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Other people have mentioned Apple cider vinegar and I just wanted to relay my experience which got rid of the warts on application.

1. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of Vaseline around the wart to protect the skin.

2. Dip a clean cotton bud into small amount of ACV and then apply this to the wart using a gentle, but firm, back and fort, rubbing action.

3. Repeat using a second clean cotton bud. You will notice the wart turns white, and then you are likely to see some blood. Do not be alarmed at this stage - the blood is a sign that the wart is being dislodged. Wipe the blood away with a tissue and continue.

4. Having repeated this using about 4/5 clean, cotton buds dipped in ACV, within about 10 minutes, or less the wart will fall away from the skin.

5. Wipe the area clean with a tissue, apply some Savlon to help the skin heal.

6. Skin in the genital area takes longer to heal than other parts of the body because it is damp and warm, but within a week you should be back to normal.

7. Avoid sex until the area has fully healed.


I've been suffering from genital warts for a few months now, and due to the stress of having them they multiply and grow which only stresses you out more. its a horrible cycle that I thought would never end. I had a doctor attempt to freeze them off but it was extremely painful and cost more than I was hoping to spend. also it took more than one treatment to complete and each session cost me money and down time. I couldn't do anything because I was hurting so badly from the treatment. I found out about Apple Cider Vinegar treatments and decided to give it a shot. it is working so well so far. I'm so releaved that the warts are slowly going away. its like a huge weight being lifted from me. I've been taking vitimans to boost my immune system as well, because my immune system is very poor and I'm constantly sick and being put on meds. vitiman D and E, C and lots of garlic are the ones I pop daily at least 2 times a day on a full stomach. exercise is good too. anything you can do to keep your body healthy. I really hope this helps others struggling with the same problem, because I thought (being the melodramatic girl that I am) my life was over. being so young and having to live with this the rest of my life is tough but at least now I know how to work through it. I wish the best for you all. good luck. :)


I thought I had warts but did some research and learned about Fordyce Spots. I finally manned up and went to the dermatologist and he confirmed they weren't warts.

Look up pictures of fordyce spots on google or wiki before you assume you have warts like I did. I am grateful that someone posted about that b/c I had no clue that existed.

I felt compelled to post the same in hopes of helping some of you that think they have warts but don't.

For those that do have warts, I'm sorry...I understand the despair and hopelessness you feel.


I have tried the Apple Cider Viniger remedy.. I have to say, be very careful where and how you place the cotton ball soaked with the viniger, if placed wrong you will get an acid burn.. IT IS 5% ACID !!. But on a good note, I got a fresh bottle and tried it at night, the next morning I took off my bandage, by that evening I saw black dots. AWESOME!! It worked I thought. Them black dots from the warts can stay for days depending on how old those warts are. I got rid of a few small ones in a day, some others a few days later. I have been doing the ACV treatment for a week now and only half are gone. You gotta remember that warts have roots, like a tree. The older it is, the deeper the roots. I started off with about 20 warts, now down to 15, 5 or 7 unfased by the viniger. I dont care about the pain, I gotta a girlfriend who needs attention, so I pick some of the black ones off and re-apply the viniger to it.. Sometimes 2 days and they are gone. But not to tell you that I am all fixed, Im not done trying to kill them all. If you done your research, you may know that this issue may spread to your ass. I dont want to have it get that far, so I am not done treating the whole area. I just want you to know my own personal experiance.
If you have any questions, contact me at


I found out that i had caught them from my ex. The worse part was that I'm pregnant with them. I found a few on the outside and took the advice from someone on here to tie string around them. IT WORKED!!! By the next week they were completely gone. But now i've discovered them on my cervix and other places i just could not tie a string to. I read that someone else used a q-tip with toothpaste. i started doing that yesterday. This morning i decided instead of a q-tip why not use a tampon so it lasts longer? A few hours later I took it out and a few warts were on the tampon!!!! Now I know it takes a few times so I am going to continue doing this like 2 or 3 times a day like it was instructed to do with the q-tip. i think they fall off faster this way though. But like she instructed... use toothpaste with 'SLS'. I am thankful for this website because now I have the chance to deliver my baby vaginally due to the remedies on this page... I hope others are helped like I was...

Fighting HPV naturally

I started at this site and read everyone's suggestions. Then I did some research to verify that some of the ingredients were correct...and safe to use. I will start off by saying that I am a woman many of these posts didnt specify.
I will try to be as detailed as possible without writing a book!
I actually combined several approaches, and on the 4th morning the largest ones just wiped off. I actually couldn't believe it. So hopefully this helps other people.

