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Dear anyone affected by HPV,

I'll just start this off by saying I found a 100% effective treatment to the genital wart that I had.

I had it for about 2 years. I tried the acid treatment, vinegar... among other things. What ended up working is Grapefruit Seed Extract. I applied it topically as well as took the recommended amount internally. It definitely boosted my immune system and helped greatly. Though it is recommended to not apply it full strength topically, that is was I did and what worked for me. I've taken GSE for a few years before any way though so I'm comfortable enough to make that call for myself. It is just very concentrated and strong.

I applied to everyday for about 4 days. I carried it in my purse and would use it right after using the bathroom so it was always being freshly applied. The wart started to turn white, minimize, shed layers of skin and then it just got really small and then went away completely. GSE doesn't hurt. It tickled and tingled slightly but that is all.

I am now completely virus free. I wanted to share this with everyone because I know how much it sucks to have a genital wart and to keep trying ineffective treatment methods.

GSE is a really great natural remedy for a lot of ailments. I recommend you read about it, if you don't already know, and keep a bottle handy. It's sold at most health food stores. I got mine at Whole Foods.
I really suggest you try it!!


My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. Shortly after we got together I noticed what I thought were just bumps. Went to dr and got diagnosed with hpv and gw. They did procedures and gave me prescriptions and I cleared up within weeks. I never had many. I think it was just 3 and I was lucky enough to have insurance so sticking to the drs methods worked for me. Well a few months later my boyfriend had developed a small cluster at the base of his penis barely noticable because of the hair. Anywho we kinda shrugged it off for a while since we were faithful and it was just us we figured no harm. Most of the research I found at that time suggested the wait for it to go away on its own method. Well that never happened. So now we have decided to have a baby but we want these gone first. At the moment I have one and he has 4. We are using ACV along with tea tre oil and peroxide and neosporin. So far things are looking good. I am so glad we have each other for support. MY HEART GOES OUT TO THOSE DOING IT ALONE I COULDNT IMAGINE.
If all goes well and we are rid of them, that would be great. But even better would be never having to worry again. So after so much research I still dont have a clear understanding of the 'cure' of the virus. We mostly didnt use protection and now all I can figure is we continually passed it back and forth possibly. Any suggestions on things to do after you get rid of them to try to rid the virus as far as sex goes? Is abstaining the better option or perhaps just condoms? If I were single this would be an easy decision. However in a relationship I know we both have the virus yet pertection hasnt always been that important to us. Hope this makes sense and isnt just 3 am ramblings. Im just wondering if there are other couples that may have some advice to offer as far as long term treatment.


a week or so ago i tested positive for mono and i felt just completely drained all the time.though the swelling in my throat and organs went down, i noticed the skin around my clitoris was starting to swell. i didnt really think anything of it, maybe it was a side affect of the mono. but then i noticed this open bite looking thing on it and thought it could be a bug bite since theres a lot of mosquitos out and ive been getting swarmed everytime i step out the door.

i told my boyfriend of over a year about it to see if maybe he had any thoughts, but he didnt have a i started my google search and found it might be herpes, since some of the symptoms matched.i keept looking though and looked for images,because even though they may look different for everyone there was bound to be one person with the same thing as me right?i found a picture of the same open wound looking thing and it was an add for genital warts.. i freaked.and the moment i read the symptoms i knew that this had to be it.i am 17 and have only slept with two people.ive gotten the HPV scared to go to the doctors,and to tell my mom since she doesnt know that i am sexually doctors know,but there is no way to keep this from her if i go to see them. so i found this cream online thats supposed to work on many skin conditions, so my boyfriend is ordering it for me and hopefully it works. the cream is called Terrasil. has anyone heard of it? does it work? it has great reviews. the warts have gotten much worse,theres a good 25-30 of im willing to try anything at this point,im miserable.i just feel depressed,ive never had anything like this happen to me before.
since i still have mono, my immune system is preoccupied and this is most likely why ive broken out so bad.
my mom is really into essential oils so ive been putting tea tree oil and lavender on it,and i mean ALL over.almost my whole vaginal area is far its only reduced the irritation.. it helps knowing that im not alone in this horrible situation.reading all of these stories is reassuring,thank youu.


Has anyone tried a product called Oxyfend? It's been mentioned a few times online and in some forums. Some people are saying that it works really well in helping to treat genital warts.

I'm desperate to remove these warts and I don't want to spend $$$$$s on a product that's gonna hurt and may not even work. The reviews about Oxyfend seem to be very good and encouraging. Any feedback would be great! Thanks.


I am 6 and half months pregnant and i have genital warts...I caught them many years ago..Now I am married and expecting my first child..My first break out many years ago was devastating...I went to the doctor to burn them off and it was so annoying cause they kept coming back and I had to keep going back so they can burn them off....Anyways my point is the these suckers have to come off before i give birth and my husband see this...I will be so embarrassed and ashammed...I`m suppose to be happy giving birth not ashammed and embarresed that everyone will see these warts...When you are pregnant you cant use any treatment down there cause it is not safe for you baby...So this is what i did...I have a pair of sharp hairdressing sissors...I put them under hot water and clean them with alcohol...Then I cut the suckers off...It did not hurt but you have to be careful youre not cutting yourself and your cutting the warts off...After i cut them it bleed like crazy I jumped in the shower and now I am fine...I am so happy they are gone..I ask my ob can she do anything about this she said not when youre pregnant..So I did something about it and cut those nasty thing`s off...I feel so much happier and better...


