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So.. Um hi. I'm a 21 year old female with what I'm sure to be GW.. I think I finally admitted it to myself a few months ago and slowly began to seek ways of getting rid of it on my own seeing as I don't have insurance and my axniety is through the roof. (I skipped appointments even when I had insurance so I didn't have to be around people.) I've only been sexually active with one guy and I'm pretty sure I got it from him.. But I've recently started seeing a guy I most definitely see a future with and I really need help.. I tried ACV and it burns but they only turn white, much like pimples and all I want to do is pop them. (Of course I don't though.) But I've already been leaving the ACV on overnight and then spreading tea tree oil over the entire area. I also take baths in a mixture of hot water, ACV and tea tree oil but they're still there.. I'm really starting to doubt I'll be able to rid them and to my horror after a bath in ACV,( I hadn't done it in a while.) I see my vaginal lips swell and little white clusters appear everywhere. I have about 6 medium sized ones and I couldn't even tell you how many small ones around my vagina and anus.. I'm slowly losing hope and absolutely no one knows about this, thoughts have crossed into the suicidal state and I just want to be able to find what I was looking for in the guy that did this to me.. I'm not quite sure on what to take vitamin wise so help in that department would be greatly appreciated. As well as any treatment suggestions. I don't want this to take over my life.. I'm willing to try anything at this point.. Thanks in advance... -A sad soul.


I ended up getting gw from the guy I lost my virginity to. He was a cheater so I guess I should have seen it comming. I've had gw for about 9 months now. Tea tree oil inflammed my skin. Acv was just way to painful. I was reading online an someone said to try products with salicylic acid. Well I went to Walmart and bought the equate liquid wart remover. Plus it has castor oil which is said to help with warts to. I put some on one of my many warts an it turned white. I'm hoping if I continue with this as well as a aveeno eczema repair lotion it will help.


Hi guys,
I got diagnosed with GW two months ago, I had cryotherapy immediately and after approx three days the small cluster I was suffering from had reduced dramatically in size. I then used the home wart treatment on these for the following week (You must be very careful to not get your skin and just the wart as the genital skin is very sensitive). After approx a week these GW were completely gone. I continue to check for GW at least weekly I have had one small one appear since then and I nabbed it straight away. I think the most important thing to do is not make them bleed and get onto them asap. Hopefully I can be of help, I know how extremely embarrassing this topic is.


I searched high and low for a cure for my gw and I came across a page about aloe vera, aloe vera is one of the best healers around it said to apply aloe vera gel to a tampon and put a few drops of tea tree on it and insert for internal warts.. I've also been applying the gel around the vagina and adding a few drops of tea tree too a tissue and holding over the warts


ACV sucks! It burns like HELL! But I found out the better solution to remove warts, (specially anal warts internal)

Im suffering from genital wart 1year ago. I know it feels like dirty inside and out. I'd tried also AVC, hydrogen peroxide, acyclovir ( prescription from doctor), Garlic, onion, name it! But the only one really works for me was just a TOOTHPASTE. I used Colgate! and suddenly my warts just pop like a balloon. Lol. Im from the philippines. Now Im warts free. And it feels like YEHHEESSSS!


A couple of months ago I discovered I had genital warts. At first I thought I had a skin tag but the longer I waited the more I realized they weren't just skin tags. I also did something INCREDIBLY STUPID. I PICKED IT OFF. The next day I could see that there were millions of little bumps where the blood had ran. Of course, I freaked the fuck out. I am not here to give you a remedy. Because I feel like there should be more stories on here that don't always end with '....annnnd now they're gone!'. Firstly, I would like to say that you aren't alone. It has been really hard for me to tell ANYONE about this and most of you might feel the same way. So just keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of other GOOD people going through the same thing you are. I am not the kind of girl that sleeps around a lot but I made the mistake of not using a condom ONE TIME and that's really all it takes. I am here to tell you to calm down and things will be better, there really are worse things that could happen. This is a virus and this also just happens to be a strain you cannot get rid of no matter how many immune boosting supplements you down. Although that is true, I don't want to seem like I know everything and anything about GW... because a month ago I was scouring the internet just like you are or did. The most raved about remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar especially by Braggs. I have tried this and because mine where everywhere I took a paper towel soaked in Braggs ACV and for three days I would hold that over the entire area for at least 15 mins. And yes, I know 'you're supposed to leave it on longer' well I honestly did not want to chemically burn myself so I went the slow way with a lot less pain. The next day I did notice a lot of white but I did notice that a tiny little bumps were gone. long story short I continued this for 3 weeks and decided that I shouldn't do it topically anymore because it was burning more healthy skin than infected skin so I just decided to drink 1-2 Tbsp of it everyday. In addition to this, I have added 1000IU vitamin D3 to my daily multivitamin list as well as 500mg of B12 (I think!)as well as 500mg of fish/krill oil and try to drink as much water as I can. In addition, instead of putting the ACV topically I slather coconut oil (another one people talk about a lot) all over at night and some in the morning. And I need suggestions... they aren't going away and actually three more have popped up and the 3 existing ones are getting bigger. I have been debating spot treating them with ACV but I don't know if I should wait it out? or if I should stick to what i'm doing? or if i should add spot treating as well... I'm freaking out.. Im healthy I eat relatively clean, drink mostly water and, work out everyday. Has anyone not been able to get rid of theirs? has anyone had any recurrences? any type of answer will be greatly appreciated. thank you.