What to buy:
100% Shae Butter (Henry's $10)
Green Tea Extract (Walmart $5 or Henry's $10)
Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Raw Unfiltered (Henry's $5)I got Bragg's brand.
Peroxide (Walmart $1-$2)
Vitamin E capsules (Henry's $5)
Cotton Pads (Walmart $1)

Additional Suppliments:
Garlic Capsules

I took a full force approach to attack from all angles.

First I used the peroxide. I soaked the cotton pad and held it on the area for a couple minutes. Then let it air dry. I found that it did sting a bit.

Then I used the ACV. I soaked the cotton pads and placed them on the area similar to the way you would use a tucks pad. I tried tape but as many of you will find out that is pretty difficult to do in the vaginal area. So instead i used a pair of snug underwear. I suggest using a sanitary napkin as the vinegar will likely soak through the underwear.
This wasnt painful to begin with... it stung but nothing severe. However when I changed the pads later in the evening the burning was quite painful. Within ten minutes the throbbing stopped. Before I went to bed I changed the pads once more and went to sleep.
In the morning the warts were all very irritated... along with the entire area. But from reading the other posts I expected this.

For the next 2 days I used the green tea salve described in one of the previous posts. I used a spoonful of the Shae butter and 3 capsules of the green tea extract. The mixtures is a brown/green paste that doesnt irritate at all. I actually found it to be quite soothing. I applied several times during the day. I slathered the entire area very generously and used the same underwear method (no napkin the mixture doesnt stain) to try to keep the mess to a minimum. I also found that as it got closer to the time I needed to replace the salve, I began to itch. But once the cream was replaced the itching stopped. I did this the entire day, through the night, and the following day.

By this time some of the warts had turned black but the larger ones were white and irritated.

The next day I decided to stop and heal. I did apply vitamin E (2 capsules) to the area. This helped the itching and irritation. That night I washed and dried the area and left it free of any treatment.

To my surprise the largest ones simply wiped off the next morning.

The blackened scabs take longer to fall off.

During the entire process I did a massive supplement intake to boost my immune system to help fight the infection internally as well. Some people reported a slow reduction in warts from supplements alone. I believe the combination of both is the best route.
I drank an Elderberry and rosehip tea that I made at home. You can find both of these at an herb shop. ($6) Or they also carry elderberry as a capsule (Henry's $15)
I also took the above listed supplements.
Additionally I took about 6 green tea capsules a day, and 4 vitamin E capsules.

I hope this helps.
The irritation was worth the very fast results!

**I did also try the aspirin/vinegar mixture but found it to be very painful. I believe this is due to the previous nights vinegar irritation.

Chris L

This is my true remedy for genital warts. I was on this site ( to find out how to deal with about a dozen (or more) small warts on the base and lower half of my penis, and was very excited to hear people's success with Apple Cider Vinegar. I had never used or known about this type of vinegar before but found that it is very common and found in most grocery stores. Here is what I did to rid myself of the warts:

Step 1: Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the penis and surrounding area. I used yellow Dial brand.

Step 2: Soak cottonballs in hydrogen peroxide and wipe down the warts. Don't get fancy, a quick wipe down is fine.

Step 3: Soak a half sheet of paper towel which can be wrapped around the penis shaft in Apple cider vinegar. Wrap your penis and tape it securely. Make sure all warts are touching the paper towel so the vinegar soaks them.

Step 4: Leave the papertowel on your penis for at least 3-6 hours. I suggest doing this before going to sleep at night and removing the papertowel in the morning. In the morning, shower and use the anti-bacterial soap to clean your penis. Before getting dressed, soak a couple cotton balls in the ACV and douse the warts again so they are wet.

Step 5: Go about your day and repeat steps 1-4 every night.

Results: After a two days, my warts started turning black and became scab-like. The ACV has 5% acid in it, which burns the warts and dries them up. It will also make your skin very irritable and start to burn it after a few applications. This is the only drawback to this method, however it is very effective at destroying the warts. It is also the most natural way to do it. ACV costs about $1, plus the cost of cottonballs, paper towels and hydrogen peroxide. After about a week you can gently rub off the black scabs and the warts will be gone. My penis became VERY sensitive to the burning of the acid after about 5 days, so be prepared for some burning and if it becomes too much to take, use cottonballs to douse the warts instead of wrapping the penis in a papertowel soaked in ACV. As long as you are applying the ACV a few times a day it will kill the warts. Also the burning is not serious and your skin will heal, so don't wimp out if you want the warts gone!!

This method was so effective and I am so happy I found this site I had to share my experience. So relax, breathe easy, and get your ass to the grocery store. Most important tell any partners you have about your disease (human papilloma virus) so they are aware. Good luck and God Bless!


