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ACV burned like hell and burned my skin ... to me in made it worse.. it seemed i had mmore than what i started off with. What worked for me is tying a thread around the base of the wart kina tight.. and applying TTO. So far it has worked for me.. just trying to recover from the ACV !!!


I was diagnosed with HPV about a month ago. I couldnt afford the high priced prescription. So I began searching the web. I read a lot about ACV. I had tried Oxy-fend. It didnt work for me. I tried castor oil. Didnt work. I then knew I had one stubborn little BAS@#$D!!! About the size of an apple seed. Looked more like a flat skin tag. Well I tried ACV. It burned but not as bad as most explaining. ACV did cause it to peel some ond broke it down, BUT.......It freaking spread!! I then had one on the opposite side! And a few little ones!!! This really pissed me off and I cried!! From one to maybe ten!! I was very careful and used guaze. I even covered the oposite side so it wouldnt get touched but it still spread. I also had what I think is scarring??? Looked like flat, elongated blisters??? Plus places where my skin was abraised. And small amount of bleeding. I COULD HAVE CARED LESS ABOUT THE BLEEDIDNG!! But if someone here know what scarring looks like and if this is scarring or another form of warts...PLEASE let me know!! So I started doing more researching. I read about Vitamin C. I crushed a 500mg Vitamin C tab and added just enough water to make a paste. Got in the bed, spread em! And spread it on with a butter knife as if I was icing a cake. I had a mirror propped so that I could see 'down there.' About a minute.....GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!! It feltas though I sat my 'stuff' on FIRE!!!!!!! But I bared it. I had the ceiling fan on plus something to fan with. This really helped a lot! As it dried, the stinging eased up. It will soon dry like paint. When it dried I layed a 2x2 guaze on it and used medical tape and taped it down for the night. The next morning I was afraid to look. I pulled off the guaze and all I could see was white dried paste. (I really slapped it on thick!!) Got in the shower. It burned to wash there but not near as bad as the paste itself. I dried off and the swelling was gone. What was left of the warts from the ACV had a little bloody spot. The main one I can tell where it was but was much smaller. I didnt apply anything else at the moment. But here is the magic.....About 2 to 3 hours later, I went to use the bathroom. When I looked to check, my 'stuff' looked so normal!! No swelling. It looked as if I scracted a few places. Even some of the so-called scarring had disappeared. I didnt feel the 'lump' from the new one that was coming up. Because I was so 'abraised' down there, I didnt aplly it last night. Just went back to some of the cream and castor oil I had been using to kind of give my skin a chance to recover before I slap it back on tonight. Also I notice a few in the 'pink' part of my 'stuff.' I placed a half vitamin C tab up my vagina as far as I could push it. Make sure you put on a pad for this. My warts inside looked better also but didnt insert it last night. Will do it again tonight. Also, I am experiencing itching from the main two. Is that a sign of healing??? I will keep you all posted on what I find in the morn. I hope this help you all. Thanx!


Oh I forgot keep in mind vinagar and baking soda cause a messy reaction if mixed so keep the two away from eachother if u as well decide to try the baking soda paste


Ive had hpv for about a year I have no insurance so have not seen anyone about my problem acv seems to be the answer so ive read im gonna give it a try and see how it works for me I was curious to see if anyone has tryed a baking soda paste I use it for almost everything whitens teeth,clothes freshens the fridge keeps corrosion off my cars battery cables just though it might work before I give the acv a try im gonna try baking soda paste ill repost afterwards to let everyone know how it works or affects the area


Ok,I'm not the type of person that blogs so bare with me, First of all ill like to thank to everyone that's put towards this page you wouldn't belive the help I recived from this! So its only fair I tell my experice and how I got rid of my G.w!

THIS IS MOSTLY FOR MEN)sorry its long!

Okay, so I'm male, I'm 18 and I got genital warts like 5mouths ago, I have had sex with my fair share of girls and NONE of them showed any signs of haveing g.w, I'm young a haven't told no one wat I have been frew and its been so hard somtimes, but anyways let's not get emotional this what I did to get rid of my warts in a 1 week! I had g.w on my foreskin and a big one on my sharft of my penis,

So I went a brought some ACV, now I know some people are saying it don't work for them but it worked a treat for me so mite aswell try it. I got some acv from my supermarket for cheap it cost nothing,some garlic tablets from a pharmise dere on the shelves and again very cheap, and some alo vrea gel, I had this already, some bandaids and some duct tape,.

Monday- before bed I soaked a bandaid in some Acv and wraped it round the sharft of my penis then use the duct tape and secure it in place,now at firt I didn't feel nithing I firt it won't working, but wait 5 mins and it starts to kick in! Now I aint gonna lie it is painful and irrtating and smells, but jus got to man the fu*ck up and handle it! Put a plastic bag over it to stop the smell and leaking! I left it over night but if cnt hack it a frew hours while you watch to movies will do!

Tuesday- when I woke up my penis was huge lol however this was due to massive swelling, I was worried and even fort about goin doctors but I just waited it out, all the warts turned white, aovid washing it wid water cause u was the acv out and you want it to get to the roots, so if you have a shower keep a bag over your penis but you can take the bandaid off, and leave it for the day! At night get ready for round two, but this time it will be more painfull sorry,



PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS SCARE YOU!!! IT HURTS, BUT IT WORKS! JUST TAKE MY ADVICE TO MINIMIZE THE PAIN !!!I am a fairly good looking, single woman in my 30's. I was diagnosed with HPV about 2 years ago w an abnormal pap. Not only have I had to have surgery to prevent the virus from turning into cancer (still waiting to hear back from doc if I have to again), I just recently developed warts! I was (am?) completely ashamed and disgusted. When the dr gave me a scrip for a med that cost $345 I was hopeless. I decided to google it and found this site.
So, I tried the acv. I had flat bumps around the outside opening of my vag, and there were really REALLY big fleshy ones right surrounding the inside of my opening (fyi didn't look anything like I thought they would). First of all, DON'T TRY IT W/OUT HAVING TEA TREE OIL, VIT E, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, IBUPROFIN (or tylenol or whatever) & SOME VODKA!!! (or painkiller of YOUR choice.
So, I first put the acv on cotton-didn't really hurt. Left it for 20 minute intervals for 3 times. The 3rd-oh dear God-I thought I was going to die. Couldn't take it.(that's when I decided I needed the vodka for the next time).
I gave it a rest for a few hours. I downed a few shots, got a show cued up that I wanted to see to distract me-and put the acv soaked cotton inside on the affected area. It kills. I stayed thru it-breathed thru the pain like they teach u when giving birth. After about a half hour of EXCRUTIATING pain, it kind of dulled. I left in in for about an hour and a half.
Now, I did not have the tto/vit e. Big mistake. The next day was awful. Took ibuprofin, kinda helped, wore off and still hurt. Totally worth it all tho. During the 2nd day, I would use the bathroom, and it was like the tiny warts on the outside were falling off, and the ones inside were melting. Like in gooey disgusting pieces, but melting. I cleaned myself w hyd peroxide, cuz really tring to prevent spreading-and put the tto/vit e on. TTO gives MUCH relief-like I said, don't attempt w out. So even today (day 3) they were still dissolving. I was checking them out while cleaning/putting tto on them, and OMG!!!! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!! Can see red where the nasty one's in the opening were dissolving! sore but WOW. And the bunch of little bumps? Only a few remain. Now, I know I'm not done yet, need to do another round of acv-but this truly is working, and I am so grateful I'm not alone. I thought my sex life was over. Good luck, person reading this.

-really wanting them gone.

So, I've had GW for about 7 months:( & It is horrible especially when you have to give reasons not to have sex with the person you're with and then they leave you after a couple month. But now I have a boyfriend who is perfect & rather cuddle than have sex:) so it's easier & I don't have to worry about him finding out cause we don't do anything. I've tried ACV, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, ACV w/ Salt(the salt ends up coming off 20 min later. I'm trying Equate Maximum Strength Liquid Wart Remover which has Salicylic Acid(same as Compound W just cheaper) & it burns like hell but if it works it's worth the burning(worse than ACV) I just started this maybe 30 min ago but I will keep all updated so if it works with me it may work for you.


Two things I've tried that have NOT worked: 1. electrocautery surgery caused horrible, blackened flesh that became open sores as the flesh fell off. Didn't affect some of the warts and where I thought it HAD worked, the warts actually grew back in greater number. 2. acid didn't work at all the first few times (that's why they tried the electrocautery). They tried it again AFTER electrocautery, and I thought it had worked on a few spots, but they just grew back.

I'm trying Aldara now. Thank goodness no open wounds, but I don't see any change in the current warts and I'm getting more. I've only been on it for 2 weeks. This is August. I discovered the warts in June. It's my first (and hopefully only) outbreak. I guess they haven't stopped emerging yet.

I'm also taking Astragulus, Vitamin B-complex, vitamin c, l-lysine, and several others, hoping to boost my immune system. But STRESS trumps all that, so I need to get my stress under control.


iv been reading the posts on here for a while now, i have a bad case of warts both flat and 'normal' bobbly ones. i live in turkey and the going to see the doc here for this kinda things is a defo no no! im also getting engaged soon and have been so stressed out by the warts that i even considered calling the wedding off and dumping my man! but i have today been to the chemist and got verrutol solution, i dont know if its available inthe us or uk but allready within 2 hours the warts have started to change color and that can only be a positive thing.... the chemist also told me that stress and worry make them worse so does smokeing... if any one else has tried this verrutol please let me know how you got on, thanks x


Back in 2010, i was post-pregnancy and had my 6 week check-up, i was told after my pap-smear that i had hpv. I was shocked, but had no symptoms of warts, and was told they may never appear. So, i continued on with life. Well in June of this year (2011), i noticed that i had infact, warts, flat to my skin almost like my skin was a different texture, but not raised and growth like, all outside my vagina, then i noticed that i had also had some on the walls inside my vagina, they were different almost like fleshy skin growths, nothing like a wart. I tried everything from acv ( which was VERY painful) to tto. It seemed to either spread or grow larger!! because i am a women and i had a wide spread area it was hard to get rid of by just soaking it with something. Although i do still recommend both but more so for men. After almost breaking down with complete hopelessness, i continued my research and decided vitamins were my last hope before calling my ob-gyn. When i was pregnant i had hpv and never had any warts appear. Why? because i was on vitamins. I also had takin some herbal weight loss pills after my pregnancy to get rid of my last 15 pds or so, a month after i stopped taking them the warts appeared, so they started when i stopped taking any supplements. I one by one started my vitamins, lysine- didnt do much multi-vitamin-didnt do much, i then started enchinacea/goldenseal complex, a week later i started taking 5-6 odorless garlic pills a day. Which u can also break open and apply as an added extra. After abt a few days on the garlic, there was no irritation 'down there' so i thought ok the garlic pills are actually working. Now i have almost completely healed up, from the inside to the out its slowly dissappearing. Its been about 2 weeks. Garlic is definantly a miracle worker!! Although since then i also started taking b complex and folic acid. I am not only happy to have them almost completely gone but now i am confident that i can stop this problem from ever happening again! And its definantly improved my stress level which can also have an effect on your immune system. Goodluck to anyone struggling, dont let it control you. This disease is VERY common,and after opening up to a sibling, they told me they had also struggled with this! So, dont beat yourself up and get some garlic!

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