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So I found out I have HPV from my fiancè. He felt horrible but its not his fault. We used a condom every time but finding out you can still get it with or with out a condom. But me being me I'm not paying for that crap the doctors try to sell me. So I hit the internet! I found ACV and tea tree oil. So yea acv does totally burn like hell but it works!!! I cut a cotton ball into a small piece and soaked it with acv the used medical tape. I had a nice decent sized one on my inner vaginal lip and taped it there all day. Changing it at least twice a day and wearing one all night. So it turned white the first day!! Second day it started to turn dark brown then later that day black! I was so relieved! Then it fell off the third day that's when I put tea tree oil on it cause the skin was very red cause of the acid from the acv. Now its all heeled up! Smooth skin!! I am so happy and so less disgusted with this annoying pain in the ass virus!! I have also started with a multi-vit. along with B-12 (since I'm anemic) vit-e, garlic, and drinking those emergen-c! I love those things lol. And started walking my 5-7 miles a day again. The only problem I have is the smoking. I know you shouldn't smoke since it can suppress your immune system, but I'm trying!
I hope this helps anyone who has read this!!
No on deserves this virus but at least 80% of us have it. So cheer up! Its not the end if the world or your sex life!


Hello fellow sufferers,

I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

So I've had the bumps for about 9 years now, every time I've gone to get an STD test I have always been told that they were not STD's, I've specifically asked doctors at STD testing centers if they were genital warts and I've always been told 'No'. Just a few months ago I was fed up and decided to go the a Urologist. He reassured me that they definitely were genital warts, and suggested that I have liquid nitrogen treatment on them.

I was relieved to finally have an answer, and it goes to show that you cannot always trust medical advice from STD doctors, and that you should seek specialists.

Anyways, back to the point of the treatment, so the urologist wanted to do the liquid nitrogen treatment but at $250 per session I decided to seek a home remedy.

I've tried creams from online in the past, and like others have said, they do nothing except burn your skin and cause pain... no differences is the warts.

I read on here that someone used a compressed air canister (the computer cleaning ones), and after shaking it you hold it upside down and position a q-tip at the nozzle, and then hold the q-tip on the wart for a few seconds. I haven't had the courage to spray the can directly on the wart as it would probably be quite painful, but that might also be good solution. I've been doing this method for about 2 weeks now and the warts seem to be getting smaller, though some have turned a dark red color so I reduced applications to once a week (I was doing daily at first, but I've read on GW research that you should have 1 week rest between freezes).

My question is, have others tried the generic compressed air method (not the kind specific to warts)? Are there different chemicals in the compressed air cans that shouldn't be used for this treatment (perhaps the reason I have redness), or is this normal for the regular wart-specific freeze methods?

I am definitely going to try the vitamin e oil as some have suggested, as well as vitamin c.

Also, I'm considering the apple cider vinegar(ACV) treatment (in moderation) along with the freeze method.

I'll post a follow-up as to which method I find to be most effective for mine, and I appreciate any tips or guidance as well.


Monistat cream for yeast infections. no pain, all gain. works like a charm. inexpensive and can be purchased anywhere. works like a charm


Have been trying the ACV remedy for a while but with not too much success. To be honest I don't think I've been doing it long enough and in the right intervals. The pain is great but the smell is what really gets to me.
However I have found a solution to the smell. I use soaked cotton balls and band-aids. then I make sure to cover those with gentle medical tape. Then I load my underwear with baby powder to cover the smell.

I'm going to continue this remedy till I can't take the pain anymore.

So far I'm on day 4, twice a day morning for 3hrs and evening for 3hrs. I can't sleep through it.


I'm trying tea tree oil soaked in a cotton ball. I dabbed some onto the wart directly with a Qtip, then I soaked some cotton balls in it and placed them over the warts and taped it with duck tape. I don't know how well this is going to work. I'm also taking immune boosting pills with Elderberry in it twice a day and 6 garlic pills a day (3 in the am, 3 in the pm). I'm hoping it won't take long for this to work. I can't do pain at all, so I'm not even gonna try the ACV. I tried to put some garlic cloves on my vag but the burning was still too much for me to handle so I took them out and washed my self. I'll post back to let you know how the tea tree oil and pills work.


