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i tried the apple cider vinegar (braggs, with the mother) alternating with tea tree oil (i applied one for an hour, washed, then applied the other for an hour, then used a combo of calendula and aloe vera) and it just made the three small and one large wart explode into many warts that were incredibly itchy. it also totally wrecked my vagina--i had to deal with a swollen labia and vinegar burns.

i wound up finding out about a plant called thuja, which comes from red cedar. i read that it is more commonly being used to treat genital warts and found directions for application (dilute 20-30 drops of the essential oil in olive oil and apply three times daily).
i read that it takes up to three months to clear up outbreaks, but i've been using it for two days without continuing the apc/tea tree oil and so far they have substantially receded and are almost not even visible. they're just mildly itchy. anyway, this topical method is also pretty much painless and only mildly smelly. highly recommended.


i'm a 26 year old female, a nurse, and a bit of a hippie i guess, and i recently noticed some smallish but horribly itchy bumps right on the right side of the opening of my vagina... so i had them checked at the doctor and she said they could either be skin tags or genital warts, which didn't tell me much. she did a freezing on them, but truth be told it didn't really do anything, though she had warned it would likely take a few visits to completely get rid of whatever it was.

in my youth i had horrible plantar warts on my feet, and it always took so long to get rid of them.

anyways, since i'm impatient i found this site and began the apple cider vinegar method (that shit cures everything i swear), and i just wadded up some toilet paper and soaked it with acv and held ti against the area - it burns like absolute stinging hell, but its worth it. i had it there for about an hour, and then because my pussy felt a bit fried i decided to leave it for a couple days and i alternated with tea tree oil. just wiping it on with qtips whenever i'm in the bathroom. it tingles, but its a good tingle!

i've also been taking echinacea, garlic pills, vitamin e, iron, and vitamin c, and i've been downing those vitamin water 10cal drinks, and i've seen quite a bit of improvement!

the small warts fell off in the bath this morning, and the 2 larger ones are now the size of the small ones.

i remember once my doctor explained to me that warts are like unwanted company.. as long as you keep feeding them they're gonna stick around, so what you need to do is make your body as inhospitable as possible for them... keep your body healthy, get some exercise, quit your damn smoking because it's bad as hell for you, and most importantly - chill the fuck out.

yes we have warts. yes they're gross as hell, but really what's freaking out going to do? it's going to trigger stress which is then going to trigger more warts or make your existing warts even bigger.

try to be nice to yourself and ladies - realize this.. i'm by no means a slut, and i got this from another GIRL. it can happen to anyone and it just happens. my doc said she treats it all the time and she doesn't feel it's a big deal. she also recommended against the gardasil vaccine, because of the whacko side effects (and also possibly because a girl here in my town ended up in a wheelchair because of it.. she's 14.. and call me nuts but i'd rather have some warts on my shit than be in a wheelchair unable to move my legs).

thanks to everyone for writing in this topic. it really helped me.
i will update as i learn more.


I rencently found out that I had HPV a month ago and have been SOO stressed out since. I felt like my life was over (well, sex life anyway). My Gyno used the acid method and treated it (I had two little ones)but they didnt really go away, they stoped itching and dont bother me but they are still there. Its seems like its all I think about and Im really glad I found this site cause it has helped me a lot. Im going to start the vits/minerals and see if that works. Im a little scared to try the apple cider vinger as some people had said it made it worse or made more pop up so for now Im gonna just try the vit/min regimen, Ill keep yas posted.
Also, Iv noticed that people keep saying NO booze and NO coffee. I understand the NO booze part cause it lowers the immune system, but why no coffee? Iv never heard that coffee lowers the immune system. Infact, I read that recent research showed that drinking coffee helps prevent certain kinds of skin cancer so it would lead me to beilive that it would help the immune system. Any thoughts on this??


