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37 Home Remedies for Mosquitoes


rub a bounty chloth against your skin and its a mosquito repellent


I am allergic to mosquito bites and when ever I get one they swell up like a marble and are itchy and painful. I have found if you take a really hot shower, and let the water hit the bites it can subdue the itching. Yes, its going to be agony while its being hit with the water. After the shower they should stop itching for the most part. Also, if they are just comming up I take a cut onion and rub the juices onto the bite. This also helps with the itching/hurting. =)


To stop a bite from itching (can be from any type of biting insect), rub cut onion on the bite. It really works.


Spray a mixture of water & vanilla extract on your skin before you go outside I promise it works & you smell good too!


For my remedy i get a bit of shampoo and i used a toilet brush to itch the bite. The swelling subsided and the itch had gone.


i live in a mosquito infested neighborhood. the school emptys all there water into uor 2 foot ditch. i hvae found that if you take a clove of garlic and eat it, or rub it onto your uncovered skin the mosquitos will not land on you


To keep mosquitoes away outdoors, take dryer fabric (like Bounce,etc.) sheets and tie a couple under your chair!!!


If you have nothing else to stop itching apply your on spit on the bite , if it didn't stop right away repeat it.


I won't use toxic chemicals on my body to repel insects. I've heard that if you Eat Garlic, or rub vinegar on mosquitoes won’t want to bite or sting you.
But it you have already been bitten/stung I found this home remedy to be really helpful:
For itchy bites, first I applied rubbing alcohol, then applied a poltice of baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste and salt, cornstarch and dabbed it on each bite. (If you don't have cornstarch that ok) This homemade poltice relieved the itching and reduced the inflamation and swelling. I Leave the poltice on for a few hours or overnight until things feel better then wash off with an non-fragrance organic soap. Hope this helps.


The best remedy is Avon Skin So Soft spray bath oil. Spray the exposed skin areas. You may be oily but mosquitos will not land on you. Don't forget to spray your arm pits if your wearing a tank top. They will land were you don't spray.

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