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(49 yr Male) After having intercourse with a new woman, I noticed small fissures on my foreskin (dryness).
She had small bumps around her anus which I didn't concern myself with; idiot that I was! Sex both front door and back.
After 3 months, my fissures started to heal. I thought it was scar tissue ie: My body healing itself.
Fully anesthetized in the operating room, I had a biopsy and Penile Ablation to burn off of the genital warts. 3 weeks later, they are now returning where the biopsy was made. My foreskin looks like it has been chopped up(which it has). The warts are returning. I have to pull back the foreskin to have the warts show. Very moist and sensitive area. Anyway, I will try the tea tree Oil and over the counter remedy like compound W and let you know in the comments I make later. God Bless you all. We are not dirty. We were in Love.


Hi Everyone,

I found a couple small warts around my vagina the other and figured they must be HPV. I read on here and decided to just use straight tea tree oil. I applied 100% tea tree oil with a q-tip just to the affected areas. The oil did sting a bit, but wasn't unbearable. I went to repeat the treatment tonight and my warts were very white. I tried to scrape them, and I found they were easily scraped out. I hope my warts are gone for a little while and the tea tree oil did actually do the trick. My warts were very small- about the size of a grain of sand. I think this remedy works best on very small warts.


I developed Genital warts about 3 years ago when I was 26. it has not been fun. but through trial and error I have learned some great ways to treat my genital warts. The first thing is boost your immune system to fight off genital warts.

Here are my tips. #1-Boost your immune system. This help fight off the virus and can prevent genitalwarts from appearing.
#2- I used Skinhale Wart Remover to remove any genital warts whenever I get them. It's all natural so it's safe to use.
#3- Apple Cider Vinegar can be used but let me warn you. It stinks!!! it takes weeks or months to remove warts but if you don't mind smelling like vinegar for 2 months then this is the way to go. #4-You are not alone. Stay strong and remember each year over 1,000,000 people get genital warts. Just be safe and try not to spread it. Good luck!


DO NOT PANIC, there is always a way, take deep breaths, set yourself some tea, get a notebook, relax and do your research with the right mindset. Read not only this post, but at least 20-30 others. So you get an idea what works and what doesn't.

I am a male, 23 years old. I have had some of the warts for nearly 2 years, they were fairly large and had a cauliflower like appearance. I have gotten rid of genital warts on and around the shaft of my penis doing this:

Firstly you want to make yourself comfortable, because the pain is different with each person, it can range from mild to excruciating. Lay down an old towel that you can get rid of after the treatments.

I mixed one part of Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) with one part of Alcohol (70%) I soaked a long strip of cotton with it and wrapped it around my penis shaft and covered it with a long strip of toilet paper so it wouldn't all drip off. Keep it on there for 30-60 minutes a day with one day breaks. The smaller warts will probably disappear or dry up and fall off on it's own the next day, the larger ones might take some longer. Always do it with one day breaks, you don't want to damage your penis, seriously. This will also prevent scarring, I personally applied avocado with yoghurt after the treatments because I couldn't get a hold of Vitamin E cremes/oils. It worked well, I have no visible scars and I feel great, almost reborn.

- use baby powder on the region after showers to dry it. warts need moisture to grow
- even if you don't shower daily, wash your genital on a daily basis
- eat garlic/vinegar/onions daily
- cardio is king, sprint to get your heartrate up and your hormones jumping.
- drink water, seriously, just do it, this is the most simple one and it will change your live INSANELY! stay away from the sugary stuff!


Ok. I just want to start by thanking everyone that has contributed a remedy on this site for Genital Warts! I don't usually write on these things, I usually take whatever info I need and leave. But not this time, this time, I have my confidence, self esteem and overall sexual confidence as the reasons to be thankful and to share the info I gathered from this site and a couple of others.

