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I must start by saying I am very happy I found this site. Not only has all the suggestions been extremely helpful but has also been a great line of support when I have felt down and depressed. I am a 26 year old female that contracted GW about 2 years ago. I am not going to go into how or my amount of partners (trust me there hasn't been many)! They way I look at it is I have them and they have to go.
I like many, went through the doctor's and the Aldera cream which were not successful for me at all. Of course I do not have health insurance so it made any other form of 'professional treatments' out of the question. I gave up for a month or two. My self esteem went down, my sleep suffered, my over all being was at its lowest point. I really could go on and on about the mental anguish I went through, however it would be rather boring lol. Just trust me things were not great.

I just wanted to share that I start a vitamin regiment and the ACV about three days ago. I figured a 20-30 dollar investment into my health when I really have no other choice right now wouldn’t hurt. I do have to confess that I was skeptical whether or not any of these remedies would really work, but just the last few days I have seen a change…

I have been taking the following per day;
1 woman’s one-a-day
2 B-12’s
2 chewable vitamin C tablets
2 vitamin D 1000 (helps with upset stomach which I have a sensitive one)
2 Lysine tablets 1 morning 1 at lunch

At bedtime I soak a gauze pad in ACV and place it on the area where most of my warts are present. I then place another dry pad on top of the wet one; I do this so that the medical tape/band-aid will stick (Small tip- fabric band aids work the best). I have left this on now for the last two nights. In the morning I wash with gentle anti-bacterial soap (yellow dial is super soothing) then reapply a small coat of ACV and leave that on throughout the day. When I come home I wash the area again with soap let air dry and give it a couple hours to heal. If your skin around the wart seems too been getting irritated try applying Neosporin for a few hours, this should help. I do not ever touch the wart in fear that they might spread to another area so when applying the ointment, squeeze some on a q-tip and make sure to always wash your hands for at least 60 seconds to insure that your spreading germs on sink handles, other skin areas ect. Like I stated before I am on day 3 of this treatment and too much surprise 3 warts have completely vanished and the others are turning white and beginning to break into pieces!! I am super excited already, and very hopeful that the progress will continue to be positive. I am not in any pain so to speak, just a little uncomfortable, but not like before where all hope was lost. In fact I would rather be in a little discomfort down there than in every other aspect of my life. I also wanted to add this tid-bit of info, if you are feeling down and out, try taking St. Johns wart three times a day. It is a natural mood stabilizer and really has helped me with the depression part of this STD.

I will be checking back frequently to see other posts for morale support and I will update my progress. I will also provide my e-mail at the end for any questions you might have or just for simple conversation, for me knowing I wasn’t alone was calming. I wish all of you the best of luck in which ever method you try! Remember the power of positive is an amazing thing in itself. Take care now.

Warmest Regards-

unlucky guy

I had only had sex once in my life (unprotected) so when I had a very small bump on my penis I was in denial that it was a genital wart.

After ignoring it for a year I decided to do something, just in case. I dipped a q-tip in apple cider vinegar and held it to the bump. I varied between holding it to the spot and rubbing it. Within about 15 minutes it had gone flat and was red. The next day it turned black.

For three nights I held a q-tip to the area for 45 minutes. I stopped after a scab formed. I figured it was pointless to apply it to the scab.

The scab fell off today and there is a small hole from where the wart used to be. The skin around the hole is very thick. Is this normal? Did anyone else experience this?

To make sure it is completely killed off I held a q-tip to the hole for about 5 minutes and stopped after it hurt too bad.

The ACV definitely works. I've used different remedies for warts on my hand as a kid and I'd say this is the best one I've found. Hopefully it doesn't come back.

some dude

Hey! So I found this site and forum when I needed it most. I read lots of advice and decided which of it to follow. I just want to pass on some do's and don'ts that I kind of learned the hard way.

FIRST and foremost believe people when they say DO NOT leave the Apple Cider Vinegar on for too long/overnight. I did this and it burned my penis. Not so bad that it doesn't work but it was an added freak out on top of the GW...and completely visible. The pain wasn't so bad because I have a high threshold, but it freaked me out completely. It's been just over a month and I'm healing pretty quickly, but I can only say that looking back now. The day to day waiting to see if it was going to go back to normal was awful. Plus, in the mean time my relationship suffered.

So for me, ACV worked but I should have gone about it at a slower, more paced rate than going whole hog and trying to get rid of it overnight. If you're going to use it, be diligent and dab away at it daily...for a few minutes a day.

