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I had genital warts on the penis head - the glans. It started with 2 small bumps, and then suddenly there were lots and lots of them, all around the head and under the foreskin, some red, some looked like whiteheads.

I did some research, and I took a cup of pineapple juice put it on a chair, and sat behind it and soaked my penis inside it. I pulled the foreskin back and held it like that for 10 -15 minutes, The next day they were already starting to disappear... After 3 days, they were gone completely. I stopped treatment. After 2 days they came back.
So I started the treatment again. Now I have been doing it for a week, soaking once a day, every day for 10 minutes, and there is nothing there.

One other thing I will suggest, is to use some moisturising cream with aloe vera or vit e or cocoa butter... or baby oil to rub all over your penis after the bath - because the juice will dry the skin out.

And remember, don't drink that juice!


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd be brave and share what helped me..
About 2 years ago I suspected I had GWs. I was scared and infuriated. I knew that I obviously didn't give them to myself; It was a huge gash to my self esteem and unlike most things, this falls under the way too much information category of best friendship. The only one I could tell with some pride still intact was Google.
I went online as most do and stayed up very late searching for a reasonable cure or divine miracle to fall into my lap(literally).
For a few weeks I was consumed with worry and anger. Hoping them away doesn't work and at the time I didn't have any insurance. They just grew.
I finally went to the doctor and my fate was confirmed.I opted out of in office treatment and went home to pout and cry.
Back to the internet.
I decided to spring for the 0.87 ACV and some fresh garlic cloves. I also grabbed some lemons and tea tree oil.
And decided to make this work.
I started with a warm shower or bath with epsom salt. Epsom salt is great. frees the body of toxins and makes skin feel great. You can also had dry milk if you so like. It's very cheap and makes your skin feel glorious and soft which is the most important part of this process. Out of the shower I would apply the Acv with a q tip.I would sometimes wear a thin pantie liner to mask the smell of the AVC. I also found that you can add lavender to the AVC and make it a bit more tolerable. Through out the day it was difficult. I was working full time so I had to bring this stuff to work and do it on my lunch break. Not fun, but one thing about doing it this way is you must be committed.
At work I'd bring a small container of peroxide, Acv and tea tree oil. I would Apply the peroxide first to clean and dry the skin, apply the acv and lastly the tea tree oil. I would do this at least twice while at work.
I would drink lemon water ALL DAY. Lemons are awesome for disinfecting your insides. I don't like drinking water so this was way around it.
At home I really tried to boost my immune system. I'm a big fan of the emergenC line and love the coca cola flavor. I'd drink about 2 packets of these a day. It really made a difference. Now about the garlic.
I would eat about 3 cloves a day. Garlic is amazing. Its healing attributes are astounding and I sometimes feel that this did the most for my immune system.
On weekends I would mash the garlic until it was paste like and apply it right to my affected area.
I did this for about 3 weeks. And saw major improvement! After the third week. Things seemed to get worse. They started to come back and this made me crazy, but I kept up with my routine. After a month only 3 small dots remained. I went to the store and bought a cheap bottle of liquid wart remover.This is warned against, but getting rid of warts is all about getting rid of the root, and I still think this was a good move. After applying the liquid, the skin would turn white and peel off. But a small lump would always remain.
I did this along with everything else for about 3 more weeks and always with the same result.
I was beginning to get discouraged, this had become somewhat of an obsession to me and It was killing me that I couldn't fix this.
I was going camping for a week and I was very nervous about not being able to keep to my strict regime while out enjoying the wilderness, and the fact of that terrified me. I went garlic in tow. Very nervous and bummed knowing that when I got home I may be in worse shape then when this all began.
To my surprise just the opposite.
After the week I came home and they were gone. GONE. GONE. Nothing there!! I stopped worrying somewhere around day 3 of that trip, and with that and my garlic they vanished.
All in all I had them for about 3 1/2 months. They sucked. And I worried a lot. But I won in the end.
Boosting your immune system is key in anything,with this make it priority. Lots of Garlic, vitamin c and lemon water is absolute life saver and last but not least, Hakuna Matata.

Good luck to everyone.


