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Happy Camper

I posted about a week ago, thanking everyone for their invaluable input, and as promised, thought I'd share my story. I'm a mid 40s male, and I had between 6-12 small bumps on the base of, and on, my penis. I've had these annoying things for over a year, and I struggled to even properly figure out what they were. They appeared after shaving one day, so I assumed for some time that they were the result of razor burn, but they refused to fade. I ruled out ingrown hairs, and while they sort of resembled GWs from pictures on the internet, that really didn't seem to be right either. My best guess was MC, but really that's all it was - a guess. In any event, as you all know, it's extremely frustrating and demoralizing having something like this. Early on I even tried plucking them with tweezers, but they'd only return again. After reading this site, I opted for ACV. And it worked. So this is what I did: DAY 1 - first application of the day was 3 hours (I soaked a few cotton balls in ACV, placed them on the bumps, and wrapped stretch 'n hold gauze around it to secure in place, and then put briefs on to hold everything properly). Yes, it burned, and when I removed it, they were indeed white which I thought was positive. Second treatment of the day was about 4 hours later, and I did the same thing for about 2 hours. No further change. DAY 2 - In the morning when I woke up I noticed they were turning grey. I did 3 treatments that day, each for about 1.5 hours. After the first treatment in the morning, some of the bigger ones were now black. Yay!!. All of this is a little painful, so I had an epsom salts bath at the end of the day and that seemed to help me. DAY 3 - I did one treatment in the morning for about 1.5 hours but the pain was too much so I pulled it off, and that was a good idea, because I was starting to get a chemical burn from the ACV near the area of the bumps. Yikes! I decided to give my body a break, and stopped using the ACV, but would put Vitamin E on my skin to help heal. The bumps were mostly all black by this point, and I just let them be. DAY 4 - not much change, still had the chemical burn, still applied Vit E., but did not apply any more ACV. DAY 5 - The black bits on the bumps flaked off on their own, and the chemical burn was 95% gone. YAY!!!! That was about a week ago now, and I'm as good as new now. I will say that on DAYS 6,7 and 8 I did apply some Potassium Iodide on what were by now very small bump remnants that remained as I had read some people had success with that. I don't know if that really helped or not, but it didn't hurt. But yes, they are now all gone. I still don't really know what they were, and I don't really care. I will warn you though: a few people here left the ACV application on overnight - DON'T DO THIS!! Everyone's skin is different, and while some people might be able to do this, not everyone has the same skin sensitivity. A chemical burn is NOT fun. You do not need to overdo it - more is not better in this case. Thankfully, I listened to the pain and took it off before it did any serious damage. Test your body/skin out and start with an hour or two, and go from there. This does work. Good luck to all.

Happy Camper

Male in my 40's here. Just wanted to say 'thank you' so, so much to all of you that have shared your experiences and thoughts. I suspect I'm dealing with mollusum contagiousm (MC) and possibly not GWs but in any case, I am just finishing day 2 of ACV treatment, and am very encouraged by the results so far. I'll post a more complete entry, including my treatment regime, in (hopefully) about a week when I'm done. Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to share.


Ive just discovered i have genital warts and have been on Aldara cream, doctors only gave me 4 sachets... Surely this isn't enough to cure them? Im on my second sachet tonight. But i have noticed from using my first sachet i have come up in a few more tiny warts.

The Apple cider vinegar remedy... I have warts around and just inside my hole. Is it wise to use there? And does it really work and how long will it take to get rid of them? I am so embarrassed and daren't go near anyone until they are 100% gone!! Helppppp


After doctors diagnosis (and I had a bad case). I tried everything but the surgery. Over a few years, 1.) they froze em, ...they came back. 2.) Aldara, ...didn't do a damn thing. 3.) Tried a 'natural' tea tree linament mix I found online. ...didn't do a damn thing. 4.) Then I tried pure Tea Tree Oil alone. Left it on all night. Reaked havoc on my skin but softened the warts enough to pull off. And my skin was hard/brittle and darkened for a week or so. But Yay!!!! NOPE, …in a few weeks they were coming back. So, I just decided that I would do this particular horrible and sometime painful and bloody process from time to time. And it was a process.
I was never contagious though. I would tell partners and they not one over a period of years caught what I had. So resolved myself to living with it for the rest of my life, just informing my partners of the situation.

