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My dental floss is too wide. Go to JoAnn Fabrics and buy silk thread. This is what my mother used 60 years ago. Use it like you would dental floss to stop circulation in the skin tag by tying and knoting. If it's a large tag. You will need to repeat. You may want to tie a double thread around it. It will start drying up soon.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WORKS!!! I had a skin tag in the front of my armpit area. I tried some home remedies like nail polish remover... that didnt work, it just made it very irritated and it hurt. Apple cider vinegar worked... I put some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, put that on top of the tag with a band aid over it and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I took off the band aid and the tag fell off... It was that easy!!! I had the cotton ball on for at least 12 hours.


As a male it has been a chore to explain what my skin tag was on the left side of my penis for the last ten years. I tried the dental floss technique I found here last week and it was suddenly just gone this afternoon. It took a week but replaced confidence I've been missing for a decade. Freedom! Thanx to all you guys!


Find something to numb area, especially skin tag. Clean area alcohol or something, but make sure it is dry before proceding. Use new, clean soldering iron to burn it off. Be very careful not to burn anything else. No bleeding involved as the burn site is cauterized.


The idea is to cut off the oxygen supply to the skin tag. So as in some of the posts before duct tape bandaids or dental floss all did the trick. I use duct tape most often. But another thing that has not been mentioned is finger nail polish. I use clear. I just keep applying till the tag is gone. The best thing is to get them early while they are still small. But big ones just take longer to get rid of.

Healthy butt

Omg, it worked! I had doubts, serious doubts, but the thought of surgery to remove a skin tag was very scary. I thought my skin tag was different because it was the result of a hemmoroid removed. I thought maybe the vein was still in there, that the tag was connected somehow.

But it was so gross, so hard to keep clean, having skin dangling off your butt's tender area. How could I ever have sex again? As a female, having a skin tag off your anus would be especially noticeable! Gross!

So I decided to try the dental floss removal idea promising myself to use neosporin two to three times a day and keep close watch for swelling redness or pain.

The first attempt I don't think I got it tight enough, not much happened. So I kept that one on, but took a second piece of floss after about 5 days and tied another one, tight at the base. Wasn't easy by the way, very awkward, so dont worry if you take a few tries. This time, I felt like I got it, but still it didnt seem like much was happening. It had been about two weeks now. Discouraged but not giving up because I was in no pain, the initial tightening off floss around the area stings a bit but that was it except for very slight discomfort at times.

So, I tied one more time. This time it seemed different like it was shrinking and drying up. I got excited. Sure enough today after about four days more total, I saw a black ball of skin attached by the thinnest piece of skin just sitting there in a ball of floss. I took some cuticle scissors, sterilized, pull the black ball and snipped the teeny tiny piece of skin holding it on and that was it. Gone! No pain, no bleeding, nothing! The biggest relief!

On a side note...
After all I have been through having kids with hemmys as a result and then this disgusting skin tag, I am confident that neosporin, keeping clean, hot baths, exercise and eating right will keep you butt healthy. oh, and eat garlic! It's a body cleaner especially when it comes out the other end and avoid wheat and dairy, builds up bacteria.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy my new smooth butt crack!

Thank goodness for this site!!!!

DR. Pepper

Removing skin tags at home, easily.

I had several on my inner thighs for years and was about to go to a doctor, instead I easily removed them at home. They were about the size of marbles and I hated them!

Don't worry I was apprehensive at first but it was no problem and easy.


- sharpest knife in the place

- guaze

- tweezers

- baby ambesol, strongest strength or topical anestetic.

- first aid kit with disenfectant wipes.

take the knife and boil it in hot water.

knumb each skin tag with ambesol or anestetic.

use tweezers to pull the skin tag away from body and use knife or medical scissors wiped with medical disenfectant to cut the skin tag at it's base.

use gauze to clean area and repeat as needed.

if you have a large skin tag you may wish to use some dental floss to tie it off the day before to cut blood circulation to the skin tag.

my largest skin tag bled for a small period of time which is noraml, is bleeding continues see a doctor as you may need a stich but this is not common.

Butt then again...

If my anus could talk… it would thank posters here for the following home remedy, after narrowly avoiding painful surgery.

For YEARS I’d suffered an olive-sized growth at my anus. It was an ugly not-so-little secret that undermined my self image, as it made its presence known damn near every time I crossed my legs, went running and during lovemaking, as it tended to “dangle.” At the same time, an anal fissure, which the tag seemed to stand guard over like a sentry, would often bleed and swell. Together they made life miserable. So I made an appointment with a proctologist, tho I’ve always been leery of these professionals. After all, what kind of person jumps thru so many hoops in order to have a career looking at aging butt holes? Still, I was hurting, so I made the crucial appointment.

In the presence of his nurse, the proctologist told me to drop my pants and then took some metal probes--reminiscent of dental hygiene tools—and after some excruciating poking and prying, had me to tidy up, and then held a conference. He drew a picture of my ass hole. It featured a huge anal tag—like a sentry (his words)--guarding a fissure—or ragged little tear--in the anal sphincter. He proposed surgically removing the tag and then cutting out an arc-shaped piece of my anal sphincter to get rid of the fissure. The surgery would be painful, I would be laid up for two weeks and there was a 1 to 3 percent chance that my anus would not work properly after the operation. I signed on, out of desperation, as I’d been debilitated off and on for years, and I’m a busy man, who makes his living five ways--writing, publishing, teaching, consulting and real estate.