I figured I would post an update on my progress, as it's both therapeutic for me to talk about anonymously and I think it might be helpful for others out there struggling with this problem as well.

I left off with a severe second degree burn over a large portion of my penis. I ended up having to wait about a week for the burn to heal, as putting anything on it hurt like hell. I basically just washed it with hydrogen peroxide a couple times a day and kept it covered in neosporin and a bandage. After it healed to the point where I felt I could resume treatment, I decided to switch to a slightly less intense ACV treatment. Basically, I made a paste of crushed up aspirin and equal parts castor oil and acv to about toothpaste consistency. I'm a little skeptical that the castor oil actually does anything, but I wanted to dilute the acv anyway so I decided to go ahead with this. I applied this paste at night to affected areas and covered it with cotton soaked in a 50% diluted ACV solution (this was to keep the paste from drying out, increasing the effectiveness, but also diluting the ACV so I wouldn't burn my dick again!).

It was difficult to see results given that a large region of my shaft and scrotum was still quite irritated, and then I had a major setback. The gws spread to another area where I had never had never had them before and there were tons of them, about 50+, and I got extremely discouraged. In retrospect I imagine this spreading was caused by me overdoing the procedure and not allowing some time to heal between treatments. Anyway, I continued to apply the paste/cotton ball treatment to affected areas, and thankfully the new gws-which were all quite small-disappeared in a matter of days. However, there remained the problem of the larger, older gws that I had been struggling with.

Words of caution here-I had a single gw on my shaft that I had treated with over the counter wart freezer, which I thought killed it successfully but actually made it far, far worse. The wart didn't exactly spread, but became MUCH deeper rooted-I could tell not only because the ACV wasn't working on it as effectively, but also because where the gw had previously showed up as a small white spot it was now a large (~2 cm x 5 cm) area that showed up completely white after applying ACV. Anyway, this is going to sound gruesome but I basically had to keep applying the paste to this area nightly, using the day as a recovery period, until I almost got down to bare flesh-every day another layer of infected, yellow skin would peel off. Eventually I could see tiny white spots which I believe to be the 'roots' of the wart, and were clustered throughout the warty tissue. Sometimes I would peel away the infected skin, which I felt necessary to prevent it from spreading further. Anyway, I eventually managed to get rid of the warty tissue at the roots in this particular area through perseverance! There was basically an open sore on my shaft but it is healing ok and I expect it to be fully healed in a week (it's been about 4-5 weeks since I began using ACV at all, and maybe 3 weeks after healing from the burns).

I haven't completed treatment yet, as there are still a few stubborn warts on my shaft which continue to get smaller. My scrotum has been a bigger problem-after leaving paper towels soaked in ACV on overnight I found that a large region, about 2 inches by 4 inches, seemed to infected-I couldn't see individual warts but the whole thing showed up white, with one spot near the middle having turned black. Needless to say I was discouraged, but at this point I know the ACV treatment can and does work, it's just a matter of pushing on until it's all taken care of. I've continued the ACV treatment I described above, and after a couple days several layers of infected skin on my scrotum basically sloughed off in the shower. The area was quite tender, and having made the mistake of overdoing the treatment before I decided to wait a couple days before resuming treatment, as I'm assuming that I'm getting CLOSE to annihilating them all but not there yet. Waiting to apply another treatment was definitely a good idea, as the outer layers of skin have continued to peel off leaving what looks to me like healthier skin below.

So this is the point I am at now: I am treating what seems to be a large infected area on my scrotum, and a few isolated gws on the shaft of my penis. I am going to resume treatment tonight and hopefully things will go well this week. My advice to those out there is to remain positive, and most importantly, don't overdo the treatments!! A couple days of applying ACV followed by a couple days of rest seems to be better than applying it every day, as it gives your body time to get rid of the dead skin/warts and generate new skin from underneath, and also lowers the risk of completely burning yourself like I did. Once again a long post but I hope this is helpful or at least a cautionary tale. Good luck to everyone, and I will try to post again when this ordeal is over.