See about 3 months ago (early September 2012) I realised that the once very small lump of flesh, that I though was just a little growth started forming into a more prominent cluster on the lower inner left part of my vagina. Now let me point out that I did have very rough sex in the weeks before and just thought that it might have been scar tissue from where my vagina had healed itself. I left it for almost 2 months and thought nothing of it. I got hit with a very very bad fever and the Dr prescribed antibiotics which brought about the worst bout of thrush I have ever experienced. With my immune system at an all time low, the genital warts began to thrive!! In early November, they went from just a small raised white bump on my lower inner left vagina to now being on my right side and all down my perinium and on the edges of my anus aswell, and they have increased significantly in size and hardness. Panic sets in as I began to research about what it could possibly be (seeing as now it seems to be contagious!!)

To my horror, I came across symptoms and pictures of Genital Warts, all the descriptions fit and my heart sank to my stomach! I was mortified!! I felt dirty and embarrassed! I went into a slight depression for a couple of days but never stopped looking for a cure. Let me also point out that I am between jobs and seeing a GP or a Gyne would be way too expensive for me! So I looked for alternative possibly over the counter or home remedies!

When I first read about the ACV (apple cider vinegar) treatment, it sounded like a miracle, but I had no idea what it was (the person that wrote the remedy was not kind enough to elaborate the abbreviation)!! I thought ACV was some sort of expensive GW (genital wart) treatment that I couldn't afford. But upon reading more into the other remedies, I discovered that its something I have in my very own kitchen cupboard! I felt a little more relieved! Ok, I've gone on enough, let me tell you how I manage to treat my warts with ACV and Tea Tree Oil(in 4 days they were virtually all dead and falling off!!) Now listen carefully and remember, treat ACV with caution like the 5% Acid it is! Here's a break down of my daily treatments.

What you will need:
1)Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic & 5% would be best)
2) Tea Tree Oil (Mine was Thursday Plantation and 100% Pure)
3)Vitamin E and Garlic Oil capsules (I just bought the generic pharmacy loose capsules)
4) Mousturising cream with Vitamin E and Olive Oil Extract (I used Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream)
5) MultiVitamins (Centrum)
6) A roll of cotton wool and loads of cotton buds (for cleaning and securing the treatment in place)

Day 1:
In the morning, after your shower, make sure you clean your vagina with a nice mild non scented PH balance fanny wash. Don't dry rub it dry with you towel (one, you'll agitate the warts and two, you'll spread very highly contagious wart germs all over your towel, then to the rest of your body!! Urghh) Just pat dry with toilet tissue and flush the tissue immediately!

Get a shallow dish and put about 10ml of water in the dish, followed by 1-2 drops of Tee Tree Oil (it's an anticsptic but should be used sparingly as it can cause a rather unpleasant sting!!), then add 4-5 drops of ACV to the water, soak 5-6 cotton buds (using it to mix the oil and ACV together too) and now the fun begins.

Get a mirror and position it comfortably where you have a good view of all your warts, only use the cotton bud on one wart at a time, do not dab multiple warts with the same swab, your just spreading the warts infection!! Make sure to hold the cotton swab firmly on the wart (you should feel a stinging, tingly and may be uncomfortable but I like to think of that sensation as the wart dying!!) Once your done attending to each and every wart individually, soak a good size piece of cotton wool in the Tea Tree and ACV solution, make sure to squeeze it till its quite dry as you don't want it to be dripping everywhere and running down your thighs as your day goes on. Place the soaked cotton wool over the area where the warts are and try and secure it with either surgical tape or some other adhesive (if your lucky like me, the natural folds of your labia should keep the cotton wool in place), during the first day of treatment, I left the cotton wool in for 2 hours at a time only! No more!

I repeated the exact same treatment at night only I pierced a Garlic Oil capsul and added it to the Tea Tree and ACV soaked cotton wool. The Garlic did wonders and on day 2-3 I used it for both day and night treatments! Also, because the Tea Tree and ACV are very strong and the skin in and around our vaginas and anuses can be very sensitive, I also punctured a Vitamin E capsul and slathered it all over the areas that looked sore (make sure to practise caution when using the same fingers to spread the Vitamin E as you don't want to spread the warts around!)then on your butt cheeks and inner thigh area, apply the dry skin cream just to sooth the area further.

**Always remember to wash the dish you used and your hands and the area with an anticsptic wash! Keeping clean will help stop the spreading of those pesky warts!

