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Went to my doctor to have some tags removed and found out my insurance would only pay for a few to be removed. Mostly to rule out cancer. So the doc proceeded to remove a few for biopsy. As I lay on the table and watched him work I suddenly realized the tool he was using was nothing more than a tool I used while fishing. All it is a small hot knife used to cut and shear the end of fishing line. I've bought mine at BassPro Shop years ago and have used it so much the name has rubbed off. It uses 2 AA batteries. So to make a long story short I'm know tag free for about 1/100 the cost of a doctors visit. Simply clean the area with soap and water, wipe with alcohol or some other disinfectant, grab the tag with a tweezers, pull slightly, and burn/cauterize at base. 10 to 15 seconds per tag. I use a little antibiotic right after and keep a watch on the area for a days to watch for infection.


Ok!! I am a 26 year old female who has regular blood tests and pelvic exams. So befor any if you start about HPV, know it WASNT that.
I went to my doctor about a lump I had on my butt. Not quite my anus, not quite gouch. My doctor said it's a akin tag and after a few tests it was confirmed. I wanted us gone but he had the at attitude like 'ahh she'll be right it's not causing a problem'. I hated it. Made me self concious and the odd man who noticed it would have a look of shock horror and ask me WTF it was.
So after months of procrastination. I researched home remedies. Found this site!!
Reading and reading everything I decided to try the old dental floss trick.
I found it so HILARIOUS squatting over a mirror trying dental floss around a pea sized lump on my bum. I told a lot of my friends cause I am the queen if you much info.
I tied dental floss around it in like a double knot. Next day did another. It SWELLED up. It went about 4 times the size and it was rock hard. It hurt a little.
For 5 days I tied string around it and washed it with alcohol and betadine. It hurt like hell by day 3 and it started to go dark.
Day 4 the area where the skin tag attached started to swell. A lot. I think the floss may have cut me and I may have gotten a bit infected.
Day 5. It was pretty swollen and hurt but the skin tag was black and where the dental floss was seemed to be very thin. So I got alcohol and cotton balls and scissors and nipped it off. I didn't feel a THING. And no blood either.
I am stocked! There is still a little swelling where it was bit in hoping that goes down.
Seriously I want to thank everyone for sharing. It made a huge difference. Day 6 today and hopefully soon I can show my lover my pretty tag free butt.


There seem to be a lot of people here describing skin tags that seem to be multiplying in clusters. Typically, I don't believe skin tags do this. HOWEVER, something called Molluscum Contagiosum. It's a virus that looks a lot like skin tags and they show up as one then grow into a cluster of them. They can be in one area or spread to other parts of the body.

Doctors will tell you they're difficult to get rid of. The treatment is painful AND expensive. However, if it is Molluscum Contagiosum (Google it for pictures), you can simply rub a tiny bit of therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil on it twice a day for a couple weeks. You can buy a 10mL bottle of it for $4.99 on Amazon and about $3.50 shipping perhaps. Sometimes you can find it with free shipping if you buy $25 worth of stuff.

Give it a try. If it is Molluscum Contagiosum, it's an ugly, ugly virus and spreads across the body if not treated. It's one of those you can have for years, too, if left untreated. :)

Good luck, all!


I know Tag Away hasn't helped a lot if people BUT I used it about two weeks just applying it when I remembered and mine fell off yesterday. It was huge too.


This remedy works great and is safe to use. Follow these steps.

1. Get four drops of acv in a spoon
2. Mix in three drops of tea tree oil
3. Add 5 drops of fresh lemon juice
4. Apply to a small piece of cotton.
5. Place the cotton on the skin tag.
6. Secure the cotton with any plaster.
7. Repeat twice a day.
8. Within 10 days your skin tag will be gone forever.


I would take the cotton from one end of a Q-tip and soak it in unfiltered/raw ACV. Then I would bandage it overnight. After a week and a half it was black and was ready to fall off. I had a huge one one my pinky and doing this daily for a week and a half made it shrink and after a week and a half I peeled it off (gross but it was ready, and I was tired of looking at the black crap). This really works!!!


I read these posts about anal skin tags and tried this home remedy myself. I can understand why people want to get rid of these things - they look really unsightly and there's no reason why we shouldn't all be getting our fair share of bum fun in the bedroom...not with one of these though!

Anyway - I wanted to suggest that people use the rubber band method first. I used dental floss and thread and I don't think it's the best method - I tied it on tight like it says here, but it actually ended up cutting right into the flesh which smarts quite a bit! I think because it had actually wounded the skin tag (rather than just cutting off the blood supply) it ended up really swelling up underneath the tag (although this may happen with the rubber band method too). It's also probably less likely to leave a scar if you use the rubber band method, as it won't cut into the flesh so much.

Also on the NHS website they have a few options for how to get rid of hemmeroids and one of the methods is to use rubber banding (I'm sure different rubber bands from the day-to-day ones, but the same idea). I think the thread/dental floss is too thin and just acts like a cheese wire cutting into the flesh: Ouch! About five days in it had really cut into the flesh and was properly painful: I actually considered going to my GP but couldn't bear the idea of her judging me (or looking at my rear end!).

