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Mine isn't necessarily a 'cure' but if the visible warts are getting you down, I would suggest this.

I'm one of those who hates a doctor performing a procedure on myself. He suggested burning the warts off and I was not really into that. He did it, it didn't hurt, but it didn't really do anything.

I decided to do it myself. I got some baby wipes, alcohol pads, small cuticle or eyebrow trimming scissors, and a mirror. I cut them off myself. I have no scars and they haven't spread since I'm removing the root of the bump instead of applying a cream.

If you only make a small incision and try popping them like a zit, a small, hard kernel will come out. You'll bleed a little bit and all you will feel is a pinch like you're getting a needle prick.

Be sure to use sterile alcohol pads or boiling water to sterilize your scissors. The baby wipes are for the bleeding. You also need to use the alcohol pads before and after you cut. Neither of these sting.

This is no promise that you won't spread it to someone else, but it will get rid of the actual, embarrassing bumps. I have actually seen a significant decline in my outbreaks since I started using this method, however it has taken about six months. It's a little easier for me than remembering to take certain supplements at a certain time every day.

I just wish I could for sure get rid of it so my boyfriend wouldn't be scared of me =(

I have had high risk HPV for about two years. I did not see warts until about a year later (I was pregnant and my hoe bag of an ex was cheating on me). The first outbreak was the worst. Turns out, he had (on top of the HPV) given me three different sexually transmitted viruses that cause warts. Lucky me, they never looked like cauliflower and I haven't had much trouble since. Just a few here and there. I only recently started cutting them off and popping them since I've been trying dating again. I understand the embarrassment and uncertainty of trying to have sex with this annoying problem. Not to mention, having to have the past pop up on you unexpectedly.

I will be trying the hydrogen peroxide topically to try to kill any other wart cells that may be forming. I reallyyyy don't want to give my baggage to anyone else.

P.s. A similar procedure works for raised moles, minus the kernel. You just have to cut the whole thing off. It looks like a freckle afterwards. I just hateeee doctors.


so i used the ACV treatment every one is talking about, IT DID NOT WORK! i was so optimistic when i heard about this home remedy, so this is what happened: i used ACV for 2 days ( probably 3-4 hours) when i woke up on day 3, the GW had not changed color, shape, or any thing, but the skin around the warts had turned black so i stopped using ACV and now after 4 days the skin all around the GW's has pealed, the black part fell off the skin is red and tender and whats worst is the GW's are there and nothing has happened to them, and this is what exactly puzzled when i was reading aother peoples comments, how can u not hurt the normal skin while getting rid off the warts?
so has this happened to anyone? any suggestions? i really want these suckers gone and dont want to pay 370$ for the stuff the doctor prescribed me (my freakin insurance company doesnt cover it for some weird reason)

K from NYC

First of all, I want to say I understand what you are going through to everyone who is experiencing this outbreak.

I am 42yrs old and never thought I would experienced this. However,it was about 4 months ago when I figured something was not right and I came to this very site after many seaches.

With this knowledge, I went to my GYN, and sure enough it was HPV. She treated my first outbreak...little did I know that was the start of many outbreaks.

After her threatment about 1 week after it heal, I started seing more and I started appling ACV...I did that on and off for about 4 weeks..after that I then used Compound W wart gel for another 3 weeks on and off...the outbreaks were still coming on in different stages.

Finally, after 4 months I notice the outbreaks were less and a few warts were actually forming...During the last treatment I applied ACV for 2 days and then apply Compound W freezze off. After the first treatment I was noticing a change.

I apply the frezzee off for about 4 days on and off...which brings me to this day..The bumps are slowly disappering and I am planning a visit to my GYN in a few weeks.

But, what I think what happening I was letting ACV clean and treat the area as the outbreak ran its cource.

I also got some E vitmains capsule and applied it during this time. I also staring taking Vitamins (Multi, B, D, C)

WARNING: All stages of appication did hurt as hell. The pain I have gone through was hard and differcult.

charlie jones

i seen that i had genital wart so i thought i would try freeze them off, so i went to a pharmacy and got' scholl, verruca&wart remover and tried that, and after 2 days of applying twice a morning and night they were near enought gone, i was so happy, i never thought they would go with out seeing a doctor


Ok guys,

I posted a while back but I am back with some new stuff to share with you.

