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Just wondering why people just don't have them taken off at the doctor. Takes 15 seconds.

Samantha L.

Skin Tags and I are enemies. I started to develop skin tags a few years ago. I cut a few off when I got desperate but this is a really bad idea. Here is what I recommend.

1)Don't cut off your skin tags
2)Use an all natural cream called Skinhale to remove your skin tags
3)Use lotion to prevent further skin tags
4)As a last resort use ACV. It stinks and may take weeks but if you can stand the smell use it andit may come off.

Good luck and stay strong. We can beat these skin tags!


I had a skin tag on my neck first one ever,I noticed it was getting bigger, so I started using tea tree oil. I noticed it was drying out but looked pretty bad,so & read that it could take 2 weeks. So I used Dr. Scholls freeze away & it just fell out today. It took 2 days with the freeze away butt looked twice as bad. The tea tree oil helped 2 & might have spead up the process using both. But I recommend the freeze away 2.


In my teens I had what my Dr. called “skin tags” in my armpit and they have been there ever since (and 2 more have popped up). They are apparently caused either skin-to-skin rubbing or from clothing rubbing against the skin and are known to appear during/after pregnancy and in obese people. I will be getting married on March so I was hoping to get these things to go away before wearing a strapless dress so I began to look into treatment. I tried using tea tree oil for 3 weeks with absolutely NO change in the size/appearance of the tags.

I decided to give another method a try and began the baking soda & castor oil method. By mixing equal parts castor oil & baking soda to form a paste and applying to the tag (covering with a band aid) and cleaning/repeating 2 times a day the tags are said to “dry up” and just fall off. So far (2 weeks in) I have pain from the band aid adhesive on my skin and a sore skin tag that’s does look a little different. Even though they look “different” I don’t see them drying up or falling off any time soon, if at all, and because they are so sore I don’t know that trying the tying method would be a good idea right now.

Has anyone tried this baking soda/castor oil method before? I’m curious to know if what is going on is the result of it working or if I’m just wasting my time.

So happy :D

Oh my gosh, this actually worked!!! My first post is below about how had a pretty huge skin tag on my bum. Well after roughly three weeks it has gone, literally just fell off! Im so happy i could cry

At first i had tied a thread around it every few days but nothing much was happening. This went on for two weeks so roughly five days ago, I made a noose from a piece of thread, slipped it over, pulled and then wrapped it round to keep it in place and this worked. If you cant physically feel it cutting in its not tight enough.

Now be warned: it does hurt ALOT!! For the whole of the next day i had to be careful how i sat down and was wincing every time i moved but i looked that evening just 24 hours later, and it had shrunk and was starting to go black around the edges. It does also secrete a little bit of blood and mucusy stuff but nothing major

A couple of days later I tried another noose in the same way and it kept getting smaller and smaller. At this point too i could twist the whole thing too, a bit like when you're a kid with a tooth coming out.

It just kept getting looser and looser and this evening, i was twisting it and it just came off in my hand! No blood, no pain, nothing! Im so happy i want to tell everyone but since no one can know my secret i'll have to type it anonymously on the internet.

If you can handle the pain, and mine went from around 15mm to about 3mm in give days, it is well worth it. Be patient and dont give up!


I am also a 20 year old girl with quite a noticeable skin tag on my anus, guess its been there two or three years now.

Three or four days days ago I tied a bit of thread around it as tight as possible, and added two more piece since then and its gone quite hard and red but isnt showing any signs of going anywhere.

Like someone else said i think ive tied them a bit too tight to take off now and i dont want to try and blindy cut them with scissors so that may be an embarassing trip to the doctors if it doesnt work out.

Reading the rest of these posts though, im quite hopeful when others have said theirs took up to a month so im not giving up yet!! Any more tips would be greatfully received


So i had a skin tag on the opening of my anus...super embarrassing!!!! It had been there for about 2 years and was the size of pea, maybe a little bigger. I had my doc look at it to make sure it was a tag. So i researched the web and came across many sites, including this one, saying that tying it off works well. I was scared at first thinking that it would just make things worse, but realized that nothing was worse than having it there!! So i tied some dental floss around it on a Sunday morning. It was uncomfortable but i read that if its not, its probably not tight enough to work. About 2 days later i also tied a tampon string around over the floss (because the floss can start digging into your skin). I applied Neosporin a few times a day and.....VOILA!!! It fell off the following Thursday!! 5 days!!! I was so happy and relieved! Just make sure to keep it clean and expect slight blood from time to time. All in all it was not bad, just awkward. But im glad i tried it!!

Miss Determined

I've searched far and wide in this cyber universe to find a way to get rid of a skin tag that resulted from an old hemmorhoid. I was quite conscious about that bit of loose skin right near the entrance of my anus. And being a young, single woman in her mid-20s, I was thankful that I had no partner to know my little secret, but what if I finally did find someone who finally intrigues me and see the beauty of my rosebud ruined by its hideous, neighbouring friend, I would have to come up with excuses why I have to stall on sex or be brave enough and tell him about the evil skin lurking near my rosebud. So, it had to go.

I opted for the tying off method. I thought I could handle the pain, but I was oh so wrong. The pain was unbearable and I kept cursing the people who posted that this method really works. It was horrible. I thought I was an idiot for believing that his worked.

So anyway, I started with a piece of thread. It swelled to the size of a lima bean. And later added dental floss. But after three weeks it was still there. I removed the string and dental floss. Deflated that it was still there, but I was so stubborn. I was determined to make this work. I just used a dental floss and try to make it as tight as I could. Two weeks later, it was still there. I was starting to think this was a hoax to make people vulnerable like me suffer and i wanted to kill these people. There wasn't much pain by this point. It was just a piece of harden skin dangling more loosely from my anus. And I continued to use neosporin and witch hazel.

So again, I removed it. But this time I took a rubber band, sanitised and cut it. Then I made a noose out of it and put it around the skin tag. Again, I made it sure it's tight and put neospirin afterward. I soon noticed the skin tag shrunk. Yes, progress. And at the end of the day, it just fell off, along with the rubber band. I couldn't believe it. It finally work. My bum and I are so happy. And just relieved to have things I back to normal.


I have an embarrassing skin tag left behind by a hemorrhoid right outside my anus (about the size of a small grape). I decided to try the dental floss technique (my second day) - the first day, I don't think I tied it tight enough because it got swollen and filled with fluid, so today I just tied it again, tighter.

NOW, I'm in so much pain, I don't know what to do, and I ended up telling my mom, which was a big mistake because she scared me into thinking what I did is gonna lead to necrosis and that I could die.

Anybody else experience this? Do I stick it out or give in and cut the string? (the only thing is, the string is so tight, I have a feeling I would have to go to the emergency room for that)

Bye bye skin tag


-bandaids (optional but recommended) (good quality fabric ones none of that plastic crap)

Cut off a piece of thread i usually cut them about as long as my finger and tie it tight at the base of the skin tag now im not gunna say its painless cuz its not u will feel a pinch but what i do is just stay in a good position where nothing is touching it for about five minutes and the pinch will go away my advice is do not use dental floss cuz i tried that but after your shower at night or just before bed if your a person that likes to shower in the morning tie a new thread on daily (tightly) and it will probably be gone within 5 days cuz its been exactly 2 days and three hours and mine is completely black and ive had it since i was two (im thirteen now) i CANT WAIT for this thing to go and by tomorrow night i bet it will have! Try it and good luck! NO SNIPPING ITS UNECCESARY AND CAN CAUSE INFECTION AND PAIN AND SOME EVEN BLEED FOR AN HOUR OR MORE

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