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i read of a few different home remedies and kinda mixed them all together, but i can promise you it worked and the warts were gone in about 10 days. for the first 3 of 4 days, i would use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and apply to the warts 4 times a day for about 10 minutes each time. Then I took dental floss and tied a knot around each one with the intention of suffocating them. I continued to apply the hydrogen peroxide regularly, but also added vitamin E oil in the mornings and at night. It's totally up to you, but i would tighten the knots on the warts slowly, just to make sure the dental floss didn't come off and also to keep the blood flow from getting to the wart itself...eventually they turned black and just came right off. i never once experienced any discomfort.


I lived with the suicidal depression of 8 small warts on my shaft and about 10 small warts circling my anus.i tried everything and finally decided to try the apple cider vinegar and im on day 2 and the warts are all turning black and about to fall quit worrying everyone it burns as the skin becomes sensitive but on day 2 this noghtmare ive lived with for a year is almost gone for now.ACV is the key


As you know, if you've done your research, there is no cure for genital warts! I contacted my family physician for a solution to my problem as it has just started and i did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake cure. I am telling you this straight from his mouth that 'Compound W' or home wart freezing kits will NOT hurt you. I used Compound W to get rid of mine and within the first night they are almost gone!!!!! Granted, it is very early in my symptoms. I have 3 small warts but give it a try. it may burn a little but it is well worth it as it DOES WORK!!!!!!!

wart Killer 2009

I used Air Duster and froze them myself. You simply find a plastic piece with a small hole at the top to cover the infected area, for instance I used the top of a Dawn dishwashing liquid bottle. You should use a surgical face mask or a bandana so you don’t inhale the fumes, witch is very unlikely. You should also use a pair of eye goggles to cover you eyes; these can be found at Home Depot. Now that all safety measures have been taken you can begin the procedure. First take the plastic peace and cover the infected area. Second while holding the plastic piece over the wart, turn the Air Duster can upside down and spray the wart for 2 to 3 seconds until the area is pinkish red in color and the wart is frosted over. This action may sting a bit but the pain will pass in less than a second. Now all you have to do is wait, the area under the wart should turn black and blue in a matter of days and the wart will fall off in lest than a week. I tried this procedure after going to a doctor and having the wart burnt off the first time. They came back a month latter and could not afford to go back. I have successfully removed my warts with this procedure and it’s extremely simple, taking only minutes to do and will only cost you $5.00 or so aside from the face mask and goggles which you only have to buy once. Hope this helps!


I had one genital wart that looked like other warts growing on top of it; and it kept growing in size. I lived with this for over 10 years. Here is what worked for me - no joke.

I took some dental floss and tied a slip-not around the base of the wart(s), as far down as I could get it - like a noose. I tied the knot as tight as I could without causing any bleeding, but to the point I knew it was cutting off blood circulation to the wart. I began to see discoloration of the wart within 24 to 48 hours. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but I was desparate for a cure after trying topicals and other methods that never worked for me.

In about 4 days the firt half of the wart dried up and fell off, along with the dental floss that was holding that part of the wart. I tied another piece of dental floss around the rest of the wart in a noose like fashion. Within another 4 days the rest of the wart(s) that had plagued me for over twenty years was gone. I have been wart-free for over 4 months now, with no signs of them returning. It feels so good.

I got this idea from my father-in-law who lived in the Phillipines. He told me they would use dental floss to remove skin 'tags' or warts. He said they would tie them in a knot and choke them, and eventually they would fall off. I finally tried something that sounded weird to me, but it worked.


Green tea - Egcg
Ok so there are lots of treatments out there none of them perfect or comfortable as far as I can tell. I'm mid treatment right now so I can't tell you how it'll turn out but I can tell you its looking good.

The FDA recently passed a new HPV treatment made from extracts of green tea. Its basically EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) its an antioxidant called catechins present inall tea but very abundant in green tea. It kills cancer cells when exposed to them and does a joby-job on warts. I got the persciption and its a whopping 250$ per tube. Forget it I said..I'll make some myself.