I came across something that will work wonders for warts as long as they are not inside the vagina.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide.....35% food grade.

This stuff is cheap, you can order it online withought a perscription. I think that a combination of internal use as well as external use could solve many GW issues.

Heres the deal. Externally, heres what you do: scrape up the wart with a needle, dip a qtip in the food grade h202, dab it should see more or less instand results deending on how agressive you want to be, this will burn, but id rather take a burn than have a GW.

Secondly, this stuff can be used internally to kill of viruses and is a known long term remedy for herpes, being that herpes is a virus, I believe it could be highle effective on the HPV virus as the FG-h202 is known to boost the immune system and kill viruses. In fact, some people even use it as an alternative treatment to cancer the stuff is so legit.

YOu will need to do some research, you must dilute this stuff to drink it and I cant stress enough 1: DO NOT DRINK NORMAL HOME USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE......2:MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO DILUTE AND PROPERLY DOSE YOURSELF.

its like this, you need a dropper bottle because you just need drops of the stuff, you need to use about 5-8 ounces of water (or more when you get into the really high dosages). Basically, you will take this stuff 3 times a day, starting with 3 drops, 3 times a day. each day you add 1 drop until you reach a point where you are doing 25 drops 3 times a day, stay there for a week or so, then gradually step down from that.

Do some quick internet research, you need to do this 1 hour before you eat OR 3 hours after you eat and you dont really want any vitamin C in your stomach when you drink the stuff.


I am at a point where I am taking 10 drops 3x daily. so Im not there yet, but I can attest to what it will do will burn a wart off your body and cause an immune response which will help your body kill the hpv in that area.

Now, for areas that are slow healing, the foreskin of the penis for example, I would stick to ACV, the h202 is just too caustic and will h urt you.

in addition to this keep pounding your:

-folic acid
-co q10
-vit C,E,A,D
-olive leaf extract
-elderberry extract

I also highly recomend drinking braggs brand ACV 2x daily 1-2 tbsp per as much water as you need. THis is known to be a natural anti viral as well as an amazing source of potassium which is know to fight warts of all sorts.

Done right, I think its possible to kick GW for good, I plan to do it.

If you have any questions, just want to chat, need somebody to talk to, I am here. I set up an email account that is annonymous

I am not selling anything, but like many here im sure, I would like sort of a support group. Feel free to email, lets kick this together. Best of luck to you all and god bless.



Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to write my story and hopefully give some of you who are experiencing breakouts a little piece of mind and hope! It's a little long, but please take the time and consider how I eliminated my genital warts (hopefully for good!).

Now let me just start off by saying that I have NEVER engaged in unprotected sex. I am 20 years old and I am the most honest and trustworthy person that I know. I have only had a small handful of sexual partners in my life. If you are feeling like you are the most disgusting person in the world because of your warts (I certainly did...), please rest assured that this happens to even the best of us and it is absolutely not the case. I was extremely, for lack of a better word, depressed for months because of these bumps. I let genital warts define me and it took a huge toll on my emotional state. I am an American currently studying abroad in Paris, France, and to an extent I allowed the warts to interfere with my social life here in Europe. Looking back, I wish I had never done such a thing, as being here I've realized that I'm supposed to be having the time of my life! (I am now, thank god!).

About six months ago I noticed that I had a bump on scrotum. After shaving, I noticed that they had spread and soon I saw as many as 15 warts on the shaft of my penis. DO NOT SHAVE, IT SPREADS THE WARTS. I had no idea what to do about them. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed them as genital herpes (they had turned red and DID in fact resemble genital herpes). Thinking it wasn't that big of a deal, I used the cream that he gave me. But to no avail, the bumps stayed. That is when I self-diagnosed the bumps as genital warts.

I stumbled across this website and tried several methods that I had read. As I was more than ready to see the bumps disappear, I tried burning them off myself. I took a needle to a lighter and started to poke the little guys until I had thought that they been completely burned off. Afterwards, I used a disinfecting alcohol to prevent them from spreading. This method worked great, as the warts had literally all been burned off. HOWEVER I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD. I was naive and impatient and now I am left with about five visible scars on the shaft of my penis, which is almost worst than having the warts in the first place in my opinion. I'm using a lot of Vitamin E oil (extremely difficult to find in Paris, let me tell you...), and after about a month the scars are starting to fade. I have faith that they will disappear sooner or later.

