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im 22 and had genital warts for six started with small and very itchy lump.until it grew large.i tried apple cider vinegar yet i cant stand the burning sensation.i took multivitamins enervon.for just a week all the warts have gone away.i keep my area dry and clean.


I used a tampon soaked in Apple cider vinegar and stuck it around my butt. It stings a lil but its working great


Hi, I noticed what appear to be gw and have started soaking them with vinegar, notice that they will turn lighter and also red, is this reaction typical to this treatment? Not much pain, more like discomfort, I've always used a condom but for penetrative sex only meaning that contact was made, just feel stupid for not thinking someone just touching me could transfer hpv, if I don't notice any improvement I'm headed to the doctor, just plan to try this for a week or so, I've got no insurance and not much money, thanks to everyone that has shared their story, I don't feel so alone


Im a 21 year old gay male, suffering from anal warts.

As I first found out I had anal warts, the doctor said they appeared quite large and did not want to try freezing or creams. He wanted me to have them surgically removed.

No way I could afford that, or stand the embarrassment.

I read up a bit and started taking vitamins hoping that my body would begin to fight off the virus quicker.

Unfortunately just doing the vitamins wasnt helping a whole lot, so I progressed to using Apple Cider Vinegar.

I tried this method at first but found keeping ACV soaked gauze pads tucked up there was quite uncomfortable and resulted in burning my skin more than the warts.

So I quite my treatment. For a few weeks they only got worse. Then I tried a slightly different approach.

First I went to the store and bought to following:
-Centrum A-Z mulitivitamin
-Vitamin B-12
-Vitamin E pills
-Vitam E skin oil
-Vitamin D
-Compound W Wart freezing tool.
-Large bottle of aspirin
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-I also ordered two different types of elderberry supplements on line but havent received them yet.

First, I froze the warts. I had about 5 really large ones and several smaller ones. The directions said to do them one at a time, but I took a super aggressive approach and froze every one of them. Using about 4 of the 8 treatments that came with it.

Immediately after freezing, I ground up several aspirin tablets with ACV to make a paste. The paste applied much better to the warts and kept me from burning other areas of the skin.

I applied this 6 or more times a day. Always trying to keep a good coat of it on the warts.

Within 1 day, they warts had turned hard and black. By day two some of them were breaking up and falling apart.

Now only the oldest and largest still have remnants left. Im quite confident that keeping up the treatment I'm doing will get rid of them the rest of the way.

My confidence is quickly returning and I'm so happy to finally be getting rid of such an embarrassing problem.

I plan on continuing all of my daily vitamins, plus the elderberry extract for several months in order to help fend of the virus. Who knows, perhaps I can drive it in to deep remissions and never have to worry about it again.

If they do reappear though, I will use this same method. I'm confident that now that I'm armed with this, that if I attack them at the first signs that they are appearing, it will be simple to keep up with them. Whereas I let them grow unchecked for almost a month before I attacked them.


I've only been doing this for about a week but so far it has seemed really successful.
I thought a had warts but I went to the doctor to confirm and sure enough, HPV it was. She gave me a prescription for Aldara but when I went to go get it from the pharmacy the pharmacist told me it was $416.00. I just could not afford that. I'm a student and that is more than my monthly rent in a major city!
But these warts were embarrassing and I couldn't think about anything else (plaguing my brain!) so I came here to look. The most positive remedy was obviously the ACV, but I kept looking. Someone said they had been drinking 5 hour energies and that helped a lot also. Someone recommended taking immunity boosting supplements also. So I went to the drug store armed with the power of the internet and 50 dollars. That was all I had. I went to the supplement/vitamin aisle and looked for Elderberry, Vitamin E and Garlic but only found the Garlic ad E. Then I walked past a 5 hour energy display. Those drinks are composed of high levels of B6 and B12 as well as Folic Acid so I picked up some of the supplements for those too because what did I have to lose.

So here is what I have been doing
At night - Wash the area, soak about 1/4 of a cotton ball in ACV and place it where the warts are. I am a lady with perianal warts so taping it on there was near impossible.

In the Morning - rinse off and wash again, apply vitamin E to the area (I just poked a hole in the liquid supplements with applied it that way)

B6 - 50mg
B12 - 500mcg
Folic Adic - 400mcg
Vitamin E (applied externally but also swallowed) -400IU
Vitamin C - 500mg
Garlic - 1250mg

Every 3 days- VitaminD 2000IU (I do this less often because it makes me a little nauseas due to the high dose. )

It's kind of a pain but the warts are worse. They're not entirely gone yet but they seem to be recessing back into my body, which makes me think that my body is fighting off the virus which is AMAZING. I really think the B vitamins and Folic Acid are helping a lot.

Warning - applying the ACV will be fine initially but it starts to HURT. Apply it at night because 1 - the smell is kind of weird. and 2 - you're not moving around as much there i less friction and the skin around the warts will not get as irritated. But it will sting a little!

Best of luck to everyone


ACV & TTO worked in about 2 weeks! Now I'm wart free!


first off, I'm a guy. This worked for me and very quickly.

RED WINE VINEGAR. Ok, so I had a small grouping of warts covering an area about the size of a penny. I had read about using cotton balls soaked in acv but I didn't have those things handy so I tried soaking a folded up paper towel in rwv and used electrical tape to hold it in place. I left it there for two hours and when I removed the p towel the warts had disolved away.

I didn't experience any pain although, tiny scabs appeared where the warts had been. They went away after two days and I've been all clear since.


I just want to say this really does work all I did was use ACV

1) I soaked a cotton ball in acv
2) I rubbed it against the wart for about 5 mins until it came off... (time depends on the size of the wart)
3) I put a little piece of a new cotton ball soaked in acv on the affected area with a bandaid on top over night just in case..

Now I'm completely wart free (:

Yes its a little painful but I got my confidence back & remember take vitamin c to help fight the virus back also use protection :)


Many thanks to this website, YES i like to confirm ACV works! this is what i did and had mine removed in one night over 4 hrs....

PLease note this is not an easy or painless method as it is a quick remedy

Step 1: Take ACV and soak on a cotton pad, than apply on affected area for 2 hrs.
Step 2: Take a twizzer and pluck out the wart bit by bit.

It is extremely painful and now i am into my second day after doing it, it is healing very nicely.


So, I have genita warts and I noticed them in april of 2010. Started of with 1 and then multipied. I had tiny ones and three big ones around my recctum. They made me feel gross. I came across this site one day ago, and in 24 hours I am genital wart free. I know I still have the virus, but I currentlly have no visual signs of the virus.
All I did was use A C V. I coated them the same night with A C V, taped a A C V coated paper towel to the warts and went to sleep. Washed and did the same thing in the morning. I went to work with the vinegar soaked paper towel in my ultra tight underwear ( I was determined) I came home, used the bathroom and when wiped the warts CAME OFF!!! YAH! A C V really works! I'm going to do a few more treatments just to be on the safe side. This time though, won't wear it to work (even though I think it helped a lot!!

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