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I have tried acv and it didn't do much. Only caused burns on my skin and the diluted solution had no effect on the warts (they kept growing overnight). I read about genital hygiene and found out that you are not supposed to wash these areas with any kind of soap at all.

Washing the genital area with soap kills all the good bacteria, that keeps the area clean and healthy. In other words, the bacteria that keeps viruses and bad bacteria from doing any harm to your body. When you do this, the viruses and bad bacteria are free to infect and spread.

So, I stopped using any kind of soap on these areas and only rinsed with water. Itching is gone, and I feel better 'down there'.

My theory is, that when people find out about their warts, they cause more harm by trying to keep the area sterile, which you're not supposed to do at all.


hey, i wrote a month ago about cutting the wart off being stupid, i take it back, i was just being impatient with a rough lil scab, it came off now im left with a tiny white scar, no wart. am absolutely over the moon! wart free baby! scar is fading quick too!

hope you all have luck with yours too!


Day one... I went to the store and seriously have bought everything on here that ive seen ''works''. I have been so consolidated and isolated since I found out I had HPV I almost forgot what the sun looked like and got very good at video games. My social life has gone to shit so lets hope one of these really works. The ingredients

-Apple Cider Vinegar
-vitamin c 1000mg tablets
-mens one a day multivitamins
-lemons for water
-garlic/onion/lemon/honey to make popsickles for immune health.
-castor oil
-bandages/ziplocks/cottonswaps/tender tape
-pineapple juice 'teabag measure'?? lol
-tea tree oil
-bananas (peels)
-and 5 hr energys for b12 vitamins

I have tried several gruesome things to find myself skeptically discouraged as it is. Ill keep everyone updated for might work for me. HPV infected for a year.. Lets do this!


I have had Genital warts for the past two or so years on the right side of my penis shaft. I went to a uroglogist in April 2010 and he recommended the laser removal so I had the procedure done. The warts came back about 6 months later and I became distraught. I ordered wartrol, potassium pills, garlic pills, vitamin e, tried the home freeze kits and even followed someones recommendation on this site of heating a needle and applying it to the warts. I tried all these things with no real success, admittedly I just panicked and tried all these things a few times without using one treatment over an extended period of time. Flash forward to April 2011 and I went back to the urologist and had the laser removal again. It worked for the most part but I have several really small bumps in that same area of the penis.I think they are to small for the laser surgery and would rather not go through that embarrassing procedure again.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving (and I will have a few days off of work) so I plan on treating these with a heavy does of the apple cider vinegar treatment. I am hoping the ACV treatment will smooth out that area and clear it up. I am also going to take potassium pills and garlic pills for the next month and might use vitamin e oil to heal the area up.

Any input would be great. I have my fingers crossed that this will work and remove the smaller warts that remain and smooth out the skin in that area.


I use Aldara creme, it didn't work, and it hurt and cost quite a bit of money. My doctor used liquid nitrogen to freeze my warts and that is the only thing that worked for me. You have to be patient and the warts will fall off after a couple treatments every two weeks or so. Don't over do it, you want to keep your penis right? :) Also, you must get one or two extra treatments because if you don't it will come back. I stopped going to my doctor after tehy disappeared and they came back 6 months later. You should keep getting treatment even after they seem to have gone to kill off any remaining virus.

be patient, use nitrogen, it works. I will try freeze away if possible, but I have insurance so i'll use doctor for now.

Now , to lying liars and their lies that they tell:

El Nympho. You are such a liar! 14000 to remove 9 warts? what planet do you think we live on? Stop lying . People please don't use his/her remedy and please don't cut off the wart right after applying freeze away etc. you may infect yourself.


The cure that worked for me was: I went to the doctor for a staph infection, they gave me a real strong antibiotic but don't remember the name sorry. Also was the area of my genitals with Hibiclens and used Apple vinegar to kill the large warts. The thing is after a week everything went away, even the small untreated ones. It's been almost two year no problem, knock on wood. Hope this works for you.

Don't trust site enough

Compound w had no affect to my lonely wart I. I have one wart and I think it's a wart but the compound w made it freeZe but it came back so now I'm tring to find another way to get ride of the and get rid for good. An don't use compound w it burns everything around the wart to pink raw skin and it hurts like hell when u pi wart remover on those.


