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I found this site a few days ago and a lot of the tips were helpful. I am a 20 yr old female and a few months ago.around October I was taking a naughty picture for a Guy I have been dating and notice a ta.g it was really close to my anus. It was tiny and I just ripped it off. A month before that a similar tag but it had went away so I thought nothing of it. Idk at the time that genital warts could be pulled off or just go away so assumed they were skin tags. I realized I had 2 more warts a few days ago. One in the same area near my anus but on the other side and one right under my vagina opening. I opened my vagina and saw I had small warts forming in the opening today. :( however because of the texture right here its nit really noticeable but still its gross. I read a bunch of tips on here and this is how I got rid of my warts. I know fir sure theses are warts now because I had sex with a former fuck buddy I hadn't eloped with since last winter and I noticed after we had sex he had flat warts two on the pubic region and one flat one on his shaft. I know I got these from him.

HERE'S HOW I GOT RID OF MY WARTS TODAY. First off I got some apple cider vinegar for about $3 at gnc the bragg brand its supposed to ne really good. I already had aloe vera gel on hand a needle qtips and a lighter so I only spent $3. I soaked the 2 warts by holding a qtip dipped in acv on them for about 30 minutes. My warts did not turn colors like other ppls did and it didn't burn me at all really either like everyone was saying so I started to get hardcore. A heated up the eye of a needle for about 25 seconds with a lighter until it turned bright red let it cool off a few seconds. I pulled my skin really taut and held the needle on the wart until it cooled down. I repeated this about 5 times until the entire wart was black. Then I took a good pair of tweezers and started pulling the burnt wart off. It really did not hurt as bad as I expected. Yank it hard and fast. It started bleeding so I dipped a qtip in peroxide and put it on the wart and it started bubbling doing its work. I pullled the rest of the wart off in pieces cleanin w/ perioxide as I went. The other wart right under my vadge opening was really tiny so I didn't burn it cuz I didn't want to burn my skin. So I ripped off what I could and cleaned it with the perioxide. Then I followed up with another application of acv. This time it burned but not for very long. Then I coated the warts w/ aloe vera gel. U can't even tell I have warts now!! Also I started taking b vitamins 3 days ago I got them buy one get one free at cvs. I also take a hair skin and nail vitamin that has antioxidants b vitamins, iron, zinc all the stuff ppl said helps ur body fight these stupid things. I will update u on my progress! I would also like to mention I did not touch the warts with anything but tweezers and qtip don't touch them.


5 hour energy (a 6 pack, one each day) priced at 15$ and ACV priced at 1.50$... apply every night and poof your problems are scotch gone. 5 hr energy seems to be the key!


..first off, I would like to sincerely thank everyone that posted, can't begin to express the extent of my gratitude! These last 3 yrs have been the toughest in my life & GW seemed to be the cherry on the cake after a nasty divorce, losing my home, job and experiencing my dad's death and finally meeting a great guy getting pregnant and having a stillbirth of course right after losing med insurance. I read these pages like a bible during treatment: sometimes for advice on the disease, other times just for support; THANK YOU. for my advice/experience:
My background: 25yr female, 3 sexual partners, GWs began to show following a severe ITCHY burning rash 1 month after losing the baby. Rash lasted 3 weeks. (*1 see note below about pregnancy.) It was difficult to giagnose because they didn't develop into warts until 3-4 months down the road, at first they were more flat, slightly white, were nearby eachother but not in clusters like most ppl, and started above labia not at vaginal hole also unlike most people. Another thing that threw off diagnosis was I had a severe yeast infection due to recent loss of baby & antibiotics & didn't have doc to tell me most the itching was unrelated. Warts began to mature into small eraser-sized white lumps. Had 3 near labia by month 3, about 6 at month 4, about 25 (most small/undefinable, 5 small warts, the 3 originals turned to eraser sized). They were spreading fast, I had no insurance, it affected intimacy with my partner which was devastating after the loss of our unborn baby and I had extreme depression over a multitude of trials in my life and this was the straw that broke my camel back. It was obvious we needed a solution.

If you're going through something similar: it gets better I promise; home treatment of GW is a long process, it seems most of the lucky quick-recoverers remembered to post here but not all longterm treatment warriors remember to post their advice. So take a deep breathe, set your resolve for a healthy genatalia once more and only look forward, do not get disappointed if GW don't go away right away.

