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Mr. Paranoid

OK, first off I wanna say this site is awesome and it's really helpful. I'm gonna try to keep it short but I noticed a few bumps around the bottom of my penis a few years back. They really didn't get crazy but I'm paranoid and I hate seeing ANYTHING down there so I used the lighter to heat up the tip of a pin and burned em off from time to time. You really don't have to get the tip that hot, just hot enough to zap the little sucker. But right after you zap it, take a super sharp razor blade and cut off the melted part. Just make sure you hold your skin tight and only cut off the minimal part that got zapped and try to limit the use of the razor blade to one time, because it will bleed a little and makes it harder to see what you're doing. It sounds painful but it's really not. In about 5-7 days, you should be free and clear.

Next comment on a few more bumps I found down there the other day. Ok, so I didn't have any acv but I had distilled white vinegar, so I dipped a small piece of cotton in it, wrapped about 15 inches of gauze around it and used a rubber band around it instead of sticky tape. A lot neater and keeps it tight enough. Just don't make it too tight. I left it on for about 5-6 hours. It didn't really burn at all and it didn't smell.

Now the next few days, it's gonna look gruesome down there. It's gonna go from red to black in about 3 days. Just take a shower and lightly dab it with soap. I also used some Vitamin E oil 2 days afterwards. Didn't wanna put it on right away. I also used some Neosporin about 4 days in. Used that for about 2-3 days. After about 7 days, the scabs should start to fall off, improving a lot over the next 3 days after. I'm now at day 10 and it's just about all cleared up. I give it about 2 more days until total recovery.

A lot cheaper and less embarrassing than going to the doctor. I know you can feel weird about going to the doctor about this stuff when you can resolve the issue at home. I mean it's not like they have a cure anyhow so why not just do at home what they will only do at the doctor's office. Now if they had a total cure, I would visit the doctor, but until then, no thanks. Anyhow, good luck and hope I helped someone.


I'm asian and im 21, I live in Asia. Two months ago I noticed I had something like pimples on my vagina area I was like Oh this must be just pimples or something so I scratched them so hard ! bleeding and they were bigger and bigger and spread around that area I must do something ! I searched on the internet about it in my language ! I swear no one in my country posted any useful things or talked about ACV , they all just knew Aldara and most of them went to the hospital but I was very ashamed and I tried searching things in English ! I found this site ! I felt so much better when i just read and havnt tried anything yet :D I was so down I thought life was about to end and Why me ! I got myself sick but then ? we need to fight with it !

I got 3-4 GW on the opening of my vagina I got a very very big and fleshy one [3cm], I tried Crushed Garlic first :x it burnt like hell and smell soooo bad I stopped when warts looked so swollen , from my research i was sure i wouldn’t want to try ACV alone :D it must be too painful so I tried it with Crushed Aspirin , Castor oil and ACv , Nice paste tbh just put them on your warts then they ll turn white and then grey and black and fell off !! i was so happy when i saw them fell off ! dont pull them I did everything very gently and make it clean ! I always cleaned my vagina with hydrogen peroxide. They would fall off within a week [more or less] after that you can use any nice cream to heal your wound , I used Aloe vera gel [pure one] they looked better in two days became pink and all good :D I promised myself if this worked i would write down my story here and translated many many stuffs into my language and post one in my language too ! this is gonna be very useful ! ACV is not in every store like in The US but lucky me i live in the city.

Try hard to boost your immune system and fight with it My first outbreak happened when my immune system was very low , i got drunk too often and got sick very sick :xx

Good luck everyone
Thanks this site and Thanks God i Know english
I might end up worse if i didnt know english
you just need to fight with them
feel free to ask me any question


CLEAN---FYI---medical person again

read some more ppl posts on here, couple more tips.

1. the vit c post got good results in the same manner the acv does, acid.

2. to those who tie up the protruding warts, you are cutting off circulation, good job, but follow up with acv/vit c to ensure you got it all.

3. acv/vit c is not spreading the warts, they are bringing out warts you couldn't see that haven't grown to a visible size yet. this is a good way to examine your entire private area, soak a washcloth with acv and cover the entire area until you feel a little sensitive to it (5-30 min). you will see them all, all the white spots. this isnt sufficient to treat them, this just makes them visible so you can treat them.

again good luck, i gotta quit reading you guys offense, but I may never shut up! bye


from CLEAN FYI medical poster

another thought(s):

1. those using chemical remedies--i.e. acv & tto. warts are encapsulated in your skin cells(some people take longer because they have thicker cells than others,hence a thicker wart as well),if you carefully and CLEANLY injure the surface of the wart you will decrease the penetration time and reduce the suffering time frame of keeping the wet bandage applied.and cut those wet cotton balls to just a little bigger than the wart, quit tearing your self up all over!

acv has a good rationale behind it, it is in the glycolic acid family, although it is a weaker version.

you could do the same thing with otc skin peel solutions, just continually dab with a q-tip til it turns white and some do turn black, the ones that turn black just had a better blood supply to it and the blood turns black when reacting to the acid. doesn't change anything.
2. once you knock the wart out, get some otc oral supplements(these are stronger than average sold creams/oils) in gelcap form that you can punture and squeeze out, vit E(mixed tocopherols)and vitamin A(not beta-carotiene/carotenoids), sqeeze a couple of those into a a few sqirts of lotion and apply 1-2 times a day will speed skin healing.

good luck!



