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take genuine grapeseed products in capsule form, spirulina, vitamin c and genuine glutathione products( the recommended daily dose only). Then do lots of exercise that makes you really sweat out, but non strenuous. This will help you boost up the inner doctor, your immune system. I had growing penile warts since 2010 which I Got from my promiscuous gf. Did aldara, acv, etc, even opted for laser treatment but got scared and also expensive. everything didnt work. The stuff above I did since April of this year 2015 and it just hell surprised me, all warts were gone as of last night.


Hi guys, I'm here now, just for sharing some useful and helpful ways to get over the genital warts.
I found my genital warts in April, it was such a small stuff on my anal entry... But I started to worry about that... Cos I had one anal sex last year in August, with a person who I didn't know well.... So I was thinking if it's genital wart... But when I went to the hospital, the doctor told me, she can't diagnose for me, she just told me to wait and see if it will grow bigger.... When it's coming to June, I found around my anal, there were many small warts... So I went to a bigger hospital to check, and they told me I had genital warts which really made me so disappointed.
The doctor told me I should do the laser operation which will cost so much, and I had to buy medicine as well... So I went to do the laser operation the next morning, and it was soooooooo painful when they put the narcosis around my anal entry... It really made me cry! And the doctors just told me don't move don't move...
When the laser operation finished, I didn't feel soooo painful, after I took the medicine, I just went back home.
But in the afternoon, when I check my wound, I found there small warts! They missed them! It was so annoying! The next morning, I found the doctors, I told them... But them told me , they are not warts, they are skin tags.... But, hey guys, you know what? Actually they are really warts! They are just really irresponsible
Now the warts which they missed are curing by myself... Here I would like to share with you.
I read many article, Chinese websites or western websites... I found many people said, we can use tea tree oil, so I bought it on line, it's from UK, I feel it's so useful... And I also had the medicine which I bought from the hospital, but I think you can buy it on line also, it's called IFN gels, which is really such an amazing product!
At first, I just tried the tea tree oil, three times a day... But it didn't work... The warts just still keep growing.... Then, I was thinking how about use the gels as well after I put tea tree oil, so each morning, after I finished toilet, I will wash my ass entry properly.. And then dry it with clean toilet paper and wipe tea tree oil on the warts.. And after few seconds, I will rub the gels on the warts... Just after 3 or 4 days... My warts turned to dark, and now I can't see them there... And when I touched that skin... It's just smiilar to the normal skin, but of course not as same as before... The warts were white and higher than the skin, but now they seems disappear, I think the ' tea tree
oil with the IFN gels ' are really helpful and useful.
The other thing I insist on is to soak your underwear with the boiled water, it can kill the virus and bactorics.
I hope it can help you guys sincerely!


Hi everyone

I had GW around 2 months from my boyfriend,
first i sew GW on my boy i thought because he unhygiene and i had no idea what is GW is, till i got it now.
He said he slept with a other girl just only one night without use a condom cause he was drunk.

i went to see the doctor last 2 weeks i did burn GW with eletric's burned so bad like a hell ma body was shaking and cried and it's cost $60, and i have to go again but i dont, i went to other clinic the doctor said GW will stay with me forever and no medicines or drugs that can cure it, the only way is burn it again and again and it can be cancer if it's grow on the important spot cost $55 plus some drugs.

i went back home cried and cried i think my life is finish from here and i didn't tell my parents.i dont know what kind of person am i cause i had no friend. i need someone to tell me what i'm gonna do so if anyone want to talk to me pls leave me your email.

after read a lot of people post in here i will try ACV today but it's hard for me to find the mother ACV in ma country. i will update what happen to me next after use.