Solution: Time to conquer!
TOPICAL TREATMENTS: After multitude of hrs researching, the best/most effective treatment it seems is apple cider vinegar(ACV). I'm not a doctor so I do not understand the entire process but I believe the concept is to fool the body with the 5% acid in the ACV into boosting your immune system in that particular region by slightly damaging skin and in the process breaking down the warts' malformed cells and healing into normal healthy skin (*2 see hazards for ACV). Other types of vinegars will work as well, however, ACV doesn't smell quite as bad and has an ideal acid %. GWs are difficult to treat because most of them are below the skin so to make them apparent: wipe skin with ACV and after a little while all warts, even warts under the flesh will appear 'wet' and turn whitish scar colored. For the first treatments I would NOT recommend leaving anything soaked in ACV on general genetalia area as some others have found success doing. Instead I suggest finding where all GWs are located using aforementioned ACV method and start by merely dabbing on ACV on specific areas before bed every night for a week or so & washing with dove soap the next morning. If skin becomes raw at any point discontinue ACV until it heals and apply vit E oil out of the capsule to prevent scarring. Before the week is out you will have a feel for the routine, listen to your body don't listen to my instructions you'll know whether to continue applying more frequently or less. (*3 see trial and error notes) Continue use until warts are COMPLETELY gone and don't forget the ones you located under the skin they may rise later if not careful.
Success stories from the cancer preventing agent EGCG are also great. It's a slower but safer method if ACV doesn't work. Apply it daily and up dosage after a week trial period. You can find it in extract form and mix it with a variety of compounds: asprin (also fights warts but might sting), shea butter or eucerin CREAM (if sensitive skin), or just water (but it may dry and fall off onto clothing eventually.) ECGC is the extraxt found in most teas, green tea having the highest amount. Drink as much green tea as you can.
Garlic is another natural wart fighter. Use same instructions as ACV or ECGC to apply garlic paste.
There are other methods but they are either too painful or cost too much $ to bother making note of them here on the home remedies website.

Remember your goal is boost immune system, so supplements work as well! You can choose to take only supplements and forego topical treatments but it will take at least 6 wks to 3 months to begin healing. You can also take any or all of the following supplements along with topical treatments: one a day multivitamin, ECGC supplement, rose hips, apple cider vinegar supplement(*4 see notes on effectiveness), elderberry, all B vitamins, calcium and many others have helped past GW victims.

Hope this gives hope to others as it was given to me, best of luck! And remember patience is a virtue :)

-Try and keep downstairs as dry as possible, use the blow dryer after the shower if needed.
-Drink green tea as regularly as possible
-Steady your time schedule & work on boosting immune system. Bodies need their internal clocks finely tuned so get regular sleep & regular well rounded meals.

*1) for those women out there going through a pregnancy, just had a child, or dealing with the loss of your baby: it was difficult to find info on why I had this rash (GW had not risen yet) and as I did not have insurance anymore I couldn't ask doc, so after extenssssive research I found that essentially your body is taking care of the babe and defenses are down and it is not uncommon for a GW outbreak even if you'd been a carrier for years and haven't yet had an outbreak ESPECIALLY if the doctor gave you antibiotics. So don't be alarmed that your partner was unfaithful and contracted GW without telling you unless obviously if they test positive. But it is your moral obligation to let them know you have GWs and may have contracted it years ago from a previous partner. Wish I would have known this it would have saved a few stressful fights

*2) true, ACV is the most effective if used right but please, please do not be an over acheiver, this still is acid! Some people recommend starting with keeping the ACV on for 12hrs straight, but also ended up with burning scarring having unbearable itchy deep raw spots, not a fun thing to be in public and have a tender downstairs! Please be careful, start off simply applying once, not keeping any papertowels or panty liners down there until you are certain your body can handle it!! Otherwise, ACV doesn't interfere with other medicines, require going to doc, or require a scalpel (YIKES) so I still recommend it with caution.

*3 if you have raw skin everywhere but the warts (extremely frusterating) then lessen the amount you are applying and make sure your clothing doesn't soak it up and continue to rub the skin with acv.

*4 from my research it seems the jury is still out on whether ACV oral supplements actually help the healing of already risen warts but many people recommend them

caribbean cherry

i am a 20 year old female. i got GW from an ex boyfriend. i have had it 6 months now. i was intensely stressed which caused it to spread more. i had them on my butt, my perineum (the fold of skin between the vagina and anus), and close to the opening of my vagina. i had one on my labia. easy home remedy i tried 3 days ago. you will need a plastic bag, 2 cloves of garlic, a pair of scissors, vitamin E oil capsules 1000 iu, sudocrem. step 1: cut the plastic bag into eight or 6 pieces with the scissors. step 3: place a peeled clove into a square or the plastic bag and wrap. step 4: put the wrapped clove in your mouth and chew, like it was food. (if u chew without the bag it would burn your mouth). step 4: open the plastic and make sure the clove is finely crushed, cut a hole in the vitamin E capsule and apply to the warts, then apply the crushed garlic. yes this will sting but it will wear off after 1-2 minutes. APPLY this to the warts twice a day for 2 Days. on the third day, after bathing apply Sudocrem. This will help the healing process. DO NOT APPLY FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT, YOU WILL END UP WITH SORES/BURNS.(i learned first hand) after a day the warts will turn black and start peeling off. and new skin will show probably pink/red, just apply sudocrem every day and it will speed up the healing process.

