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Ok, so when I first found out I had genital warts. I was worried but I also did my research. Going to the doctor was OUT of the question, because I didn't want anybody knowing that I had them. So, the started to appear mid, I just kind of let them go untreated until I went home for Thanksgiving break. I'm a college student by the way. So, over Thanksgiving break, I began applying ACV..then I had to go back to school. Ii didn't take the vinegar with me though. So their condition remained the same. Big. So, I actually tried pulling them off by hand. That was PAINFUL and you bleed alot so I wouldn't recommend doing that. I read that some people cut them off with an exacto-knife...I don't do well with that type of pain so that was not happening. So Christmas Bbreak rolls around, when I got home I started back with ACV, and after the 4th or 5th day it started to really burn. It eventually got to the point where I couldn't take the burn anymore so I tried pulling them off. THEN I heard about the duct tape method. Now, I just started applying duct tape everyday in early January. I was faithful at replacing duct tape. It's now the end of February and my huge warts are now GONE! Thank God! So I would recommend the duct tape method.

John S

Hey everyone...I developed Genital Warts about 2 years ago. Its has been a very big pain in the butt. First is the embarassment of having Genital Warts. It literally changed my life. I was always dating girl and enjoying life. After I contracted genital warts I didn't go out on a single date for over a year because I was ashamed and embarrased. Through a little trial and error i have found some great ways to treat my genital warts.

Here are a few of my tips:
Step number one: Your body is great at fighting off certain viruses if you allow it to do so. But to do this you must boost your immune system. Boosting your immune system can help fight of the genital warts virus. Step number two: Apply Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts. It is all natural. Step number three: Repeat steps one & two. It is important that you understand that each year over a million people contract the genital warts virus. So you are not alone. Whatever method you choose good luck and be strong!


At home cryrotherapy for Genital Warts

This is going to be a somewhat long post in which I describe the use of cryrotherapy (freezing) to remove 12 warts. I now have been clear of all warts for 3 months, as of this posting.

Let me give a bit of background on myself. I'm mid 30s, Italian-American male, sexually very active (multiple partners for many years), in good health, regular workouts, no smoke or booze, living in Japan, drink lots of green tea.

I first noticed something like GW at the base of my pubis a few years ago, but I thought they were just moles and ignored it (I have moles and freckles as well, so it was difficult to tell). About two years ago, I noticed some more on the very base of my penis, but again, didn't think much of it. These were very low and slightly darker than the rest of my skin color. None of my partners ever got warts, and I never tested positive for HPV, so I just ignored it. Then about 5 months ago, I was shaving and I noticed a wart-like protuberance, of the same color as the rest of my skin, at the base of my scrotum where it meets my upper thigh. I nicked it with my razor and about a week later, I noticed altogether 6 GWs in this area. So, I went to the doctor who confirmed that I had 12 GWs (the new ones and the old flat ones) and proscribed me some cream.

I wanted to get rid of them right away, so I did some reading and found that it is possible to do cryrotherapy at home. Since I am in Japan, I realized that I would have to improvise a bit.

I found a site that describes how to use commercially available air-dusters to freeze off the warts.

Since this site is addressed to an American audience, it discusses products that are not available here, so I looked at the chemicals that are used. There are two:



In particular I was interested in the other names section. I used the former of the two, tetrafluorethane, but I don't think it matters. I went to a professional camera shop, since they sell air-dusters, and sure enough they had cans of both for $5-$10.

(Let me make a slight digression to discuss how this works. Both of these substances have boiling points that are below room temperature (-26.3°C, -25 °C)), and hence they begin to boil as soon as they are released from a pressurized environment. They are not actually cold, but when they boil, the transformation to the gaseous state absorbs a huge amount of heat from the surrounding bodies - including your skin, should it happen to be in contact with the boiling/evaporating liquid. There is some confusion about this process, since on this site and some others, one reads that liquid nitrogen (which is used by the Dr) is much 'colder' than these two substances. In fact, Nitrogen boils at a much lower temperature (−196 °C), so it may boil more violently, but the overall process of becoming gaseous should require about the same amount of heat. Hence, there is no physical reason why liquid nitrogen would be inherently superior to either of these substances.)

