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Thanks to this website and a few others ACV was a savior!! Here where I live I went to the local grocery store in North Carolina (Food Lion) and purchased the smallest bottle of ACV and a bag of cotton balls. Wasn't sure how the band-aids would work because I knew it'd be painful pulling them off. Anyways I had the weekend off and no plans, so I soaked three cotton balls with ACV and placed them on the main areas where there were a lot of GW. Held them there for 45 minutes then threw the cotton away and soaked more then put them in different spots. Noticed that they turned white pretty fast and surprisingly mine didn't burn except one of the main ones and it just felt like when you put peroxide on a cut. After I finished that I went about my business for the day and when I was getting ready to go to bed I soaked as many cotton balls as I needed and placed them on all or most of the spots and put a dry piece of cotton over the soaked one and put the band-aid over them. Woke up this morning and almost all of them have already turned black!! The annoying part was getting the band-aid off. I had to use scissors to clip my pubes, so the band-aid wouldn't tear them off. If anyone has suggestions on how to properly use the band-aid please let me know for future use. Anyways this remedy really works and I am so glad I didn't go get help from the doctor. The bottle of ACV was $1.19 and the cotton balls were $2.88 and I already had band-aids. So doctor or ACV? You do the math.


day 3
i was happy in the morning as the skin looked healthy, no visible bumps but cld feel hard lumps under skin
later was bad
i did acv again as i read a wk or 2 was needed
it hurt so bad, i actually cried
i wore it for about 3 hrs
i took it off as i cldnt stand it

1 it looks to still be spreading
i have small bumps popping up towards my butt now. i peroxide and vit e but more is needed it seems. wld liquid bandaid help? or wld it spread it more since it uses a applicator?

2 the really big one has no head, looks disgusting, i can see white skin where the top layer of skin has burnt off.that cant be good

I dont want to do meds as I get every bad side effect it seems.Ive read the aldera horror stories etc, even looked up the class action suit
What do i do now? Im very depressed.


I have had genital warts for 4 years now and am still trying to get rid of my original outbreak. I have a cluster of about 15 to 20 small and large they start at the top of my bum crack and go to about my anus. I have tried acv but gave up after I ended up burning the non effected area around the warts so badly it left a nasty scar. Anyone suggestions on something thy may work for me...?


I came across this site a while ago. I heard of others success with ACV, yes, it does work, but much more painful and it takes much longer also.
I'm aware of the precautions of using Compound W, but I went ahead and purchased a bottle (Liquid Compund W). I first had a bath, (soaked)the lady area, and then used a cotton ball and vingear to help with finding the warts. Rinced the vingear off in the bath again, then comes the part that involves the pain (what kept me going through the pain was 'ya, you nasty little things will be gone!!). Very carefully, I applied the Compund W to the ones that were clearly visible, and to others that were 'new', just to save myself future pain. It does burn, and do not apply it to healthy skin, (and ladies, if you find one on your ah hemm, sensitive spot, beware, big owees if you put any on that!!) and make sure it doesn't drip on any either, wipe away any 'mistakes' immedietly. I then sat down, legs apart,(the solution does harden and make those spots tender and burn at first, so try to do it on a day where you don't have to move around so much. I then went about my day. On day 2, I had a bath, and pulled off the hardened Compound W, and applied a new layer. The warts should be visible and now turning white if done right, so they aren;t hard to miss. Left that on for the remainder of the day, then had a bath at night,soaked and just left it. The next morning I had another bath, soaked, and removed anything left of the Compound W. The area will be very tender and try not to touch it with your hands. I used paper towel, a little tougher than bath tissue, and softer than a cloth. And the skin began to come off, revealing 'new' skin. If it can come off, you can try to pull it off, but let most rub off or fall off. Have a bath or shower to rinse the new skin, and to reduce spreading the virus deeper, or further. Today, I'm just elated that I can see new skin, not the nasty looking things from before. Even though its not a cure, it can definatly bring some postive feelings towards your 'parts' again. I know I miss the near perfect, even skin I had before I got infected. Its not the end of the world, but it sure does feel like it when your body is invaded with lumps and bumps, and no cure!! If you have questions, I will just repost the info for you. I really hope this works as good for me as it will to others that try it.


