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Hey there I posted some positive comments about ACV a while ago and thought I'd do a follow up.

I've always been very prone to warts and when I discovered I had genital warts in the fall last year, I was pretty upset. They spread fast and my lady bits were covered in about 40 warts, and several trips to the doctor to freeze them off weren't helping.
So I used the acv, holding a cotton ball against the warts for about an hour and a half a day. Within a week they were gone.

That was 8 months ago. Still check myself regularly to make sure they aren't growing back. Still wart free. Very happy with acv. It's more effective than anything on the market, and waaaay cheaper.


I just want to let everyone to know that ACV really does works. I was one of the people who thought it was getting worse after the 2nd day and I wanted to quit the ACV treatment. I didn't give up though, I just remained patient and kept taking 2 hours or sometimes even 3 hours out of my day for the treatment. They are now all gone and I'm soooo ecstatic!!!!! Don't give up!


GUARANTEED!!! Here's the deal, the only reason genital warts appeared is because I had a weak immunity. So, there are 3 simple and inexpensive things that I do to keep my immunity strong that has worked.
1. Take 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in water every morning and every night
2. Drink lemon with your water throughout the day.
3. Rinse mouth out with Hydrogen (1/2 cap full for 90 seconds) Peroxide after you brush, brush the back of your tongue and floss every night.

Bacteria in our body has a tough time growing in an alkaline environment (Baking Soda and Lemons)
Hydrogen Peroxide kills all the bacteria in your mouth so your body doesn't have to fight them all night long.

These steps will keep your immunity strong by having a lot less bacteria to fight thus keeping genital warts from ever coming back. I GUARANTEE IT!!!!!!!
So, follow a 'alkaline diet' and get your body basic and never get sick again. Simple, right?!


I posted about 5 days ago that I discovered my bumps were GW by using the vinegar test. Well, 5 days later my multiple warts (I probably had about 30-40) are almost completely gone. Here is what I did:

I switched from ACV to potassium iodine. The ACV was making the rest of my vagina raw and irritated. When I put the iodine on the warts I could actually see them shrinking and it didn't sting nearly as badly. Beware of using an iodine tincture. Those are alcohol based and may really sting.

I also took the potassium iodine internally. 45 drops twice a day in water. I continues with my other vitamins: B-complex, Vit C, and emulified oregano and probiotics. I also added in some herbal formulas that contained anti-viral agents like Barberry, Oregon Graperoot and anise.

I can't tell if the warts are inside my vagina, but as a precaution I am douching with a mild iodine solution containing 10 drops. After douching I have been inserting a probiotic capsule.

I had all but forgotten about how powerful iodine is. It is a very strong anti-viral agent. I think the ACV is great for helping to identify the warts, but iodine has seemed to be a stronger treatment for them.

So glad I found this site. I fear that if I had gone to a doctor about this I would have been prescribed an Rx that would not have been nearly as effective as the natural remedies I am using.


About two weeks ago I suspected that I had a yeast infection and bought Monostat to help treat my symptoms. Instead of reducing the effects of the infection using Monostat made my symptoms worse! I was very uncomfortable and displeased to discover that with the worsening of my condition the infection had spread to the outside of my vagina. Earlier this year I had contracted herpes from a partner who had withheld from me that they were a carrier of the virus! And I thought that due to the irritation of the 'yeast infection' I was beginning to have an outbreak. I immediately began taking medicine to combat the herpes outbreak I suspected was a brew, only to discover that the bump I thought was a small blister was in fact not a blister at all! After careful inspection of the rest of my genitals, I found two other bumps, all so small I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking at.
At first I wasn't too worried, because like I said, they were so small I thought maybe they were irritated skin glands. Unfortunately, after several days of keeping an eye on the area the three bumps appeared to have grown slightly in size. At this point I had a suspicion that something was not right and I started researching online what these little bumps could be. I was almost certain that they were warts from their appearance when magnified. I found this site and read about ACV as a form of treatment. The same day I went to my health food store and bought Bragg's AVC and other herbal supplements (resistant microbes and moringa) to help heal and boost my immunity. I started to take the supplements right away but held off on the ACV, because to be honest, I was a little scared of burning myself down there and was slightly hopeful that maybe I was mistaken about the true identity of my bumps.
To be positive of my self-diagnosis, I went to my STD clinic. Not only get rid of my yeast infection, but to see if my fears about HPV were unfounded. While there I was told that my yeast infection was actually BV and was given a prescription to treat this. But, when it came to the bumps my nurse told me that there was no test for HPV and that my bumps looked like swollen skin glands. I asked why they would have grown in size if they were glands and as an answer the nurse said if I was so worried that they were warts she had acid and could burn them off during my visit! Can you believe that not only did she tell me that there was NO WAY to test for HPV but that she would just burn me down there without a guarantee of knowing what she was offering to burn off!! I explained that I was uncomfortable with this if she could not give me a definite answer on what these bumps were. I also inquired about the use of ACV as a home treatment method because I have a low income and could not afford the costly medical bills that were sure to come with any treatment her clinic would provide. She told me that ACV would NOT work in the removal of any wart, that only the acid in her office would rid my body of warts if that is what my bumps were. She said that ACV would only inform me of warts if, after soaking the bumps with ACV for 15 minutes, they turned white. In the case that my bumps did indeed turn white , I could come back to her and she would burn them off.
I went home, soaked Q-tips in ACV and applied them to those bumps. It did not take even 15 minutes for them and the surrounding skin to turn white! Yes, it did burn, but not nearly as much as I had feared. I was correct all along in my suspicions. Not only did my warts turn white, they then turned grey and black with reapplications of ACV and ALL of them fell off in less than 2 hours!!! I have been applying Neosporin to the burns and they have almost healed in 2 days! After they heal completely I plan to reapply ACV to insure that there are no other warts hiding out down there.
I am also changing my lifestyle to improve my health, as well as the environment within my body. In doing so I will make it so that I am no longer hospitable to any virus or bad bacteria! By promoting a healthy diet, lifestyle habits, thinking and attitude I firmly believe any person can restore their health! And I wish for everyone suffering from warts, herpes, or any other disease a speedy recovery and to adopt a healthy lifestyle and mind frame!