Fortunately for me—tho not him--the surgeon burned both hands in a grilling accident before my surgery could take place. Too much accelerant, according to his secretary. When she asked if I’d like to reschedule, I told her “I’ll call you,” and started Googling. One thing I learned was that the hemorrhoid surgery I’d signed on for would be the worst pain I’d ever experienced, would be incredibly disruptive of my life—at a busy time--and might leave me with a leaky anus, not to mention a possible addiction to pain meds. Added to this was my newfound distrust of a surgeon who’d used bad judgment operating a grill. I didn’t want him near my privates.

So I started looking for home remedies and came across your website. Here and elsewhere I read that lots of people had removed all sorts of tags from their bodies with thread or dental floss, and so I put it on my list of things to at least attempt.

Late one night when no one else was about, I contrived to loop dental floss around my anal olive. Positioning a boss flashlight to shine into that shadowy nether region, I cocked my right leg up on my lavatory, bent over and, peering round with great effort into my large bathroom mirror, looped a dental floss noose around my tag, and pulled the draw string. Hurt like hell. I’d tied it on crooked, so that the string cut across the middle of my tag, dividing it into two bulges scored by a painful groove in which the dental floss cut.

For weeks afterward, squirming in pain, I kept hoping for it to shrivel, so I could deliver the coup de grace with nose hair scissors or carpet knife or something. I waited in vain. It stayed plump and full. What’s worse, it felt like a constant toothache in my anus. Through trial and error I learned that Neosporin—the kind that contains aspirin--would relieve the pain temporarily. It also seemed to have a healing effect on my anal fissure. Still, the lumps in my tag stayed round and plump. After about two weeks of on and off pain, I decided to cut the string.

No go. It was sunk inside the flesh of my swollen tag. At this moment of discovery, I had serious regrets about trying the home remedy. The only thing that kept me from giving up and throwing myself on the mercy of my doctor—literally bowing before him--was the prospect of complete and abject humiliation. What might he tell friends or family in our close-knit community, where my work in the media had made me well-known?

So, late at night, forming another tiny noose, bending over, slipping it over and pulling tight, I tried again. This time I managed to tie the dental floss snugly around the base and waited several days. Was it my imagination or was the tag shrinking? Maybe I could snip it off entirely before long. Three days before I was supposed to drive 150 miles to the wedding of a beautiful niece—a drive I knew would be excruciating--I went into the bathroom to apply Neosporin-with-aspirin. Imagine my surprise and delight, when the entire anal tag--rogue floss, groove and all--slipped its mooring and adhered to my tissue. Could this be true? I drew the tissue up and looked at my tormentor, nestled there--a tiny shriveled olive, crisscrossed with grooves. It was a bloodless coup in my nether realm. I’d hung the tyrant.

It’s been three months now and I can’t believe I succeeded in thwarting the surgeon, saving my insurance thousands, and improving my self-image. My tag had been there so long that now it feels novel to have a smooth butt crack, and I never feel the tag hanging there during sex, or while running, or when I cross my legs wrong. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

A final note: I don’t know if the antibiotic Neosporin would work for everyone’s anal fissure. Just four days ago I had grave doubts after I felt the old rawness and swollenness return. So I applied Neosporin several times over the period of a couple of days. Voila, the anus healed again. OK, take it for what it’s worth. Anecdotal, but I think I cured myself, and avoided expensive surgery, debility and possible pain med dependency in the duration.

So, to all who posted testimony here:

My wife thanks you, I thank you, and my anus thanks you.


I had a rather large skin tag on my inner thigh, and I used a straw, and a can of compressed air (turned upside down) to freeze that sucker, I froze it twice, and now it is black. I have done this once before, and they just die and fall off, may bleed a little. It did hurt a little like frostbite, and the soreness from the tag as it is dying, but if you cover it with a band aid, and some antibiotic cream there should be much pain after the tag dies.


Follow this step by step and you will not feel a single prick of pain, when removing skin tags. I just recently found out those bumps near the shaft of my penis were skin tags, I thought they were genital warts the whole time. I was easily able to tell the difference after researching them up more due to the fact that mine weren't flat and all of it wasn't connected to my skin, I could move them around and fit medical scissors right underneath it to ensure a clean cut.

1. Grab some medical scissors, paper towels, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, rubbing alcohol, a bandaid, and an ice cube

2. Soak the scissors in alcohol and pour some peroxide in the cap to have it ready

3. Numb the skin tag, and the area around it, with ice for approximately 30 sec-1 min (just make sure you cant feel anything in that area)

4. Dry the area, and apply some neosporin all over it (just to sanitize the area and keep it clean while cutting)

5. Take the scissors and place underneath the skin tag and position it for a clean cut and SNIP THAT BITCH!

6. Will most likely bleed a little, but that's alright. Take the paper towels and wipe away the blood/anything else in the area

7. Dip a cotton ball in the peroxide and douse the affected area really, really good (don't want any infections!)

8. Wipe the area again with a cotton ball or paper towel, doesn't matter

9. Apply some more neosporin to the affected area and place a cotton ball in the middle of the bandaid (where you would normally put medicated ointment) and bandaid the wound. (I suggest using the cotton ball w/ the bandaid incase of additional bleeding/discharge, pays to be safe!)

10. Thats it! I literally just did this my first time and created these steps, after reading up on how to do it for about 2 hours (i wanted to make sure i wasnt fucking anything up! especially around my cock, thats a sensitive area)

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