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You can remove any size tag at home in 30 minutes to an hour. This is the quickest, most painless way to get rid of anal skin tags. I'm passing this on because I just did it for the first time after a really bad first attempt and it worked amazingly, hardly any bleeding, no pain. Gone in 30 minutes. Here:

1. Take a long piece of dental floss and tie it as close to the base of the tag as possible. This is tricky because of the location of the skin tag, but do your best.

2. Here's the important part. Take both ends of the floss and pull them, TIGHT, to the point where it fees uncomfortable and past that. You're cutting off circulation.

Note: This is different than those methods that tell you to tie it off and let it fall off by itself in a few weeks. Because that method is definitely not tight enough to completely cut off circulation and the thing will most likely not die immediately, but swell and become painful, and overall just make the next couple of weeks miserable for you. No, you need to hold that string as tight as you possibly can for only a short time!

How long? Well if you google how long it takes to kill cells due to lack of oxygen/circulation it only takes six minutes. Let's be safe and hold it for 10 minutes. As tight as you can is the key!!

3. Test sensitivity of the area. After really squeezing off the circulation for ten minutes, the thing should be completely numb, might even have turned blackish. Pinch it as hard as you can, to the point where you pierce the skin. You should feel absolutely nothing. If you do feel something though, repeat step 2.

4. Cut it off. Hold it by the top and direct your disinfected scissors to the base and SLOWLY cut, this will ensure that you don't accidentally cut off still living tissue. If the thing has died then this should be 100% painless.

5. Disinfect and put antibiotics on the wound. It might bleed a little bit but shouldn't be anything very serious.

Yep, there you go. Hope that was clear cut and helpful!

Skintags suck

Revised post. I have had a skin tag on the entrance to my anus ever since I was a teenager, as the result of a poorly healed hemorrhoid. I don't believe in having surgery unless it is really needed, and doing the dental floss tying off method would be really uncomfortable for me because I exercise a lot and am very active, so I just use two teaspoons of Equate fiber powder in my tea in the morning and use liquid witch hazel on a cotton ball if I am having an episode where it itches, bleeds or stings.


I have a skin tag on my inner thigh I have had for as long as I can remember, I tied thread around 5 days ago it hasn't changed in color but it is sore and as got much bigger since I tied the thread around it! What does this mean what should I do the thread is to tight to get back off


I popped a pimple on my labia about a year ago. The pimple itself was pretty big and hurt as it was in a sensitive spot. When it came to a head, I popped it, and felt immediate relief. Shortly after that I noticed a very small part of extra skin, like scar tissue. Over the past year I have noticed it growing, really slowly. The other day I grabbed a mirror to check it out and realized it was now a little smaller than a dime, and had two 'heads' attached to one stalk.Not painful or irritating at all, just embarrassing to explain to sexual partners.
After hours of researching to confirm it was definitely a skin tag, I decided to try the tie off method. I tired a string around the base, and tightened it. It pinched a little, but not bad at all. I went to sleep and woke up about 9 hours later. I could feel that the tag was irritated, almost a throbbing sensation, not quite painful, but uncomfortable. I grabbed a mirror to check it out. One of the heads was very dark, almost black, while the other was very dark purple but not quite as dark as the other. I again turned to the Internet where I found loads of information saying that the removal of skin tags can be painful, and to take ibu and clean the area regularly. I hope it falls off soon, or I get the courage to try to snip it off, because it's obviously in a very sensitive area ava when I walk, the two ends of the string get pulled. I'll update as things progress

Skintags suck

I have had a skin tag on my butt ever since I was a teenager, a leftover from a poorly healed hemorrhoid. The tag is a bit bigger now. I don't believe in having surgery unnesscarily, so I just use Equate Fiber Powder, two teaspoons in the morning in my tea, and I use liquid witch hazel on a cotton ball if I have a flare up where the tag itches, stings and bleeds.


I have a skin tag on my anus. Have had it for several years and nothing works. I've tried all the home remedies- apple cider vinegar, stoneroot, witch hazel, etc. Nothing gets rid of it. And the two Doctors I've consulted about it won't do anything to remove it because they say it isn't harmful. It may not be harmful, but it's very embarrassing. I think about cutting it off but am worried about infection. Does anybody know a remedy that actually works?


I had three large skin tags under my armpit, I consulted my GP who confirmed skin tags, she advised me just use tooth floss around it tight and they will drop off. I complied with my GP I did one tag at a time tying it off tight with tooth floss, after three days the tags fell off, a slight bit of blood nothing else. I used antiseptic to keep it clean you would not know they were there now good advice. Only slight pain tying up the floss.


I had what I think was a large skin tag the size of a raisin. It had a stalk and was flesh colored with no pain. I tried a tiny rubber band wrapped around it twice. It turned red, not black and let out mostly clear liquid with a little blood. I changed the covering twice a day for about three days. Then I tied it off tighter with dental floss. Same thing. Red, not black and leaking liquid. Finally, after another three days, I iced it for a minute and cut it off. It bled a lot. I used 4 or 5 light day pads and finally a gauze and heavy pad wrapped with an ace bandage overnight. I should have done that sooner to stop the bleeding. In the morning I removed the gauze and put on antiseptic cream with a bandage. The spot is sore. Will update if there is more to this story.


Easy ways to get rid of skin tags. First if your skin tags aren't that big I would suggest using apple cider vinegar and cotton balls. First take a toothpick or a cuticle cutter and scratch the surface of the skin tag just enough to break the skin, but not make it bleed then soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar squeeze all the excess out and place it on the skin tag bandage it down with a band aid or medical tape it's suggested you do this at night before you head to bed so you can leave it on for a few hours (5-8) and do this from anywhere between 3-7 days you will notice the skin tag shrinking within a day or two. That method was recommended for smaller tags. For larger tags I would recommend tying it with dental floss tight as possible without causing yourself to bleed I've read the post with people trying this with the anal tags and that it being very painful so I can't comment on that front, but if you have large ones anywhere besides there I would suggest tying it off and also add the apple cider vinegar and cotton ball method on top of you tying it off. I just got rid of 3 skin tags using these methods one I've been dealing with for a couple of years now and the others for 6-12 months all in different size ranges from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a raisin. I just started doing this to get rid of mine 5 days ago and today I can say that all 3 of mine are gone. Just remember to leave the dental floss tied on tight as possible and DO NOT remove it and to redo the apple cider vinegar and cotton balls method nightly and I promise you will notice them coming off


Much to my surprise, this REALLY WORKS! I had a floppy skin tag on my neck right where it would get rubbed and irritated by shirt collars & I was concerned about it getting larger and possibly infected. I'd searched several homeopathic websites looking for a natural removal. They all seemed to recommend an application of apple cider vinegar and I thought I'd try it before spending money for a dermatologist to remove it. On Saturday night I used approx. 1/3 of a cotton ball wetted with apple cider vinegar, placed it on the skin tag and covered it with a large band-aid. Sunday morning I removed the bandage & noticed the tag was smaller, rounder and darker. During the day I covered the tag with a small band-aid to prevent further rubbing & irritation. I applied the same treatment Sunday night & Monday during the day. Monday evening just before bed I noticed that the area was somewhat itchy and looked in the mirror and the skin tag was GONE! I think the itchiness was caused by the band-aid adhesive since I have had that same problem before with all types of band-aids. I'd recommend trying this treatment.

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