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Hi guys.. happy to see sooo many people beating warts with ac=v.. I've had a wart for years and in beginning I showed it to a doc and he said it was nothing. i was in denial and let it be. now years later i showed it to another doc and he confirmed wart. he did cryo freeze on it once a week for 6 weeks and it was gone. then small warts appeared a week later on my shaft. i showed it to another doc and he prescribed aldara. i read horrible reviews about it but still gave it a shot. it didnt do anything at all. so i looked for remedies and here i am. with acv the warts just exploded and now they cover my whole shaft. im on day 2 of treatment. first two days i had it on for a few hours in evening and at night i use tea tree oil. but i will change it to acv all night and tea tree in evening. maybe my warts are more resilient and might take time because they have not changed color but just increased tremendously in numbers. at least they are all out i guess. i dont have NO burning sensation just a tingling feeling. maybe my skin is strong and acid not affecting it ?? i will appreciate any advice.


GONE in 24 hours!!!!!!!
I used ACV(apple cider vinager) as most have posted!
I am a registered nurse and have been HPV positive for about a year and a half. Ive had a lot of stress recently and broke out with GW for the first time, noticing them about a week ago. I had 3 large ones and 10-15 small ones all on my labia majora. I researched home remedies for a few days before Starting anything.
Here is how I treated mine:
I took a shower using antibacterial soap then cleansed with hydrogen peroxide.
ACV treatment: I used panty liners, cut in half long ways and trimmed to the length of my vagina I soaked them in ACV and applied to inside of labia majora (larger vaginal lips) this prevents ACV from burning clitoris and labia minora (position so panty liner is not touching these parts) I used an additional panty liner sprayed and feminine deodorant attached to cotton panties (important to used cotton panties) to deal with any dripping ACV and the smell! I left this is place for 4 hours then removed and cleaned with soap and then hydrogen peroxide.
REST treatment: I then applied a mixture of neosporin and monistat to treated area and left alone for 4 hours.

Then repeated ACV treatment alternating with rest treatment 2 more times.
(Just for reference my warts turned stark white with 1st treatment and then progressed to a light brown/grey color at the end... They were never black although I assume they would turn back if they were left alone after this and not scrubbed off like I did)

After this I took a warm shower and used antibacterial soap on a wash cloth and scrubbed (not very hard) the vaginal area all warts came off.

I have cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and used a protective ointment (aloevesta) to help heal the area. I would suggest petroleum jelly mixed with aloe Vera gel if you can not find aloe vesta or equivalent (do not used lotion, neosporin would be ok)

I plan on doing one preventative 4 hour ACV (i will inspect my vagina after and note any 'white spots' which would indicate a wart, then I would
Implement above plan) and rest treatment once weekly as well as a half water half vinager douche.

This processed was pretty painful, but bearable and worth the expedient results!! Rest periods can be lengthened and AVC periods shortened if pain is not well tolerated!

I also plan on implementing a healthy diet and workout schedule to prevent reoccurance as well as adding a prenatal vitamin and garlic pill to my daily medicines!

Hope you have success with your treatments!!!


Genital wart removal from shaft of penis.

#1 decide if it is really hurting anything.
You must have your mind set to go through
With removal. If you leave it, it may go away
Or in my case it grew bigger and spread.
#2 go buy some salicylic face wash and start
Using once a day to clean penis then twice a day. I may burn on first wash but you can take it.
After you grow a tolerance to it and it doesn't burn anymore go on to step #3. if it keeps burning you then you have to decide If you want
The wart gone then what you need to do to is
Take a little burn for 10mins maximum. If it burns more and more take a few days off and then try again.
#3 go buy some generic wart remover maximum strength with salicylic acid 17%
generic is not as strong as name brand
Apply this directly to wart in very small amount
My wart was huge but if small dab it with a toothpick just make sure it crust over.
After first application the acid will likely show you
More warts or make invisible warts visible,
Or make a wart look larger. It is gona burn a little
But if the first burn is too much just stop use.
Apply once a day for 3 days directly to warts.
Every time it's gona burn a little more.
After three days, stop use. They should look bigger and surrounding skin may be discolored
But do not worry. Let it heal for 48-72Hrs and they will fall off like magic. I promise. After the minimal burn heals they fall off
They peel off like the acid peels off them.
Skin underneath isn't discolored, you would
Never know I took off 6 and one was 1/2inch by 1/2inch they turned black and fell off on day 5


One remedy (pain and mess free) is Thuja Occidentalis (homeopathic medicine). Do some research on it. Seems to work on all kinds of warts, and you can get it online or in your local vitamine store. Hope it helps.