I had a wart pop-up during this fiasco. Instead of using ACV I decided to try Dr. Scholl's freeze away. I bought the one with the freeze-can AND the liquid. It says to use the aersol can and then follow-up 24 hours later with the liquid. The sensation is really kind of odd. It hurt a bit and changed the color of my skin. I'm dark-skinned so this was really noticeable. Anyway..the look of it freaked me out momentarily but as it turns out this treatment worked just as well as the ACV for me. I REALLY wish I'd just done this from the onset because there are absolutely no signs of GW where I used the Dr. Scholls. My skin is completely normal and healed within 1 or 2 days from discoloration after i followed with the liquid.

While I was doing all the above, I also made sure I worked out, slept well, ate right, etc because I do think that helps the healing process. If I had to do it all over again I'd go just with Dr. Scholss freeze-away AND some patience. So...learn from my mistake.


I realised I had g warts and went straight to the GP. I HAVE NEVER HAD UNPROTECTED SEX! I CONTRACTED WARTS EVEN THOUGH I USED A CONDOM AND THEY WERE NOT VISIBLE ON EITHER OF MY SEXUAL PARTNERS!- (i have only had 2). The GP confirmed my diagnosis that I had 4 very very small warts on the perinium (the bit inbetween your bum and vagina) but they were quite close to the vaginal opening. They did not hurt at first but were VERY painful after sex if they were disturbed.

My G.P sent me to a GUM clinic and I wnt twice to have them frozen off, this worked but they came back the week after and were slightly larger. The GUM clinic was very far away from my house and not very reliable as i coudnt always get there.

I got rid of my warts within 2-3 weeks at home very easily and this is how :

I froze the warts with CRYOSPRAY VERRUCA AND WART REMOVER FREEZE SPRAY (£7 off ebey). This was not painful just very cold. Once a very large wart bled a little bit bit it did not hurt.

After freezing the warts i applied BAZUKA gel (£5 from the chemist) BUT this is very painful UNLESS you:

Mix the gel with anaestetic cream or a misturizer so you are diluting it (optional, but I would reccomend for first application).

Only apply to the wart try not to get it on the surrounding skin.

ALWAYS ALWAYS do it sat on the toilet with a jug of cool water... the gel WILL start to burn and this is excruciating for a minute or so if you do nothing BUT if you slowly pour the cool water over it it will instantly stop the burning, and dry the gel (like when you put newly varnished nails in cold water) it will not wash it off.

I repeated this between 1 and 3 times per day for 14 days (i missed some days) and the warts dissapeared. One reappeared once, and disappeared after 1 application of freezing and gel... it has not returned after 6 months.

ALSO I take a multivitamin with iron(£1 from tescos for a tub full) every day, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This prevents breakouts.

Good luck , your not alone x


OK, I guess it's time to buy apple cider vinegar and aspirin and vitamins and minerals and cotton balls. I already have the olive oil and garlic. Thank you very much for giving me the impulse to do something more constructive than ripping them off!

I do have one question though. What can I do about the warts just inside the opening of my vagina? I'm freaked out that they may be on my cervix too and I WILL go to the obgyn. I've had pap smears before and I plan on getting them regularly. I've always been responsible about it, I've read about cervical cancer and how important pap smears are since I was 18. But I don't want to have the visible warts on the outside on my vulva when I do that.

No, it's not rational. Yes, it's incredibly stupid. I KNOW. I basically want to go for my next papsmear and act like I didn't know anything about it because I feel incredibly ashamed of not going to the doctor earlier.

I first noticed the warts in December when my immune system was really weak and at first I had a hard time believing it was HPV because the last time I had sex was February. Of 2010! That was incidentally the ONLY time in my life I've EVER had intercourse. And it was protected to the point of paranoia, I was worried the condom was slipping and we changed it. I had a couple of other partners before, but I've literally kept my pants my whole life except on this one night. (I'm not even religious or anything, just... neurotic).

The outside warts have gone down a bit lately (I eat a lot better than I used to three months ago, my nutrition has improved considerably), the ones I scrapped off and swabbed with peroxide regularly seem to be gone for now, but I don't want to do that since I know it's just temporary and there's still a risk of spreading them further even if there's barely a couple visible ones left on the vulva (they were never very many or very big). But I'm scared of putting freaking ACID on the opening of my vagina. So I think I may fake ignorance about those when I go the doctor unless someone has a temporary remedy for vagina-opening warts that doesn't include burning your extremely sensitive skin down there. Anyone?


I just tried the acv for the first time after worrying myself sick for months and I seen results immeaditly after using several cotton swabs diped in the vinegar holding each cotton swab on the wart for about 10-30 seconds at a time. After about 6 or 7 swabs the wart immeaditly started to regress back into my skin. This is so amazing and I'm excited to continue treatment but I also fear that there maybe more that I can not c so I also plan to order wartrol for long term relief.