Ok I posted on here maybe a month or two ago. About 3 weeks ago I had a major break out, actually the worst I've ever had. I was shaving, not realizing I had a OB. I cut open on of the bumps. So I used my powder( zinc gluconate) Well it seemed to not be working at all. The powder actually got stuck I'n the one I had cut open. It got hard like a seal. Making it WOrSe!! Omg I was so scared. Because I have no insurance, every damn clinic wanted to test me before being able to give me some meds, which would take like a week. So I asked if their was something I could just use over the counter. They recommend blistex which I's for the mouth. Also I bought like 10 bottles of peroxide because it helps prevent risk of infection I'n Minor cuts, ( I had cut my ob) also bought some no medical gloves. I would wash my self. Then poor the peroxide on myself until it didn't bubble anymore the I put the blistex on. I did this for two weeks. It took long because of my cut. But it did work. Hope this helps. Always keep the faith


I found out that I have GW. Last February, I made a horribly stupid mistake. At a weak moment I accidently slept with my ex husband. I had no idea that he gave me the virus until very recently.
After the shock and anger eased up a little I knew I had to do something to get him, and this virus out of my life forever.
So naturally I hit the internet looking for ways to get ridof the warts. I was treated by the doctor when she found them. She used a wart removing solution, that turned them white, and it was extreemly painful. She told me that in a few days they would fall off, and I would probably need to be treated again. Well, she was right. However, I have an extreemly busy schedule, and I just dont have the time to sit in a doctors waiting room. After reading so much about apple cider vinegar, I decided to try it. I also started taking a multi vitamin, enchinacia, and vitamin c. Last night I started the ACV treatment. at first it didnt burn at all, I thought everyone was exagerating. What it did do, is reveal that I had a bigger problem than I originally thought. I thought I only had 2 warts. It turns out I have a cluster of them that covers my entire perineum. This really reveals the evil nature of this thing. You may have them, and never see them because they are the same color as your skin, and theyre flat. So this really sucks, but knowing they are there is the first step to making them gone.
They began to bleed after a little while, which I read was normal, and actually a positive sign that they are being effected by the ACV.
But it burns. It burned so bad, it made my stomach hurt. I thought I was going to throw up. I barely slpet last night because it was so painful. I read that you are advised to sleep with the ACV soaked cottan ball on the area, but I couldnt take it. In fact I hardly slept at all last night.
This morning I took my vitamins again, and repeated the soaked cotton ball procedure. Altho it still really hurt, I was able to leave the cotton ball in place for about 2 hours, and get myself together for work.
The warts so far appear to have changed. I'm not sure if they are smaller, but they have changed from a white color yesterday, toa brownish yellow today. I will ofcourse continue to repeat this and hopefully they will go away.
Ive been reading that some people have instant success with this. I dont think that will happen for me. I think its best to see this with an open mind. It hurts. It sucks. Its embarrasing, and ugly, and i feel so ashamed.
But to you, whoever is reading this: you made a mistake, and we all make mistakes. Remember that our self worth is not measured by the magnitude of our failures, but in the heroic way we pick ourselves back up again. Lets use this as a wake up call, and be thankful that is isnt HIV. Now is the time to take care of your body, and for the love of god, dont sleep with your slutty whore of an ex husband ever again.


I figured I would add my story as well because this website helped me SO much!! When I left the doctor yesterday, after going in for a routine physical, I felt like I was a whore or something, lol. I have slept with very few people but I still have been diagnosed with HPV. I asked her about the very small bumps on the outside of my vagina. I've noticed them for months, changed cleansers, changed detergent, even changed toilet paper... nothing helped. They aren't painful, they are just there...
My doctor gave me a cream called Aldara. I am to apply it 2 times a week and the doctor said it could take up to 4 MONTHS to work.... wow, 4 months....!!! I'm not with anyone right now therefor not having sex but I sure don't want to look at them, lol. So, I started looking at home remedies... Apple Cider Vinegar I thought about, crushed vitamin C I also thought about, and then I saw a post about lemon essential oil. Since I already have that I tried that, it's essentially the same idea as the Vitamin C. Citrus fruits have a huge amount of Vit c, therefor the oils do as well. So, last night I put a nice small layer of Lemon Essential oil around the outside of my vagina and when I got up this morning I already noticed a small difference. The already really small warts were a little bit smaller and the skin in general looked better, so I just got finished applying another layer. It doesn't burn, itches a tiny bit on areas of skin that may have been dry but nothing horrible. I'm going to continue doing this as well as the Rx cream and I'm very hopeful. I will also start taking a daily vitamin since these warts come around as the result of the immune system not being able to fight it off. And finally I will be getting the immunizations for the strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer. This has been a wake-up call for me, that no matter how careful you are in reference to sexual activity... you can still get this virus. It's time to protect myself and I hope this post helps you protect yourself to.
You can essential oils at an holistic or new age store. Make sure it's pure essential oil, not mixed with a base. Thank You and I wish you all the best of luck!


