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So i had warts on my vagina, on the outer area and frenulum. I tried the ACV, by putting them in a pad and wear it for at least 30 minutes for few days. At first it didnt hurt that much, days later they sting and hurt like hell!!!

and i didnt see changes like people said on this site, and the ACV didnt get to my warts on the frenulum either. My bf told me to stop and go see a doctor.I went to the doctor and she gave me podophyllin and TCA cream. The warts were gone after the second treatment. When i stopped the treatment for 3 weeks, they came back. I went to the doctor again till its my 5th treatment and i was so desperate because i need to spend a lot of money on it, plus i never know when will it completely gone. I check my diet, and no i dont eat a lot of junks but i eat chicken A LOT and i also exercise 5 times a week. They said you need to boost your immune system to fight the virus so i drank ginger tea every night but still no result. Then i started to have yeast infection and there a white spots around my hymen.

I finally decided to try vegetarian diet, without knowing will it work or not. I also drank betel leaf tea( i went vegetarian not only because of the warts but because i have this excessive body odor thats frustrating). Then, i drink Yakult probiotic every morning too.

By the 4th day i start the diet, my warts are gone! The frenulum area are clean! and the yeast and white spots are gone too.

Its been a month and they havent resurfaced yet, one web said if the warts arent coming back in 3-6 months that means you are totally free from it.

I think ill stay being a vegetarian hahahaha

It might not be the meat from the chicken thats keeping your warts around but those GMO.

Try to change your diet guys, eat lots of veggies and fruits. Hope you can get rid of the warts without pain from ACV or spend a lot of money to the doctors.

Free From Warts

I only read a few of the postings on this site, but here's my experience. I'm a straight male who got a wart on my crotch from my wife. She had a wart, which we thought was a mole, on the opposite side of her crotch. I don't have to explain how I came in contact with her HPV. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar would kill the infections and cause the warts to die and fall off. This is because of the the Salicylic Acid within the the cider. I got the anal warts from shaving my anal region after the wart in my crotch. VERY IMPORTANT: STOP SHAVING YOUR PRIVATE AREAS IF YOU DISCOVER A WART. BELIEVE ME IT WILL SPREAD!! In order to get rid of the warts, I was just dabbing some vinegar on the infected in the morning but not placing a soaked cotton ball or paper towel on the region and leave it on all day and night. The warts got bigger and I felt hopeless. I found this site and decided to try it again. IT ONLY TOOK ONE NIGHT AND A DAY TO GET RID OFF THE WARTS. This time I soaked paper towels in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed all over my rectum and scrotum. I had lots of warts, in various sizes all over. This started from 10:00pm last Monday to 4:00 am on Tuesday. Here's the honest truth. It burned worse than anything. That being said you have to suffer some pain to receive healing. I woke up on Tuesday and went to work. I was in pain, but determined to not give up. At work I applied the same treatment, going to the restroom apply fresh vinegar every 3 to 4 hours. I stopped soaking the warts when I left work around 7:00pm. I applied the vinegar at 10:00pm again until 3:00am on Wednesday. It burned worse than ever, but as it soaked in the pain got less and less. I took pictures with my phone and noticed the warts looked white. That being said, I wasn't sure if it was real or the bad lighting in my room. The next day they were black and nasty. I felt them and thought it didn't work. On Thursday night I was in the shower and felt the warts and started to pick at them. ONE BY ONE I PICKED THE FROM MY BODY!! I was shocked and excited. Here's the down note: My rectum was swollen and I had a hemorrhoid, but the warts were gone. I could not believe it. I've been keeping the area clean and not touching it too much. When it heals I'll check to make sure they are gone and treat again if I need to. I only took me 1 day and a night to burn them off. IT WILL HURT LIKE HELL, but you might not need to deal with ASSHOLE DOCTORS AND THEIR BITCH NURSES!!!!! Trust me, I've been there. For give the spelling. I'm excited to just tell my story!!v Don't give up. There's hope.


For genital warts you need to fight with the virus HPV..i just drink 3 slice of lemon put in hot water drink every morning before eat anything and before sleep do the same eat fruite with Vitamin C and drink a lot of green tea because greeen tea containing of antiocsidant.take suplement with vitamin A C E ..1 week your warts will gone with no pain no torture..


Hi, I'm a male who discovered a cluster of GW under the head of my penis a few months ago. I had tried both freeze as well as acid burn, one time for each. They helped, but GW came back even stronger. I didn't want to keep visiting doctor as it's quite time consuming and costly, so i started ACV remedy. It worked quite well. I didn't keep ACV on the GW overnight. Instead I just use q-tip to apply a few times a day. Within a week, the GW almost gone. I have repeated the process a few times, the area always left with a trace. Either raised a bit or with a bit discoloration or both. Never look the same as the surrounding healthy skin. I'm not sure if all the virus is gone and I should stop treating, just let the skin heal. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!!


