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37 Home Remedies for Mosquitoes


I have 10 dryer sheets spread up and down and all around my 8x8' deck. It has kept away several kinds of bugs, especially spiders, but has been completely ineffective against mosquitoes. I am going to try the mouthwash next. Will let you all know the outcome!!!


I find that smoking a big, fat bowl helps me take my mind off the itching. No joke. Try it.


You won't believe this! Take a dryer sheet(New) and rub on your body. Mosquitoes won't even come near you. You can also take the dryer sheet and tuck in your belt or tie it on your wrist and you'll have the same effect. I tried this in hopes that it would also prevent chigger bites. For the most part, it worked. I did get a few bites but it may have been where I missed a spot.


To keep mosquitoes away spray listerine everywhere. Honestly, after a few minutes, the mosquitoes will stay away.


for mosquito bites: hot water - as hot as you can take it, for as long as you can stand it, and as soon after the bite as possible. if you scratch it first though all bets are off. ive lived in florida for 29 long summers and when my friend told me about this he literally changed my life.


to stop the itching try witch hazel (its made for insect bites too). That usually works, but you can also try hydrocortisone or antiprurtic (anti-itch cream) it is available at rite aid.


Clear nail enamel... As soon as you get bitten apply it over the bite... The itch will stop right away... It works as a seal of some source.


mosquitos hate banana trees plant them around the area where you hang out or sit outside. they will not come, also works for fleas.


mix water with baking soda apply on mosquitoe bite


Keep Mosquitoes away.....
Put Amber colored mouth wash in a spray bottle(generic brand will do)
Spray area(patio,pool,camping ground etc..) 30 mins before hanging out in the area


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