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20 Home Remedies for Fly Control

jared figueroa

I have the same issue with house flies for weeks and a friend highly recommended this product and Ive been using it for days now and it work wonders! It works with different kinds of flies indoor or outdoor use very impressive you can check it out here www[dot]flitrapdirect[dot]com


I recently moved to the country & the flies were driving me crazy. We had those fly strips everywhere. So I started researching and discovered they hate the smell of lavender oil. So I put a little in the burners I Have leave the in my living room and within 2 days there wasn't a fly one in my house. You have to be careful because it's sometimes used to help you sleep. Lavender has a calming effect. So whether you want to get rid of flies or calm down and get some sleep I swear by Lavender oil.


Was having bit of a problem with little fruit like flies getting inside house, the kind that like to buzz the PC monitor, used to spray them with rubbing alcohol, but didn't fully get rid of them...then tried dusting some food scraps, with food grade diatomaceous earth, (that were waiting to go out to the compost pile), which attracked the little buggers...and once they crawled over the dusted scraps they are/were no more...haven't seen one in quite some time.

Stuff works exceptionally well on most every insect long they crawl over it, and it stays relatively dry... is also non-toxic to pets and people.

Suggest further reasearch - the stuff
is useful/helpful in so many ways, not expensive either. About $2 a lb. if bought in bulk, as of last year.


soap and water in a spray bottle, I work on a farm and the flies are everywhere! I was starting to go crazy trying different remedies, but this one has worked the best so far!!


Kill flys fast!!

Spray bottle, a little water, a little dish soap and murphy's oil soap!!

Whamo, blamo, SPLAT!

The flies actually will fall down and lay on their back...


Use a juice bottle like a simply orange bottle and leave a small amount of the juice in the bottom of container and put it on the front porch leave the container alone for about 2 days and you will find dozens of flies in the container within 2 days, they will not make it past the front door.


This really does work... I live between two active farms with fields all around, so you can only imagine the house flies we receive. I have tried so many fly control sprays (which work but cost money) and also many home remedies that worked less than perfect. So I decided to attempt putting together a few home remedies I have seen posted in the past and make my own... to my surprise my remedy works and works well...
In a spray bottle fill half the bottle with Mr. Clean floor cleaner (I used a nice smelling cleaner) and 4 tbs of Dawn dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Make sure the nozzle on the bottle is wide open (stream) and begin spraying the flies. You can spray them while in flight and they will drop to the floor almost instantly and begin to die.. I did spray them again once on floor to double ensure my kill... and it leaves your house smelling good as well... clean up is easy too..,try it out and see if it works for you... good luck..


1 cup of ice 2 teaspoons of texas pete hot sauce mix together leave out for flies they cant resist it!! They will land on it fly away and die within minutes.


mix VINEGAR, HOT SAUCE, DAWN DETERGENT and WATER, in spray bottle. homemade insect repellant and killer


To kill all of your fruit flies, buy a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 (fortified liquor), open it, and leave it out over night.

Your fruit flies will be gone within a day.

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