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37 Home Remedies for Mosquitoes


Aside from many of the already mentioned methods of dealing with 'skeeters' and the itchy bites such can wage battle against them, use of those battery powered bug zappers that look like a small tennis racket have proven useful, (easier to dispatch, and less bloody than swatting); along with purposely leaving buckets of water around, which are diligently checked every few days, and poured out on the ground at the first sight of skeeter larvae. (So that, what would in an unmonitored state become a suitable 'breeding pool' becomes a 'dead end' instead.

For itchy bites:

A thin paste made by dissolving an aspirin in a small amount of hydrogen peroxide has given good results.

Using water w/ aspirin may also work...if no peroxide available.


For mosquito bites I use amonia. Just apply some to a cotton ball or A-tip and dab where you were bit. The amonia stops the itching, takes away the swelling and redness instantaneously.


My Personal home remedies for mosquito repellent is.. Half vanilla extract and half H2O in a spritz bottle, If the mosquito's are bad and my vanilla extract... I've learned it from my mother and its been past down since then..


skin so soft by avon,mix one part avon to same will keep away chiggers & mosquitoes away.


Found a recent remedy for mosquito bite itch and swelling. A friend gave me Pepti Rub and it worked like wonders.


To stop from getting bitten in the first place use Skin So Soft fromm Avon.


I had a science teacher in high school tell me that the best and cheapest remedy for mosquito bits is our own saliva (spit from your own mouth). The enzymes in our saliva kills the toxins from the mosquito bite. I know this sounds weird and nasty but you would not believe how well it works. After being bitten just dab a little spit on the red spot of the bite and do not scratch. Every time you feel the need to scratch just dab a little spit. Within a few minutes the bump and itching will be gone. I'm 35 now and I have using this remedy since high school. I promise it works and it is cheaper than anything else, it's free because it comes from our own mouth. It can't get any better than that!


aloe with lidocaine in it! banana boat sells it, it's blue. just put a little bit on the one end of a q-tip put it on the bite and then rub it in with the other side of the q-tip! the lidocaine numbs the bite so you dont feel the itching! this is amazing!


When I was a kid, we camped a lot and my mother would use a bit of meat tenderizer with a few drops of water to make a paste to put on my mosquito bites! I don't know how but it worked...took a few minutes but it worked non the less!


Place camphor tablets in a cup of water and keep in ur room, mosquitoes will keep away !!

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