About a couple of month, I had a bump near my anus, I thought it was an pile, so I put some creams but it was still hurting after a week and I felt another small one.
I decided to put some garlic on hit and it hearts a lot and the bumps multiplied
I started to look on the mirror and I saw a couple of white spot.
After a check at the clinic for a std check, the gp told me it was a hpv with some genital warts. Not great news, but I decide to go for the 1st option proposed: to freeze them.

Day 1:
the freeze + salted bath, it hurts a bit but not much. I did not notice really any improvement inb the number of warts or their size but it has decreased in the pain

Day 2-3:
Salted bath, still no improvement, I think it went worse a little bit.
I think the salted water was not enough and it is important to clean it on daily basis with some tea tree oil to avoid any spreads which I did not at the beginning

Day 4:
Another session, not really any improvement, so I decided to to for the Apple cider vinegar on some cotton fixed with some medical tape for 1 hours in the afternoon, then another session before to go to bed for 3 hours, it hurts a lot, I think I put too much acv, you should not sunk the cotton totally.
I was watching in the mirror and it was all white and with a lot more of spots, I think the acv is attacking all the area with roots even if it is not visible, so you might see more spots. I think it is normal, I think as well you need to clean it before to apply the acv to avoid any spread of the warts at the warts are more moisturised, I think it can increase the risk of spread.

Day 5:
in the morning some disappeared.
I decided to use as well some banana peel on it every 4 hours and in the night I attached some banana peel on it for all the night, as the ACV was too painful.
I had a look at it in the middle of the night and all the warts were white again, which is a good sign.

Day 6:
in the morning, a lot of warts were gone. Went to buy some tea tree oil to clean it. before and after the banana peel.
I decide to put a garlic glove in my anus in the night to attack the virus inside my body plus some more banana peel.
I was also trying to eat more potassium (banana, avocardo, lot of veggie, garlic crushed in the morning and at night) and as well some supplements fish oil, plus aloe vera

Day 7: (today)
almost everything is gone, I still feel a little wart just at the edge of the anus. Still some banana peel, and tea tree oil before and after each session.

Day 8: I m planning to do it again (everything done on day &)

Day 9:
I will go to the clinic to have a chack and maybe a freeze session.

I think the ACP is very good at the beginning as it is weakening the all the warts, and then you can apply tea tree oil and banana peel to attack them more gently.

Also putting a garlic glove for 2 nights might help, crush them a little bit to produce more acillin.

The tea tree oil is very important as it cleans and avoid any risk of spreading them. Tea tree oil to clean before each session (humidify the cotton with some water and put 4 drop of oil)

I think the combination works for me at the moment:
- ACV at the beginning
- Tea tree oil before each session as well in the morning after the shower.
- Banana peel rubbed on it every 3 4 hours plus taped for all the night
- garlic glove for a couple of nights

Eating banana, garlic glove, aloe vera pill, in the morning and before to go to bed
Eating a lot of veggie, avoid alcohol , sugar and meat.

Sleep and do some exercised

I will give an update after going to the GP, I think it is important to continue with the tea tree oil and the banana for a week after the symptoms are done to clean everything and I will continue the diet and try to avoid sugar, red meat and alcohol.

Good luck


I keep reading all these articles about how vitamins and excise really work for beating this thing. This is definitely a good idea. I had and epiphany. A few months back i started working out and taking women's supplements. I had quite a few of them fall off during that whole process. They have came back with a vengeance, since i stopped taking the vitamins. I have tried the aldera cream. It works wonders with the flat ones, i had a cluster of them that were gone after a week. but the more raised round ones seemed to shrink but only got bigger and spread. now the flat ones are gone and my vagina looks like a patch of mushrooms :( i am gonna start the vitamin regiment again. i am praying it helps.


I've had several genital warts that cropped up a few years ago. Honestly, I haven't been dating much due to life circumstances so while I intermittently made attempts at getting rid of them, I haven't really been able to stick with anything. I don't know how long I had the virus before they showed up, because they are primarily near my anus and on my perineum (I'm female) and it had been 7+ years since I'd done anything involving that area (college...enough said). I've tried ACV and I found it uncomfortable, difficult to do well (especially with the peri-anal cluster of warts) and it didn't seem to make much difference.

Finally, after reading this, I decided on the following plan of attack. I bought a bottle of generic wart remover gel (equivalent to compound W), a box of NexCare bandages (Active Waterproof variety). Twice a day, I cleaned thoroughly (with baby wipes) and let it dry completely. Using a magnifying mirror to see what I was doing, I carefully applied the wart remover gel to each area. It burned for about 30 seconds. Once it dried, it turned white, so I made sure that the whole wart was covered. Then I put the bandage over the treated areas.