Having genital warts is such a downer. finding those little warts on my most prized possession almost gave me a heart attack. I went to CVS and bought an over the counter compound w wart freeze off that you would use on regular warts. I almost burnt off my package trying this. The formula was way too strong and caused a lot of bleeding. And the worst part is the wart didn't come off. So next I dried ACV. I put it on day and night for 2 months and absolutely nothing happened. So finally i found a genital wart cream called Natrula for genital warts and it worked like a charm. I put it on 2 times a day for about 5-6 days and bingo, it actually removed my genital warts. Make sure you get some treatment as soon as you see genital warts because my warts started out small and then became a cluster. But I'm happy to say im genital wart free today. I feel really bad if your know having to deal with this situation but it can be solved don't worry so just hang in there.


Two things:

1. Hydrogen peroxide: use the q tip and rub it all over the GW.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: use the q tip and rub it all over the GW after hydrogen peroxide.

Mine disappear within 3 days.


short and sweet.. a lot of people have hpv. like someone said earlier, its just inconvenient and maybe a bit embarrassing. Now, here's what i did: First things first, I realized that it was more effective if you trimmed. keyword. trim. I would not recommend shaving at this time. besides that, I would get maybe a teaspoon of ACV, 10-12 drops (depending on the dropper) of 100\\% TTO, and two 500mg tablets of aspirin. The consistency should not be thick. I would then put this onto a paper towel and hold it onto the affected area for 15-20 mins for 4 nights then rested for a night and continued until they were gone! this takes maybe 2-3 months but it is less painful and I have not had any reoccur. I am also taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin C. hope this helps!


I want to stress to a lot of you that this stuff takes patience and you need to be persistent with your treatments. I had ONE wart (located a few inches away from my lady parts near my butt cheek) that would not go away for years, even after my paps came up normal. It was the only one I ever had and even came back after I (stupidly) picked it one night (don't do that, it's gross...and you'll bleed a lot).

I started using tea tree oil a couple weeks ago. I generally take showers in the evening, so after my shower, I make sure I am COMPLETELY dry. I take a q-tip soaked with tea tree oil, and apply to the wart. I cover it up with a band-aid and leave it go. Some nights I put some extra on the band-aid itself. It's been a slow process, but I haven't given up. If I applied it twice a day, it would probably be a fast process. The TTO is drying the wart out. Layers of dead skin are coming off it and it's getting smaller. The whole thing falling off in one bit is not the case for me, more so dwindling down in size. It's not really irritating me at all, though at first I did have a couple days where I wanted to scratch it. I might start adding ACV to the mix just to get it over with already. However, the TTO does work. Just be sure you're not getting it everywhere. It will dry the skin out that's around it too.


Genital warts. No one wants them. They are the most common STI out there though and most of the time are not a big deal. They are a bigger issue for women as the HPV strain that causes them can also cause cervical cancer. Also, some bumps look like warts but are pre cancerous growths. I say this because if you have bumps down there you need to get them looked at by a doctor. Don't wait. I discovered one down there thought it was a zit. Then three more grew. I made an appointment with the Doctor right away. I did still try apple cider vinegar before the appointment I think it helps bring them down a bit. But the doc just put acid on them to burn them off. It worked really well for two of them. I'm going back, two weeks later, for another treatment and I think it will get rid of them all. I have been using coconut oil and aloe Vera on the others to soothe and reduce inflammation. The doctor said if you smoke tobacco (not weed) the warts will stay for up to three years whereas if you don't smoke they usually go away in 12-18 months. Also take vitamin c, wear comfortable clothing that does not rub or restrict, and try to reduce stress, eat healthy and exercise. Tell your partner! It's only fair. Go get them treated at the doctor for fastest resolution. Planned parenthood will see males and females with no insurance.


hi i just want to share with you people the amazing use of ACV OR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. i am female 22 years old, ofcourse i have a boyfriend my first to mention and i find out that he infected me with GW. at first i tought it was just a simple pimple on genital area but days have passed and they actually become bigger and they spread out with my genital area, ofcourse i panicked i cried a lot and searched that it was GW. i feel so asshamed to check by a health care professional because i think i am too young and my mom would probably kill me if she knew these. when i found out that i am infected by GW my world just crushed and i feel so hopeless i told my bf about this but hes to relaxed and told me that nothing to worry about. ive tried different topical cream but nothing works, but lately ive been using ACV and just in 2days you can see a big difference some of my GW already fall off and all of them turned to black already i am very happy with the result i wish i could help you with my method. you will be needing acv,cotton balls, drink vit e and vit c for supplement and replace your water to lemon water it works!
1)clean your private area with anti septic feminewash
2)keep it dry with clean cloth
3)wipe the infected area with acv and leave the cotton balls over night

its better if you will drink supplements to boost your immune system i remember having these outbreak when i am sick hope this helps thankyou

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