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Oh my God...I thought being drunk would help ease the pain of the ACV..... wrong!!! Why are these stupid STDs even around..shit is ruining my life.


The ACV treatment does work. I had used it in the past. Soaking overnight isnt really that necessary, you will just burn the skin even more, and the outcome will be intense pain. Get some tape/bandaids, and cottonballs soak the cottonballs in AVC and tape it to the warts from anywhere to an hour to 5 hours, depending on how bad the warts are. Remove and rince the area. I found that when I had to pee, the urine would sting the areas horribly, so I use a warm squirt bottle and 'flush' the areas to help when I use the washroom. Apply Vitamin E oil,or any oil that soothes/heals skin, eg. Neosporin. Let yourself heal a little, when most of the stinging sensations are gone, and repeat the whole process. In just a short time, they will be gone. Some good signs it is working are; they turn white, begin to peel off in pieces, and the skin underneath is red(raw, new skin, hence the stinging you feel when you urinate.) This is the best advice one sufferer can give to another...a success story. Any treatment that involves the ACV works.


I have had genital warts for about 5 months now, iv tried everything given and reccommended, western or herbal. nothing has worked. the acid tratments made the thing bigger too! and so i resorted to 5 pints of cider, some anti septic and a blade. DO NOT DO THIS! i was stupid and fed up, desperate i guess, now after all that it has returned under the little scar i was left with, i dont want to know how deep you'd have to cut to get the root out! i went deep enough!

my last resort is a freezing kit, going to try that,accept the scat, tell people it was a big zit that scarred. if this fails it will be a life of seclusion until they go away naturally!


Here goes,

i wanted to let everyone know what I have tried and the results i got HPV 8 months ago just 3 maybe 4 little warts I went to the clinic and was given aldara cream it caused me to have extreme side effects and now my condition is MUCH WORSE I have tried ACV it burns like hell and cant handle the pain because my warts have now spread to my anus i have also tried wartrol it did NOTHING!and oxyfend which helped a lil but no real improvement could work for others.

Im so over this, and if you have any tips i havent tried feel free to help, I NEED IT!!


Thank God for this website!!

Hello everyone, I am a 23 year old female and just recently noticed I have HPV (or at least the physical symptoms if you know what I mean)

Ever since I can remember, I've always had an abnormally strong immune system. I RARELY ever get sick, ever! But over the past 3 months I've been working two jobs, extremely sleep deprived, and eating nothing but absolute garbage. Fast food daily, candy, sweets all the time. So what do you know I just recently found the warts. I thought it was weird since the last time I've even ever slept with a guy was back in June. No idea who I caught it from considering I thought all the guys I've been with are pretty trustworthy. I've been taking a multivitamin which I am now thankful for seeing as most of the posts here mention taking one. But I smoke, so I'm going to try to stop ASAP. I've read a ton of your posts about the ACV so I'm gunna try it and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for all the support and great advice!!


This is my first time writing in here, but I had to share my experience and want to tell everyone out there -- there is hope.

I discovered GW a while back and after reading through tons of forum threads felt extremely depressed. Tried ACV for two weeks - the GWs disappeared gradually but came back after a week and at this point I was really hopeless.

The thing with GWs is that as long as you have the HPV in you and your immune system is weak, the symptoms WILL come back.

So I stopped the ACV and decided I needed to take action and get to the root of the problem.

I visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician in my city and she put me on a herbal medication prescription for a month. It was the most foul thing I have ever had to drink - and every day for a month too. The herbs included honeysuckle and wild chrysanthamum - you can google these, and try to read up as much as you can - but I've come to realize that when it comes to fighting viral infections, TCM is way ahead of western medicine. Antibiotics are tremendously helpful in many cases, but in instances like these, my western doctor had absolutely no remedy for me - other than cosmetic short term suggestions that deal with the wart and do not go to the root of the problem. My decision to try TCM was literally spurred by extreme desperation.

So anyway I took the herbs every day for a month and supplemented that by taking 2 garlic capsules twice a day for a month. Gradually the GWs cleared up - the skin is much smoother now, and not tender and painful like when I was using ACV.

It has been 3 months now and I just went back to the gynae last week to do another HPV test, and it came out negative.

Amazing but there are many herbs out there that have strong antiviral properties. It is important to visit a physician though because the herbal formulation needs to be customized based on the constitution of your own body.


I'm actually 5 months pregnant. I have been exposed to HPV in the past but because my immune system was much stronger before pregnancy, I showed absolutely no symptoms. At about 3 1/2 maybe 4 months, I broke out with warts completely out of no where. They almost came over night. I was completely devastated. My doctor told me they would rather wait until after pregnancy because the warts may clear on their own but at the same time I have the risk of passing a long to my child during birth. So I refused to leave it to chance. I'm currently using the Apple Cider Vinegar method. At first I was a little skeptical but littlerally 10 minutes after application, all the warts have turned white and I can see them ALL clearly. I have 3 very large warts and those seem to be taking to the ACV the most. Fingers crossed. I hope this works! This is day one for me.


I used ACV for 45 min on a qtip for 3 nights. it then scabbed up. when the scab fell off i was left with a white spot(scar?) where the scab was. its been a couple weeks now, has anyone experienced this? will it heal and go away?

Crying like hell

Hi Ladies and Gents,

i live in a strict country, for this reason i can not go to doctor ... Recently i ve found some black bumps on my groin area. then i diognosed them that they are HPV warts... hello world :((

recently i found this site and after several hrs of reading i decided to use ACV tech. But i think i did something wrong. Now i am seeking your help pls share your experience and guide me on this issue. night i clean the infected areas with anti bacterial soap (on my left scrotum area) and applied ACV whole night. I saw most of them become white morning. morning before applying the new bandage, i started to rub the area with ACV soaked cotton, and i observe that warts were easily peeled off. i did this 3-4 mins. on some particular areas. Then it started burn like hell. then I stopped. and i applied ACV bandage again whole day

2nd night again i applied ACV. İt was burning like hell again but i survived ...
2.nd morning, i observe the area previously rubbed, lost all skin, and all area was white (4cm by 2 cm)pure white like white cake. I am not describing white spots. Think about totally pure white area. And height difference between surrounding area significant. i.e. This area is in deep. It seems like all protective skin or warty skin was off.

Now i am applying bepanthene creams to heal the area.

My question is that should i still continue to apply ACV to the area or i should wait some time to heal a little or no need to do anything because all warts removed only thing is waiting until the healing.

What is your opinion?

Pls help me i am emotionally so down.

Man with a Plan

I had genital warts on the penis head - the glans. It started with 2 small bumps, and then suddenly there were lots and lots of them, all around the head and under the foreskin, some red, some looked like whiteheads.

I did some research, and I took a cup of pineapple juice put it on a chair, and sat behind it and soaked my penis inside it. I pulled the foreskin back and held it like that for 10 -15 minutes, The next day they were already starting to disappear... After 3 days, they were gone completely. I stopped treatment. After 2 days they came back.
So I started the treatment again. Now I have been doing it for a week, soaking once a day, every day for 10 minutes, and there is nothing there.

One other thing I will suggest, is to use some moisturising cream with aloe vera or vit e or cocoa butter... or baby oil to rub all over your penis after the bath - because the juice will dry the skin out.

And remember, don't drink that juice!

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