Treatment for rest of the day:
After my 2 hour Tea Tree and ACV soak, I usually give it another wash (with just warm water and mild PH balanced fanny wash) and just get fill the shallow dish with 10ml of water and 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil, I use this solution just to clean the area and as the TTO is a natural antiseptic, it keeps the nasty GW's from spreading! I keep it there from anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 4 hours depending if I'm out and about or I use the bathroom. Depending on your flexibility, just try and keep it as clean and germ free as possible!

Repeat the entire procedure for as many days as you need and in no time (while cleaning with the cotton swabs) you will realise and begin to see dead wart cells on the swabs. Constantly use clean swabs and get all the dead wart cells off before applying new treatment. Also, it is essential to boost and keep your immune system healthy with a multivitamin, moderate physical activity to get your heart pumping, a healthy diet filled with probiotics and body flora friendly foods like yoghurt and greens! Drink loads of Green Tea and water and steer clear or starchy foods, alcohol, cigarettes and sugar!

I know, I know, it sounds like a nightmare and there are so many restrictions, but it is for the best and once those GW's clear up, it will all be worth it!! Just never ever forget that your not alone and that your still a beautiful and wonderful person and you deserve to be loved! I really hope this helps at least one person as much as this site and it's contributors have helped me!!! :)

Be strong and I look forward to hearing if my remedy has worked for anyone!!


I got Genital warts a few years ago when I was 25. It was the worst day ever. I have some great tips. First you need to boost your immune system. Boosting your immune system helps fight off the warts. I also applied Skinhale Wart Remover to remove my genital warts whenever they appear.

Apple Cider Vinegar works but smells really bad and can take months to work.

So First: Boost your immune system. This is important to help removing and preventing warts.
Second: Use Skinahle Wart Remover to remove any current genital warts. It's all natural so it's safe to use.
Third: As a very last resort use ACV. If you can stand the smell and don't mind smelling like vinegar for 2 months then try it.
Good luck! Hang in there.

Living with it

This should generally be considered for men only, but, I see no problem with external use for females. First thing is first, as everyone else has said boost your immune system, a healthy diet, multi-vitamins, and essential oils are now part of your daily life, deal with it. Secondly, stay physically fit, whichever version of the virus you may have it is everywhere in your body, and it will hang out and wait in fat cells. Now this is the part for guys, Compound W Freeze-Off. Pinch up your 'affected' area and touch that only, after it has been sanitized of course. 2-3 days it's gone, no scars.


Light a stick of incense and hold it on your genital wart. Repeat until it is a flat scab. This works best on large 'cauliflower' type genital warts. I'm female and had them surrounding my vaginal opening. I tried everything and this is the only thing that has given IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Tea tree oil works also but it takes a while. Rub Vitamin E oil (or break open a capsule) onto your scabs to promote healing. It feels amazing to finally have a normal looking vagina again! :)


How a 'freak out' moment and realized that I ha contracted HPV through a partner. Within two days I have seen a tremendous difference with the use of 1. Alcohol 2. ACV and 3. Blu Goo (bought at family dollar general store--or which ever the yellow store is). I work full time so the ACV smell concerned me and was only an option when I was home and soaking in the bathtub for 15 min. The alcohol was used first thing in the morning and last a night as my 'cleanser.' The Blu Goo is used throughout the day and applied everytime i use the restroom. Will keep you posted as to when the warts are completely gone.

Matt L.

I've suffered with genital warts since I was 22. I am now 33. It has been no picnic. I have a few tips to remove your Genital Warts. First things first, boost your immune system...that is the best way of fighting off the warts. I've also used Skinhale Wart Remover to remove my genital warts whenever they appear.

Apple Cider Vinegar stinks! Literally. I couldn't use it for more than 2 days. It can take weeks for it to work. This is what I recommend:

First: Boost your immune system to help fight off the warts/
Second: Use Skinhale Wart Remover to remove any current genital warts you may have.
Third:As a last resort you can use ACV. It can work. But it could take weeks off smelling really bad to do so. Good luck and remember you are not alone!

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