Here's what you do:

Go to the healthfood store and get EGCG caplets at least 500 mg. Open them up and mix them with about an ounce or more of shea butter you can also mix it with California Baby calendula first aid cream.

You'll need to do a vinegar test to see all the warts..any vinegar will do ACV or white. Soak a large cotton cosmetic pad in it and hold it on any suspicious areas. Whatever turns white is a wart. You may see lesions that puff up or just skin that turns white..the skin that turns white IS infected treat it as well! If you don't it WILL develop into warts.

Apply your salve 2-3 times per day. The warts will stay white and the skin will turn yellow brown..then by day 2 or 3 you should start to see brown and black spot on the bigger ones. They are dying as the capillaries that feed them are starting to die. They'll get dry and hard and they'll hurt. There is NO pain free treatment for HPV. They all smart a bit. This isn't that bad though. DO NOT PICK..let the skin fall off. You can wash between treatments to make yourself more comfortable. I also put plain shea butter for comfort in between treatments...the warts get dry and I found they hurt more when there is nothing on them.

You can also take ECGC orally as well to supplement your treatment. It'll work faster and better. ECGC has the benefit of boosting your immune systen as well so a continued oral supplement would probably not be a bad thing.

The makers of the marketed drug say you can keep this treatment up for a max of 16 weeks. I expect to be healed faster than that at this rate. My brew is a bit stronger I think. I found that this salve has little to no effect on healthy skin. Just the evil warts!

I'll be tracking my progress and post my results.


Cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar worked for me also. At first I was going to use a bandaid to keep the cotton ball in place ... then I had the idea of using a condom instead. I cut off the top half, and then used the rest of the condom to hold the cotton ball in place ... and went to sleep. Next morning when I removed everything I was a bit concerned because the two warts had not only diminished in size but had actually turned black ... didn't know at the time that that is apparently what you want to happen. So I chose not to repeat the procedure on night two. The black scabs fell off within a couple of days .. and the applicable area looks fine. In essence, it only took one night to be rid of them.

I have had genital warts for over ten years and have twice had these two warts removed surgically ... and they both came back within a couple of years. This cure seems to have worked just as well ... the affected area looks the same as it did after the area healed post surgery. It's only been a couple of weeks ... and I know that they may come back again ... but this treatment was a lot more affordable, less painful and less time consuming than visiting a dermatologist.


For Mucous Membrame warts you will need ~ Toothpaste with SLS : A small framed un-edged mirror : Q-Tips : Cotton Balls : SLS will kill warts on the inner labia mucous membrane areas. Use toothpastes with the ingredient SLS. Use a small framed mirror to see your inner genital area during the application process. Use a Q-Tip to apply the toothpaste to one two or three warts at a time to avoid over exertion of pain. This does cause pain, but it works and costs next to nothing. Tear a piece of cotton ball into 3 pieces. Place the first flattened piece over your birth opening. Place the second and third pieces over the inside of the 2 labia flaps. Now fold your inner labias over each other, then fold your outer labias over each other. Do this 2 times a day after you get home from work in the privacy of your home. If you don't work you may want to do this 3 or 4 times a day depending on your pain thresh hold. Do this untill all of your warts are gone. May take weeks or months depending on how many warts you have.


Remedy for genital warts:
I read this on this website and didn't believe it....but sho nuff, its true. Soak small pieces of cotton (approx the size of the warts) in apple cider vinegar, and tape them directly on top of the warts. Do not lay the cotton on fully saturated, but do not ring it out all the way. The cotton should be more then damp but less than dripping. I used the cut off sides of a bandaid for tape to hold the cotton in place and then wrapped a layer of medical tape around the bandaid for extra support. I only did this before bed, during the day i just taped a bandaid (no vinegar)on to keep the area sanitary. After 3 nights of treatment the warts turned black and scab-like and a few days later, they fell off.


Try Liquid Band-Aid, Liquid Bandage, or New-Skin at any pharmacy store. Wart falss of in about 2-4 days.

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