I figured I'd post my situation as well..

I noticed a small cluster of GW on the
right side of my shaft a few months ago and did some research and decided to try out the ACV method..

Day 1: I soaked a piece of paper towel in ACV and placed it over the infected area, and kept it in place with some black electrical tape. I left it on throughout the night and by morning the GW were white and fairly puffy.

I went about my day and as I came home in the evening the GW started to turn black.

Day 2: Did the same treatment process over again, and the following morning the GW became more dark in color.

Day 3: Treatment process once again, and this time when i took the bandage off in the morning basically the entire GW was black and a tiny bit of the GW actually fell off..

I'm on day 3 and will continue this process until my GW are completely gone. Hopefully it wont be too long!

P.S. I've also been taking 1000mg of Vitamin C each night before I go to sleep as I have read that helps with the treatment as well.

For anyone that is reading up on this and seems skeptical, it's definitely worth a try.


All the skeptics out there, the ACV works well, regardless of your gender, etc. I read about it, talked to an herbal remedy shop owner, etc. Finally, I tried it.

Step one: get your items together, cotton balls, a fresh bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (available at your local GNC health store), and some medical tape or band-aids.

Step two: clean your area. I used a gentle anti-bacterial soap, and some warm water will feel wonderful.

Step three: dose the cotton ball with the ACV, and gently apply to affected area. warning: this will absolutely burn like hell, at least it did me. At first it was almost unbearable. and when I say almost, I mean it was the most intense thing I'd ever experienced and bottom line, OUCH. After a minute or two, put a fresh cotton ball (still soaked with ACV) over the affected area and cross your fingers that you've adjusted to the intense pain.

I left my cotton on there for about three hours, and all the warts turned white, you know the regular deal. I then cleaned up again, and put on a nice (CLEAN) pair of 100% cotton underwear (this will help you breathe), and relaxed as my day went on.

The next morning, my warts were nearly gone, almost like they were never there. I rubbed some A&D ointment on there (I didn't have any vit E tablets to 'pop'} and went on about my day.

Repeat this until you feel they've subsided. And remember, not everything works for everyone.. this was my best option at the time. Also? THE VIRUS DOES NOT GO AWAY, you will still be at risk for breakouts whenever your immune system is low. So take care of yourselves guys, it took me long enough to realize it!


OM goodness ya'll! I will tell you that i was so skeptical of this remedy. BUT, I am now a huge believer in TEA TREE OIL. It cures all! Listen up, I put a cotton ball soaked in TEA TREE OIL for about half an hour. Towards the end it started to burn so I took it off once i couldnt bear it anymore. I noticed the tops of the warts were slightly bleeding. the next day THEY WERE COMPLETELY GONE! It has been a week so far and no signs of reappearance! Now let me warn you. I never had them checked by a doctor. But i self diagnosed since they had been in the same location for a few months. Im almost cmopeltly positive it was HPV. But thank you GOD for tea tree oil!!


hi im a 20 year old female just got diagnosed last week with hpv,was so freaked out but im cool now.i heard that the warts break out when your immune system is weak so i figured that eating healthy and exercising wouldnt as soon as i started eating a whole lot of carrots,raw garlic and raw spinach.aperntly bright orange and yellow fruits and vegies are supposed to help. green leafy vegetables too.with a litle yoga i noticed after two days they were getting smaller in its the second week and they seem to have stopped geting going to try out the acv now burns like hell.hope it works!

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