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Teeth Care Home Remedies

6 Home Remedies for Teeth Care


Not to have to EVER teeth problems like caries, bad gums caused by bad oral higine ect:

Eat 3-4 meala a day and after always brush your teeth like this.

1)Dental floss (at least twice a day, and mandatory after the last meal) first.

2)Then use mouthwash first for at least 20 sec, just 2 tea spoon will do. (the mouthwash detaches the bacterial plaque)

3) Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. (from base to top, inside and outside, then across the teeth in all directions, then your tongue. 50 sec will do).

4) Then NEVER NEVER eat or drink anything but water, in the time between the last brushing and the next meal.

5) Mouthwash the mouth and brush it with the mouthwash before going to bed.

Step 4 require discipline, hard for many, but if you contaminate again your teeth after brushing, the whole hygiene process is made useless and you will have cavities! (this is why people that say: ...but I regularly brush my teeth!!! still get cavities)

When I was 18 my dentist after having already cured 5 cavities in my mouth, told me that most of my teeth were condemned,

I came from a family that by the age of 25 lost most of their teeth and by 30 wore dentures.

The dentist then proceeded to extract one of my molars! That was the straw that broke the camel back for me.

I started then to follow STRICKLY the steps above.

I am 50 now, and I never had tooth hatches, cavities or any tooth problems. My gums are super healthy, and I spared myself years of pain and some $30.000 in dentistry, which allowed me to buy my home in cash savings.

Do a yearly ultrasound tartar cleaning or whenever you see tartar built up.


This is age old indian remedy. It's for regular teeth care to abcess or tooth pain. 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt ( it's unbleached salt) and 1/4 teaspoon of mustard oil mix them together to make a paste and rub your teeth with this mixture everyday either before or after brushing your teeth with regular paste. In the case of pain, abcess or loose teeth use mustard oil alone 2 teaspoon to swish in the mouth till it becomes white then spit it don't swallo. You will see result in two days.


Coconut oil swish start w/ 5 min & work up to 20 min. It whitens kills bacteria, plaque. Great for gums. Start with any amount, work ur way up to tsp. most people have taste issues. Me I go for it


While genetics may play a small role in bad teeth for some people, science has largely determined that the health of your teeth is in your hands. It is primarily your lifestyle habits and environmental exposures that leave you susceptible to bad teeth. Smoking, drug use, diet, and root canals can significantly contribute to bad teeth. Dentists warn that poor dental care habits, such as failing to brush and floss daily or visit your dentist on a routine basis, can lead to terrible teeth.


use coconut oil keep swishing it around your mouth for 10mins then spit it out do this twice a day it really works plus it helps your gums


I use THIEVES mouthwash from Young Living Company. This mouthwash is so natural that you can drink it, but at the same time has unbelievable healing properties. They call it mouthwash simply to avoid categorizing this product as medical. I used it for any type of mouth problems, teeth or gum problems as well. Works great.
If you want to order go to the site called aromatherapyshop dot net and click on subscribe, they will send you to the right place. The use is simple - just wash you mouth with it few times a day, that's all. It even helps on sore throat.

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