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Background Info:

22 year old male
~9 warts in clusters of 3 on the shaft

After reading through many posts on this topic, I decided to use the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) remedy. This remedy does not work for everyone but does seem to have the highest success rate. This remedy worked wonders for myself and I will explain what I used and how they were applied.

Shopping List:
Cotton Balls [$1.49]
Apple Cider Vinegar [$3.69]
Waterproof Medical Tape [$1.99]
Ziplock Bags [$1.39]
Rubbing Alcohol [$1.49]
Total: $10.05

Day 1: Before bedtime, clean the area with rubbing alcohol then cut a cotton ball to fit the area needed. Dip the cotton ball in ACV and hold on the area while you tape with medical tape. Do this as necessary to cover affected areas. Now the ziplock bag is not needed but this is what I did. I placed the ziplock bag on my shaft and ziplocked at the base. The first night the ACV stung a little but I was able to bear the pain and sleep. In the morning the warts were already white. I showered and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol then went upon my day.

Day 2: Again, the same routine before bed but this time, I only had the ACV applied for about 2 hours then the pain seemed a little to much. The next morning though, the warts were black.

** Did not apply anything for 3 days then by the 5th day, the warts fell off like scabs. I am now wart free and no scars.

Like said earlier, this does not work for everyone, but this did work for me. Hope this was a good description and you find success with this method too.


Hi everyone. I'm a 29 year old female who noticed my warts about two months ago. I was devastated...and afraid to go to the doctor. After buying all kinds of expensive creams I tried to stick to a more natural approach...and it worked. Most of my warts have gone away!! I have been taking...
1 women's one a day multivitamin
1000 mg of vitamin C
1000 mg odorless garlic
1000 mg vitamin E
300 mg green tea extract
And 2 weeks of 800mg Tagamet (OTC acid reducer which is known to help warts)

I also used ACV twice a day for a week. Staggered with tea tree oil/castor oil to soothe my skin from the burning/itching caused my ACV.

I also take 1 5 hr. Energy a day for b12 vitamins.

I'm not sure what it was that did the trick because of taking so many vitamins and using both castor oil and ACV...but it defiantly worked. Only a few more to go...then hopefully no relapses! Think positive...your body can fight this. Make sure you watch your alcohol intake!!!


After suffering from genital warts for about 6 months, trying all kinds of home remedies which are listed on here,(Vit E, garlic, tee tree oil, duck tape,dr schols, ACV etc..) doctors visits, and basically hitting rock bottom for a cure I finally found it and it's the ONLY thing that works so save yourself the suffering and just do it. Wartrol - you can only buy it online with a credit card, its descreetly packaged and shipped and wont even show on your credit card statement. Price is ~ 75$ for 2 month supply. Everyone says not to scratch or cut the wart, sorry guys but dont listen to that. Heres what you do. (I had ~4 small warts on the outer lip of my vag.) 1. Buy The Wartrol (it's the only think that works FAST) , 2 take a hot shower or Bath is even better. Use a new razor to shave over the warts, i ran the razor over it about 10 times to cause the wart to almost be scratched a little. Soak or spray the area with HOT water (the hotter the better- warts HATE HEAT) immediately after you get out and dry off spray the wartrol directly on the area where the warts are. Also use as directed (2 sprays under tounge 3x's/day). In 1 week they were GONE and I was happy. I will have you know that i stopped using it after they dissapeared and started to feel a little itchy like they were comming back so i started using it again and the itchyness went away. I havent stopped using it since.(3 months) Just a spray or 2 under your tounge twice a day. It says that after 4-6 months of use the hpv virus goes dormant and 85% of people never see them again. (Thats what i'm hoping for)All I know is i have no warts anymore and right now thats all i care about. Good Luck and yourself the pain, suffering, and stress and just order the wartrol, it was my life saver.


