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Make sure before you try any of the home remedies posted you are certain that what you have is really a Skin tag ... I had what appeared to be a skin tag between my vagina and anus and thought that it was just a tiny little skin tag and wasn't too worried about it (even my husband thought it was a skin tag) ... I left it for a few months trying various skin tag removal methods from this site but it kept on growing and growing I finally got the courage to visit a doctor and turns out they are genetal warts caused by HPV I wish I knew this before it spread... I am now using Wartec ($80 prescription cream) but am going to work on boosting my immune system once all of this is passed ... apparently its the best way to keep warts away ... good luck to you all and get help asap if you can because it spreads really fast


I put a piece of Duct Tape on a couple of my skin tags for seven days like my family said. In seven days the skin tags were completely gone! for the ones on my face I put duct tape on when I got home from work and took it off when I went to work and eleven days later, Gone! It sounds dumb but it works. ;-)


How I removed my moles and skin tags. I applied this all natural paste called itworkspaste and within 20 minutes, it killed the mole and skintag. Then I just waited for the scab to fall off. No scarring and it looks wonderful. It's a little pricey, but works!


I had a rather large skin tag that formed on the inside of my thigh. It caused me pain by getting caught on my pants. I put a bandaid on it and kept it there for 6 days (changing it of course) and within that timeframe it was gone. It just disappeared. The only reason I put the bandaid on was so it wouldn't get caught anymore and ended up finding a painless way to get rid of it.


Removal of skin tags can be painlessly done with a pair of toenail clippers. Just sterilize the area around the skin tag and the clippers with rubbing alcohol and very slowly squeeze the skin tag with the clippers positioned near the skin. If done slowly enough, the nerve in the skin tag will die, due to the blood supply being cut off, and you won’t feel anything when it’s cut off. I suggest using an anti-biotic cream afterwards, to prevent any infections. I tried this on a couple large skin tags and had no problems.

n. spillman

take a horse main or tail hair or a piece of sewing thread and tie it around the skin tag. it will fall off in a matter of days. normaly fall off in 5-7 days,depending on how tight you get the hair.

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