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I discovered that I had genital warts while I was pregnant. They seem to come out when the immune system is weak. The cure for me was: I diluted a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water and dipped a cotton pad into the solution. Then I put the cotton pad on the warts, and used a maxi pad on my underwear so it didn't leak. I re-did this every 4 hours, even at night. It'll sting at first, then the warts will eventually change size, change color and disappear. It took about a week to disappear. If it stings too much, you can add more water at first, then as you get used to it, add less water to the apple cider vinegar. Since then, I've never had a problem with warts coming back.


I am only 19 years old. I figured out that I probably have genital warts a few months ago. I'm way too scared to tell anyone about this. I refuse to tell my parents, doctor, or even my best friends about it. I had unprotected sex with a good friend of mine. Stupid of me. I'm not the type of girl to have sex with people and one of the random times that I do, I catch something of course. I guess we all learn from our mistakes, even if it's too late. Anyways...I don't know what to do. I 'm trying every remedy on this website because I am so desparate for help. I wish I had someone who I could trust and feel comfortable enough with to take me to the doctor. I know if I were to ask anyone i would be judged, I already feel depressed enough because of this. I'm not even a hundred percent sure that this is GW but whatever it is it sucks. I'm always tingling, itching, theres blisters or warts i dont really know which one they are...they dont really hurt that much but theres a lot of them and it's disgusting. Can anyone please help me and give me advice. I really really need someone to talk to who has the same problem as me, or went through the same problem as me.

Thankyou so much.


Gentail warts

I had gential warts i was so puked out by the look of them i went by a doctor and she told me what they were at that time she told me to use Aldara but that didnt work so i went up on a site and i saw Castrol oil i tried it. every time i bathe i use the castro oil on them it even stopped the irratating itch and instead of puttin a plaster i put on a panty sheen or pad cause it covers everything up. When i go to the toilet and wiped with toilet paper i start seeing the warts coming out on it. It was a Miracle. So i can say to use castro oil. Make sure to eat garlic or take garlic pills it helps fight back the virus .

help in pa

Ok so i found out that i have HPV. This was about a year and a half ago. About 5 months ago i then found out that i have genital warts. I actually went to the doctor because my fiance's dermatologist recommended it..after we found out he had them. So i went and they treated me for them. I had to go back 3 times and yet they are still there. So i came on this site hoping to find a way to get rid of them. I have two of them and they arent that big. I tried the apple cider vinegar..i've been using it for about 2 weeks now. One of them shrank but did not fall off and the other didnt shrink at all. They turn white when i apply the acv..not black like alot of people have said. Am i doing something wrong? Because of where they are located i cant put a cotton ball and bandage on them. So i apply it with a Qtip and then put vaseline over them to act as a bandage..then leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off. Can someone please tell me if i'm doing something wrong. I was so hopeful that this would work and now i'm just bummed about it.


I tried the ACV and I just could not take the smell and the amount of pain it causes for days after applying the crap. I learned that burning off the wart from many internet research was the best way to permanently get rid of it. Like most bacteria and viruses they are atracted to dark and moist areas and thrive there. Vitamins are a MUST when supplementing your immune system through all this process.

After taking a shower take your hair dryer and press the cold air button so it won't hurt, but dry your area until dry so for about 5 minutes.

Then have a set of matches, this is the hardest part to do and can be dangerous if not careful. Light one up, let it burn for about 5 seconds blow it until completely off. Quickly, set that match on the affected area (I.e. Wart) keep it there until it completely cools down. The wart part automatically burns off and the skin comes off. If it starts to bleed use a cotton ball to clot the blood, keep the area very clean alcohol works just fine. Repeat, but I suggest only doing a certain area at a time, it is very painful.

Vitamin E is the next step either the gel capsule or oil is fine. Rub the oil in each area treated as the end process.

The skin heals very fast and within days had amazing results. But there is always the stubborn wart that takes more then one time to completely get rid of it.

I've been wart free for more then 8 mths now. I do keep up the drying the area at least once a week and rub vitamin E oil each time I shower.

Keep away from tobacco i don't know what it is but it does help warts come back. Which us definately not good.

Good luck.


Okay so before I tell you what is working for me your going to have to hear a story.

In nov of 09 after not having sex since may I started to have this really weird tingling sensation. The problem would come and go and jump around to different areas and I had no bumps or anything so I thought it was all in my head at many points. I went to a doctor and had an STD test done but was afraid to tell the doctor of my problem. The tests all came back negative. the problem still remained and got bad again in January. finally I went to a doctor and told them the problem. for over a month they tested me for everything under the sun with no results... finally an OBGYN took a biopsy and it came back HPV, even though these were a-typical symptoms. by the time I got the results the feeling had gone away and would only come on about one a week for a few minutes or an hour so since HPV goes away on his own he told me not to do anything and sent me on my way. Then not to long after the symptoms started coming back... not near as bad and not for as long... finally wanting to get rid of this feeling and get rid of HPV as soon as possible I decided to look up home remedies.