The juices from the marigold leaves have been used traditionally to treat warts. Apply the juice on the warts two to three times daily. Yes I tried and is cheap and works on most. ACV or TTO are good as already mentioned. A last resort and for those hard to get at places is a mixture called 'Black Salve' down right rip off if you have to buy it and as this is the internet you never know what you get depending where it comes from. Cheap and not to hard to make yourself from the pdf below. Gets sold as a cancer-tumor removal aid but seems to work for warts (can't comment on the tumors etc)


First I want to say thankyou to everybody that made a post on here b.c yall really helped me out.

I'm a 21y/o male an for the most I have protected sex but I've slipped up a couple times. Anyway id notice 2 small bumps along my 'happy trail' about 3 months ago but I didn't really pay attention until my groin started to itch more than usual an upon further I inspection I saw a couple more bigger bumps. So immediately I panic an started searching the internet for help.

I came across this site an it helped me out a lot. I was a lil skeptical about acv at first but I said wat hell an tried it. So I shave all my pubic hairs off an applied the acv to the areas an it burned like hell but the next day they started to turn white. But I still had a couple stubborn warts, so I decided to make a paste. I basically crushed up 500mg vitamin c pills an mixed with the acv.

Wow, it burned a little but was very pleased with the results this was just yesterday an the warts are already getting smaller an some even turning black.


I have only read a couple pages of posts here, so I'm not sure if someone else has mentioned this already.

Use Bananas - Should be available just about anywhere in the world for those of you finding it hard to come by ACV.

Cut a piece of the peel of the banana to whatever size you need to cover the affected area. Place it over the warts with the fleshy side towards the skin. (Yellow side up) I have best results when taping it on for the whole night while sleeping. Painless and the surrounding skin is unaffected. Should be gone in a week or two at the most.

Another one that is supposed to work will is fresh-scraped turmeric root. I haven't personally tried it, nor do I know where to get it, but I heard from others that it works as fast and painless as the banana peel. Maybe look at a local health food store if you have one.

Good Luck


so ive been reading this forum for a few days now and just been a little iffy posting my own problems but maybe my few thoughts will help someone else out a bit.. i dont know where i got gw or when spending alot of time at the street races with a loud fast car gets alot of attention from the girls i guess.. this site is a blessing for me since im a very nervous person and tend to shy away from the dr as much as i can.. ive had a cluster of gws on the left side of my shaft and also where the shaft meets my stomache for a while now and i recently(4 days ago) started with a acv and table salt paste type set up but it dries and crumbles too fast to to do any damage to the warts and fyi getting acv one ur testicles burns like hell.. tonight i bought (this is my little bit of help) tape called 'tender tape'(amazing suff) doesnt stick to skin or hair and holds a acv soaked cotton ball firmly in place(find it in any pharmacy section of any grocery store where the ace bandages and band aids are) after only 2 hours (no burning) the warts are white and some a black.. im going to continue this til there all gone. thanks again to everyone who posts.. gave me the courage to post and i can confidently go back to the street races and take money from hondas and take a hot chick home hahaha.


I am a 22-yo male and have never had unprotected sex... too bad gw can be transmitted through just external genital contact. I noticed some irregular skin near the base of the shaft of my penis maybe 4 years ago and used OTC wart freezer to get rid of the gws. Sometimes it would work, but generally they would always come back (I've done this periodically for a couple years now). The last time I froze them they seemed to spread, or get bigger/flatter so that clearly wasn't working.

Anyway, desperate for a better remedy and too ashamed to go to the doc (besides, it doesn't really seem like anything they give you works), I did some reading up on acv treatment. I had some white vinegar that I had used to locate warts in the past (white vinegar has the same acids as acv, namely acetic acid, which is what kills the warts), so I soaked paper towels in the vinegar, placing pieces strategically over the gws. I put large bandaids over the paper towels and left them on overnight.