Following the instructions on the site above, I made an applicator with the can to do cryrotherapy. The trick is to make sure you have a good grip so that you can release just enough of the liquid that it evaporates in the applicator tip and not so much that it spills on your junk. Practice using the applicator before you do any wart freezing.

I did the treatment in three stages, giving about two weeks between treatments. Throughout this time I was taking vitamin B, E, D and a multivitamin daily, but I don't know if this had any effect.

For the first round, I applied the freezing to the 6 GWs at the base of my scrotum. I began with periods of 15 to 20 seconds, but worked my way up to periods of 45 seconds per GW. I would hold the Q-tip on a GW until it turned white and was frozen solid and then begin counting. I applied twice at night and once in the morning for 4 days. For the first round, I also mixed apple vinegar with crushed Aspirin and applied this to each of the 6 GWs for an hour or so. (I discontinued this after the first round.) After about 4 to 5 days, the GWs turned gray, white (and black in one case) and began to come off when I took a shower. During the day, and before bed, I applied vitamin E oil and aloe vera oil. After the GWs fell off, the underlying skin was raw and almost bleeding.

After the skin had had about a week to heal (that is, a week after the GWs had fallen off), I began the second round. I decided the vinegar was unnecessary, so I just used freezing and vitaminE/aloe vera this time. This time I worked on the three GW on the base of my penis. This time I applied the freezing for a full 60 seconds twice in the evening and once in the morning for 3 days. Again after 4-5 days, the GWs began to fall off. After another week of healing I began the last round.

For the final round, I applied the same routine of freezing to the 3 at the base of my pubis. Again, they fell off after 5-6 days.

There was white scaring in all cases, but this cleared up after 3-4 weeks. I have now been clear of any warts for about three months (four months for the first set), and my dick looks and feels as good as new.

Just as a final warning, it is possible to seriously hurt yourself with the freezing, so be careful.


So, after reading many home remedies on here for about 2 weeks, I decided to submit my story. I am 31yo female. I have not had sex in over a year, and about 3 weeks ago, noticed many small to mid-size bumps (about 25) on my vaginal lips. After researching when they didn't go away after a day or so (thought it could have been razor burn), I came to the conclusion that it was a GW outbreak. None had developed into the cauliflower, painful ones; they were simply flesh-colored bumps that had a minor itch associated with them. This was confirmed by a doctor who suggested either cryotherapy(freezing) or Aldera. I originally went with the Aldera, but after only 2 applications, stopped due to many bad reaction reviews I had read by others. I had already researched home remedies for this, and came across an ACV method mixed with Tea tree oil, vitamin E, and garlic. Everywhere I read ACV and tea tree oil are extremely effective, and take about as long as the Aldera applications. I also read about boosting your immune system to fight off the virus.

I have a very active and busy lifestyle, but am much more open to natural remedies rather than doctors. So, I went to the store and bought many supplements to boost my immune system.

Originally, I was skeptical to use ACV, as many have talked about burning sensations. So, I started out applying a Tea Tree and vitamin E antiseptic creme to the area, along with many daily supplements to boost my immune system. The creme I use is 'derma e' and can probably be found at a health store (I use Super Supplements). I use this twice daily (for about 2-4 hours during the day, and right before bed through the night 8-10 hours). There is NO burning; it does have a slight cooling sensation, but not irritating in the least, and disappears after maybe 5 minutes. Plus, it takes the itch away. The supplements include a multi-vitamin, vitamins C and E, echinacea, and garlic capsules. I noticed small changes, as it did not itch as much, nor did anymore appear, but it was hard to tell if this method was working.

After about a week, I spoke with my Mom in the health field, who is also becoming more familiar and pro-herbal remedies. She mentioned hearing in a class that Red Marine Algae is excellent in fighting the HPV virus. I then researched this method, and came across several websites, and a short video promoting this. So, I went and purchased Red Marine Algae Plus (from Pure Planet - also at Super Supplements) and started including this in my daily supplements. The video I watched said about 2500mg during an outbreak. This equates to about 5-6 pills, but WELL WORTH IT. I started taking the Red Marine Algae 6 days ago, and all of the warts are almost completely gone!! There are only about 4 of the mid-size ones left, and they are significantly smaller. I will continue to use these supplements, along with the creme, until completely gone, but am thinking I have maybe only a week left. Then, for future prevention, I will continue the supplements, reducing the Red Marine Algae down to the daily intake amount of 1000mg, or about 3 pills.