some people also recommended thinking happy thoughts all th time like 'i have clear skin' and it will take your mind off it. ease the stress, it worked for me. i read online that hypnotizing the mind into thinking you dont have warts will make them fall of. i viewed this healing video on YouTube, it helped calm me alot. maybe you can try it.

ps: washing with salt/ sea salt helps alot too
best of luck.


Warts are a sign that you are deficient in potassium, which is why so many people have success with Apple Cider Vinegar. It is high in potassium. What I have found works is Country Life Target-Mins Calcium Magnesium Potassium. You can get it at health food stores or online. I was working out a lot and kept cramping up and got this to balance out my electrolytes and figured the calcium was a bonus. I take 2 a day. About a month later I noticed my wart was gone....extra BONUS! It has never returned and it was a problem for YEARS! I also have had a serious improvement with Restless Leg Syndrome in about 2 weeks after I started taking. I'm sure any potassium supplement would be good for warts. I'm just telling you the one I use. Just one thing I would stress is to only take the recommended amount because too much of anything can be bad too. You can search for warts & potassium deficiency.


I have genetal warts. After reading this entire forum and a little bit of trial and error post heavy research i will let you know what i have done and the current status.

A little back ground information first. I am a 25 year old Male, college graduate, current on a respected career path. Serious relationship with very respectable women and strayed twice in the past during a year single period splitting up two different 4 year long relationships. Unprotected sex with these individuals was mostly likely where i contracted HPV, but i can not be to sure. It could have been my recent 4 year relationship because my first sign of GWs was nearly 2 years into this relationship. She could carry with no signs or have pushed the virus into a dormant state. I am her 3rd sexual partner. Also after the 1st year she got the Gardisil immunization to HPV. WHO KNOWS WHERE IT CAME FROM. I had genital warts unknowingly for two years. You ask yourself how the hell did you not know. Well for one i was not thinking STD being 2 years in a relationship and second it was 3 GWs all on lower end of penile shaft where i regularly shave and i have very sensitive skin and frequent irritation and ingrown hair as a result of shaving. So i did small amounts of research and decided it was just irritated hair follicles or a infected sebaceous gland. Wish i would have determined it was HPV then because it would've have been easier to handle this earlier. Any way, after 2 years and two more GWs popped up in more conspicuous locations closer to penis head i started to come out of denial. Also i became single and the first GW was very visible and did not want to have this 'growth' in plain site of a new partner. So i started the research, self diagnosed GWs, and booked a appointment with a dermatologist the next day which confirmed my diagnosis. WORST WEEK OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Dermatologist applied a topical liquid which burned and immediately followed with cryo treatment. My beautiful penis was extremely damaged from application. The cryo does not focus just the GW and all area around is damaged and scabs up. Increasing my depression during this week. I literally cried a little. There was a follow up appointment a month later that i canceled. The cryo did nothing to any GW except first large one, which it just removed the lifted portion of GW but not the roots and it started to re grow later.

I then decided to self treat my warts and tried a series of AVC and Compound W wart remover. Doing this and not understanding the need for constant sterilization of the areas proved to be a mistake. My GWs actually spread. But here is what i learned, new small GW are easily treated with AVC. Direct application will hallow out these guys in days and no signs of return after over a month. The other original warts are larger and deeper and more resilient to a topical application of AVC or compound W gel. So more research was done to determine how to handle these.

The main goal of mine was to immidiatly destroy all contents of the GW. Because during the healing process if the scab is broken, which is easily done in this area just from moving and sitting, then it can spread easily. So this is where i thought about using the Dr. Schools or Compound W freeze kits, which are easily and cheaply substituted by a bottle of duster cleaner for computers and hollow q tips. SAME EXACT THING. So i was going to freeze the warts well to dry up internal liquids and snip off the wart. Raising them high with tweezers you can see a distinct cut off location. Then possibly alternating neosporin and TTO to help with healing and killing any left of infected area. Of course i had intentions of constantly keeping clean and dry with peroxide and alcohol. I decided against this because i was unsure about the cutting due to some being close in proximity to each other and larger than i was comfortable cutting.