In the morning, the gws were white, though I also found that the extent of my problem was worse than I thought. Some small warts showed up scattered near the base of the shaft, but the bigger issue was where I had previously frozen 4 gws (they were mostly healed up) were large (~2-3cm) areas of skin that showed up white and which I therefore assumed were infected. Anyway, I decided to continue the treatment throughout the day and next night, washing with hydrogen peroxide every time I changed the bandages. To say that it hurt is like saying the universe is big... that shit burned like nothing else I've ever experienced. I downed several advil before each treatment and sucked it up.

About two days into the treatment the warts took on a grayish/yellowish/brownish color, which I assumed meant it was working. I kept with the treatments and tried to keep the area as clean as possible. Anyway, it's 5 days later and my results are... inclusive. The extent of my gws was such that they didn't really shrink like other people have been saying, mostly because they were wide and flat (hardly even noticeable) rather than bumpy. While some of them did turn dark gray and even black, some patches are still only the yellowish/whiteish color. Now the main issue is (and I'm probably really stupid for doing this) I peeled/wiped away much of the dead skin, which has left me with red, raw skin surrounding the remaining gws. It's like I have hardly any layers of skin there. To make matters worse, I have pretty badly burned some skin that did not have any gws-the skin went from red, to dark red and is now blackish-gray. Not so good. So my problem now is, I have some gws remaining but I don't think I can finish the vinegar treatment-with the skin as raw as it is, it's just impossible to put anything on it. I tried and it was like I took a torch to my scrotum. I'm going to see if I can very carefully apply some to very specific areas, but given that a large patch of my skin is essentially missing down there I don't even know how I can tape anything on.

I didn't mean for this post to be so long... I guess I just wanted to talk about my pain, embarrassment and attempted treatment, as I have nobody in my life I want to share this with. My penis looks like the worst thing I've ever seen, I could almost cry. I think I'm going to give it a day or two to heal some and resume the vinegar treatment, as I REALLY don't want this shit to spread/come back. Don't get me wrong, I believe that it works-some of the smaller gws completely came off after a couple days and I'm thrilled about that-but the larger flat ones I'm having trouble with. Anyway, if I think of it I'll post again with an update on my progress. Good luck to all!


trying to work out a signature name on here, kinda funny, I think I signed differently a couple times, I think I can remeber FYI, so I'll just use that.
..just wanted to educate and share some info here...

when you are researching hpv you may stumble across some sites that say it can't be 'cured' and some say it can, for those interested I thought I'd clear that up...
1. hpv is a local topical infection, it isn't running throughout your body, it is where it is, and where you touch it to...ok?
2. you clear up the infected place(s) and you 'could' say you are 'cured' and you 'might' be cured...trouble is...
3. hpv is a virus...teeny 'could'(and most people do) have one infected little cell or so that might not be active, this is how you have another outbreak in 6months or whenever.(this is also why some say it isn't 'curable', there is no way to know if it is all gone or not)

so to be on the safe side you call it incurable since you cannot prove that it is all gone, but really it is able to be cured and NO ONE can ever PROVE it. there is NO WAY to check each and every cell...
..don't let this bother you, nothing has changed, hpv is still hpv, you just know a little more about it now...


HI guys, I'm back. Just wanted to update everyone. At the moment I am wart free!! Thank you Jesus. The Vit C tab really worked. The scarring is almost completely gone. (Only I can tell.) No new outbreaks. Although I still havent treated the few warts I have in the 'pink.' I'm just afraid they will spread to the outside. I am on my vitamin regiman daily. As far as the itching.....Well let me back up. After I removed the warts, I began having some serious itching. It was from the removed wart spots and then some. It was unbearable. But I found something that worked!! Can you say DESITIN??!!! This was a God send!! Desitin was the ONLY thing that helped the itching!! I STILL use it to this day. I keep a nice coat down there. I dont know if its helping to discourage growth also or not. I shaved there for last night (I sterilized before and after, the razer) and my stuff looked new again! I applied the desitin back on. I hope I helped a lot of peeps out. I will keep you all posted in the future. Thanks everyone. Love ya all!!

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