-10 milligrams of brewers yeast in tablet form each day. This will start repelling mosquitoes almost immediately.


Preparation H Hemorrhoid Ointment is effective for shrinking swollen mosquitoes bites and will give prompt relief from painful burning, itching, swelling and discomfort. Apply directly to bite and it will stop the itching and the swelling.


I've just been reading the 'mosquito' remedies and I can honestly say, the only remedy to 'not being bitten by a mozzie' is DON'T kill it... The blood you attract from it, attacts more.
I have grown up in a 'mozzie' infested town and have tried everything possible. The old 'slap' on the arm isn't the way to go...
From Hexham NSW, Australia-The Real Ozzie The Mozzie Town.....


To keep mosquitoes away, drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 20 minutes or so before going outside. The mosquito may land on you, but it won't bite!


put toothpaste on the mosquito bite and after a couple mintues it wont itch.


Castor Bean Plants repel the mosquito. They can be planted from a seed, grow very large in 6 weeks, very tropical. The entire plant is very poisonous though. Remove the flowers before they go to seed.

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