I will try to remember to update here in about a week, letting everyone know if the outbreak is completely gone, but if you read this, please research Red Marine Algae for genital warts (or HPV), as I truly believe it is an EXCELLENT and VERY EFFECTIVE way to treat this ordeal.

Adam L.

I contracted Genital Warts about 4-5 years ago when I was 25. Genital Warts can change your life...not cool! Through trial and error I discovered some great ways to remove my genital warts. I used Skinhale Wart Remover whenever I had genital warts (its all natural so its safe to use) and I boosted my immune system. Here are my tips:

1. You must boost your immune system. This helps fight off genital warts naturally. 2. I used Skinhale Wart Remover when my genital warts appeared. Its extremely effective and its all natural so its ok to use down there. 3. I'm not a fan of apple cider vinegar. I think it smells really bad and takes about 1-2 months to see results. If you don't mind smelling like rotten egg for months then try it. 4. You are not alone people...every year about 1, 000, 000 people contract genital warts. Stay strong and positive. Good luck!


I am a 26 year old male who has had genital warts for about a year. I contracted them from my now ex girlfriend who never told me she had them. As you could imagine I was devastated. I went the typical route of seeing a urologist. He had recommended a couple different treatments: freezing them off, using Aldera cream, or doing the surgical procedure where they burn them off. I opted for the freezing. Yes it was uncomfortable as it is awkward having someone else freeze something off of your shaft. The method though is very effective. My largest warts turned black and fell of within a few days. I did have to have several treatments to rid myself of all of them. I am currently dealing with my 3rd outbreak. I had treated the previous 2 with freezing. Because of my profession it is extremely difficult to get to the urologist this time of year. That is when I stumbled upon this site. I had read claims where using Apple Cider Vinegar (acronym ACV) was really effective in eliminating these little nightmares. I figured why not give It a shot. I had about 12 very small warts and 2 larger ones, 14 in total for those of you counting. I purchase Heinz All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, Shop Rite brand sterile gauze pads (latex free), and 1/2 inch waterproof adhesive tape (shop rite brand). The whole treatment cost about $8, compared to freezing at roughly $300 a visit. So Day 1 I washed my hands and penis thoroughly, and then poured the ACV onto a plastic plate and soaked the gauze pads. I then rang them out so they were still damp but not dripping wet. My warts are all around the base of the shaft so I folded the gauze to the appropriate width and wrapped it around the shaft using the waterproof tape to secure it. Make sure that it is wrapped pretty firmly. I put it on at 11:30 p.m and removed it when I woke up the next morning at 7. The first night was a cooling sensation, with no burning. When I woke up the next morning I was shocked. All of the warts turned white and the biggest ones had reduced in size. Day 2 I did the exact same thing with leaving it on the same amount of time. The second night did burn, I won't lie. It hurts exactly the same as freezing them off though. The pain is the same but ACV lasts longer. I woke up after the second day and a majority of them had turned black indicated that they were dead. The lower part of my shaft was quite red though. I would say that 10 of 12 are dead, and hoping that the treatment tonight takes care of them. I will post again with updates.

Now I want to talk about the relationship side. Tell your partner. I felt so betrayed I can't even begin to tell you. I have found that you are much more respected if you are honest. It helps if you are clear of an outbreak when you tell them, as it makes you look even better when admitting when you're clear. Anyway I hope this helps someone out there. Take care and keep your head up.


