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Iv recently noticed genital warts on my vagina. I cant help but think, 'How could this happen to me??' Well of course you never think it'll happen to you. I am an attractive 21 year old woman and i have had my share of partners, but it still came as a shock. Anywho, I began researching for treatments and gosh theyre expensive! And then i came across this site. Everyone seems to claim ACV works wonders so I did a little grocery shopping and have ACV soaked in rolled up cotton pad down there right now as i type! Still not sure when to use the tree oil though.. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Ok so i started to notice warts appearing around the under rim of my cock, one in particular was quite large and had a crystal like quality. I didn't want to go through a few days of pain so instead i had another idea and found a plastic bottle with an opening big enough in which my cock would fit into. I cut the bottle in half put my cock through the opening and poured the acv in the other end and sat in the same spot for around 8 hours holding the half bottle in place. I took it off and immediately jumped into the shower, around 15 minutes after letting down there air dry i noticed they were beginning to turn grey and smaller. A few hours later they were completely black and the big one had shrunk to almost nothing, i was amazed to say the least. Over the next couple days they healed and completely disappeared.

I wish everyone luck in getting rid of these f*ckers!


Has anyone ever heard of using Oil of Oregano? The vitamin lady told me to try it...I just told her I have a wart on my foot. She said it will kill the wart by either putting it on topically or by ingesting three drops internally. Don't know if I can ingest it because it smells like paint thinner. Any help would be appreciated!


Listen people, This virus is bigger than us. Yes maybe if you catch it in the very very beginning a doctor can burn it and if you change your life style your body will beat it. But it sounds like most are in my position... Which is they went a while in denial and the virus had time to grow. I actually posted on this website a year ago and went at my situation aggressively. AVC, burning, freezing, vitamins, etc. Sure it all works a little, they go away, but more will come. Becuase the virus is everywhere, and the reason its coming up is becuase its viral load can over power our immune system. So what to do.... COMMIT!!!! and after 3.5 years of having the virus and 1.5 years of knowing that i was living with it, im making the plunge, and let me tell you....its absolutely no fun. SO first of all stop living in denial and going to the grocery to buy AVC or to office depot to buy cans of duster to freeze qtips (done it all and more). Go see a doctor you can talk to, that doesnt make you feel like a scum bag bc you have an STD. Took me 3 tries untill success. BTW, i am a college educated, attractive/fit, 26 year professional, just to give you a idea of what a doctor sees when i walk in. Also just on a side note, i didnt catch this from hooking up with sorority girls all the time during college. I caught it from my girlfriend of 5.5 years that i am still with, she does not show the symptoms of the virus and caught it from the only other guy she has ever been with prior to me. Go figure, huh? That was just an aside to people who are feeling so horrible about their lives, it can happen to anyone. Back to business....I found a doctor that i can talk to, she did a biopsy and it came back positive for the HPV virus. Not sure what strand, just hoping that its not the high risk, most that show GWs are not. So she then suggested a perscription called Veregen. You can go do your own research on it, there isnt too much to be honest. But i was hoping it would do everything that AVC will but with out the short comings of AVC (ie. aweful smell, burning of skin, application process, and not being something engineered to perform this task) So Veregen is a orange ointment that comes in a small 15 gram tube. You will find a few bad reviews of this drug becuase it does what you never want to happen. IT BRINGS OUT EVERYTHING. Not just the GWs that are visible, the ones that are hanging out under your skin, continuing to add to the HPV viral load. So for me, i have it everywhere; penis head, shaft, testicles, cracks of my leg, perenium, and worst of all....yes my anus. Welcome to it people, i hope no ones experience is as aweful as mine, but the more an more i read, the more common i see this situation. Oh and i have never engaged in any anal activities with a female and especially not with a male, i am straight, nor did have any signs of GWs in any other region besides my penis. After realizing the severity of the situation i decided to stop doing my penis region and focus down there because i dont think i would be able to function in normal settings, like work. So i have spent 5 weeks applying to my perenium and anal region. Its way worse than anyone will ever care to imagine, but getting better by the day. Tonight i finally am going to continue all the other areas. I was depressed and started researching and kept seeing how stupid people are, like i once was, and decided to put out an intellegent post. So guys, im committing to this. I take about 10 different vitamins per day and also was perscribed to Tagamet 400mg bi daily (do your research you will see why i take this), exercise daily, and eat very well. You are what you eat. So that is waht i am doing. I cant promise its going to work, but i can promise all this half ass stuff will not, and that is from experience. If anything it has made it worse because treating this unsuccessfully is when it will spread the most. Guys its going to be expensive, its going to be painful, its going to be emotionally devastating!!!! But you cant just not do anything. I have one amazing tip that i discovered and i havent found anything about it on the internet. If you decide to pursue the Veregen method, which i feel is the most realistic method for people who have been living with the virus for an extended period of time. For example, lets say i could have gotten the ones burned off that i could see, which were very small and nothing like the horrific pictures you see on the internet, i would have never known that i had them everywhere else. I want them gone and i want to supress this virus. Back to my tip, the veregen costs $300 per 15g tube. I can use a tube in less than 5 days. With insurance my perscription costs 60 bucks. So lets say i get 6 tubes in a month, thats 360 bucks. I would do it if i had to but i called my insurance to see what could be done. They told me they have to dispense whatever the doctor perscribes. Meaning if the doctor says i need 90 grams, then they have to dispense me 6 tubes of veregen for one copay. BOOOM. It feels good to win one. I plan to continue updating my progress on this forum. This has made me feel better. I can talk to my girlfriend about it but not like this, becuase she just feels so aweful for being the reason i have it, and she starts crying. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. Or if anyone would like to chat about it. There is only one person in my life that knows about this and i know im lucky bc if it wasnt for her than i wouldnt have anyone that i can express my frustration to. I have plenty more i would like to say in this message but i know its already lengthy. Good Luck.