Acv is the answer. Day four almost gone. Not kidding when they say it burns. My god does it burn. Think no pain no gain. And think after there gone they are gone. Viatem C and lots of water.


I am diabetic and am currently pregnant with my second child. (different dad) During my first pregnancy, I did have some complications but all in all, things turned out as expected. Now that I'm pregnant with my second child, I have been diagnosed with HPV. I got tested for V.D. after me and my first baby's father split up because I had speculations that he had been unfaithful. Upon being tested that time, I came back negative, my pap came back normal, and etc. Then I found a guy that I really wanted to be with. Unfortunately, I became pregnant the first time we had 'relations,' and the story started there. I thought everything was normal with this pregnancy because I hadn't had any problems. YET. After getting my pap and labs run, they all came back normal, but FYI for those who don't know this. HPV testing is not usually done with a routine pregnancy STD screen. They do test if your pap comes back abnormal, then they go from there. Mine came back normal, so they did no further testing. The first problems I started having was I was starting to get really stressed out, sick, tired, a little spotting, normal pregnant symptoms, etc, but then I noticed some tiny white bumps on my perineum. I have had little sebaceous glands get swollen down there which looked about the same, and I thought this was what it was. Well, after about a month of them not going away, even after cleaning them with alcohol and putting camphor on them to draw out what I thought was the clogged oil pores, I became concerned and VERY scared. I started to look HPV symptoms and Genital Warts up online to see if they matched what I was going through. Certain things didn't match up, such as nothing I read said they looked white, or that on women they show up on the perineum, so I was in denial. The more I read and the more those little bumps never went away, I really wanted to get to the bottom of it. I decided to wait to see if they would go away for another week, but in that week, they actually started growing a bit. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my OB. She did diagnose me with GW, and so in turn, I knew I had HPV. I was devastated. I cried and banged on my steering wheel the whole trip home. Upon returning home my boyfriend (baby's dad) asked me how it went and I completely went off on him, and just went to my bedroom and cried. Unbeknownst to me, there is no proper testing for men to screen for HPV yet, so I really felt bad afterwards. He felt devastated as well seeing as he has a mandatory full-on physical since he's former military and didn't know, plus he gave it to me knowing that he was only the fourth person I had ever been with. Well anyway, back to the HPV. My OB said that prescribing medicine on the first trimester of pregnancy was a no-go, and to wait until I saw my high-risk doctors. I finally saw them about the problem, but by that time, the warts had spread from front to back, they are on my labia, major and minor, my perineum, my clitoris, anus, EVERYWHERE. Some are huge. The ones on my perineum are bigger than I thought they could ever get. I tried using the castor oil and baking soda but it burned to high heaven so I stopped that after the first time. After that, I tried the ACV, but after so many times of using it, it began to hurt terribly as well. Some warts did start to turn white then black, but I was so sore from it, that I just stopped using it and got out of routine. I just had another examination and my high risk doctor told me there was nothing they could do since I was pregnant, no meds, nothing. She told me that if they performed a surgical removal, then I would have to have a blood transfusion because the warts were so big, and they are very vascular. She also told me that if the warts are visible on the outside genitals then they are most likely on the inside. She said that I couldn't give birth because of the severity of them and that I would have to have my child by c-section. (I didn't want this because I had to have a c-section with my first child, and I wanted to do it the natural way this time) I was mortified and devastated. By that time she prescribed me narcotic pain meds because the pain down there was so intense that I could barely walk. So once again, my hope faultered and I cried all the way home. Sitting at home that day, I realized that there was NOTHING the doctors could do for me, so I would have to do something for myself. I'm trying the apple cider vinegar again, but this time I changed up the concoction. I took my previous baking soda and castor oil mixture, and added ACV to it, then some SOLARCAINE (the sunburn aloe medicine) because it has lidocaine in it to dull pain. I mixed it together and soaked three cotton balls in it. I also massaged some of the solarcaine into the genital area to numb it a little bit before applying the cotton balls. I'm starting with my perineum and anal areas since those are the most troublesome areas that bleed anytime I wipe or clean myself down there. I've also stopped using feminine deodorant for the time being and use only Johnson's baby wash. I have started taking Garlic, Immune system booster cocktail (Vit E, C, A, and B), and have kept my diabetes under better control. This would be day one of my process, started all over again. I want to stick with it because I have four months until I am due, and I want these gone so I can give birth the way that God intended. Today I applied the cotton balls to those trouble areas and kept them on there for a little over an hour. I couldn't handle much more, so I ended up removing them. I will slowly but surely start applying the solution more often and for longer period of time. I have to do one or two areas at a time because if I try to do them all, the pain is just too much. I will keep posting updates on the progress, how long it takes, and the severity of the pain. I know how it feels to have this curse, and I want it GONE for good. It's clear that the ACV does indeed work, but the pain threshold has to be larger than normal to actually do this with the larger warts. I won't lie, it DOES HURT. BURNS like you're on fire down there. Once the outside ones start to vanish, I will then move to the inside. I hear that you can get rid of those by soaking a tampon in ACV, and inserting it normally. I have tried this once, and surprisingly, it did not hurt or burn at ALL. It was just on the outside genitalia that it burned like hell. So for those of you who feel that you may have them inside, it IS safe to use a tampon with the ACV. I've also heard that adding garlic and vit E can help the skin healing process because of their natural skin and antibody properties. ACV pills can also be purchased for super cheap. I am going to purchase some and start taking them daily. I have to do what I can without meds for the safety of my unborn child. I know it's a long road ahead, but I also know it will be worth it. I will keep everyone posted, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. WISH ME THE SAME!