The ACV worked the best to stop my atypical symptoms but after not to long the feeling came back. the feeling finally localized itself to one spot so i tried vitamin C method(DO NOT TRY THIS, This burned a tiny hole!)... I was at a loss.

Then I saw someone said they were drinking 5-hour energy and that helped. So I tried it and I definitely felt some what better but not completely better. Then a couple of days ago I was on the road and decided to get an energy drink, after just a few sips and a few minutes I felt completely better! Completely! However this didn't last long, so once I got off the road I got another and the same thing happened! I was reading the label and I saw all the vitamins and health stuff in these (even with all the sugar). I also have been taking a vitamin combo everyday, 1 vitamin c pill, a multi vitamin, and 2 vitamin e pills. Now i'm drinking about 2 energy drinks a day in addition to that. I think this helped a lot! A LOT! If you get as desperate as I was what have you got to lose?

boy from jamaica

i think the best remedy for GW is the milk from the pawpa just use a match stick to aply.

Gen-Wart Killer

Duct tape is the best cure see results in less than 3 days.For men only,just tape the area where you have the genital warts.Without air the warts will die and when you take off the tape you'll see the warts peeling with it.Apple cider vinegar and all the other remedies do help but are very painful whilst using the tape without pain you'll see results within days.Just keep the taped area dry and change it every 24 hours.

HPV Warts

Hey guys I've also used apple cider vinegar works Here is what I did(I'm a Guy btw):

For Large Stubborn Warts:

They became resistant to ACV(apple cider vinegar) so to counter that I sterilized a needle(lighter + needle til red) and picked at the wart just enough to puncture it from a few sides(make sure you let the needle cool and wipe the burn metal) to let the apple cider soak in easier. Remember once punctured it is contaminated simplify dip the needle in ACV and continue so the virus doesn't spread!

How to secure ACV on warts:
1. medical wrap(self stick to itself)- 4 dollars
2. medical tape - 3 dollars
3. cotton balls - 1 dollar
4. ACV - 4 dollars
5. Needles - 1 dollar
6. Bandaids (for warts not on shaft or hard to reach) - 2 dollars
(all can be purchased at your local Walmart or drug store)

-first, soak a cotton ball with ACV and continue with pre soaking warts.
-next, start isolating cottonballs soaked with ACV and apply to all targeted warts.
-than, take the medical wrap and wrap it around the shaft until it is secure enough to hold all cottonballs in place.
-finally, use medical tape to secure(suggest use only 1 inch strips) you will know why if you've done this enough and tried to wrap tape all around the shaft(PS. this constrains the penis when blood flows = uncomfortable + pain so beware!).

After 3-5 hours or so remove the wrappings save the medical tape for additional use until unusable. And wash your area with soap and water.

Good luck and be wart FREE!

A concern I am having now is now that i'm wart free i still have scars from where the warts use to be how are you guys dealing with that? Is there a way to reduce scars?


ok, so I found this site yesterday after being sick of a (what i thought was just one was many more!) wart that was uncomfortable. Every movement made me remember what was down there! I had REALLY bad warts during my pregnancy (the first and only breakout before now) and was told there was nothing they could do til after I gave birth (a c section cuz of this bs!!)... and I just want to say I think no treatment during pregnancy and a c section ARE the way to go if you have HPV and are pregnant!!!!! Some girl posted that she stuck a tampon full of toothpaste up there during pregnancy!!!! That can NOT be good for the baby... what the heck!!! Also, some guy gives his email and number saying some magic drink cured him... he's trying to sell this stuff he claims is the answer to probably a million ailments out there (seriously if some1 had the time they could prob find him everywhere, and if you called and asked what ailment it cured he'd be stumped, he wouldn't know what forum you found him on lol!)
Anyway, last night I tried dousing TP in peroxide and putting it on the area, which is like right inside the hole... which is HARD TO SEE AND GET TO UGH! But they are painful so I wasnt about to leave them. Anyway, I covered the area with vaseline so it would only effect the warts. I felt like air bubbles coming out all night and couldnt sleep in fear that my whole vagina was going to burn off that night haha!!! Well, today there was no change, none ositive at least! Just felt swolllen or water loggged it was weird! I also dripped the contents of a vit E pill into shea butter this morning, which didnt sooth, it made me feel sooooo dryyy.
So, right now I am trying toothpaste. I dont even know if it's the right kind, but let me tell you, when it first went on I thought I was gonna die (for like 5 secs) and I starting sweating so bad!!!!! But soon after it is feeling k ind of soothed... much better than I have in days. Just very minty which is kind of scaring me lol. I dont care what happens to the warts, im just scared of the healthy skin!!!! AH!
Wish me luck..... next step is ACV which im putting off cuz it sounds scarry and it means a trip to the store lol.

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