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I was extremely desperate as I found out I was infected with Hpv. I had 30-40 very big genital warts and the doctor said the only way out was a surgical intervention.
I was depressed and I didn't have the force to go through such an intervention although it was already decided with my gynecologist. I was also extremely afraid and without hope thinking of the pain,the scars (the warts were really big) and the danger of recurrence.
So I studied natural remedies.
After 6 months of natural treatment, from one day to the other, all warts were gone, leaving no trace or scar.
I will share with everybody the remedies I used as I really hope it will work for someone else too.
(the ACV didn't work at all for me)
Here is what I took:

Cat's Claw caps
Goldenseal caps
Echinaceea caps
Garlic caps
Noni fruit tee
Olive leaves tincture
Aloe vera caps
tuja extract

For the quantities please let yourself advised by a pharmacist and let them know your condition, I did so

I don't exactly know which of them was the most effective but it is certain that they worked in the moment I had lost all my hope.
I never really believed ( and the doctor also suggested me that it would be impossible) that such big warts could really be cured naturally and without trace, but it happened.


i had one show up and it just got worse and worse. i was dignosed with hpv about 6 yrs ago and it was the strand that causes cancer so i was extremely sad when i bump showed up. i went to my gyno and the didnt know if it was just a ingrown hair or a hpv wart, they burnt it off with the acid and it didnt hurt nor turn white so they didnt know what it was. they acid removed it but it came back bigger and worse. i went and bought dr.s w remover to use cause i read all of the peoples statesments swearing by it..i looked in my medicine cabient and saw that i have citric acid 10% and was like shoot let me try that before i risk scaring and its working withing mins it was strinking and disappearing!! yaayyyy, this whole time i had the treatment in my fridge!


scholls wart freeze. Did twice in a row.. 30 seconds each time. About a minute apart. Waited till it turned red. Then TTO every night for 7 days. The thing just fell off after a week!!!! I used medical tape and a small piece of cotton ball soaked in TTO overnight. Was a little strong for me after first night so I just dabbed it with a q-tip a few times before going to sleep for the remainder of the week. I found this site a week ago and just put this routine together and it worked perfect! I had this damn thing for about 4 years...


The complete cure for HPV in any stage of this disease including the high risk strains is six months of interferon injections WITH aloe vera propolis and B-complex. Without the aloe vera propolis and B-complex the cure rate is not 100%. This is cure not treatment or remedy. For the published results go to pubmed dot gov and type in 'aloe vera hpv' without the quotes.
Aloe Vera works because it contains polysaccharides which aid in the communication of the immune system via nitric acid and stimulates macrophages 10 fold. A vaccine based on this concept developed by ISA pharmaceuticals uses synthetic long peptides which is basically exactly the same thing as polysaccharides except they are synthetic. Its called synthetic long peptide (SLP) technology.
The vaccine is less effective than using interferon injections with aloe vera propolis and B-complex. Here is how the interferon injection fare without aloe vera propolis and B-complex:
Go to hemispherx dot net and see the results there.

Notice it says no recurrence in 76%... With aloe vera propolis and B-complex it worked in 100% of the patients (which is rare in clinical trials), and also notice that HPV was not present in the tissue after 6 months. 100% cure.

Holistic Healer in Training

After 25 years of marriage, I divorced my spouse. I have had one boyfriend since and ended that when I caught him cheating. After a month or so after I broke up with him, After a month or so after I broke up with him, I got a noticed a growth in the genital area. When the first one appeared,I thought it was a pimple and treated it as such. That only made it worse. I had saw the gynecologist for other reasons and she was not concerned about the growth. (there are multiple reasons for such changes, that do not include the HPV virus). But in the weeks that followed it grew. I suspected it might be a wart.

I am studying for a degree in holistic medicine. So ... I did some research on genital warts. One of the tests that conventional doctors use to verify the presence of genital wart is to apply Acetic Acid to the growth in question. If it turns white within 5 to 10 minutes it is a wart. Acetic Acid is the primary compound in Apple Cider Vinegar. The test proved positive.