I was just told last week that I have GW by a doc. Aldera seemed to not work. This stuff was very expensive! $81 after insurance! I got very depressed for a few days. And I though my Fiance would freak out and bail on me. But she is very understanding and all is fine. For anyone reading this DON'T GET DEPRESSED. Freaking out will only make things worse. It's not so bad. They are just warts.
I am really fed up with doctors and all the money I have spent with no results so I started looking for an alternative before I see a doctor again. I have very small warts and some are sort of clustered. I tried the compound w for some really small warts. They are very small and I wasn't very careful when I applied the liquid and I just pasted it around the general area. After I took a bath the compound w came off and my skin looks a dark purple. The warts do look smaller and blackish but now my penis looks way worse. Hopefully it will heal back to a normal color soon. I don't recommend compound w. I also tried the freeze method. It seems to have helped also but and again because they are so small it got on too much of the area. But both of those methods are very painful and I almost passed out with the freezing. I am a little worried about scaring now. I decided to try John's burning method that he submitted on here on some of the very small ones that I seemed to have missed. It was not nearly as bad and I was able to only get the wart and not a large patch of skin.
I think at this point I need to back off and let the areas heal. I have done too much too fast. Not a good idea. For now I am alternating tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar and waiting for everything to heal. Hopefully all will be fine soon. I will post results in a few days.


Here's what I did...
I tried the ACV treatment... didn't work... I tried garlic & vit E together... it broke it down and would just 'grow' back... even tried tea tree oil... that didn't do anything but burn... So I got up the nerve to buy a freeze away kit. After a couple of applications (that's all you get with that kit) it was shrinking... was costly though: $30.00! for that kit. But it was working! So, I decided to create my own cryo kit: An aerosol keyboard duster, dollar store cotton swabs ('cutips'). ($10.00 total) The cheaper brands have a straw rather than a stick between the two cotton swabs. Anyway, all you have to do is cut one of the cotton swabs off, and stick that end into the hole of your aerosol can, shake, turn upside down and ZAP. Within just a couple of days you will notice the shrink... and in a couple of weeks... GONE! You'll need more than one application though. I did the cryo every couple of days for about 2 maybe 3 weeks max! (i don't remember it was more than a year ago) So don't waste time and money: 1. aerosol keyboard cleaner: 8.00 2. dollar store cotton swabs: 1.00 and perhaps antibacterial cream: 8.00... getting rid of your warts... priceless!


I found this site a few days ago and a lot of the tips were helpful. I am a 20 yr old female and a few months ago.around October I was taking a naughty picture for a Guy I have been dating and notice a ta.g it was really close to my anus. It was tiny and I just ripped it off. A month before that a similar tag but it had went away so I thought nothing of it. Idk at the time that genital warts could be pulled off or just go away so assumed they were skin tags. I realized I had 2 more warts a few days ago. One in the same area near my anus but on the other side and one right under my vagina opening. I opened my vagina and saw I had small warts forming in the opening today. :( however because of the texture right here its nit really noticeable but still its gross. I read a bunch of tips on here and this is how I got rid of my warts. I know fir sure theses are warts now because I had sex with a former fuck buddy I hadn't eloped with since last winter and I noticed after we had sex he had flat warts two on the pubic region and one flat one on his shaft. I know I got these from him.

HERE'S HOW I GOT RID OF MY WARTS TODAY. First off I got some apple cider vinegar for about $3 at gnc the bragg brand its supposed to ne really good. I already had aloe vera gel on hand a needle qtips and a lighter so I only spent $3. I soaked the 2 warts by holding a qtip dipped in acv on them for about 30 minutes. My warts did not turn colors like other ppls did and it didn't burn me at all really either like everyone was saying so I started to get hardcore. A heated up the eye of a needle for about 25 seconds with a lighter until it turned bright red let it cool off a few seconds. I pulled my skin really taut and held the needle on the wart until it cooled down. I repeated this about 5 times until the entire wart was black. Then I took a good pair of tweezers and started pulling the burnt wart off. It really did not hurt as bad as I expected. Yank it hard and fast. It started bleeding so I dipped a qtip in peroxide and put it on the wart and it started bubbling doing its work. I pullled the rest of the wart off in pieces cleanin w/ perioxide as I went. The other wart right under my vadge opening was really tiny so I didn't burn it cuz I didn't want to burn my skin. So I ripped off what I could and cleaned it with the perioxide. Then I followed up with another application of acv. This time it burned but not for very long. Then I coated the warts w/ aloe vera gel. U can't even tell I have warts now!! Also I started taking b vitamins 3 days ago I got them buy one get one free at cvs. I also take a hair skin and nail vitamin that has antioxidants b vitamins, iron, zinc all the stuff ppl said helps ur body fight these stupid things. I will update u on my progress! I would also like to mention I did not touch the warts with anything but tweezers and qtip don't touch them.


5 hour energy (a 6 pack, one each day) priced at 15$ and ACV priced at 1.50$... apply every night and poof your problems are scotch gone. 5 hr energy seems to be the key!

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