Hey guys :)
Get ready for a long post about how I am getting rid of my genital warts!!
I am 18 and I've been struggling with genital warts for the past year. I thought I had a yeast infection for the longest time (6 months) until I got a 'scaly' rash that upon closer look turned out to be a cluster of genital warts. It started on one side of my labia near the bottom of my vagina. I was devastated by this and thought my love life was over, especially when the warts started to spread. Eventually both side of my labia had clusters and the strip between my vagina and anus (sorry for the cringy words) was also covered. Finally I decided it was time to take action. For many personal reasons, going to get these warts zapped or frozen off by the doctor was no option. I am in favor of do it yourself remedies that you can take into your own hands. So after lots of research I bought myself a bottle of apple cider vinegar. I would soak two folded paper towel pieces in the acv and bandaid it to the affected areas before bed. For the first two nights it did not hurt at all. By the third it was unbearable, but I pushed through. I did this for almost a week until I checked up on the area downstairs which looked horrible. It was red and irritated and looked even worse than it did at first. I took a bath however and noticed the tops of warts coming off. This got my hopes back up but I decided to do it every second day so I wouldn't burn myself. My confidence got high and I wasn't committing to the treatment at all because I thought I was basically all healed up. This is where I went wrong. Since I thought I was healed I decided to shave down there, but the next day the warts were back and in full blown action. They had spread even more and I was heart broken. I was determined however to get rid of them. This time I went to the store and stocked up on acv. I also got vitamins. I bought vitamin c, vitamin b complex, cod liver oil and acv in pill form.

Here is where the successful routine came into action:

Every morning I would get up at the same time (7:00) and take my vitamins with 1 L of water. I would then soak in the bath with epson salts for about half an hour with another L of water. After the bath I would dry off completely (dabbing dry, not wiping) and then apply TOILET PAPER soaked in acv (for some reason toilet paper worked better than paper towel). The acv would sting and be uncomfortable but popping a few advil helped with this as well as thinking about how the pain is just the warts dying. I would wear cotton underwear (normal fit). I stopped wearing thongs or other tight underwear because I noticed that the warts were in the shape of wherer the underwear would sit tight against my skin. Once I had my acv toilet paper applied and my vitamins taken I would go to work (with the acv still on). Through out the day I would drink another L or two of water. When I came home I would take off the acv tp and go commando for the rest of the evening to give my skin a chance to breathe. I also made sure not to shave or touch the area, and if the warts started to bleed or accidentally get ripped off I would soak them right away with acv to prevent them from spreading. For the first few days I would notice black dots on the acv toilet paper when I took it off. This means that the warts were dying. When day 3 rolled around I noticed the warts had black heads or dots on them and the bigger warts were just completely black. By day 4 the warts were scabbing and flaking off. Day 5 most of the warts were cleared up except a small cluster left on each side that were very flat and hard to see. A bigger wart had completely fallen off leaving white shiny skin underneath (kind of gross). I continued the process until all of the viable warts were gone and I will keep this up for the next month even if I see no warts. My immune system was horrible before and getting genital warts was the kick start I needed to get myself healthy. You are able to take control of this situation and don't listen to people when they treat it like a plague you are burdened with forever. My doctor told me that genital warts are very common and most people are already infected. It just depends on your immune system and your body's ability to handle it if they will show up. Think of it like a cold or a flu; when you are infected you have the virus forever in your body but your antibodies suppress it and keep it from taking over your body. So if you have a cold virus with you forever, why is it a big deal that you have this other one with you? You probably have so many viruses already suppressed by your wonderful body! Just keep your head up and don't stress. :)


You idiots do realize that ACV only removes the tip of the wart don't you? It leaves the stem which is then an open channel that spreads the virus... In 6 months time not only will you have another outbreak it will be horrendous, go to the docs and get proper medication


Hi! I am a 22 year old female, and have had GW for the past 6 months. I was horrified when i first found out about them, but i just want to let y'all know that its ok. Think of it like the flu virus. Once you have the flu you will never get rid of the virus, your body will just suppress it eventually. Its basically the same with GW. No cure for the virus, but your body will suppress it. Anyways i got rid of mine fairly quickly. I did go see my Gyno to make sure i didn't have the kind that causes cancer, and i know how embarrassing it is for someone to be all up in your stuff. But please get it checked out. She used acid treatment that worked pretty good. But on my own time i made another remedy. Apple cider vinegar is the best!!! it burns like a bitch but toughen up! if you stay on top of it i guarantee you will rid yourself of GW. Mine are completely gone after only 6 months of having them. Yes it was painful, and a hassle but if you want them gone, STAY STRONG, NO WHINING. I soaked toilet paper in ACV then put it on the big warts using a band aid to hold it in place. i soaked anywhere between 4-6 hours. I personally had no burned skin, but it does hurt. No pain, no gain. next for the smaller warts that were EVERYWHERE, i made my own ACV paste. I crushed up some ibuprofen, about 3 tablets, mixed it with olive oil (any oil really works) and then mixed that with ACV. Depending on the portions of each ingredient you can make the paste thin or thick. Then i took a q-tip and put it all over my vagina. It will burn like a bitch. get over it, the pain will go away. I slept with the paste on and the next day my warts fell off. I continued this for a week and at my next doctors check up was wart free. She was extremely surprised. Now, i am college athlete, so i am in very good shape, eat well, and work out a lot. I think that is the key, to do things that stimulate your immune system to the max. I also take a lot of vitamins and immune boosters like 'ester c'. My body suppressed this virus within 6 months. Stay positive everyone! find a remedy and tailor it to your needs! there is hope, you CAN and WILL beat this.