After realizing that I had made a terrible mistake, I tried the apple cider vinegar method. I am so happy I found this method, because it worked quite well! I dipped cotton balls and the ends of cotton swabs in the ACV and placed them directly on the wart, covering them with bandages. I did this every night and sometimes during the day. Small warts disappeared within days, while larger ones took about a week or so. Remember to use alcohol after you remove the band aids to ensure that they do not spread!

I read on this blog that some people chose to DRINK apple cider vinegar as well. I tried this, but for some reason or another I developed MORE warts by doing this. I am wondering if it is maybe because it had the option to travel throughout my body? I'm not sure. But I developed dozens of warts on my hands, elbows, feet, and on my knees. Not sure if this is all related, but soon after I stopped drinking ACV they stopped spreading. I used TEA TREE OIL on them and they were gone in less than a week.

After about a month and a half of the ACV treatment I was happy that I was almost completely wart free (only one or two remain). I'm using tea tree oil on small warts that appear, which seems to kill the wart in one or two days. I'm so happy I found tea tree oil.

I also credit my change in diet and several diet supplements in the prevention of another outbreak. I researched natural remedies for preventing/treating genital warts and came up with a lot of ways to boost my immune system so that my body can suppress the virus into a dormant state. Along with the tea tree oil, I take:

Vitamin C once a day - 500 mg
L-Lysine pill morning and night - 500 mg
Garlic pills morning and night - 2000 mg
One A Day men's multivitamin once a day
Echinacea pills morning and night - 325 mg
Vitamin A and D pill morning and night

Also, most importantly, a Vitamin B complex once a day (Vitamin B1 9000% Daily Value; B2 7000% DV; B6 7000% DV; B12 4000% DV)

I also started running again after about a year-long hiatus and, along with the supplements, my body has never felt better. I've made a conscious effort to eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day and I drink an insane amount of water. Also, very important, I stopped consuming excess amounts of alcohol (a task which has been a little difficult as a 20-year-old study-abroad student). I drink wine with meals often, but as I'm in France I wouldn't consider it any different from water haha.

I've been on this regimen for about a month and a half now and I have been seeing great results. Small warts appear here and there, but with the tea tree oil they are gone in days. Other than that I am pretty confident that my immune system is keeping things in check.

I apologize for the insanely long message, but I just want everyone to know that there is life after genital warts. I thought that, as a 20 year old, my sex life was over (HORRIBLE thought, I know...), but things are starting to look up.


Hi people

After months of battling against at least 30 genital warts, using all the methods listed (with no complete success) i've finally found a solution that is amazing which i havent seen anywhere else!

Firstly, good health is the key. my outbreak began after months of taking MCAT and living a bad lifestyle. stupid i know but hey. If your immune system is low you've no chance of fighting them off.

Sort out your exercise, diet and get lots of good sleep. Cutting down on alchohol is important. Eat foods rich in zinc to help heal the skin and boost your immune system. Increase foods rich in sulfur: asparagus, eggs, citrus fruit, garlic, and onions. Take ECHINAEA. Maintaining this once rid of them, should prevent another outbreak.

I tried applying TTO every morning and night for a week. After spending about £30 no joy just an extremely raw scrotum and not much sleep! ACV exactly the same plus stinking like a chip shop all day. It requires alot of constant effort and time to maintain these methods and for me no real success.

I know these work for some people and im not doubting that, but if like me yours are persistent and need another method try this for instant results.

Buy some PH Down, should be no more than £5 available from loads of places on internet, some antiseptic cream and q tips

PH down is basically Phosphoric acid.The way phosphoric acid (or any acid e.g ACV) hurts you is by oxidizing the molecules in your skin. This happens constantly, even when acid isn't around. It just happens a LOT faster when it is.It is highly concentrated so be careful.

