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Found this site and noticed that everyone who submitted a suggestion for genital warts was treating external warts. I noticed a wart beginning to form on the inner part of my rectum randomly one day. It was only apparent when you went to spread/pull apart the cheeks of butt. You'd have to push and spread hard to see it but it was there... an internal wart. Everyone suggests you go see a doctor to treat this but honestly I had no money or patience to wait. I went to Walgreens and got compound W freeze off and administered it to the wart the best I could. I realize the skin of the inner rectum is clearly thinner and different in nature from skin on the outside of the body so i didn't leave it on nearly as long as suggested. I did probably 4 applications each lasting no longer than 8 solid secs. It's been about 5 days and the wart is COMPLETELY gone. There was seriously no discomfort, no discoloration. I checked it this evening to see if it had changed and I'll be damned if it wasn't completely and totally gone. I am so effin' happy I didn't listen to these posts and treated it myself!


I've dealt with this for a year and I found this site and it made me feel not so alone. Reading all these posts i've learned a lot and have utilized some of these strategies. What works for me, and I can't imagine won't work for most, is the dental floss idea. I've tried this three times and it's worked every time. Simply, I made a loop with dental floss, tied it around the base of the GW and made a double knot. The GW turned black, since it was cut off from blood and oxygen and died, and fell off after 3-5 days. The skin underneath was left totally intact and returned from red to normal within a few days after I applied Neosporin to the area. It's like it never occured and made feel a huge sigh of relief. I also applied some alcohol with a q-tip to the area while the GW was being choked in fear of it spreading. The first time this worked was about two weeks ago and there has been no spreading. I think is a cheap, slightly uncomfortable, solution to the problem. Wanted to put my input because I love this thread it's helped me a lot.


Just wanted to say this site is the best I've been down for a month stressing over this issue and tried the ACV first time last night and according to the post history its gonna work. Thank you for sharing everyone.

feeling better

Ok im writing this because I kinda feel the need to let people know how well it works! Im 18 and when I was seventeen I met my partner, lovely though he is he unknowling gave this virus to me.
At first I was very upset thought my life was over blabla.. So I went to the gum clinic because the doctors were a WASTE of my time, its good at the gum because they will check inside you aswell as outside. I used the creams for months with very minimal effect, I felt they kept them from growing larger rather than makeing them smaller.
I was getting pretty down with it, it seemed to be getting worse all the time then I came across posts from people who had used apple cider vinegar and decided to give it a go. I kinda thought it was too good to be true but had a go anyway.
Day 1.
At about two in the afternoon I soaked a cotton bud in acv and tucked just underneath my vajajay as I have some pretty bad clusters there. Didnt hurt so bad, used a qtip to dab all the other ones. Took it off 6 hours later and they were bright white going grey. Had another dab with the q tip and left it.
Day 2.
In the morning some were scabbing up but the cluster was looking blackish and soggy. I repeated yesterdays procedure for another 6 hours and MY GOD did it sting! But I sucked it up and sat on the sofa. Stung for about two hours and got better. At night when I took it off I was AMAZED. Loads of my warts were just disintergrating and wiping away!! It was hurting but I was so happy I couldnt care less
I am now just continuing this on all of my warts and patches and its successfull! Also acv is great cos it can show up tiny warts that would otherwise be hard to see because it shows them up bright white. I really hope this helps people to find a solution and all the best!


Ok I have read all of what you all had to say and wondered to myself when I got this how to cure it. Going to the Doctor to get it burned off was going to be very time cunsuming. So I decided to put some of your ideas to work.

I tried using apple cyder vinigar but wow this did hurt allot as they were infected at the time a bit. So why not use all your ideas and put them together into a past

I took aloe vera lotion and combined it with all the following. Apple cyder vinigar, t oil, vit E liquid and some asprin or 222 what ever I had on hand and crushed them. This made a liquid paste somewhat. I never followed a formula just mixed till I liked what I saw in jar. Then shook this very hard for a few minutes.

Ok it worked it did very slight burning sensation but cured the infection along with cleared it up completely that you can not tell I ever had it. I had the warts right between my right leg and my genitals. They are gone. Yes probably took a bit longer to cure as been a month at this with this formula and plus I have been on a diet and taking all sorts of vitamins from E, D, C and garlic pils and who knows what else. I just pumped myself as much as I saw fit.