Hey guys i have been using aldara cream for a few months now it does nothing but burn my skin and keep me up all night and today i can barely work im in that much pain. I am going to try the ACV treatment tonight, i am freaking out cause i dont have a big pain tolerence and from further comments that i have read it seems like it hurts. It seems worth it in the end though. Please if there is any advice or other treatments that might help me pretty please let me no.


I have been away from my husband who is out of the US for immigration issues which we we're trying to resolve and obviously had unprotected sex when I saw him 8 months ago and then again 2 months ago. 2 weeks after being with him I noticed about 4 small/tiny bumps on my vagina and about 8 on my anus which I thought was razor burn of some sort but within a week I knew it was warts :( I was devistated and cried myself to sleep on several occasions. I started reading how to get rid of these at home because I'm am just terrified of going to the doc and being embarrased and basically branded as a slut or a whore my whole life and its not like u can explain to the doc that your story (like he would care). Anyways :) I started the ACV and it didn't burn to much on the first day, I put cotton balls soaked in acv in between my butt and then put more cotton balls on the affected area on my vagina and put tape on top and pressed down for a good 3 hours.The next morning I went to work and the warts were a wierd grey color not white like everyone had said and I picked at the ones on my vagina and they started falling off. The next night I did the same thing and this is when the pain started I had to take ibuprofen for the pain but I got through it. By day 3 the ones on my anus where completely gone. On my vagina the skin started turning white and started peeling I did it 4 nights in a row until it was like raw skin on my vagina so I decided to give a break I had read that boosting your immune system helps so I had bought some vitamin c chewable tablets at walmart that were orange flavored (hate swallowing pills) so I had a crazy idea to crush the vitamin c tablet and put it on my vagina where the raw skin was and kind of let it stay there while my skin healed.. it stung so bad I could barely walk but the wierd thing is the next day. My skin had completely healed like I never had anything so I decided to use the acv at night and in the day crush the vitamin and let it sit there anyways .. :) 1 week and they were gone and they have been gone for 1 month and a half and hopefully my body has cleared it because I do no think I deserve this horrible virus. I don't think anyone does.


This post’s another thumbs up for the apple cider vinegar.

My story, it had been about a year and a half between me and my boyfriend’s last sexual partner, he got an std test before we started sleeping together, he showed no symptoms, still doesn’t, I was a virgin, and we always used protection. Still after about 8 months I discovered rough little bumps on my lady parts. As the days went by I kept finding more, and at my boyfriend’s insistence I went and saw the doctor. He took one glance and, yup, confirmed they were genital warts. I was floored. I had been so careful my entire life to avoid this very thing! Shows that sometimes even when you take all the right precautions these things will still hit you.

So he got some liquid nitrogen and froze them. Did hardly anything, in fact they got worse, so I went back and he spent a good 20 minutes down there freezing the crap out of them. This time the warts halved in number...for a week, and then every single one came back, and brought friends. The doctor said the next thing to try was the cream Aldara, which was almost $100 a bottle/month, possible side effect laden, and no guarantee it would work. No getting your money back if this doesn’t work! Plus something in his tone made me think he was not exactly eager to put me on the stuff.

As a poor college student I told him I’d think about it, and went home and hit the internet. Since I’d had good luck with home remedies in the past (olive oil in the ear to break down an ear wax blockage for example) I thought I’d give one a shot. And the most popular remedy seemed to be apple cider vinegar. And to be honest I didn’t actually expect it to work, just wanted to try something either than begging God to take them away. Actually I guess he answered that prayer in the form of a condiment.

So I found some in the cupboard, soaked it into a cotton ball, and held it against my warts for about an hour and a half a day while watching a movie. And the other people here aren’t lying when they say it burns like a mother! And with each night as it eroded away a bit of the skin and broke down the warts enough to make them bleed, the pain level cranked up to excruciating!
What happened was the first night it turned all my warts white, and I may as well say it turned my whole vagina white they were that bad. But by day 3 I noticed some of them had shrunk, and when I lightly scratched the smallest ones, which were still white 12 hours after treatment, they just came right off! By day 5 even the largest ones were gone. And here I am on day 6, I have maybe 2 teeny tiny ones left, when not a week ago I had probably 40. I’m going to keep up the treatment a bit longer to reduce the chances of the warts growing back, and I know they still might, but at this point I’ve had far more success with something you put on your fries than most people have with a half dozen trips to the doctor. Way cheaper too. Still I suggest seeing your doctor at least once, at least for a proper diagnosis.
Now I'm trying to eat better, take my vitamins, and do all I can for my body so it can hopefully either suppress or get rid of the hpv virus completely.

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