so an update since my last post, just thought i would share it with you guys.
this was my old post:

so i used the ACV treatment every one is talking about, IT DID NOT WORK! i was so optimistic when i heard about this home remedy, so this is what happened: i used ACV for 2 days ( probably 3-4 hours) when i woke up on day 3, the GW had not changed color, shape, or any thing, but the skin around the warts had turned black so i stopped using ACV and now after 4 days the skin all around the GW's has pealed, the black part fell off the skin is red and tender and whats worst is the GW's are there and nothing has happened to them, and this is what exactly puzzled me when i was reading other peoples comments, how can u not hurt the normal skin while getting rid off the warts?
so has this happened to anyone? any suggestions? i really want these suckers gone and dont want to pay 370$ for the stuff the doctor prescribed me (my freakin insurance company doesnt cover it for some weird reason)

and now after several weeks:
so when the ACV didnt work, i went out and bought compound W, and then after a few days bought dr. scholl's freeze away. the good news; they both work but the freeze away works much faster, and both these treatments are relatively cheap ( the cost was less than 20$ from walmart ), it took about 2 weeks or so to get rid of them, i hope i had used these treatments earlier! if used correctly they should leave very little mark. im using vitamin E oil so it heals faster, after several weeks tho it seems like u would have some sort of mark there for a long time, but it really is non noticeable unless u pay really close attention.
on another note, both freeze away and compound W say not to use on genital warts but they are a good if u dont want to spend a ton of money for prescription medication.
i hope these suckers never come back!
good luck to all you out there!


Hi guys,

Just found this forum today and hope to find a solution for my condition. I've just found out that I've got genital warts and anal warts...must've picked it up during my business trip to Anchorage.

I can't believe it! The only time I've slept with someone in 6 months and I get an STD!

What can I do? I'm too embarassed to go to the doctor and I don't want to use a treatment that's gonna burn...I'm in enough discomfort as it is.

I've been online and found a product called Oxyfend Zerowarts...has anyone tried it before? It uses ozone and green tea which are apparently great natural ingredients but I'd like to hear if anyone has heard of these ingredients.

Hope to get some advice from you guys soon.


Just wanted to put my 2 cents in, I feel home remedies are important especially with health care costs spiraling out of control.

What doesn't work: Compound W.(the spread), Aldara (to expensive didn't use long enough), freeze away.

How you can tell if they are warts: Soak them with vinegar and they will turn white.

What worked:
Apple Cider Vinegar: I used a piece of cotton ball soaked in the Vinegar, shaved the area, put the soaked cotton ball on it, then put a Nexcare Waterproof bandaid over it. I left it on for 24hours the first 2 days, then 12 hours a day (mostly at night) the next 3 days. They eventually fell off left what looked like a pus bubble in their place. It was somewhat discomforting a slit burning sensation but you got to kill the roots. Eventually it closes up and heals and they have not returned. I am very pleased with the results!!!! :)


After finding warts near my vagina I freaked out and went to the planned parenthood to see what they were. Sure enough they were warts. (This can happen to anyone! So don't feel embarresed or ashamed. I read and my doctor at planned parenthood told me that 90% of Americans will go through this at some point in their lives. They put acid that burned on the ones that were there are now there are faint scars. The acid did not work for everything. This is when i went with the home remidies.
I put apple cider viniger on all of them, tea tree oil and vitamin E on the existing scars to help with the healing. My scars are now almost invisible.
The apple cider is a little painful and does not provide instant relief. It is a week process.
What i did was i wrapped them up in the apple cider every night and kept them wrapped for as long as i could during the day.
a week later they were looking much better and there is only one left that is stubborn but i think that the ACV got most of it off. All the tiny ones i popped like a pimple and i got the root of the wart out. THANK GOD. i know it sounds bad but if you can get away with the pain its ok to pop the very small ones and be sure to put HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to make sure that the wart that is popped is sterile and will NOT SPREAD to other areas of your genital region.

I read so much and researched alot about these things This was my first outbreak and they are almost all gone and i am hopeful that they won't come back. Everyone's case is different and there are things that work for some and not others. Listen to your body and do what you feel is right. I am very lucky that i have such a supportive boyfriend that has been here helping me get through it physically and emotionally (it is just as much of a battle emotionally as is is dealing with the physical warts!)
And please be sure not to get too down and don't let it effect your everyday life. I spent many nights crying and upset and it is very tough but you can get through it and come out strong.

And for any young people, don't be scared to tell someone that you trust. It is alot better to go through something like this with someone rather than to try to do it all by yourself, no one will judge you and i personally was suprized with someone that i went to about this. My friend, a beautiful women and mother told me about the homeopathic ways that she remidied hers when she contracted it when she was 16.
Do your research, listen to your body and you will be ok.
Any questions just comment back and i will get back to you.
Take care


I am surprised no one has posted this yet, but this is something I've tested and found to work very well for removal of genital warts.

If any of you have been to a physician for treatment or removal of your g.warts, you will most likely have experienced cryocautery (or cryotherapy).

An easy and cheap alternative is to use those pressurized dusters used on electronics (keyboards etc). These can be found at your nearest fry's or best buy.
Make sure to check the contents, the one I am using are just simple refrigerant and dimethyl ether found in common wart removing kits.

Just turn the can upside down and carefully spray (with the tubed nozzle) in bursts on your wart. Don't go crazy on your sessions, it's better to hit a few warts at a time and return within a few days for another round.

Keep a good schedule going until they've all been removed.

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