Once they were gone, I coated the previously affected area with aloe twice a day. This was based on a study done of patients with HPV who got both intra-vaginal interferon and aloe and took a B vitamin. Obviously I don't have access to interferon, but I figured I could do the aloe.

Through this whole time, I took a B complex supplement and 300 mg of Zantac twice a day. The zantac was based on the studies of Cimetidine in genital warts. Cimetidine is hard to find, so I asked a dermatologist friend if zantac was an acceptable substitute and he said that he often used it in patients with GW.

All of this took about a month to clear it. I got up about 20 minutes earlier every morning to make sure that I could fully take care of applying the gel properly. It was completely worth the time, though. Best of luck!


Its an aged male. I also had GW which were discovered by me after a year of my breakup with my last girl friend. I hadn't tried any thing on them but asked a closed fried in my home country. He took 100 ml simple mustard oil from market and gave to a sacred and noble saint lady who just recited some holy recites and blew on the oil. You all people wouldn't believe that i just massage once with that oil and the small GW gone stopped growth and started to minimize. Unfortunately i couldn't massage again with that oil. Its been about one year and these GW are still present but no one can recognize them as GW because they are gonna be smaller day by day and almost gonna be disappear soon. I can ask these holy recites whom you can be recited from any of the noble male or female near to you.

NOT ME!!!!

Found one of these nasty warts on my penis/member(more like a country club ha ha) back in August. Started researching... Apple Cider Vinegar tried it. It turned black fell off. It came back. Damn. ACV again. turned white then black. Still after it fell off there was a flat like skin tag there. I then tried new skin. Still we (my wart and I co existed)... Finally I had had enough. Too proud to go to a dr. I bought a Freeze away kit. Froze the sucker with the supplied unaltered tips. Swelled up around the outside. I got nervous that I damaged myself. Waited a week nothing. Bought terrasil. For 2 days or so I used it. Nothing. Angry after 6 month of this ugly thing I trimmed down one of the freeze away applicators almost to a point that would cover just the wart. I went at it and froze it for 10 seconds, then cooled the applicator again and froze it more for 5-10 more second. It did look scary and I though I might have damaged it again. In a couple of days it turned reddish brown and came off.
Now there is no bump there like there was after the first time I used ACV 6 months ago. Only slightly pink and fading... I am 98% confident I go the sucker.

Now was it the terrasil and freezing or just the freezing. No idea. This I will tell you I am glad I got rid of it. The package for freeze away says not to use on genital warts. I did. I was not too concerned about scarring because I am married and received the wart gift from my wife who had HPV when we married. She had only 2 other partners. So look out it can happen.
I have also change my diet to include vitamins wheat grass and tried to stay positive. I may have been HPV for a long time. They can decided to crop up when you go through hormone change or depression... I wonder if anyone is working on a cure for HPV?


I grew warts when I was 15 (I'm 22 now) and since then I've had 10 std tests and 5 pap smears and not once has hpv shown up in the tests. I know they are warts because a) I didn't have them before b) I remember they itched when I first got them and c) they spread when I applied acv incorrectly :( 3 months ago.I did visit public clinics due to my lack of insurance but the fact that no doctor ever told me what I had puzzles me. Maybe since a lot of people have it they were lazy and didnt want to offer treatment? It still angers me because I could've treated them sooner, I started my treatment back in November (its the end of feb now) and I'm just seeing results.

Like many of you, when I first began I only used acv. They shrank at first but then they would just swell up, go back to being pink and never turn white or black. Oh, and they spread :(.. I then started using castor oil and it helped but when I would apply tea tree oil my warts would swell up and return to their original color (I was so desperate I rotated all treatments I read of!) garlic pill oil, real garlic, banana peels, you name it. I tried it and nothing happened. I even tied them with dental floss (which is extremely hard) some never came back but some grew under. It still helped because I had them for 6 years without treatment and it weakened them, the floss was the ONLY treatment that turned them black but tying them was tidius and the bleeding felt like they were spreading.

Three days ago I started doing an hour of a cotton ball with avc then another hour of a cotton ball with tea tree oil and then vitamin e oil, twice a day. For the first time they're white and peeling off instead of swelling up! 3 months without sex, I know it's driving my bf crazy but he's so supportive, Im so close to getting rid of these fuckers. Don't give up ladies, I swear but the end of the 2nd month I almost did and I glad and kept it at!

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