HPV warts were really affecting my life. My self-esteem was terrible and Aldara seemed to destroy everything BUT the warts. I recently took several road trips and took a couple of 5 hour energy drinks to keep me alert. When at my destination, still using Aldara, I noticed the warts receding. I figured the Aldara was kicking in because I wasn't stressed out and my immune system was functioning better, but a week later the warts came back. I was devastated as I have struggled with them for quite some time. I took another road trip a few weeks later, again taking some 5 hour energies, and, once more, the warts started to disappear. Out of curiosity, I discontinued the Aldara and started taking a 5 hour energy every other day and now I have no warts whatsoever! The high levels of folic acid and B-vitamins helped my body fight off those nasty buggers, even the really deep ones. If I see any start to reappear I go grab some 5 hour energies and take one per day for two days and then one every other day, alongside making sure I include folic acid-rich foods in my diet. WARNING: make sure to drink plenty of water if you are going to try this method as the high levels of B Vitamins in the drink need to be flushed out of your system otherwise it could be detrimental for you.


First off, thank you to whoever reads this story. I am very thankful to how this has helped my life and will do anything possible to help you in the same way. In my opinion, it is a miracle. My girlfriend is in awe, and I thank god everyday. My cell phone and email are at the bottom, so please call or write as I am here to help.

I have had visible, good sized genital warts for around 2 years now.. They have gotten worse over time (more of them and larger) but I have always been too shy and havent had the money to go to doctor to get them burned off... I did go online and buy healing natural oils, Heal Warts, and put it on 3 times a day like it says for 2 straight months (an entire bottle worth) and it never worked... My girlfriend did go to doctor and they gave her Aldara creme but she had hers burned off so she gave me the presription, and I put the creme on for 5 doses worth (which they say should do the job) but I never saw any improvement... My next step was going to be to go online and fake my way into getting a presription for I think it is called Condylox (the stuff that, from what everyone has said online at all the places I have read about warts, works, but leaves horrible pain and usually scarring).... I was desperate though and these things were getting worse... my only options left were going to a doctor and having them lasered off (which I was way embarresed about and is very expensive and I have no health insurance) or I could get the script online and have serious pain and burning using that gel... ugh, howd this happen?

The miracle: I have bad back pains, so I visited a family doctor in Harrisonburg, VA where I live... she recommended a chiropractor and said if I was open minded, to try this new functional health drink that she said some of her patients were experiencing incredible results with... It's made with a fruit from thailand and the company is 9th largest in US history yet only 6 years old... OK, I would do anything to get rid of my pain... and if my doctor says it's helping other people, then why not, I'm an open minded person...

Long story short, 2 weeks later, my back was feeling slightly better, but what was amazing is my warts were literally 50% smaller. I never told my doctor I had the warts, just told her about my back pain, and I never even thought about my warts while taking drinking a shot of this stuff 3 times a day.
4 weeks into taking this stuff, my warts were about 75% smaller and some started to disapear completely. My girlfriend literally at this point thought it was a miracle. 8 weeks in, the warts are almost completely gone. You visibly can barely see them at all. I am now at my 12 week mark and I have had none coming back. I have never felt better, and thank god for this fruit that someone decided to put in a drink and sell to people. I honestly have never been so happy in my life. And to think, all I was trying to do was get my back to stop hurting... Isn't it funny how things fall into place sometimes?

I spent hours upon hours online reading peoples stories and how they have dealt with HPV. I felt obligated at this point to get online and post my story to as many people as I can. Even if only one of you benefits from this and I help you heal your HPV without the pain and scarring of conventional medicines and surgery, or I save one of you from wasting your money on the so called 'natural' ways of healing, I will feel like I did something great for someone else.

Please call or email me anytime, share your story with me if you would like, or simply ask me to share with you the product that has given me more than I ever could have imagined without even knowing.

Thanks and God bless, I look forward to helping you in the near future...

239-989-9642 - cell - email


i read of a few different home remedies and kinda mixed them all together, but i can promise you it worked and the warts were gone in about 10 days. for the first 3 of 4 days, i would use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and apply to the warts 4 times a day for about 10 minutes each time. Then I took dental floss and tied a knot around each one with the intention of suffocating them. I continued to apply the hydrogen peroxide regularly, but also added vitamin E oil in the mornings and at night. It's totally up to you, but i would tighten the knots on the warts slowly, just to make sure the dental floss didn't come off and also to keep the blood flow from getting to the wart itself...eventually they turned black and just came right off. i never once experienced any discomfort.

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