Hi, I found out I had gw about a year ago. I live in a small town and am too embarrassed to get them treated especially after the way my dr looked at me, anyway I have tried loads but plan to try acv next week when I will have my place empty. I have a question tho, it looks like I have some warts appearing in my mouth. I don't understand this at all and I'm not sure if they are but can anyone help with the treatment here?


Hi I'm Sheila I'm 27 yrs old I found out I had hpv and genital warts when I was 19 the guy was the second guy i had ever had sex with in my life he was my friend from school and he use to come over and play the game with my brother.I was so scared to tell anybody because my household was full of people who would take your private business and make it everyone's business @ first I thought it was a yeast infection cuz it itched with a thick discharge so I got medicine for a yf and tried to ignore it hoping and praying it would just go away but it just got worse it spread all over my vaginal area inside and out spreading to the anal (this happen over 2yr time frame)I had to go to my mom she took me to the dr. They burned them off inside and out and gave me Aldra cream to remove the lil ones but anyone who has had that surgery knows that area is very tender so I didn't use it so i still had the had the lil ones and i still had three big ones on my the lips was willing to live with those until I died i would never shade that area so I could hide the big one in the hairs and never let a guy do oral on me and always use a condom cuz I didn't want to spread what I had nor receive anything new.@25 I met a guy I fell in love and he wanted us to have a bby (which means no condom) so I told him about it and he was fine with it and has nothing wrong him as I read up on it the virus can die off depending on the person so believe the virus died but I still had the those warts that never got off and for him accepting me with my condition made fall blindly in love (cooking,cleaning, working etc. on my bday last year I found out he had been cheating on me with multiple women and had a couple of kids younger then my son I was furious so now I was ready to get back out there but I couldnt with these ugly things on me so I researched and found this sight and tried it on the big three just to see if it would work i would feel the tingle with the qtips and duck tape it wouldn't stay in place so I gave up until 12/26/2011 I thought if I can just keep it in place it might work so I took 1sq of tissue and cut it into 4 pcs took 1sq of the tissue and folded it to wrap it around the wart take a pc of aluminum foil and wrap that around the same wart take something to pay dry and tape a piece of surgical tape on it and tape it down I did that 2 24hr days the pain was not unbearable to me you can just feel the vinegar tingling so I was fine and on the third as i was drying off from the shower now thinking I rubber really quik down there and seen one in my towel so I touched down there with my hand and all three I used acv on was gone I could believe it I haven't use it on the lil ones yet because I know that's gonna hurt but I gonna give her a break I dnt wanna burn the skin