Along with using a rubber band I would really suggest taking long baths (rather than showers) while you use this method, as it really reduces pain and swelling. It was a couple of long baths that enabled me to get rid of mine, as without them it was too painful to keep tightening the thread, but afterwards it felt a lot more comfortable.

Tips Recap:

1)Try the rubber banding method first
2)Long hot baths instead of showers to reduce swelling and ease pain.

(in addition to all of the other aspects of the method: keeping things steralised etc....see other peoples' posts for details!)

Also, if the skin tags don't cause you too many problems (aesthetically or physically) then I wouldn't try this. It is painful and takes a lot of effort, patience and time!


I have had these more and less for many, many years. Biggest problem ones are between the legs where they get continually rubbed by clothing. I had big individual ones removed by both incision/cautery and freezing. The last 2 times I went to my HMO's cosmetic surgery clinic and paid $100 for each 10 removed. There they did a procedure of novocain shots at each tag, incision, and cautery closure of the wound (if bleeding enough). This procedure is really quite tolerable, and over with pretty quick.
In comparison, freezing hurts like frostbite when they do it, and for 2-3 days until the dead tissue tag falls off.
I have just started a round of 'Tag Away' topical medicine I got at WalMart (in the 'As Seen On TV' section). It's cheaper than the dermatologist - We'll see how it works.


I purchased 'Tag Away' from Walgreens one week ago today(4/12/13). I started using it on 4/15/13, and as of today 4/19/13 three of my skin tags have fallen off... I highly recommend this product, It really worked for me.


Before I tell you in detail about my journey to remove my Anal skin - 1st let me address anyone that like me has done the tying off method, only to be in so much pain you want to Cut the thread, but can't because its too tight to get to - so you're on here looking for answers to keep from embarassing trip to ER. Lol - yes I've been there. Don't go to ER until you do ALL 5 of the following: 1) take Ibuprofen 600 - 800mg (3-4 of over the counter pills) 3 to 4 times in 24 hour time. 2) do a SITZ bath in warm water, sitting in it for 15-20 min 2x a day or more depending on the pain (will feel SO much relief) 3) use Dial antibacterial non scented hand soap to clean around thread using your hands while in SITZ bath 4) clean area around the thread with PEROXIDE to avoid infection 5) now apply Neosporin. You should feel significant decrease in pain & shrinkage by the next day, provided its not infected already prior to trying this. Continue all 5 steps everyday until the thread loosens up for you to cut it off. If it hasn't worked after 1 day, it might be infected - so go to ER. For most, it's just extremely swollen, so the Ibuprofen helps with the pain & alleviates the swelling. The Warm SITZ bath also provides same but more instantly & helps loosen thread.

Now for newbies trying method, this method works - may take few weeks, if you correctly prevent infection from the start. 1st) anytime you touch the area, do so with freshly cleaned hands & butt using dial antibacterial non scented. 2nd) Before you tie anything to your butt, you HAVE to STERALIZE the thread/ floss allowing it to sit in rubbing alcohol for at least 20 min. 3) best position I found to tie it tightly is, to grab it from between my legs, while bending over in front of full mirror. 4) after you tie string, clean area around the string with cotton ball soaked with Peroxide to prevent infection (this is key few times a day) 5) Neosporin should only be applied after using Peroxide - most people use only Neosporin but its doesnt prevent infection like Peroxide so the combo is a MUST! 6) anytime you have to crap or move bowels, use wipes and follow up with step 4 & 5 each time. 7) you will feel discomfort but if it swells where the pain gets intense take ibuprofen 600 -800 mg. Takes about few days to few weeks - mine took few weeks, which brings me to my journey if you still want to know. Lol

After my initial tie, I had discomfort - not throbbing pain. But I though maybe it want tight enough on the 2nd day, & added another on top of the 1 already there. Here's where the problems started. By the next day the pain was so intense, & my butt tag swelled up to 4 times its size - I felt like I had a tiny penis lmao. But since it was a dark purple & it was hurting, I thought it was fine based on what I read on this site with this supposedly being sign its working. Later realized the purple color was from swelling, not the thread working. Pain became so intense, I came back on these sites to find out what to do - going to ER was a last resort. Then realized no one really described a solution to this problem, which is why I listed it 1st. Lol. When you're in pain it helps having answer right in your face vs reading through long responses like this & still having no answer. Anyway once I figured out SITZ & Ibuprofen should have been done at 1st sign of pain - skin tag may not have swollen so big putting me in excruciating pain. Took a day of IBuprofen to relieve pain entirely. The next day I stopped & pain came back & no more progress on shrinking the swelling. So started taking pills again & progress again. Even if you stop feeling pain, keep taking the pills until the swelling is gone, may need less frequently like 2x a day but don't stop. After a week & a half I could cut off string. Later to find out retying thread on top of the other may have been problem, as it was in diff spots. I tried again a month later using my newbies steps described above, making sure to retie in EXACT same spot as 1st thread, and this time experience was fine. Hope this helps.

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