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Hi all...I was submitted my beginning story with my genital warts & aldara last week. Honestly, it is not working & harm my skin very pain.

Luckily, I get to know about ACV to cure the warts here. So, today is my story with ACV. I using this home remedy for 5 nights.

1st night- I use the cotton & soak with ACV then cover my warts in & out of vagina & near to anus. I admit it is sting but I still can sleep. Morning I open & c my warts all turn to white.

2nd night, I do the same thing. But more sting & I feel painful on my anus. Morning I open & c my warts all turn to little gray.

3rd night, same method same in & out vaginal & anus. But I feel bit upset because the wart near to my anus still the same size from 1st night to 3rd night I done. Another big wart already changed to smaller. Some of small warts also going to fall off.

4th night, same method same affected area. The wart near my anus really painful & sting. Morning I open & c, the size still remain the same......but the bigger wart get smaller, another 2 small warts fall off.

5th night, I choose to rest & sleep well because the last 4 nights make me can't sleep better. I apply Aloe Gel, I can feel the burning & sting near to my anus.

6th night, I check my wart near to my anus still remain the same size. I cover the cotton which soak with ACV again. Morning I open, the wart near my anus still same. Can tell me how to make it smaller & get rid of it?

And, inside my vaginal still have little warts & swollen. I will keep going with ACV treatment. Appreciate can anyone tell me what other method can get rid my wart near to anus? Thank you


Hey all,
So i'm in my early 20's and have had hpv for a little more than a year now. As we all know, it seriously sucks and is effecting my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Anyway, when I was first diagnosed, my doctor was was incredibly lax about it, basically telling me they would go away on their own after he performed cryosurgery. This made me feel better at the time and most of them did go away but not all and after a few visits and pretty much all the money a broke college kid has for just about anything else, the warts kept appearing just one or two at a time. They seemed to appear and go away on there own for a while so I tried to just live my life. After a while of thinking I was good, maybe 4 or 5 reddish warts appeared throughout my pubic region Granted, my lifestyle at the time was pretty unhealthy (very little sleep, lots of stress, cigarettes and alcohol). So, I began using AVC and it did take care of the noticeable warts in my pubic region. However a month or so later i started noticing very tiny bumps around my testicles and lower shaft..I was unsure if these were even warts as they did not look like the warts I had or had that my doctor had described to me (i really have alot of issues with how he treated me btw). I decided to go back to the ACV and surely enough in the past few days I am realizing that I have far more warts than I had previously thought, there has to be atleast 40 tiny ones. Thankfuly, the ACV treatment is working quite well and over the past few days most of them have began to scab up and hopefully fall off in the next day or two. However, my latest concern is the effects the ACV has had on my genital skin. I expected some tenderness and discomfort and burning but not any serious exterior damage. Last night while treating with ACV strategically wrapped around most of my genital area, especially my shaft, I fear I may have been to aggressive. parts under my scrotum, bust most noticeably at the bottom of my shaft and a 1/4 inch circle have turned very dark, almost black, I believe do to a type of chemical burn from the ACV. I have been researching all day and have learned a thing or two on the potential seriousness of what I have found out is called eschar (formations of black dead skin) and am very concerned that I permanently damaged the skin on my penis. DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THESE TYPES OF EFFECTS OR ANY POSSIBLE REMEDIES?? I am definitely going to hold off on the ACV for a bit. If anyone plans on using ACV for the first time, know it does work, but to be extremely careful of leaving it on too long. DO NOT go to sleep with it, thats for sure. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank You and good luck to all of you dealing with this, it's really rough but helps to know your not alone even if its through an internet forum.


ACV works, and surprisingly well. I tested it on the largest of the 4 warts that had been giving me trouble over the past few months. Held a cotton ball with ACV on it over the wart for about an hour a day, re-soaking the cotton ball every 15 minutes or so. (Note: since ACV IS acidic, it is generally a good idea to put some vaseline on the skin surrounding the wart to help keep your skin from getting irritated.) After 2 days, the wart was completely black (Which means the wart is dead). Left it alone for a few days, and it fell off. No more wart. Very excited to get rid of the other smaller ones this way! ACV works and is definitely worth a shot, but be careful since it CAN be harmful to your skin! Best of luck to everyone in getting rid of this embarrassing and inconvenient condition.


Hi guys i found 3 or 4 warts about 2 and a half months ago, and since them it's had a massive affect on my confidence. They spread and i had about 15 or so warts around my penis. I went to the doctor and had some of them frozen off with most they were elminated but about 4 stayed, and one which i had on the head of my penis went away for a couple days and then returned. Then more appeared. I thought i'd try ACV as the freezing gave me the impression it may scar, so i tried ACV with mixed results. Yes it made alot more warts appear, and yes it did eliminate most of the warts eventually. There are about 4 tiny ones left, but i have noticed there are little white circles which i assume are scars from where the old warts used to be. Is there any way of reducing or preventing these scars? also can you use acv on the head of your penis, i'm very reluctant to and think i will go back to the doctors to get the one on my head frozen off. Any advice on how to prevent scarring, or if anyone else has had the issue of scarring would be much appreciated.