If I can ask a question, some people say they take ACV with 'The Mother'. What is the Mother?


Right, so I'm tired of looking for stuff online to get rid of genital warts (GW). So here's my story and how I get rid of them in about a week and half ( not including the slight redness for healing).
So after bad heartbreak I made a dumb mistake and had unprotected sex for about 15 seconds and then put the condom on. How silly. Damage was done. Any I discovered some redness and didn't get it checked. Looked up online and it said its probably a yeast infection. Doctor said the same thing. I didn't think guys could get that but they can. Doc was still wrong. One day I read acv could help a yeast infection because mine seemed to not go away after tablets and creams. So I got acv put it on the red areas and boom! Everything went white? What the hell? So I googled and it said GW. okay went to the doc told her this and she said no... Relax. Don't believe the Internet and we did an std screening and all the major things came back negative. No test for the warts though. So I used the acv and it killed them for a while and then I thought that was it. They came back so I went back to the doc and she said it was molluscum. She froze them. Didn't work so I got a sharp tweezers and ripped out the centre. Big mistake. Blood everywhere, no scarring but the blood made them spread! Oh god so now on the shaft of my penis and pubic area I look up a million cures and try everything and that's how I found this method. I'm going to add to it to see what else helps but this is what I did and they are nearly gone since the first day which was 4 days ago. Give or take a day. Acv was a bit to powerful for me now. Couldn't sleep and the burn (for me) was intense! I diluted a good dollop with a pint of water. But before this I'd shower to open the pours. With the diluted acv I'd add 5drops of tea tree oil. Easy right? Plus before and after this I'd use hydrogen peroxide on them. Loads of bubbles! Your oxygenating the wart which it does not like and the acv creates an alkaline environment. Which they don't like either. That's done and dusted here's the hard part. Supplements and stomaching a disgusting cocktail. Supplements- multivitamin, vitamin e, garlic, echinacea, vitamin c, folic acid, zinc. I have yet to add a few more things to this. You will find them all if you type in supplements to fight hpv virus on Google. I also spray genitals and back of throat with collodial silver. Cocktail- pint of water, dash of fresh squeezed lemon, good few drops of acv, and the hard part that will make you want to throw up, 3 drops of tea tree oil. I don't care what people say about it being bad internally. It seems to be helping me. After all this I occasionally put castor oil on the warts and leave it dry in. All the time though I keep my genitals dry and that's easy with some talcum powder. Baking soda is another huge part. I'm going to buy some right now! Hope this helps everyone! It's working for me. Chin up, it's a virus, not the end of the world. People say we can't kill a virus but I disagree. I believe through natural methods anything can be kicked. Pharmacies are around to make money. Pills make you better short term to make you worse long term. Have experienced that first hand! Won't get into it. Good luck guys!
Just to add to this. I was making this as I was treating myself. I also started drinking water and baking soda, mixed castor oil and baking soda and left it dry in to the wart. Now last thing I added from some guy who claims to have the cure for hpv. I found this out from a lot of research so feel free to look into it. Red marine algae contains a byproduct called carrageenan. This is being proven to attack virus's, including herpes, hiv and hpv. But for some reason it appears to be most effective against hpv so I bought a lubricant containing it and I'm taking red algae supplements. Hope this helps!


I have genital warts since 2 years ago which i got it from my cheating ex. I'm a 24 yrs old female and i got engaged 2 months ago. At first i think that i should go to the doc but as i'm unemployed so i went to search for home remedies.

After reading about ACV, and believe me it works. I told my fiancee about my gw n lucky me he is very supportive. So we went to pharmacy n i got myself

- Heinz ACV
- hydrogen peroxide
- cotton pad
- vaseline
- epsom salt
- aiken pure tea tree oil

I had 2 big warts, 1 in medium size n 6 small warts. Here what i've done. Every morning, before i brush my teeth, i drink pomegranate juice(thick liquid, i dont remember what its called). Then i ate a clove of crush garlic n drink a glass of warm lemon juice. After that i shower n i put 3tbs epsom salt n 1/4 glass of ACV in a bucket of water n i splashed it to my genital area. Then after drying up my body ( dry ur private parts with toilet paper separately. Don't use your towel) i clean the parts with gw with 1:1 of hydrogen peroxide n water. Then a mix a portion of 1:1:1 of ACV, Tea tree oil, water. I use cotton pad. Squeeze a little so that the cotton will not be too wet. Put it at gw. It stings n hurt but its bearable. The reason i dilute it with water is because the skin at genital parts are very sensitive n surely u dont want to burn your healthy skin. Day two. All my warts become white n big warts bleed a little. But somehow i manage to stop it. Day 3 the medium warts had become greyish n started to fall. My small warts were all gone n my big warts started to shrink in size. N i'm still continue the treatment for my big warts. I soak my wart 2hrs day n 2hrs at night. Will be updating soon on my big warts.

My advice. Keep a healthy lifestyle. N be positive. There are no disease that cannot be cure except death. Sorry for my grammar


Wart paste worked for me. I bought it from and they haven't returned. A cute little lady made it as a last resort because nothing else was working and it is an all natural pain free remedy for all warts. Not just genital warts.

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