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Well, at least I'm not alone on this one! Been reading lots of the posts on here and decided to give this ACV a shot.

I thought I only had a couple of very small(2mm) warts under the head of the penis but no, thanks to the ACV I can now see the little white dots of all their friends scattered everywhere!

I am hoping since I have caught them early (I saw the first signs of the first wart on friday and bought ACV and tea tree oil and Vitamin tablets all on Sunday) that I can nip this in the bud.

Im currently soaking Qtips and cotton balls in ACV and leaving on for a couple of hours, then antibacterial wash then switching to tea tree cream(dont know if its less potent than oil?) for a couple of hours and repeating.

It's been 24hours since I started treatment and the biggy that I used as my first tester has gone White->grey and the rest, which I started on about 12 hours ago, are now white.

How long does this usually take? I could do with it being a week what with graduating, becoming a doctor (yes i should have known better but there are fat docs and smokers out there too!) and the obvious drinking that comes with finishing!

Fight from the inside

If you want to conquer this you got to fight it from not only the outside, but the inside as well.

Dont only put ACV directly on it. DRINK it. (a gulp or two) Dilute it with a little bit of water. Try ACV + Honey as well. (I drank ACV, applied ACV, applied Tree Tea and then popped a Vit A Liqui-gel and applied that, it will not feel good)

Im somewhat of a health freak and I decided to just OD on Vitamin B, C, D and E (5000iu of Vit d, twice a day on work out days, 500 or 1000IU's 2-3 times a day, 1000IU Vit E).

I also take Zinc, Magnesium, GARLIC, Ginger, ECGC. (I believe Zinc Garlic and ECGC helped a bit) .. oh and Probiotics

Nutrition is very important, stop eating complete garbage. Cut out the processed foods and god knows what else we all eat. Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, veggies and protein.
Try not to stress too much like I did at first. Ill check back here in the near future if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns..

oh, btw, ive read alot of people saying not to drink/smoke which i 100% agree with. However I didnt really listen to this, because well.. fuck lettuce be cereal, we all like to party. I brought some Vit C pills out with me and would pop them throughout the night..did it help? who knows...


Braggs Acv with the 'mother'. It really works. Thank God for this website he answered my prayers. Thank God for everyone that submitted their story thank you. I had two huge ones. one on the bottom of my shaft the other under it on the top of my ballsack for about 1 year and a half. they were about the size of the button in the middle of the positive side of a AA battery. I didn't just soak them I grabbed a q.tip and with pressure rubbed them down. You could literally see the skin peeling away off the wart after about two minutes of just rubbing the qtip in. . I bled not alot not a little and tried to keep it as clean as possible so they wouldnt spread. when i started bleeding is when i stopped and grabbed cotton balls and pressed it there for about 20 minutes.BTW Yes it f*cking BURNS OMG like i would bite down on my pillow and for some reason whimpering helped I'm crazy so after I would pour alcohol on it and I don't recommend anyone using alcohol because soft people might even faint like I said I'm kinda crazy I nver got used to it but the pain is for about a minute before it dies down but to me every second of it was worth it. by the end of two days all I had was two scabs it turned black and about two days later the scab came off and the one on top was still there but really flat I waited for a week to heal an repeated rubbing the rest off till I bled. now I have two pink spots like when you scabbed your knees on a bike and all the area is pink after the scabs fall out. GENIUS! It'll turn back to normal in a couple of months. I also drink it and my face cleared up like it really did. Taste like pure crap but w.e i mix it with honey and water hold my nose and down it goes. I don't drink or smoke tobacco so I wouldnt know how that affects them but I do smoke marijuana and I didn't experience any problems. I wish I could like scream how happy I am if you are reading this but its text so yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need help now!

So I read on here about ACV, I couldn't believe there was a way I could get rid of them without going to the doctors! However I have just put ACV onto a cotton ball and put it on the GW for about half an hour, however everywhere the vinegar has touched has turned white.. Is this normal? I also have quite a few GW inside of my Vagina, can I use ACV on them to? Any help would be much appreciated!!


Im not submitting a remedy I'm merely here to state some facts. HPV has no cure and although you are getting rid of the warts congratulations on that. I'm a 38 yr old female who was duped into getting them by a man who knew he had them, got them from his cheating wife, had them burnt off, but didnt tell me until I showed signs of having them. Yes we used a condom, NO IT didnt protect. Im very depressed and tired all the time. Ive been ready all your comments and realized ive been sentenced to a lifetime of excrutiating pain. I dont have a high pain tolerance it makes me really sick. I dont know if i can do the acv and tree oil I just dont know and my so called friends dont give a shit either im alone in all this and if it wasnt for my son i dont think i would b here anymore.
I fell lost in a world of ignorance


I think I found the best remedy so far, even faster and better than Apple Cider Vinegar. I discovered it by accident, actually, and it's something that most of people would be afraid to actually try, but i know some of you people will be willing to try it. It's LSD, people, LSD works like a miracle with genital warts from HPV.

I was in day 6-8 of my treatment with ACV and was finding the process too slow and painful, but decided to keep going because hey, that's better than nothing, right? Anyway, I ate this LSD-thingy (I don't know how you call it in english, it's a little square of paper with the acid in it, and you put it in your tongue until it dissolves) the other day and just in the middle of my trip I discovered that the warts were gone. All of them. Suddenly there was no itching and the warts were getting cauterized-like, some of them even getting imperceptible from the rest of the skin, just gone like they were never there. It was in hour 4 or 5 of my acid trip when I noticed it and couldn't believe it.
But I'm writing you this the day after that and guess what? it wasn't an hallucination, they are really gone. I itch no more, people.
Anyway, It might have been the type of acid (it was sold to me as a 'fractal') but still, if some of you are willing to try it, be sure to share your experience. I for one am thankful.


about a year ago i discovered an unwanted bump in my nether regions.. talk about devastating news i was still in college and just couldnt face the music of what it truly was i graduated last friday and the stress of finals and graduating made one grow from unacceptable to MUST GET RID OF ASAP!!! so i read a few pages and decided to grab my handy mirror my dads ACV and some qtips because a few posts kinda freaked me out with burning and spreading and within minutes it turned black and a few soaked qtips later it FELL OFF i dont want to get too excited too soon but i honestly couldnt be a happier girl! ill keep you updated but i can see how my qtip method could go wrong!!!!


Im a 22 year old male i found out i got genital warts last year in september i was horrified and completely stressed about it. i had only 5 partners. i tried every type of cure. the main cure that helped me was acv and my prayers to God i truly believe he healed me from this stubborn virus and from now on i am staying abstinent from sex till i find my true love. i had GW for 8 months the worst things u can do to make it spread is: smoking, drinking, stress, and not not keeping your private part clean and dry warts like to live in moist environments.

best of luck to everyone and remember faith in God and prayer will heal you. i guarantee it:)


WARNING! WARTOL IS HIGHLY TOXIC! Look up the active ingredients on wikipedia and see for yourself. You may be killing the warts, but you are also killing yourself! DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Be Safe and Happy Healing.


Good Afternoon!
I've been diagnosed with HPV 8 Months ago, at First I went to my gyn and had them cauterize, they were gone! after 1 month they were back again even more than before, checked with my doctor and he did not gave me any solution at all!! I tried ACV on my pubic area and after 3 days, they were gone I was so happy I thought finally I was going to be able to move on with my life, after that I found out I had them inside of my vagina and on my anus... I've been hesitating if I should put ACV inside, I would Appreciate getting any feedback on people they did and what were the outcomes!! Thanks!!

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