T again
So its day 2
I was gonna do the acv nightly but i looked at some pics online and got so agitated i just couldn't do nothing.
So today- no work today- i did the acv again for 3 hrs. omg it hurt. it hurt even more than yesterday!!! I took it off after 3 hrs as i couldn't stand it. so i showered, hydrogen peroxided the whole area and then applied vit e
the shocker is some of them are grey- im assuming going black like you guys said. and some of them just have a hole where the top used to be, but i can see in the hole is still white.
ITS WORKING.... and fast too
i have one area where the wart is white but all around it is swollen. I figure that area has the virus too
Im taking a rest till tom night so I dont scar myself accidentally
And im probably gonna keep doing it till 2 things happen
1 they all go away then
2 it stops burning as my research said acv hurts only infected areas. (I checked when i realized I could feel some areas really burning compared to the normal smarting in unaffected areas).
Today i added one odd thing to my list prenatal vitamins...........
I'm not pregnant but part of my immune issue is i have no white blood cells and few red blood cells and my body like retains no iron at all so im always really poorly. Yeah the same doc has been baffling with it for 2 yrs since we realized after testing. I obviously need a new doctor.
folic acid and iron are super imp in women so the prenatals have like 200% of each plus extras of the normal stuff.
Im hoping that will boost my system up to normal as i couldn't find the egcg anywhere i went today
Im gonna try and update daily in hopes it helps someone else. If this works for me it can cure anyone as I have a really low immune sys.


so I just found out I have genital warts
I honestly felt like killing myself after my doctor basically ran out of the room after a glance saying its warts you'll be fine they'll go away by themselves
this is the same doctor who has been treating me for a a non existent immune system for 2 years
so, im stressed, in the middle of a divorce from a cheating husband

i googled it finally and got this page
you guys have really made a diff and given me hope
tday i went to the dollar store got a pk of cheap sanitary napkins and went to walmart to get acv
i soaked the napkin with it and wore it for am hour...................
it burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and every move i made it burned afresh
but i stuck it through
i just was poking them with a qtip and realised some of the tops are already falling off!!! im soooo happpy
im going to a meeting in an hr and then ill wear it for the night
since i have what looks like a scattering of small pimples i figure if i go 2 wks it should go away
in the mean time im taking (forgice my spelling) ecchinacea, golden seal, and a probiotic. I plan to add an immune booster my mum researched- shes an lpn- by valerie saxion as she sais its worked for her clients..its $50 a bottle!
Thanks a ton guys, I dont feel as alone any more


I got gw when i was about 4 months pregnant so i couldnt use any medications for it nor while i was breastfeeding which i did til my son was 10 months so you can imagine how bad they spread it got to the point it hurt to sit i even tried to cut them off anyway a month later i found this site and i tried the acv thing so far its working canes like all hell but i just think about my baby and boyfriend and its worth the burning ive been doing it for 2 days now and already lost some of the warts very happy :)


FOR MEN: EXTREME CAUTION using Paper Towel Technique... just needed to post this because a few men have recommeneded the Paper Towel Technique rapped around the johnson. I did this with great success and great catastrophe.

Yes i killed many of the warts, but i also spread about 100 more, no exaggeration. The paper towel moves up and down and slides side to side even when taped so the virus must have spread to other parts of the skin. Or it doesnt work because the genital warts were brand new and more susceptible to spreading.

ACV does work though if left long enough on. They turn white and then eventually black. But this takes many hours of constant ACV over the GW.

Also Important... the warts has to be smothered to get no oxygen when killing it. So rubbing some ACV on a q-tip won't work for many people. It must be covered over with the ACV and oxygen deprived for many hours for the technique to work.


Hi I am 31 years old. I found out that I have GW. I was completely floored. I had the laser surgery to remove them all at once. It was very painful! I was totally clueless. The so called doctor left a few on me. I found them and pointed it out to him. He said he did not see them, but I mean duh that's kind of the point of the surgery. Well they came back because of it. I treat them myself now and fewer appear now. I mix ACV and table salt together in a thin paste. I apply it 4 times a day. The ACV kills the warts and the salt acts like neosporin. It stings for a few minutes but with in five days the warts are gone. You can see the results for yourself. This is in expensive. I am unemployed and I get food assistance. These items can be purchased on foodstamps or low cash funds!! The cheaper the better these days.


Try something called condyline paint you need to get a script from a doctor its not herbal/natural but it works good 2 times a day 3 days a week for 2 to 4 weeks and there gone

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