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I want to stress to a lot of you that this stuff takes patience and you need to be persistent with your treatments. I had ONE wart (located a few inches away from my lady parts near my butt cheek) that would not go away for years, even after my paps came up normal. It was the only one I ever had and even came back after I (stupidly) picked it one night (don't do that, it's gross...and you'll bleed a lot).

I started using tea tree oil a couple weeks ago. I generally take showers in the evening, so after my shower, I make sure I am COMPLETELY dry. I take a q-tip soaked with tea tree oil, and apply to the wart. I cover it up with a band-aid and leave it go. Some nights I put some extra on the band-aid itself. It's been a slow process, but I haven't given up. If I applied it twice a day, it would probably be a fast process. The TTO is drying the wart out. Layers of dead skin are coming off it and it's getting smaller. The whole thing falling off in one bit is not the case for me, more so dwindling down in size. It's not really irritating me at all, though at first I did have a couple days where I wanted to scratch it. I might start adding ACV to the mix just to get it over with already. However, the TTO does work. Just be sure you're not getting it everywhere. It will dry the skin out that's around it too.


Genital warts. No one wants them. They are the most common STI out there though and most of the time are not a big deal. They are a bigger issue for women as the HPV strain that causes them can also cause cervical cancer. Also, some bumps look like warts but are pre cancerous growths. I say this because if you have bumps down there you need to get them looked at by a doctor. Don't wait. I discovered one down there thought it was a zit. Then three more grew. I made an appointment with the Doctor right away. I did still try apple cider vinegar before the appointment I think it helps bring them down a bit. But the doc just put acid on them to burn them off. It worked really well for two of them. I'm going back, two weeks later, for another treatment and I think it will get rid of them all. I have been using coconut oil and aloe Vera on the others to soothe and reduce inflammation. The doctor said if you smoke tobacco (not weed) the warts will stay for up to three years whereas if you don't smoke they usually go away in 12-18 months. Also take vitamin c, wear comfortable clothing that does not rub or restrict, and try to reduce stress, eat healthy and exercise. Tell your partner! It's only fair. Go get them treated at the doctor for fastest resolution. Planned parenthood will see males and females with no insurance.


hi i just want to share with you people the amazing use of ACV OR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. i am female 22 years old, ofcourse i have a boyfriend my first to mention and i find out that he infected me with GW. at first i tought it was just a simple pimple on genital area but days have passed and they actually become bigger and they spread out with my genital area, ofcourse i panicked i cried a lot and searched that it was GW. i feel so asshamed to check by a health care professional because i think i am too young and my mom would probably kill me if she knew these. when i found out that i am infected by GW my world just crushed and i feel so hopeless i told my bf about this but hes to relaxed and told me that nothing to worry about. ive tried different topical cream but nothing works, but lately ive been using ACV and just in 2days you can see a big difference some of my GW already fall off and all of them turned to black already i am very happy with the result i wish i could help you with my method. you will be needing acv,cotton balls, drink vit e and vit c for supplement and replace your water to lemon water it works!
1)clean your private area with anti septic feminewash
2)keep it dry with clean cloth
3)wipe the infected area with acv and leave the cotton balls over night

its better if you will drink supplements to boost your immune system i remember having these outbreak when i am sick hope this helps thankyou


Tea tree oil works for me. The wart is gone after one week. I tired ACV 3times and it just burn me bad and it keep coming back.

I soak a roll of paper towel small enough to cover the wart and leave it overnight. It took5 days for it to be gone but I plan on applying it for another week. 100 percent pure tea tree oil from Walgreen.

Just Me

People, none of this works. Go to the dermatologist and have them freeze them. They will be gone in a week and after a few treatments your body will resist the virus for years. You can still infect so you must be honest with sexual partners and use protection. Cowboy Up, It's not the end of the world. 10 million people in the USA deal with GW, your not alone.

Im with you and this is my down to earth approach. Hope it helps

staying positive

On Sept 28th I diagnosed with GW. My doctor suggested Laser surgery right away. Then on Oct 30th after the revisit, my doctor said I had some small new warts grow up again so I went ahead to do the laser surgery to remove them all. Still I havent tried any home remedies yet, just want to know the reccurance of using home remedies. Because right now its obvious that even laser surgery still the chances of it coming is high. If next time I go to home remedy, does the chance of it coming back will be lower?