I have genital warts 2 months plus ago, it is making me feel embarrassing & spoiling my plan to have pregnant. I just married this year Feb.

I tried Aldara. At first month, it is helping me to burn those warts (I have few small warts outside my vagina & around anus). But, they are still there.

After my period came, I stopped to apply Aldara for 1 week. Shit!The old wart become bigger and outbreak few small warts outside & inside vagina. I feel very sad & cry......

I use the Aldara for 1 month again, the wart from bigger change to smaller. They are still there, never gone. It is a nightmare for me!!! How to get rid of them?

I am staying a very small town here. I can't find ACV, my husband will get me 1 from out of the town tomorrow. I found this website about ACV can kill those warts. I scare the pain as what you are mentioned. Anyhow, I will try this treatment tomorrow. Nowadays, I take Vitamin C, Multi-vitamins, Omega 3 fish oil, Bio-zinc......I hoping I will get well soon.


I just found out I have this problem on sept 14th. After reading all these posts I'm trying a couple of different things. I had about 3, or so I thought, flat barely visible warts in between my vagina and anus. I tried the acv first and it was working but it was burning all my other skin badly. I also found I had several more flat warts around my anus but not on it. I eased up on the acv and applied tea tree oil to help prevent spreading and help it heal. I've been taking garlic, Tagamet, and zinc sulfate. The warts did scan and peel off but I can still feel a little bump where they were so I know they are not gone. Instead of resorting back to the acv I am sticking with the oral stuff. I also added a 5 he energy drink a day. Yesterday I made a mixture of Shea butter and green tea extract w/ 50% catechins and am applying several times a day. The tagament, zinc sulfate, and ecgc catechins have actual clinical research proving efficacy so those are the ones I am going to stick with. I definitely see an improvement an will keep updating. Hope we all can rid this horrible curse! Oh yeah and I stopped smoking after 15 years. Funny the risk of lung cancer and emphysema never forced me to quit but when you tell me it will make genital warts worse I was able to lay them down without a problem lol.


I've had several warts for quite some time now and came across the apple cider vinegar treatment and tried it.. After applying it for the firstnight less then 12 hours later all of the fleshy top part of the warts came right off.. It was unbelievable!! After that part came off everything that was remaining has turned black and scab like.. At this point I am lost as to what to do because I attempted to reapply the ACV and the burning/stinging is too much to handle.. I've gotten to this point and don't want to go backwards so any suggestions would be great.. Thanks.


hello names zach and i have read about the remedie for genital warts concerning apple cider vineager....does this stuff cure everything? ( it also helps with acid reflux if you DRINK a teaspoon a day)--n e hoo--i was skeptical but i tried on the first day i had to mentally battle myself to endure the PAIN of the acv on my skin...but believe me its worth it just 3 days i saw rersults they turned black and fell off me like a dead mosquito--one thing i realized though is that you HAVE TO apply GREAT pressure if you want to see may hurt but its worth it..... i also prayed alot because my children, my future wife...and everything is on the line when ur talking about the fruit of my loins....hope this helps everyone


Hey ACV works on some warts, but you can also try a Salicylic Acid Cream, a got some from walmart the store brand name(equate) with 17% Salicylic Acid and it work for me(5-7 days) and there was no pain involve(for me), I had just one wart on my penis. The cream is for foot warts, but a wart is a wart and it work for me. and it only cost me %3.88, I really hope this helps some of you, good luck. :D !!!!


I am not really sure what is working but I figured I would share. I started out with about 10 warts. After using ACV they bloomed into around 50. The older ones got huge. Like 3 mm and fleshy. Also some smaller clusters started forming. After reading countless sites I knew the ACV was making the ones under the surface pop. I was worried but I kept telling myself it was working. So the second night I used baking soda paste and in the morning I used peroxide to cleanse the area in the morning. Small pieces of skin was on the T.P. it was shaped like a wart so I hoped they were. By the next day most of the small ones were gone. The baking soda hurts just as bad but it seemed to work faster.So for days I struggled between baking soda and vinegar soaks in the tub. Just let it fizz don't start a science project in there. I also used peroxide to cleanse after the bathroom. After about 5 days more warts started to fall off. They are not dead though so continue whatever is working for you. I started looking up old wives tales and came across drawing slave for warts. Well activated charcoal is in drawing salve so I ran to the pharmacy and got charco caps. I took them internally and also made a poultice for my lady parts. Now I have no idea what worked because I used acv, baking soda, iodine, peroxide, witch hazel, tea tree oil, olive oil, charco caps, A&D ointment,and castor oil. Not all at once but I used all of that stuff. I have about 7 warts left. I take the charcoal and sweat all night so I believe it is pushing some toxins out. Idk if it can grab the HPV virus or not but it really did help shrink from the outside. So it is day 14 and I still have genital warts but the good new is that I have very few left. I should add I am being a barbarian and poking the small bumps that are left after the wart falls off with a red hot needle. It hurts but I am healing. So take vitamins before the charcocaps because it will adsorb to anything that is not natural and vitamins are usually synthetic. Hope it helps. I am going to add that this was all done waiting on my Dr.'s appointment because they do cause cancer so they must be checked out by a medical professional.

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