Tagamet HD. I have had these pesky critters in and off since September. I just recently learned that Tagament HD- taking 2 tablets 2-3 times a day for only 2 months (not more than 3) will actually boost your body's immune system and defeat this virus into suppression. I'm on week 1. The itching is stopping so fingers crossed it will work. You can buy Tagament in Walmart or any pharmacy. Yes- it is a heartburn medicine. Just google it. It works!!


I found out that I had GW last December, it was just a small one on my outer labia. I went to the clinic every week and let the doctor applied acid on the wart, I also put some coconut oil on my genital area, took some vitamins every day and after a month later, it was gone.

But a few weeks ago, I felt something hard and rough on my vagina when I'm in the shower, I didn't care much about it, I thought it was just because of sex. I felt like something wrong after days go by because I just didn't felt right and I could feel my vagina is not the same when it was a few months before.

So I went back to the clinic on Tuesday, the doctor told me that it was warts! It came back and I had a few this time, I guess it's because of stress or I upset a lot recently.
The doctor applied some acid on my warts like the last time, but I want it to be gone in a few days, so I tried the ACV the other day, it was hurt, but not that hurt. I think I didn't put the cotton pad close enough on the warts. I do it over night and took a shower, then put some coconut oil on before I go to work.

I do it again last night, it was SOOOO painful this time! I almost passed out, main reason is because I only had salad for dinner and workout in a gym after work.
I did make sure the cotton pad fully cover the warts and the result was good I guess, I bleed and it was burn like hell. I couldn't stand the pain and felt dizzy lol so I wasn't sure if I should carry on.
Well, I'm glad that I suck it up, I checked this morning when I woke up, the warts were gone although my vagina still hurts, it was worth it.
I will do it again tomorrow to make sure the warts are completely gone.

I'm not sure about the color of my vagina though, the ACV makes it look pale or is it normal? Will it go back to the usual color?


Okay I need some advice. I have posted here before but did not receive many replies. I went to my doctor a few months back and was told the redness was a yeast infection. Slowly but surely I figured out it was genital warts and went back to be told it's only molluscum, I firmly disagree. Tried the ACV for a while and it worked only they kept coming back. Noticed slight swelling at my urethra opening and showed the doctor but she said it's probably nothing. This does not help me at all. After ACV treatment myself I was left with maybe three GW. One on the right side of my foreskin, one on my banjo string (sorry don't know the correct term) and the swelling of my urethra opening (looks like lips). I read about hydrogen peroxide and how it may work so I'm currently using it and it seems to be working. The wart on my foreskin is practically gone and the wart on my banjo string (again sorry) is beginning to change colour and die by the looks of it. I have also let a drop into my urethral opening and it bubbles and foams the way it does with any of the others and also seems to be working. Just want advice if anyone knows more about urethral warts. My doctor disagrees with me saying its all bull I'm reading online. I'm worried about the warts at the head of my urethra but I think they have not moved any farther in as there has only ever been discomfort at the opening and I can see them and where they stop inside due to the effects of the hydrogen peroxide. Please reply to this. I'm scared.....


Yup, wasn't protecting myself and got genital warts. Well, the doc put some acid on it and due to moisture they help. I have very small ones but they are everywhere near my vulva. Even a few inside I can feel close. I am starting to use ACV and will be taking probiotics and quit smoking. Hopefully I will get results. I have been celibate for 6 months now. So sad people have to got through this crap.

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