Hey everyone I just wanted to share my success story and let you all know there is hope. Back in 2009 I noticed a bump and didn't think nothing of it. I thought it was just a shaving bump that wouldn't go away until I went to the gynecologist for my monthly pregnancy check up. That's when I found out that the bump was actually genital warts. I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry right there. Long story short I was too embarrassed to even go back and get treatment so I decided to start looking up home remedies for genital warts when I ran into this website and saw so many people using ACV - apple cider vinegar. Let me tell you how this changed my life. I used to dip a cotton ball and rub on the wart with it until I made the wart fall off and bleed I then dabbed it a little more with acv and went to bed. I always did this at night because the smell is so strong. Yes this was a little painful but I wanted them gone! I started seeing results. Less and less I would stop getting the warts. In late 2010 early 2011 I completely stopped getting them it's 2015 now and I have not seen a wart since. ACV worked wonders for me maybe it will change your life too! Your life isn't over there is hope. I hope I was able to change someone's life with this post. Just wanted to let you all know that acv truly worked for me! :)


I had genital warts for over a year before I decided to try treatment. I was too embarrassed to do anything about my genital warts. But after a year of remaining abstinent because Nobody wants to see warts on someone when they are about to have sex... I decided to do something about it. At first I tried regular wart cream and it almost burned my private area off and did nothing to the genital warts. It just caused my private area to get infected. So do not use regular wart cream. After that I wanted to find something that was made just for warts. My Dermatologist recommended a genital wart cream called Trizena wart remover. I was able to apply it at home two times a day and in about 2 weeks my genital warts were completely gone. I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders and I felt comfortable having sex again. From my experience I recommend that everyone get treatment asap because I went a year with genital warts and it literally drove me crazy. Save yourself the pains and headaches and just do something about it today...whether that be using a wart cream or seeing a doctor. It won't go away unless you do something about it. Hope this helps everyone else.


EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS. I am assuming since you are on here you have discovered genital warts and are desperately trying to find a way to get them to go away. First of all I would like to say welcome to the club. This club is extremely accepting, in fact according to the CDC any where between 500,000 to 1 mil new cases are reported each year. Here is the good news, over 90 percent of these cases clear from the body in 2 years! With most cases clearing in the first 6-8 months. Look it up if you dont believe me. But anyway if you want to get those pesky little things to go away just for your self confidence and sanity listen to me. It is extremely easy. You can literally spend ten minutes on a wart and it will turn black and fall of within 3 days, sometimes 4. All you need to do is take a thumb tac that you have sterilized, and scrape the wart up. Rough it up so the top layer is not blocking the root. I make the wart even bleed a little. Then take some FOOD GRADE 35 percent peroxide and soak a q tip in it, then apply it to the roughed up wart. Boom, that sucker will bubble up white. Let it sit until the stinging goes away, usually around 5 minutes, maybe a little more. Then neutralize it with water and go on about your day. Thats it. Look down the next morning and the wart will be black then just wait until it falls off on its own after that. I swear to you it is this simple. Dont look at this problem as something life changing, think of the warts as an acne flair up that is easier to treat. Keep knocking them out until your body can clear the virus. You can do it!! This is one of the most common STDs and somehow this remedy is not out there. Please use this so you can put this little problem behind you and become stronger. You got this!!!


I started seeing genital warts a few moths genital warts started out really small and I thought it was razor bumps cuz I was using a cheap razor. And then it got bigger and I thought it was a pimple so I started using acne treatment on my genital warts. A few months went by and my once small bump turned into large clusters that covered my entire private areas. So I went to planned parenthood and took every STD test they had. Nothing is scarier than waiting for your test results. While waiting for my results I came to realize even if it comes out positive for genital warts it's not the end of the world. I was just hoping I didn't have HIV. All my results came out negative but they did tell me I had genital warts. They told me to take a non prescription wart cream called lextrin and to start eating healthier to naturally fight off the genital warts. Within a week of using the lextrin cream all of my genital warts were gone. Now I just have to continue boosting my immune system so my genital warts don't return. It's been a life changing experience....because I'm a lot more careful who I sleep with. You need to value your body because you don't appreciate it until something like this happens.

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