I read on many sites that ACV removed the warts. However, after several days of application, it did not remove the warts. It only burned my skin. This lead me to doing more research. Knowing that all pharmaceuticals have some kind of herbal base, I started researching how genital warts are treated by conventional medicine.

While there is no cure for the HPV virus that causes genital warts, the most effective way proven to remove warts and thereby prevent transmission is through the use of a Podophyllum resin (applied by a doctor in the office) or cream (which can be used at home). Podophyllum is the compound derived from the root of a plant family found primarily in China. One variety grows in the US: The Mayapple. It is VERY toxic so it is not to be taken internally!

I ordered a tincture (liquid form of the herb). When it arrived, I added several drops to vitamin ointment and applied it twice a day for 3 days. By day 3 ... the growth had become sore. When a conventional doctor prescribes the cream, they instruct 3 days application. Wait 4 days and apply again for 4 days up to a month. I stopped the application. It has been two days since I stopped the application and the wart is almost gone!

NOTE: Again the substance is highly toxic so do not ingest it. Use it only for topical applications unless otherwise advised by a licensed health care professional.

POINT OF INTERST: The compound derived from this plant actually kills cancer cells. In women, HPV often leads to cervical cancer. Currently the compound is being tested for the control and elimination of certain cancers with very promising results.

WARNING TO WOMEN: If you have genital warts on the interior parts of your labia or vulva, DO NOT USE THIS REMEDY. As I said, it is VERY toxic and if not used properly and with care .... it is dangerous. If you have warts in the inner labia .... seek medical attention immediately and do not attempt self-treatment.


I've had genital warts for about a year now, and I've tried the Apple Cidar Vinegar and it burnt my skin. Could not handle the stinging or anything and it actually ate away at my skin and made it raw.

I went to my local Walgreens store and bought Freeze Away by Dr. Scholls. Its to freeze warts, but not suggested on the genital area cuz it COULD leave a scar. Well, as for most people I didnt want to deal with the embarrassment anymore and went ahead and bought it. It was about 12 bucks.

Went back home, froze the warts (making sure that the whole thing was frozen, plus the base of the wart) and chopped it off with the scissors.

Sounds painful, but it actually wasnt. It took me a long time to build up the nerve that I was going to cut myself down there, but I didn't want them anymore. It healed very quickly, have no scars and they havent grown back =] I just bled a little bit, but that stopped quickly also. Kind of nasty, but I didnt want to wait a cpl days to a cpl weeks, I wanted them gone NOW.

And now I'm just making sure i keep up on my vitamin C to help my immune system fight the HPV and my other vitamins so the warts don't return.


ACV actually made my gw's worse (female)

I did it for about 2 weeks a few times soaked it with a cotton ball (stung so bad I couldn't take it!) then mainly applied a paste w/castor oil and aspirin that I read on another site. applied vitamin e sometimes in between for relief.

As I said for me, they were worse, but it seems like they worked for all of you! Mine did not turn black, and I know for sure they are warts because I had a biopsy (condyloma accuminata) perhaps it works better with the other type? molloscum ?

While I did that I also took lots of Vitamin E, Olive Leaf Extract and an anti-viral herbal extract.

I'm trying some other things now, I'll post if it works. So far, there seems to be some results.

mashed frankincense resin
mashed aspirin
oregano oil
another oil blend (has cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus)

so far the large one is starting to come off, but there are lots of very tiny ones and some that are partially internal, so I think those will be more stubborn.

drinking lots green tea and also inhaling the oils at night via diffuser, and taking a couple other supplements


Hey guys...i'm a 22 female who has had warts for over a year now, of course the doctor prescribed me the usual Aldara which didnt work. I dont have health insurance so going to the dr. wasn't the best decision being that I cant afford to get them frozen off. I've tried vitamins, toothpaste and apple cider vinegar but I couldnt stand the pain, and having to tape around the area (which is especially difficult being a girl) I recently started using the Compound W gel, and my warts are going away!!! :) i have two rather large ones that have been around since last May 2009 and ive been using the gel for a little over a week and they are already disapearing, i've already gotten rid of 4 of them. The gel actually dries in a minute or so and creates a white plaster on the wart, I left the plaster on for a day and than took it off cleaned the area and re-applied and there is NO pain. Yes the box does say do not use on genital warts but, I have no scarring and i'm almost wart free, I will of course keep on using vitamins and keeping aware of my Immune system since we all know thats the main cause. I really wanted to share this with all of you because I have had them for a YEAR and now they are almost gone. I finally have my self confidence up and I know thats also helping clear them up too because im finally not stressed out about having warts because there almost gone!! I hope this helps you all and good luck