I think it works for me anyways I could not see it was going to disappear by itself before I started this program I went on to cure the problem. No pain at all from this cure if used right.


hey all am a 23 yr old woman ive had G.W for 9 months i got them from my cheatin ex anyway my immune system is really low i tried all the creams n freezin but they didnt worse they only burnt me n made them spead. I have now probs about over 30 small n big they have go me so low i tried pickin them off heard that it didnt it am sorry but it does hurt, i didnt wana go back to the doctors so i looked on ere 4 tips found sum but didnt no where 2 look 4 the stuff most used so i got some scholl freeze wart remover even tho ive started yesterday ive notice they r slowly gettin small n sum have gone ive alway bein takin wellwoman men can get the wellman it has mostly everything help this helps


Recently I have noticed I have genital warts and did not want to go to the doctor because of money and embarrasment. I went to walgreens and bought the walgreens brand wart remover for common and plantar warts. I applied it twice a day and within a couple days they were gone. It burns a little when you first put it on because of the acid in it but its a miracle. Turns white and kind of hard when you put the liquid wart remover on it.


Just found a genital warts treatment that finally works for me. It's called Wartscide (hope I spelled it right) and after several other treatments it was the only one that seemed to get rid of my warts.

It stung a little bit when I first applied it but it's the kind of good stinging...not painful but a definite sign that something is working in the warts.

Rather chuffed about it :)


One has to really consult a doctor to get a reliable and expert advice. i got rid of mine by using OxyFend Zerowarts. it's also what my doctor recommended. it is really effective. tried it myself.


So, like all of us, I had a gw outbreak.
Preface: this is my first posting, and it's long. I'm sorry in advance.

About nine months ago, the guy I was seeing told me he had found two small bumps on his, ahem, area... One little guy on his shaft, and another little guy on his thigh/hip area closer to his scrotum. I inspected myself, found nothing, but went with him to the doctor. She confirmed his HPV, and froze his warts off. Within a few days they were gone. He hasn't had an outbreak since. I went to the doctor myself a couple weeks later, explained the situation. She told me that I most likely was infected with the HPV virus but because I hadn't had an outbreak, there wasn't anything they could do for me.

About five days ago, I felt some bumps on, embarrassingly enough, my anus. It baffled me because I've never participated in anal sex (and very little anal play ever) and I definitely had genital warts on my butt, and only my butt. Lovely. Found two semi-big ones (smaller than an eraser) and about ten tiny little ones. I looked all around the Internet for home remedies for anal warts and couldn't find anything at all, and I really didn't want to involve a doctor if I didn't have to (especially on such a sensitive area). So, I decided to try some things you guys have suggested.

I decided to take a three-tiered approach. First, I got myself some vitamin supplements (mainly vitamin a, b12, d and e), folic acid and fish oil supplements while drinking a couple mugs of Echinacea tea a day to boost my immune system and get this virus out. Secondly, I got myself a bottle of tea tree oil and some ACV. Third, and this was, to me, by far the most important part: I visualized the warts gently peeling off and visualized nice, smooth, pre-wart skin constantly.

Couple of drops of tto on a q-tip swabbed on the area. Then I dunked a tampon in ACV and stuck it between my cheeks (sorry for the details) and let it hang out for about five hours. It wasn't terribly painful the first day (I actually went to a party/house show and wasn't bothered much), but when I went to switch the tampon for a new one, it stung like CRAZY. I have a decently high threshold for pain, and I couldn't hang with it. I slept ACV-free that night. Next day, I went to inspect, and all the little warts had turned black and a couple of them had wiped off. Success! I was so happy and elated it was starting to work. Then, more tto swabbed and some toilet paper soaked in ACV applied to the area. Day two was HORRIBLE for stinging. Very painful, I couldn't leave it on for as long as I wanted, probably three or four hours. Day three: at first inspection, I couldn't see many warts (just one small one, but I didn't look that hard), so I dabbed some tto and went to work. 10.5 hours later, all warts but one had disappeared. The skin surrounding the area was black and scaly-looking (not to mention extremely tender and burny-feeling, also a tiny bit of blood from two areas), so I decided to forego the ACV for now, but I am dabbing some tto on the area every now and again.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I haven't spoken to anyone about this. This forum has helped me out immensely, your guys' stories gave me hope in a very bleak, desperate and lonely time.

I truly feel that the success is mainly due to my positive visualization of successful results. If you stay positive and see your genitals as beautiful and blemish-free as they were before the warts, it'll happen! Keep hope alive! Constantly visualize positive results. Your mind is your greatest weapon. Good luck everyone.

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