FYI--I am in the medical field.I am all for scientific or hollistic medicine, both are good.
I have been GW free for no miracle, sorry. just one of the lucky few, never had visible warts, had 1 cryo for cervical dyspasia, been clear since. I am currently battling flat warts on my arms and face.first true outbreak/problem with warts.been reading through these posts and got concerned about a lack of knowledge in cleanliness.
1. bleach water---alcohol does not kill the hpv virus, alcohol only kills lipid enveloped viruses. clean everything with bleach.remember to wipe down the toilet seat before and after use.
2. showers only---not sure of the true mechanisms but baths do increase speading. I use a shallow strong bleach water mix on days i need to shave, then shower.
3. shower daily with a salicyclic acne cleanser, psorisis shampoos are little more bang for your buck. this will help you to shed the most of your skin cells in the shower, you have to lather up and stay covered for a couple minutes before rinsing.
4. whatever treatment method you choose, both partners must be thoroughly checked and treated at the same time, also no skin contact with infected sites until both are cleared and skin is completely healed from treatment. condoms are not protective of hpv. strict abstinence until both persons are clear.

Sounds like most people are pretty on top of some effective treatments. Don't waste your good fortune, be CLEAN and prevent spreading.


Hie guys! Firstly I'd like to say I am sooooooo grateful to have found this blog! I live in a 3rd world country in Africa. I had been with my boyfriend for about 4years. In May this year I went to the doctor and had my pap smear done. The results were devastating! I have HPV she said. Only after confronting my boyfriend countless times did he admit to have cheated and to have known about the virus simply because he had it! My world was shattered! Went to see my gynaecologist and he suggested that I do a cone biopsy. The pain was mediocre. Last month I went for review and he said I was doing ok. I have lost my self confidence, pride and dignity in all this. I am so bitter, especially after being faithful for 4years. And the fact that he lied to me about it makes it worse. Just 3weeks ago I noticed a cluster of genital warts.I don't know if I can find this acv here in Africa but I will go to the grocery store for tto, garlic,vitamin e oil and apple cider vinegar. I will start an application today and I will keep you updated on what's working.


I have been using tea tree oil the past few days... Tried the crushed V C last night and O MY FREAKIN GOSH! That burned like hell.... I tried to leave it on as long as I could Id say I only made it about 8 mins... However I was at work... I have a cush night job... This was a very bad idea to try at work... Im prob gonna try again when I get home I have read 100 different statements from many different people on numerous sites and apparently tea tree oil and vc paste works best... Hopefully I can get rid of these things soon... It disgust me... :-(


For tough ones you've been trying to get rid of for a few years. Wash area with dial in morning, towel dry, then immediately apply Dr. Scholl's wart remover liquid in the tiny bottle, then.... At night pinch cotton the size of wart and soak in ACV. Place over wart and smother with a heavy duty tape. After a few days, mine washed off in the shower.


After reading several people's blogs about using ACV on genital warts, I decided to try it. I soaked a cotton ball and stuck it on the nasty growths. I wore a panty liner to keep it from getting everywhere. I kept it on for an hour. It stings a little, but its more uncomfortable than painful. MUCH TO MY AMAZEMENT, my warts peeled right off! You have no idea how thrilled I am bc I'm 7 mos pregnant and DO NOT want a c-section. Thanks so much to all of you who recommended it! I know some people said theirs took a few days, but mine only took an hour! This stuff is amazing :)


Wow.. what would I did without the internet?

So my story goes like this.. the first girl I slept with 9 years ago had many partners before me (she was my girlfriend and I didnt find out about the partners til later). I had unprotected sex with her and I could tell almost instantly something was wrong. Went to a clinic they told me I had gnu.. gave me medicene and I thought everything was gonna be ok.. but as years went by I could tell something was wrong down there and couldn't tell what.. doctors thought I was crazy.

Fast foward to 2 years ago.. I'm married and we have a son. When my wife was pregnant we went for her check up and the gyno told her she had hpv.. we were floored.. turns out she had one single GW.. we didn't know what to think.. cause I know I didn't cheat and she swore up and down she didn't cheat.. then it all came clear when we found out the ex had hpv... greaaaaaat.

Well I didn't notice any symptoms except for that odd feeling I always have down there which I came to live with.. until a few days ago.. it mustve laid dormant for all those years and I had 2 clusters of warts pop up. Depression sunk in and I started searching frantically for something to fix it. Almost went to a clinic but they were closed the day I called.

I finally found this website and I can't thank you people enough. I took the ACV (apple cider vinegar) method and so far these are my results:

Day 1: soaked cotton balls and used band aids to keep them on for about 2-3 hours. No burning at all. Took off the band aids and the warts were white, puffy, and seemed to spread! I thought I messed up. But after further reading the ACV brings unseen GW to the surface so it can kill it.

Day 2: did the samething for 4-5 hours. Still no burning. Forgot to mention I put a ziploc bag over my junk to keep it all contained. When I was done, I took a look. Still white and puffy.. started to doubt this method. Frustration set in.

Day 3: woke up and holy hell they're almost all GONE! Some have turned dark and they've all shrunk majorly in size. I'm gonna continue doing this til theyre gone and a little bit after so I can make sure they're gone for now!

I love you internet!

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