From india

I didnt kno 4m whom i acquired da disease. M a 23 yrs old guy..i had this Gw on my prepuce n even on da gland. My doctor advised me 2 do circumcission..i was in a deep having seen this site n acquired da knowledge about apple cider vinegar..i applied for 3 consecutive reli now its gone by da grace of Almighty God who is always there for me.


Hey everyone. I wanted to share my story in hopes it uplifts some people currently fighting GW. More importantly, I wholeheartedly encourage you to try the treatment I outline here.

I had a relatively severe outbreak of GW at age 27. I had literally over 100 warts covering my penis, scrotum, groin and thighs. The doctors prescribed Aldera cream to help treat the initial widespread outbreak. In addition, the HPV caused such a skin swelling issue that I had to have an adult circumcision to help fight future outbreaks. Not only did that fail to provide any relief in that region, it became badly infected and I ended up having another “cleaning” procedure to avoid tissue damage. Yep – my GW resulted in two surgeries and 10 stitches in my guy.

The outbreaks continued for a solid two years. They were constant. Every week when I did maintenance, I would find one or two or eight new warts. I was at the doctor constantly having them frozen off—I have plenty of scarring to prove it. The bottom line is that nothing—NOTHING—the doctors offered me circumvented the virus. I was seemingly in that 10-20% of us who couldn’t clear the virus.

I was/am otherwise extremely healthy. I exercise 5 days per week, am in outstanding physical shape and have never dealt with any health issues like this. I was at my wits end. And yes, I tried Wartrol, Viral Free and other “magical” cures that did nothing. So I sucked up my pride and talked with one of my friends who happens to be a nutritionist under the hope that maybe she could help me somehow. I wish I would have done it MUCH sooner.

She and I researched together and created a cocktail of vitamins to boost my immune system and treat the virus rather than just the symptoms. When I began taking the blend, my symptoms intensified for about six weeks (which is actually normal—ask a physician) before I saw improvement. The bottom line is this: I have been outbreak free for six months and counting. This is not a bulls**t posting from a company—please try this and I hope it offers you the same results it has offered me.

In the morning I take: 1 ml of green tea extract (50% ECCG, 95% Polyphenols), 1 tablet of apple cider vinegar, 1 500 mg vitamin C pill, 1 50 mg Zinc pill, 1 vitamin A & D pill (10,000 iu of A / 400 iu of D), and a sustained release B-vitamin complex (B1, B2, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid).

In the evening I take: A complete multivitamin (I use One a Day Men’s) & 1 apple cider vinegar tablet.

The B-vitamin complex is vital. Our research let us to understand that is used as an herbal supplement for HIV patients – it is highly effective at helping your body process foods into energy and boost the immune system to help minimize viruses. While I don’t know the total impact of all the others, I do know I read in several medical journals about the benefit of B-vitamins in substantial doses (my tablet is 6,600% of the daily value of B1 , B2 & B6).

Other than that, I used vitamin E oil on the scars purely to help the skin soothe itself. It’s been slow, but it is helping. Mind you my outbreak was about as bad as it gets, and it was continuous.

I hope this helps some people out there – GW make you feel like the most disgusting person in the world. I also want to say that life goes on! I turn 30 in a couple months, and I just got engaged. I’m a ridiculously lucky man. There was a point where I thought this virus would have me single forever, but I met someone who didn’t run when I told her. We took the safe route and abstained while she had the Gardasil vaccinations (7 month process), and she’s never had a single symptom since we’ve been active.

All the supplements I use I purchased at Meijer, save the apple cider vinegar which I found at GNC.

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