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Hi all, I'm a 38 year old male who has quite a few of these nasties! So, here's my experience with ACV: I soaked the cottonballs, taped it on for 3-4 hours a day for 4 days. They turn white, then when the ACV evaportates, they go a little greyish/blackish...but that's it! Am I doing something wrong? I put a lot of ACV on the cottonballs and also, IT DOES NOT STING WHATSOEVER! This seems odd since everyone says it should hurt. It doesn't seem to be working, at least for me. Any suggestions as to why it's not stinging or they aren't even shrinking? How long do I have to do this for? I tried Aldara, and about 10 trips to the doctor attempting to freeze them off...NOTHING!! No results! Any comments are appreciated!


It's been a couple of months since I last posted about my progress. I am happy to report that my warts are all but gone. I had about 30-40 2 months ago. I used ACV, potassium iodine and a lot of oral, immune supporting supplements: potassium iodine, emulsified oregano, anti-viral herbs and B-vitamins. I also have been getting out into the sun as often as possible to boost my Vit D (for 20-30 min, in a bikini with NO sunscreen between the hours of 10am and 2pm when the UVB radiation is strongest).

My warts have almost completely cleared. I just have 1 very small bump that I believe is a wart, but looks more like an ingrown hair. I am still working on this one. Applying iodine to it daily.

A couple of things I have noticed. My warts have flared up 3 months in a row right before my period started. Not sure why, but i have seen a pattern develop. I have also noticed that I will have a flare up when I am stressed out or not getting enough sleep. So, supporting the immune system is very important while trying to deal with a virus like HPV.

The natural remedies here are really helpful and definitely worth trying before going to see a doctor about HPV. And ultimately I think these remedies are more effective because they support the body in fighting the virus rather than just freezing them off or cutting them out. If the body cannot fight it from the inside, the warts will always come back.


I live in Ireland so we do not have Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) so I used white wine vinegar.

I had a infestation on my anus that had spread over a number of months.

At first it was not too bad but as it burns the skin it was incredibly painful.

I applied two days in a row and then would take two days off.

After the first week or first two treatments most of the smaller ones turned black and would flake off when I was in the shower or that.

Now I am down to one which was about the size of a grain of rice initially and has now shrunk away.

This treatment does work but it is painfull, you are burning the skin off layer by layer and your immune system can do the rest. Good luck all


So about a year ago I had a plantar wart that took a while for me to recognize, and even longer to treat. Same old story, tried freezing and over te counter stuff and doctor visits all to no avail. ACV and this site were the best things to happen to my poor foot!! Hurt like hell and I worked on my feet... So it took me a while longer to take care of, but it was magic!!
Now I have had my first pap smear and have come back HPV positive (almost cried but then I researched it). When I was at the doctors office I had shown them some bumps on my labia majora that had been there for weeks, and they told me (rudely) that they were 'nothing to worry about!'
Well, I have trust issues with doctors these days and came running back to this site for insight! I am going to try out the ACV tonight with high hopes :) Problem is that I'm a lifeguard and a swim instructor so this will have to be a strictly nights-only treatment!! No way to hide!
I want everyone who finds this site to have one more person singing praises for this treatment!! And good luck!!


I've used Aldara which is a cream for warts and also skin cancer. It's expensive, and from it's results, quite useless. Not recommending it



hey, I'm 22yrs old. I got this creepy something in my perineum area(end part of my pussy). It's like forming a V-shape, left and right. I don't know what it is so I google about STIs and 'self diagnosed' it as genital warts. Hell yeah I got GW. I did not tell anybody because I thought it's going to disappear. Unfortunately, its been there for 3mos. I'm lucky to find this site. So I got ACV and cotton balls with me.

DAY 1: Clean the area, soaked cotton balls with ACV. It doesn't hurt much. So I got it for like whole day. Warts turned into white.

DAY 2: Clean and continue soaking it. But this time it hurts 8/10 pain scale. Oh yeah so I lessen it. * I burned my skin though. At that day I noticed the size became small, turned into gray-black and shrink. I was like ohh yeah its working.

DAY 3: Since I burned my skin because of too much ACV. I stop it and just wash it, keep it dry and I apply anti bacterial ointment. GW were like flat!

DAY 4: I was it's already gone, but I got the cuts like laceration in the area of GW. So I just clean the area.

DAY 5: I can see a brighter day for me. I feel cool. I feel confident again. I feel like HEAVEN!!! :)

TAG LINE: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! it's true.
LESSON: I will be careful and have HPV vaccine!


Fellas (ladies too)...

ACV does work, it just depends on your dedication. The smell is strong and lingering, but don't let it deter you. I soaked a ripped, folded paper towel in ACV and applied it to my penis for a little over an hour a day. After a week and some change, they died and peeled off. But the treatment isn't over. Keep up the routine for a few more days after the warts have peeled away. It's the infection underneath that's the real problem. Meanwhile, do the Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C, etc routine if your immune system isn't too strong.


For GW.. you can burn them off at home by turning a can of computer keyboard dust remover upside down.. the co2 will come out very cold and freeze the GW. I suggest cutting a hole in a piece of thin cardboard the size of the GW so you dont burn more area than necessary.. This reallly works and much less expensive than a doc visit


ACV Treatment (Apple Cider Vinegar)
**Soak in a bath for 5-10 mins**
**then swab with light peroxide**
**Soak a cotton swab with ACV**
**lightly swab with Peroxide when done**
((i had 4 small dot like warts and one large one the size of two pencil erasers together))

Day 1 - started treatment had ACV on for 2hrs--result soft white tint no irratation

Day 2 - ACV for 2.5hrs-- result smaller dots turned balck larger one was 1/4th black, mild irratation

Day 3 - ACV 2hrs pressed into warts slightly until stinging was felt-- smaller dots got soft and fell off when swabbed with peroxide larger one became fully black and 2/3 fell off. moderate irratation

Day 4- no treatment- the rest fell off in the pre bath soak. no irratation or swelling of the area.


Found I had GW a few months ago. Mostly small, one large one. At first I thought the large one was a skin tag, so I cut it off...worked well, no prob. Then they started to multiply so I went to the Doc. He burned them off with liquid nitrogen. There's still a few there (he said I'd need 2, maybe 3 treatments). Honestly, the best solution is to go to the Doc...liquid nitrogen destroys them. They turn black and fall off within a week. [Note: I'm Canadian, going to the Doc. is free, so money is never a barrier].

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