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3 Home Remedies for Cracked Corner of Mouth


Hydrocortisone 1% gel with aloe

Do a google search for a site called and then amazing-cure-for-angular-cheilitis-cracks-in-corner-of-your-mouth-and-chapped-lips/

PLEASE search the info above for the website --wouldn't allow me to submit this post with the actual web link--if you have cracks in the corners of your mouth. You will BE AMAZED!!!!

Nikki Girl

The antibacterial soap and the antibacterial cream really works.Use it for one day only and it's gone.Have been using Aquaphor for several years but it keeps coming back........


The corner of my mouth had been dry and cracked for several days. Lip balm wasn't helping. I was about to purchase a remedy I'd read about but decided to see if I had anything on hand that would work. I tried antibiotic cream that had an expiration date of 2010. It cleared up with a couple of days.

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