I'm a 22 year old female who has had HPV since October. I didn't get a wart until Feb, which easily came off when I scratched it(I didn't realize it was a wart at the time). The next outbreak I had was in March and it went away on it's own in less than two weeks. The next outbreak was in late April, and I'm still trying to get rid of it.

I have been using a mixture of ten asipirin, two tbsp castor oil, propolis (just two drops--it burns like a mother! worse than the ACV!!), and one tbsp ACV. I've been leaving that on over night after rinsing myself with peroxide and dabbing on tea tree oil. During the day I've been taking zinc, garlic, folic acid, and tons of vitamin C, and ten drops of propolis while dabbing myself through out the day with tea tree oil, propolis, ACV, and castor oil. This has worked wonders. I went from having about fifty warts to just four in six days!!!


I think I got a lil over confident. Today, I did not injest any propolis and waited until late in the day to take vitamins. For the past two days I did not doctor myself throughout the day. Tonight, when I checked myself, I once again have about 40 warts!!!!! :'( This is very discouraging and I feel like I'm back to step one. It also sucks because I'm going on vacation tomorrow and all my warts are back. Some are bigger than before. I can't believe all of these came back in one day!!

Has this happened to anyone else?


ok here goes.....i found out i had hpv after noticing several bumps on my vaginal region....ugh i was horrified when i went to the doc n they told me what it i started treatment....having the docs burn them off with their got soooo costly i couldnt afford it anymore and it wasnt working!!! i thought i was doomed to never get i got online and started searching for an answer.....thank goodness i found this site!!!! I am using the acv for the first time today....i tried the qtips but i live with 4 other ppl and i have one bathroom so i cant stay in there all day with a q i ended up just soaking a rag in acv and setting it in place on all the bumps for about 20 minutes or so.....yes it burnt....when i took it off i would pat and rub the bumps i noticed one that was huge is now barely noticeable and the rest are shrinking as well....i am sooo glad i heard of that remedy i was in a depression up til now and today im walking around with nothing but smiles!!! i will be treating myself again in a few hours.....good luck to everyone!!!! keep your heads up theres light at the end of every tunnel!!!!


I am so glad I found this site. I first noticed bumps about 2.5 months ago. I also suspected a general flora imbalance because a girl I was with had just finished treating a bacterial infection. I went to Planned Parenthood and did several STD tests, all of which were negative. I showed the doc the bumps (just a few flattish ones on the side of my opening). She said that she thought they were irritated hair follicles but not herpes (which was ewhat I was fearing). She never put vinegar on them to see if they would turn white.

So, I felt like I had done my due diligence to get tested and I was cleared. Figured they were no big deal. However, when they were still hanging around 2 months later I really started getting worried. Then I found info about GW and my symptoms seemed to fit. When I did the ACV on the area I was shocked to see that my few little bumps were actually quite a few and around most of my vagina, on the lips and even inside! Way more pervasive than I thought.

Anyhow, I am using the ACV and TTO. So far, they are responding by turning white and a few have a greyish tinge. I am determined to beat these Mother Fuckers!

I already take a lot of supplements because I have some other health issues. But I have added some immune support like oregano oil, Vit C and lots of B vitamins. I also have been trying to get regular sun exposure to up my Vit D.

I'll keep posting about my progress. And thanks to everyone else who has shared info. It is more helpful than just about anything else I have found online.

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