I was a nurse and never on my thought out of the blue I would get genital warts. I'm only with one sexual partner and I guess I got from him. Nothing blame after all. It made me so desperately feel so self degrading knowing I have let this happen to me. But after all sht happens all the time. I was having shower till I noticed a bump on the sides of my vagina. The outer side, till I check it on the mirror and I am confident it is a wart. I think they multiplied since I started noticing them days ago thought it was just nothing. So I googled home remedy for it. Till acv rings the bell everywhere here. That night there was nothing in our cupboard but white vinegar. So I used it for the mean time. Till tomorrow after work, I went to the shops and bought those things. Apple cider vinegar, cotton balls, garlic tablets, b complex tablets, and tea tree oil. I started it at home Monday night after a hot shower. At first it wasnt too bad till my skin are absorbing the acv that's the time the burning sensation is killing me softly. I forgot I got some ibuprofen tablets too . I took 2 tablets 30 minutes before I put the cotton balls soaked on acv. So what I did, I used a scotch tape to let the soaked cotton balls stay in place on my vagina. I left it for overnight. My sleep wasn't really good, I woke up 2am and can still a bit of burning went back to sleep. And early in the morning while having shower I washed my vagina thoroughly with lukewarm water and vaginal wash. Afterwards, I let it dry and as I have seen it went white. the warts were gone whitish! So I soaked the cotton balls into tea tree oil applied it to area infected and I left the cotton ball for almost 3hours. Second day, Tuesday arvo while having a wee I noticed they went black. I started putting tea tree oil again for skin healing fast. I stopped using acv on the second night too keep my skin too much burning. I used tea tree oil instead, and while checking the area they all went went black like scabs. The warts are started to fall of while I was applying the Tea tree oil. I was amazed and felt relieved after finally seeing its worth the pain paying for. Don't forget that genital warts is caused by a virus not infection. One thing is important keep your immune system on its highest level. The moment it goes down like you are stress, sleep deprived and etc there's a tendency they will show off again. I'm drinking but c 1000mg a day, garlic tablets and b complex tablets plus lots of water. Remember that genital herpes is a virus. It is curable but the virus stays in our body and we can't get rid of it anymore. It is in our cells already and they get alarmed onced the time our immune system goes down. Hope this works for you. Thank you for this site and it really helped alot. Just a bit of a patience reading and endure the burning sensation as acv is a strong acid.


I've had genital warts for 5 years and I'm pretty sure I've beaten it cause it's been over 1 year since my last outbreak and usually I was getting an outbreak every 3 months or so.
4 things (other than patience) that I believe contributed to beating genital warts.
1. Green Tea (Decaf) - 3-4 cups a week
2. Grepefruit or GSE - Eating a Grapefruit about 3-4 times a week. I recently bought GSE on Amazon and I hear it works in curing a lot of ailments but I just started taking it.
3. Work out - Sticking to at least 2-3 times a week - 30 minutes of yoga, running, lifting a day
4. N-Acetyl Cysteine - 2-3 times a day. This Amino Acid may have been most important. I bought mine from NutraBio because it's just pure NAC but you can get it anywhere.
Don't stop believing!

It'll be OK

Just like most of you, I was so depressed when I first found my first wart near the top of my vagina, near my clitoris. I didn't think anything of it first, and thought maybe, just maybe it'll go away. And then while washing my anus area in the shower, I felt a raised bump, then a couple of little ones.

I first found out I had hpv about two years ago and never in my life have I ever had warts, until about a month ago. Thank goodness for a site like this, as I was so embarrassed to even go to any doctor to have them take a look at the warts.

I started the Apple Cider Vinegar method the night of 11/11. For 4 days straight, I placed a cotton ball of the acv on the ones in between my anus and the one on my vagina for 1-3 hours at a time. They literally turned white after the 1st night. The 2nd night, I started seeing the little ones on my anus turn black. By the 3rd night the one on top of my vagina near the clitoris fell off, but the vinegar showed that I had more than just one on my vagina. Then the small ones on the top of my vagina started to get bigger by the 4th day. They looked like a sore. Like a popped blister. So I decided to crush a vitamin C pill and place it on the sore like ones on my vagina. When the people here said it hurts like h*ll, trust me, I have never experienced so much pain before in my life. But I kept it on for 30 minutes. I started to think of anything but the burning.

After the 4th day, my anus and vagina's skin's top layer were peeled off, and putting more acv didn't seem like it would help my raw skin. I still had the ones on my anus but they were smaller and the one on my vagina was gone. So I decided to let my skin heel. So I haven't put anything on it for the last week. Today, my skin on my vagina is completely heeled. I still see two little white dots, which I believe were warts in the making and putting the vinegar on them only showed the potential they will become. The small warts on my anus are gone, I only have the bigger one to worry about, but my skin next to the bigger anus wart is still a little raw. I have now resorted to putting tea tree oil on the one on my anus. It doesn't burn and you can wear it all day.

I have been taking a multi vitamin, garlic, 1000mg vitamin C pills on a daily basis. I'm pretty healthy, not this week since Thanksgiving, but if you take care of your body, your immune system, you should be okay. I just think these last 6 months have been too stressful on my body.

Try the Acv method, it really does work! Good luck!


I understand that everyone here has warts but I was wondering if anyone has extremely large and painful genital and anal warts? I can't have surgery because I can't afford it I lost my job but my real question is how do you deal with the pain? I feel like I'm dying here.


I have tried acv and it didn't do much. Only caused burns on my skin and the diluted solution had no effect on the warts (they kept growing overnight). I read about genital hygiene and found out that you are not supposed to wash these areas with any kind of soap at all.

Washing the genital area with soap kills all the good bacteria, that keeps the area clean and healthy. In other words, the bacteria that keeps viruses and bad bacteria from doing any harm to your body. When you do this, the viruses and bad bacteria are free to infect and spread.

So, I stopped using any kind of soap on these areas and only rinsed with water. Itching is gone, and I feel better 'down there'.

My theory is, that when people find out about their warts, they cause more harm by trying to keep the area sterile, which you're not supposed to do at all.

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