I generally go herbal when ever possible. I just felt this was too big. I've had gw for 11 years now and it affected myself esteem. I used access to clear a breast infection during nursing. After being on antibiotics for way to long it worked. I'm excited today I've just mixed access, grapefruit seed extract (natural antibiotic) and diluted slightly with water. I have 2 warts I'm ready to kiss good by. I also will be doucheing with a more diluted version. So excited


I had a 2 small flesh colored bumps on the side of my penis near the base(acquired while wearinga condom i tihnk). didnt know it was a wart so i thought i removed it with tweezers only to find about a month later it wa twice the size! i was pretty bummed the first week and thought my sex life was over but this WILL pass and you will be back to feeling good VERY SOON.

it was soft and new so I tried ACV since I don't have any health insurance. I was deeply skeptical I dont really believe in herbal remedies. I dipped acv with a cotton ball while hold the cotton ball with my finger...finger turned pruned and wart turned white.did the saem for 3 days...both warts turned black so i continued only to find many tiny bumps around 6 sprung up...the biggest wart slushed off and scabbed again it wasnt going down without a fight. so i left it on for about 2 hours 3 days in a row and 3 days ago it turned into a white crater with yellow crust.

I think it was infected so i stopped put hydrogen peroxide and neosporing and lef tit alone for 2 days. today the tiny scabs are falling off and the first main wart is scabbed and look like its done for.

ACV will work, keep on applying it until you think you have damaged your skin. skin will scrotum and side of my penis was extremely dry thats why i applied neosporin and left it alone. having Genital warts is better than having just wwarts that are on your genitals.use acv i may take a 2 weeks or so to fully heal dont give up live through the pain.if you have insurance i'd probaly go get it froze though. ihad a hand wart that was froze and never came back. I dont think ACV works on brownish colored older warts. i have 4 tiny brown bumps in my pubes near my penis that didnt turn white the first 3 days so i stopped. ill try again and post back if it works.


Hey Guys,
I wanted to share what I'm doing about my GW. I have had this for a long time since about 14 years old (I'm 34 at the moment) around the head of the penis. I didn't have success with ACV. I was getting frustrated with it, I ran into this site and I started reading different techniques to attack it.

So far what has worked for me was using matches and blowing them off and quickly putting it on the wart, the only thing was that it seemed to take quite a few times to do it in one spot for it to work, so it was very painful. I had tried to burn it all off, but I think I didn't spend enough time doing it on each area affected, since in some areas they seemed to come back. I believe the reason was that it didn't get to the root of the wart.

So I tried the 'Walgreens Wart Remover Liquid' which is about $6.99

I used it on 3 different days, and right now the skin seems to be looking better. I'm gonna have to keep checking it to see how it goes or if I need to keep applying the liquid which contains
Salicylic Acid (17.5%)Water Removal

I'm starting to feel better now that the skin looks clear of the nasty GW, for once in a very long time.
I should probably mention that I take multivitamin, along with Elderberry supplement pills, with Zinc, vitaming C, and vitaming D.

I would apply the salicylic acid (Walsgreens Liquid wart remover) with the brush that comes with it, all around the area covered with the warts, and the skin would start to peel off in the next couple of days, try not to apply on healthy part of the skin.
I should mention that it could be painful, it usually burns for about 3-10 mins.
But it burned it all quickly, so I think it may be worth the pain.


Of all my breakouts I have seen the best results this time around. I have been treating them for about a week and they are almost gone (aside from the one big stubborn one, which is improving but not fast enough for my liking).

2-3 times a day, apply hydrogen peroxide using a cotton swab, followed by Apple Cider Vinegar using a cotton swab. Keep the ACV soaked cotton on for maybe 5-10 minutes. I dilute my ACV- 50% water and 50% ACV. It allows me to apply more often and not have to remove it do to pain.

After applying the peroxide and ACV, I have a mixture of essential oils (3tbsp castor oil, 12 drops of teatree oil, 12 12 drops of clove oil) which I apply to the warts. After slathering the oil on them, leave them UNcovered. I used to keep my warts covered all the time with either oil or ACV but the more they are exposed to oxygen, the faster they heal. This is hard enough when their around your anus so covering them up doesn't help.

Also, pray and meditate. Take lots of vitamins and cut back on fats and sugars (I take a multivitamin, echinacea, vitamin C, and garlic daily). Exercise daily. All of these will help boost your immune system and also decrease the stress and depression that usually accompanies an outbreak.

I hope this helps! God Bless!

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