THEN! I remembered what I did to get rid of my first bout of Hemrroids years back from a bicycle marathon I had done. I did this solution and the warts went TOTALLY away in a month and a half.

SO, OK, here it is! If you live in an area where there is a GOOD natural store, go get some Goldenseal Root Powder (Organic). It will be a fine mustard yellow powder. At Sevenandah in Atlanta, I paid $2.50 for a small bag. Buy some aloe vera gel from the same location. Like 90% Aloe Vera. (About $8) Not that crap at Target or Walmart. After you shower (not at the store), Pour a small amount of the goldenseal into your palm. Now drop a DAB of aloe onto it, mix it up with your finger and when you have a paste, smear wherever the warts are. WAH-LAH. You should be on your way. I shared it with a friend that I somehow found out had the same affliction, He is on his way as well. He's in the itch phase. I'm about to find the young lady who I know I got them from if I can find her. Oh, yeah, there's an ITCH phase. OMG! Be ready for this. When they really begin to attack the wart, there will be an itch that you want to get a gun and just shoot yourself down there. Just get some liquid benedryl and apply it over the paste. It will stop the itching for THAT DAY. That itch lasts for a couple weeks, then it stops. Eventually, you will notice that the warts are shrinking. For me it was like 2 weeks. But after all the crap I had tried, I was still not believing it even tho I could feel them leaving. One day I went to put the paste on and was like, I can't feel them. I looked in the mirror and NADA!!! I'm done.


Hi :( im 18 and I found out today that I have genital warts. I am completely freaking out about this and have been researching all day on it. None of the professional websites have said anything other then freezing them or surgically removing them. I cant afford any of that as I am 18 and going to college. Does ACV really work? What if it gives me more? how bad does it hurt on a scale of 1-10? also is it safe to have protected sex with them or should i wait until they are all gone and im al healed up? does green tea work? like putting it down there or drinking it? I think i have about 7 smallish ones right on the inside, is it still safe to use ACV? so many questions I just need someone to talk to :'( thanks....


I'm now 9 months pregnant, but when I was 5 months I notice I had genital warts I went to the doctor and she didn't want to mess with them instead she told me I can start treatment after the baby. Didn't have many either and they weren't big at all and my doctor told me that, but it just bothered me to know I had them. So I came across this website and I tried the Apple cider vinegar. I got a make up pad soaked it and applied my mistake was leaving it there all night because my skin peeled and I had to stop treatment to heal. Then I would apply it here and there and they seemed to be getting worst so I stopped. Then weeks later I came back to this website and I read about applying rubbing alcohol. So I went to Walgreens and bout the isopropyl alcohol 91% by volume the Walgreens brand. I start applying it for a week after coming out of the shower and leaving the soaked make up pad there for at 2 to 3 hours for a week and my warts are gone! I'm so happy.


Just an update. I have healed up from the apple cider vinegar and am starting the aldara. The thing is I really can't see anything down there. The apple cider vinegar, although burned the shit out of my skin/tissue down there, really did get rid of almost all the warts. I can barely feel three tiny tiny bumps on my perineum that you can't even see and I have one tiny wart on my Amis that really just looks like a white head. I've used tree aldara treatments so far and just Joe am starting to get a little raw in the taint area so I'm going to lay off for the next treatment and start back up in about 3 days. I've been slacking on the supplements too but still taking the zinc and te green tea at least daily sometimes twice a day. Bottom line is I think ACV did most of the work down there :). I'm mainly using aldara at this point to hopefully prevent recurrence and remove these last couple of tiny spots.