I am so thankful to this website for guiding me through a very trying time with genital warts. I started with the apple cider vinegar technique I learned on here- plus vitamins and minus booze. It seemed to be working when my doctor put me on aldara. The aldara took 12 weeks but it worked. I was terribly depressed and impatient at the start but patience got rid of all but one. I am going to go back to the ACV technique on the last one and will check in. Either way, I was so depressed before I found this site and want to thank everyone for sharing their stories and realizing that there is light on the other side of this uncomfortable embarrassing tunnel. Much love.


Sodium dodecyl sulfate is in toothpaste and if you look for your self you see that it kills hpv just look at the ingredients not all toothpaste have it

Putting it on just after a good shower works the best that's it I I've done it and worked well and it may work well alternating apple cider vinegar with it

Look on wiki under uses for the chemical


I had a big GW near the entrance of my vagina and two tiny ones above it... I tried regular vinegar on the large one and it got flat almost unnoticeable.. I took a cotton ball soaked with regular vinegar and left it on the large one for about 5-7mins at night for two days in a row... It burns like hell but worth it.. I used Neosporin to soothe the burning feeling and heal the skin as the vinegar caused some redness around the GW... Tomorrow I will try Apple Cider Vinegar on the tiny ones and on the flat one and I will post the outcome... Wish me luck!


Fast and simple temporary solution is using heat to kill the warts. Disinfect the area, take a needle and heat it up with a lighter until the needle is red hot and lightly poke at the wart until it changes color to white-ish. It sounds painful but it's not!! After a day or 2 it will completely fall off! They may re-appear so just keep applying heat. It's quick and easy and they completely fall off!


I had a breakout and tried ACV but they just spread. I also tried the freezeoff and it did not help. So I went on Ebay and bought a 100% TCA peel and applied it to the warts with qtips. The skin peels and removes the warts. I had to do it a couple times on the larger ones. It took a couple of weeks to remove them all but it worked great. It does burn alot. I bought a fan to help some with the burning.


Hey everyone I just got GW about 5-7 months ago now, and I just wanted to say ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) WORKS! here is what I'm doing currently! I started to use it as soon as I bought the stuff after reading about it here. I purchased 100 Triple Thick cotton balls and Braggs ACV with the mother inside. I am a male and the GW are on my anus.

I applied my first cotton ball for approx. 3 hours, with the cotton dripping quite a bit at exactly 3pm.

I waited about 3-4 hours before applying another and going to sleep with it.

Wokeup at 6am to remove the cotton, and applied Peroxide to clean the area and Aloe Vera with Menthol to sooth the terrible terrible burning I've been suffering.

Re-applied around 2pm waiting until 5pm to remove and apply aloe and peroxide.

Re-applied again around 10pm and took it out to take a warm bath. In the bath I was lightly scrubbing my anus with a washcloth and soap and the GW started flaking off!

I applied a smaller ammount for a couple more hours and took it out before bed tonight for a good night sleep without burning.

My notes, the GW turned white, gray, then black, now only black. I will apply again once I wakeup and leave it in for 3 hours, with a 4 hour break after.
Good Luck people over 90% of people who use ACV over Dr. prescriptions prove ACV works than what any DR could give you.


Firstly, thank you to everyone who are sharing their stories because we need to help each other!

I am another ACV convert. I got my first wart two months ago (during a time of stress) little sucker near my anus, then eventually one became many! I got rid of them all in 4 days, here's how (it's a combo of what others suggest)

1. Start taking a multivitamin, probiotic, garlic tablets and 1000mg Vitamin C daily.
2. Daily exercise (even just 20 mins!)
3. No booze =(
4. Apply ACV for 30 mins in the morn
5. Rinse off with warm water.
6. Apply vitamin E Oil (and continue throughout the day - this stopped my itching!).
7. Apply ACV for 30 mins in the evening
8. Rinse off with warm water.
9. Apply loads of a nappy rash cream, and don't wear undies to bed if you can....

So that's how I got rid of my 'little mates' Doc wanted to freeze them but I am a big chicken and the thought of that is crazy to me!

Good luck everyone, I hope everyone's suggestions help you like they've helped me.

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