Using a Q tip apply a very small amount to the wart being careful not to get any on healthy skin. after a minute or so you will feel a tingleitch. The pain doesnt really go beyond this. wait half an hour or so and the wart will turn white and should blister slightly. this is good. Wait until the tingling stops(about an hour-i sat in the nuddy watching a film) then have a shower to wash off. Apply antiseptic cream and go to sleep pain free. I suggest doing 1 at a time, mainly so you dont have loads of blisters increasing risk of infection. In the morning you'll have
a nice little red blister where the wart was. once this heals it should have disappeared! Worked for me. Just one application to each wart and they've all gone within a few days of my skin healing for no more than a tenner!

Good luck


im 18 yearz(female) old n got an outbreak last first started like a tag..a single 1 n i was like shit freaked out..went to see a doc ..said it dint luk lyk a wart..just a tag..*phew * relief! BUT IT WASNT! coupla weeks later i gt an outbrek-gt lyk 7 of em nw..gna see di doc tomoro buh den bet hz gna gimme sum crappy med dat wont wont!so ama try out di ACV >>>fingers crossed.


I have never written or blogged before, but I felt the need to do so with this home remedy.

ACV works wonders!! I've sufferd with two genital warts I could never get rid over for about 5 years. I've had them treated by my gyno, which didn't work, and I've tried over the counter cremes/gels that didn't work either. The cremes/gels would peel layers off, but the warts would never go away.
I found out about ACV through this site and gave it a shot yesterday. I soaked ACV on a cotton swab and placed medical tape over them on each wart for about 6 hours. Then I immidiately repeated the treatment and went to bed. I didn't remove the swabs until about mid day and noticed the extreme color change to gray/black. There was absolutely no pain. I showered and then gently cleaned the area with a wet rag and both warts just peeled right off!! Now there is pain because of the raw skin, but I gladley take the raw skin over warts any day!

This remedy works and is amazing, thanks so much!!


Peace and Respcet to all!! Sorry to hear about your trouble!!! Here is my remedy to kill off these wart in less than 2 days ( you must have a very good immune system other wise it might take up to 2 weeks), good luck (plz help others as well) Thanks.

(You might want to use the following products below

1-Duct tape >>>>>>>>>>>99 cents
2-ACV (Good quality)>> 3-4 dollars
3-Garlic oil pills (1000mg) 1 dollar

4-Anti-stress vitamins or vit. B complex>>>>>>>>> 1-2 dollars

5-Hydrogen peroxide>>>>> 59 cents

6- cotton balls ( 500 for 99 cents)

7- Tylenol extra strength 99 cents

8- lemon or lemon extract juice 99 cents

Most the item above could be found at your local 99cents only store (except for a highrt quality ACV). total price 10-15 dollars (depending on how clever you are as a shopper)

Now are you ready!! Good. First of all you have to be positve person with a positive mind and positive attitude!!
(Leave anger, judgment, and slef hate out the door) download care, love, and relax your mind!!!

Now clean the infected area with warm water and oatmeal soap. I suggest taking a warm bath while visualizing successful results!

*After that, you wanna take couple of cotton balls and soak it up with Hydro Preoxide and massage the Infected area with TLC ( Tender love and care) for about 8 minutes, after you done,

* soak another cotton Balls) with a mix of crushed tylenol, few drops of water, then Massage the area for about 2-4 minutes. (The reason you are using tylenol juice to ease the pain of ACV, later on).

*Now mix some lemon juice drops with crushed pill of vitamin C 1000 Mg and a pill of B-comlex(crushed)

Massage the specific 'area' with 'Hold and press' strategy for 20 minutes

(Importan note: strenght your immune sysem by taking multi vitamins, Vit C, stay away from red meat, meditate, eat alot of veggies and fruits 'Look up' bananas and celrey>> stay away as much as you can from sugar, coffe, stree, and high fructose products).

Now clean the area with hydrogen P.( use the toilet seat)

* Now here is the painful part!!! but it will kill off these stubborn bastards on the spot! So are you ready!! get a big cotton ball soak it with ACV and use the 'Hold and press' Method around the area for 10-15 minutes (if you can not handle it! dont force your self). quickly after that wash it off with 'Hydro P'

* wash the area with water, dry it then sprinkle some crushed tylenol without water just powder on the 'sopts'

* Wrap the area with duct tape for 18- 24 hours....Good luck

P.s Plz Leave your feedback...Thanks Keep applying Hydro P. afterwards for couple of weeks to assure they gone away with the wind...All the Best

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