So then i read about people burning GWs with either matches or heating up needles. This seemed to be quick, with fast healing, and kills all contents of the GW and surrounding area. GWs have no nerves so when its done the pain is from surrounding area of skin, which you want to feel because this will minimize the area for the virus to spread to. And you know you have gotten the entire GW itself. So i had a few drinks (liquid courage) and then got to work. I started with cleaning and sterilizing the area, had rubber gloves and peroxide ready. I used stick matches first because they have a larger area they can cover. I lit it and let them burn for a few second, blew out, then immediately applied to GW. There was a sizzle and pain that prevented me from keeping the match constantly on location. After the first match the location was dead and i applied two more matched in exact location with no pain at all. This is to make sure i get down to the root. I did this to all 5 GWs and then cleaned with peroxide. No bleeding and no post first match pain. I then held a needle to fire till it was red and applied it to each former GW and touching the tip to many spots of GW. Because you can kill half of a GW and the rest will be fine. I wanted all roots to be killed. I now clean the area frequently and keep under bandage applying Vitamin E oil conservatively so the burns are capable of getting dry. I did use neosporin the first day just to prevent infection, but after the area is healed and scabs form there is no benefit neosporin can provide to burns. Vitamin E is the necessary additive to prevent scaring.

For very small baby GWs that i noticed i just applied the needle to area which seems to be very effective and almost healed by the 2nd day. Would highly recommend this technique for these situations. Also i had one new GW on upper scrotum that protruded dramatically compared to other new ones. The scrotum does not heal as quickly as the penis, i assume because its such thin skin. For this one i made sure the scrotum was very tight, like when you are cold, and tied a piece of dental floss around the base of the GW, making sure to have entire GW above the knot. I double tied it tight and then applied a match to constricted GW to prevent any spreading of contents. It is now black and dental floss remains.

I am on day two of healing. Some areas are not scabbing and dead skin is starting to dry up. I will let them fall off on their own in time. Two i assume i applied more heat and time and they are dark and scabbed. No pain what so ever. Vitamin E will be a constant part of my life for how ever long it takes because i do not want scarring on my penis, especially the 1 that was on the top mid penis. (also the strangest one, seemed very fleshy, and less warty) I will follow up in a week and let everyone know how my process worked. If this one time treatment works on these mature GWs i will absolutely recommend it to all, because these are the types that are very tough to deal with using the typical AVC and cryo methods. Needing many treatments and putting your penis out of commission for weeks and months at a time. Which is psychologically horrible to deal with.

Sorry for such a wordy post, but during my process of dealing with HPV i found that explanations such as this helped me cope with living with the virus. I hope i can help others. If you have any questions or would like to chat respond to this post, i will check periodically and also update progress weekly.

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hi every one, i am a girl that discovered i had GW roughly 2 months ago an as all of you i was frantic and panicking and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. unfortunately i had no idea what they were and i told my mom, who took me to the doctor. he diagnosed it as GW. then they told my dad who had 'the talk' with me. any ways i tried almost everything there was including ACV. that pain was THE worst experience ever. if u have a strong soul, i recommend it. but its not for me even if it does work. I Used A Simple Pain Free Method. my ingredients cost me a fortune but thats cause im from a third world country, it should be cheaper for you. so here goes. YOU WILL NEED: tea tree oil, almond oil(or any anti-viral oil), winter green oil,castor oil, dr. scholl's salicylic acid wart remover and nail polish.

STEP ONE: mix 1 tsp winter green oil, 2 tbsp castor oil and 1/2 tsp tea tree oil together. make sure and cover all warts with this mixture three times a day for 3 days. all warts would turn white. then:

STEP TWO: using almond oil, cover all warts, you would feel a slight sting but it would wear off after a minute. keep doing this for the next 3 days. (the amount of times dont matter)

STEP THREE: use tea tree oil alone, cover all warts , you would feel a mild cooling sensation. this soothes the skin. i used this for a day but you can do it for more days if u want.

STEP FOUR: cover the white warts with the dr. scholls wart remover. it should not really hurt, but if it does dont worry, its just the body realising something is wrong at that area of your body. you dont have to worry about it touching the healthy skin cause it would not damage it. let the liquid dry. the warts would start feeling stiff and hard. i did this for one day. (if your warts dont feel like this continue until it does)

STEP FIVE: cover the warts that should still be covered with dr, scholl's with nail polish. the color dont matter, just paint them all. and let air dry, or blow dry. (i blow dried it) leave on for as long as you dont get them wet.