I am an 18 year old female and when I found out I had genital warts, I was devistated. And I didn't even know I had them until I went for my yearly checkup. I imediately called my boyfriend and he proceeds to break up with me and post a status on facebook telling all his friends that I gave him an std. (2 weeks later he called and told me his ex has them and she gave them to him and that he didn't know... Bullshit)
I tried everything. Mutivitamins, garlic pills, vitamin d and birth control. Nothing worked. Until I found ACV(apple cider vinegar). It was very painful but worth it. I applied it for a few hours every night and in 4 days, they were gone. I had a ton of tiny ones and only a few big ones. I also found a trick that makes it so it doesn't hurt so bad, mix it with water! It takes about a week to get rid of them but it's so worth it! If noth ok mg else is working for you, use the 1/3 water to 2/3 ACV. It hurts, but, no pain, no gain!


ok so im 14 years old and after a couple times i had done it i found i had these two little bumps and they were really itchy so i look up what it was and found this page and im happy to say they are now completely gone i saw the acv thing and i thought well i have no money how the heck am i gonna get that so i was lucky enough to find some scholls wart remover and i applied it twice two times a day so that's like four times and it stung and the pain was unbearable but for the next week i had slowly just peeled away the constant appearing dead skin and today it's completely gone and my dick looks normal :D i cant thank you guys enough if i hadnt found this i dont know what i would have done


I'm 20, male, and been dealing with GWs for almost 2 years now. Caught it from a nasty ass ex girlfriend. At first it wasn't that bad, and was able to get rid of the few I had by ripping them off and sterilizing with hydrogen poroxide. Worked for awhile, but they warts started coming back. Over a span of a year its gotten worse and better. Long story short, I've got the load of them on my Dick now and god bless my girl for not dumping my stupid ass. I've been reading posts on this site for a week now, and I've seen the load of avc posts. So I bought some of that, needles, sterile pads, also hit up he vitamin shop and bought garlic pills, gse pills, and zinc pills. My plan is to heat up a needle and burn the big ones off, and use the avc on the smaller ones. Nothing new, but the kicker is, my grandma is old school Filipino, and she's got a couple more things to help me out. Bitter melon extract. I've been drinking the juice of the crushed leaves since I was a kid, and it was just proven in the medical field to have potent health qualities to it. 2nd, guava leaf extract. The first time I went to the doctor for the gws, I got a freeze treatment, and a prescription cream called zycerix. Or something like that. It worked for a bit, bit that shit burned my skin and caused open sores to spread. It was the guava leaf extract that help it heal. Swab with a cotton ball 3 times a day for about a week and the open sores were gone. The gws that were there before never came back. Gonna start home treatment tonight and will post results and more info in a couple days. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment. Heerd some shit about people using diluted bleach water. If anyone knows anything about that.


Like most others i tried the acv and as much as it sucks it also makes sense and works. just don't over do it, all you will end up doing is damaging unaffected healthy skin and spread the warts. try the acv soaked tp once a day for a couple hours or just at night. instead of keeping that on all the time, remove, wash the area and apply desitin to the area. this doesn't damage your skin (its for diaper rashes), it soothes any discomfort from the acv and seals out moisture and air from getting to the warts. my doctor recommended this after i 'over did it' with acv. i used the desitin alone and it took care of any problems. most importantly remember to keep your area clean, wear cotton underwear and wash your hands! i have never seen desitin on any of these websites but its the Shit. for real.

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