hey guys just letting you know that acv does work when I used to get genital warts I used to apply acv to a cotton ball and rub it back and forth until the wart came right off I used to bleed a little while in the process and some warts were very hard to deal with but I wanted them off right then and there I was doing this for a while it's been a year and a couple months now and I haven't had any more outbreaks hoping I don't either. Hopefully all of you guys can get rid of it too cause it definitely is something very embarrassing and difficult to deal with.


i've tried doing the same thing with my plantar wart that i had for maybe 6 months. i digged in deep first before actually applying acv. also did it to 2 more warts on my palm and finger. probably did it for less than a week. it actually worked for me. it just...fell off.:p like everyone else says.

anyway, i just discovered new ones in my vjj which is quite disturbing since i always check it down there if i have something abnormal. and so, I took a mirror and a torch light...lo and behold i saw one piece of skin sticking out. searched in the net how to find out if it is a wart. put some vinegar on a q-tip. yes. it turned white. so i decided on doing the ACV treatment again but this time, since i know my vjj is sensitive, i diluted the acv with water. yes it stung for about 10 mins but it's all worth it. i slept like a baby. and i've found more white spots in there. i've only put once but when i woke up this morning, the bump was smaller and the other ones are softer as well and it wasn't white anymore it was a shade like the rest of my vjj.

i'll continue doing this and keep on drinking vit c as well and stop smoking and drinking alcohol. get a bit of sun as well. so people who are doing it on their genitals, DILUTE THE ACV IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BURN YOURSELF! that's all:) hope it works for everyone. and i'll update later whatever happens. ciao!


I am posting an update to my multiple treatments. i had been using acv, homemade green tea extract ointmenmt and tea tree oil to soothe and prevent spreading. I was able to get rid of about 6 warts that were not in sensitive areas. However I had to lay off the treatments because i had an appt with my gyno and i didn't want to be all ate up down there when I went. So tuesday i went to the gyn. i told her what i had been doing with the apple cider vinegar. She took one look down there and said 'honey you've had an outbreak of herpes too'. Now i'm a nurse and i know the difference. I most definitely do not have herpes. i told her i never had any blisters or sores. She said you have ulcerations all over down there. I then proceeded to tell her that it was from the acv soaks and where i had picked off the scabs. she then realized i was right (I did have a full std work up including hiv, herpes, and hepatitis and it all came back negative i found out yesterday). She had planned to use tca acid to treat my warts but she said there was no way she was putting acid on my skin down there the way it was. She then recommended Aldara. Now after reading tons of people's bad reviews on Aldara I had already decided I did not want to do that, but i was willing to hear her thoughts on it. She said she has been doing this for 31 years and she had only 2 people break out in blisters and ulcerations. She said she had excellent results with aldara and very few recurrences. So that is what i decided to try. She told me to let my skin heal down there for 7-10 days and then start the aldara. she said the key is apply a VERY thin layer and rub it in all the way and make sure to wash it off after 6 hours. Also she said to only treat affected areas. I told her I was worried about my outbreak getting larger since its quite small to begin with. She said typically pwople will get a 1-3 new warts a week for 4-6 weeks with OR without treatment. She said that some doctors recommend waiting until you are done getting new warts before starting any kind of treatment but she does not because she knows how distressing it is to wait and do nothing. she also said it is very rare to have to battle this for years. That most people do not have future outbreaks but if they do they are less each time. I hope I am one of these said people. Anyway my point is don't believe everything you read on the net. When I first found out abotu my warts i immediately started reading online and totally freaked myself out. The truth is the people that just go to the doctor and get treated, don't have many side effects, and don't have multiple recurrences are not the people that typically will post on the internet. I think acv is a great treatment at home if you just have a couple of warts you can spot treat, but if you, like me have them on sensitive areas like the edge of your vagina you are better off just going to the doctor. Plus women need to get a pap anyway to check that as well. Lucky for me I do not have any internal warts and my cervix is good. I hope to start the adara next week. On a side note since letting the area heal i really can't even tell i have them they are so tiny, flat and few. The acv made them sooooo much worse, swollen white, scabby and gross. Good luck everyone and I'll post soon about my aldara experience, which btw only cost me $10 with mediocre health insurance.

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