STEP SIX: bathe with warm-hot water and soak the warts. then gently rub so that the polish would start peeling off. just hold the peeled edges and rip of, it did not hurt for me. the warts were already dead.

i hope this works for you, its fast and easy. <3 <3 <3 MUCH LOVE <3 <3 <3 Don't Forget To Pray!!!!


Apple Cider Vinegar is not a good remedy for women as it burns very badly. This is the PERFECT remedy... I have tried all and this WORKS!!! I used an empty pill bottle with a screw on lid... I mixed 1/2 Castor oil and 1/2 Aloe Vera Juice (the kind you buy to drink as it also has citrus acid in it which helps) Put lid on and shake well .. Apply :) Non painful remedy and you will see a big difference in a week. Its not overnight miracle but pretty darn close. I also went to the Vitamin world store in the mall and bought some liquid b 12.. 5000MCG.. The stronget I saw, and I take a shot of that orally everyday. B 12 helps. Let me know if this works for any of you :)))


Excuse me for skipping the introduction I would like to get straight to the point. The most powerful cure for genital warts I have tried is a combination of banana peel and echinacea / goldenseal extract. In matter of a few days there were in-closed holes where the wart use to be around my shaft. This post is for men, but I'm sure it could be adapted for women as well.

What you do after you get out the shower is take a green banana, peel it, cut the strips the length of your penis, fill the echinacea / goldenseal extract dropper and drip it on the white inside of the peel.
Smooth over an even layer of the extract on the inside of the banana peel. Take the cut strips, place them around your penis and hold it in place gently.
This can be kind of tricky so have a strip of tender tape stretch bandage cut and ready.
With your free hand find a starting point to start wrapping it around your shaft to hold the banana strips in place.
Note: Make sure its firm but you don't have to choke it. The bandage should stretch and stick to itself but buy some medical tape paper or plastic to secure it in place anyway.
Go to bed or to work. Take it off in the morning or during your lunch break to let your man down there get some air after you leave it on for several hours.
Do this at least once to twice a day and you should notice significant improvements before the week is done.

Quick explanation on how it works; banana peels contain enzymes that don't like and dissolve warts specifically. The echinacea and goldenseal extract are a powerful antiviral and antibacterial combination that engulf microbial invaders and disinfect the mucus membrane part of your skin. But you can look up this information up on any search engine for further details and where to purchase.

Note: The banana peel can be combined with other agents to hold other medicates around the infected area just be careful what you use. I started off using ginger and garlic and singed the top layer of my skin off. I really recommend the echinacea and goldenseal combination but if you know of something else that might also be effective for the potential benefit of yourself and mankind go for it, but this works really well...

I'm a 27 yr old male who has struggled with genital warts for a couple years. Like everyone else I wanted to share my cure and hopefully help others. I have gotten laser surgery, had topical acids applied at clinics, froze them, put acv on my skin until it was raw and stung, tried samoxol, wartol, garlic, ginger, frankincense and myrrh, etc. etc. Some of the stuff on this list has worked in varied effect especially when the top layer of my skin is burned off, but just when you think you've got it up against the ropes it comes back in the same and/or different area. A large part of the fault is due to me masturbating with a latex glove on every now and again... I'm a human being.
But while other remedies fought the warts going round for round this combination really goes for the kill and I really recommend it to who ever is on sitting on sidelines with their girl or boyfriend or staying single all together cause they can't have sex in good conscience.

Note: Wheat grass and/or barley grass is not very... but extremely healthy for your body in general, and your mind for that matter. Doesn't have to be used with this cure but deserves to be looked up as well. I only recommend using it in combination with this cure if you grow it yourself or trust whoever you buy it from keeps there product and machines clean as a dirty produce could hinder progress. But used the right way with a drop of garlic and/or ginger (not too much to burn) it works great but the banana peel, and echinacea / goldenseal extract works wonders.

Good luck to you all and God Bless.....


I was devastated to learn I had HPV and had to have a cryo cause of the cancerous cells in my cervix. I thought I would be fine as it was only inside of me. Well a couple months ago, I started noticing pain with intercourse and only to find out that I have the warts around the opening of my vagina now and my labia. I started researching and seen the ACV treatment but havent tried it yet. But I had some packs of Aldara that were given to me. I did not research this as I just rubbed all over down there and inside my vagina for 2 nights in a row. Needless to say..I had burnt my skin and had sores that looked like herpes but wasnt. The sores got infected and I could not urinate without pain. I will never do that again but dont have insurance to have these warts removed from a doctor. I need more remedies to where I can do at home and not burn my skin. The bad part is...I have a horrible immune system.

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