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So this is an ACV story, yes, ACV used consistently will reduce and kill the virus. Your goal, at the end of the day, is to help your body beat it, because your body is supposed to be able to beat it. I pretty firmly believe killing the virus gives your immune system something to think about. So in my experience, ACV works, the gel salicylic acid remover works (but be careful because it can definitely be damaging to the skin. I understand the duct tape method does work and I do believe that, and garlic also works (literally apply it directly, also burns). The method that makes the most sense to me is a bath actually. The cost is a gallon or two worth of apple cider vinegar (Ive used one gallon in a shallow bath, but I assume if you concentrate it more its probably more effective) Just soak in it. Soak for several hours if you can (there needs to be a penetrating effect). Every time you do it, you will see a reduction. Considering the effectiveness. I've found a single gallon to be effective in reducing, but like I said I assume if you concentrate it more it will be more effective. Simultaneously boost your immune system. Focus on your immune system, you MUST STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES IF YOU SMOKE. Try to get normal amounts of rest, Vitamin D3 supplements probably won't hurt, and yes you will need to treat multiple times, it does take time, but the results will be apparent, and you're covering a larger area where you may also be unaware as well.


I am a 24 year old healthy female on no medications who had a nightmarish case of genital warts. After pouring over these home remedies for hours on end in desperation, I tried it all. First tea tree oil, then alcohol, then peroxide, then Apple cider vinegar. I made a little progress every time but it was embarrassing and time consuming. My warts were spreading and I felt I was doomed. So I did the unthinkable: I went to Kroger and bought the store brand wart remover. I was afraid, so I put in on my outermost wart first (near my leg). After 2 days of applying it morning and night, I peeled it off after my shower and it was gone. I was elated and so I moved on to the next. Same results. I eventually covered all of my remaining warts (I had A LOT) and within days they all went away. It hurt very very badly but it was so worth it. They've been gone for 3 weeks now. I know the bottle says don't do it, but I did and I could not be happier to be rid of those disgusting little beasts. There is hope!!


I'm 37 years old and slept with someone whom I thought was clean. Within 2 months I got genital warts. My doctor tried 4 months of freezing. Things have only gotten worse. I applied my first time of acv today and going to do more tonight they have already turned white. Will be happy to see them change to black and fall off. I'm hoping this works I am tired of having these annoying things. Thanks all for all of the advice here


This isn't exactly a home remedy. I went the doctor route. I made a career switch at 33 and went into teaching. Being around sweet, but germy kids all the time destroyed my immune system. About 5 weeks after I slept with someone new and a couple of months into my new job, I felt something odd, ran to the bathroom with a mirror, and just knew what it was when I saw it. I found a small row of tiny little bumps immediately outside of my vagina. 3 weeks after that I had my annual and had it confirmed. I was in the beginning stages. I was given a sample and a prescription for veregen. Bleh. Terrible stuff. I was told I wouldn't feel a thing while using it. WRONG. The first few days, it wasn't that bad, then it all changed. For any of you ladies that react to monistat when treating a YI, it became like that for me. I opted to have the tca treatment. OMG fire crotch, but everything fell off about 3 days later. The skin underneath was red, but smooth. I also started paying out of pocket for the guardasil shot. I've had other friends go through hpv and was told they started having normal paps after they started the shots. The doctor I saw did confirm that many people she had treated for hpv had their symptoms clear and paps go back to normal after starting guardasil. It's not cheap, but the peace of mind it provides is worth it. There are 2 hpv viruses that cause GW. I really don't want both of them. I also take a ridiculous number of vitamins. The big one is Vitamin D. If you're Vitamin D levels are low, which they are for almost everyone, it can adversely affect your immune system. I check, kind of obsessively, for new GW and haven't found any so far, although I know that could change at any point, but I'm hopeful.

Chad L

Hey everbody...So I developed Genital Warts a little over 2 years ago. It's been a huge pain in the butt. To start is the embarrassment of having Genital Warts. It literally changed changed my entire life. 2 years a go I as dating all the time but once I got my genital warts that came to an endd. Through trial and error I have found some really great ways to remove my Genital Warts for good.

Step number one: You must boost your immune system to help your body fight off the virus that causes genital warts. Step two: Apply Skinhale Wart remover to remove any of your visible genital warts fast. Its all natural so its safe to put on your genital area. Step number three: Repeat steps one and two. You must remember that each year over 1,000,000 people develop genital warts so you are not alone. Whatever treatment you choose remember to stay positive. Good luck!


Found to small painless lumps either side of my dick, just behind the head. Went online - Yep they looked like GW. Freaked out for a bit, then stumbled across this thread.

After reading some 8 pages in and seeing 'ACV' 'ACV' everywhere, and wondering where the hell I'd find it in this country, one post stood out to me. The fellow said he tried rubbing alcohol and hey presto! It worked in a matter of days.

So I grabbed the little bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk (98%+ Alcohol AND an antibacterial), the type you can buy anywhere.
I then made little tissue pads four or five layers thick, a drop of the hand sanitizer on the tissue pad and squeezed it to the wart. Sure enough they turned white in a few minutes - indicating that they were indeed GW.
Also one or two extra white dots appeared - obviously new ones under the surface yet to pop. No sign of them now.

So for twice a day the past two days, an hour each time, I been lying on bed, watching internet while I squeeze the sanitzer (Pure Alcohol), soaked tissue pad to the infected area. And I mean SQUEEZE so it soaks in.
Reapply the gel frequently.
No pain or burning for me - just a tingle.

Day two today and they both just fell of with a hard rub, leaving a neat redish sore, but nothing unhealthy. So far so good.

So it seems that pure alcohol can do the trick, and without the burn or smell of ACV, and no need for sterilization as it's hand sanitizer!

It's also worth noting: I caught it early, mine were really small, and my immune system is pretty good considering the beating I give it.

Fingers crossed and hope it all continues to clear up with minimum of fuss!


2 drops of young livings brand 'thieves' oil 3x a day. Its about $35 on I've had mine frozen off, and they came back a few days later (multiplied, of course), tried ACV but it burned and bled and smelled horrific. After one day of the thieves oil (which WILL burn for about a minute) there's a HUGE difference. All the warts have turned white and feel like scabs, so I will continue this method. Thieves contains clove, rosemary and a few other herbal ingredients that have very strong anti-viral properties, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works!


I usually get outbreaks around my period.I found that sitting in the bath with Epsom salt makes my warts go away faster.


It was very tiny at first in my ass and i paid no attention to it,am elton a university student, a bi-sexual and have no idea what it was. After some weeks it multiplied and was growing bigger.i then decide to get on the internet and find out what it was and omg i found out it was genital warts. At first i got confused since i always use condoms. With the embarrassment i was going to go through i decided to cure it my self , so i saw the homes remedies site and after reading ,i wanted to try
first i got some medication vitamin c, foligrow to boost my immune system,and bought Apple cider vinegar(ACV) ,hydrogen peroxide.
Always make sure u clean the area when u bath then with the hydrogen P, you clean the warts.
It will turn white to show all the warts including the small ones.
I then applied the ACV in cotton then place it on the warts for some hours ,damm it was painful so i decided to have have two bottles of ACV thus one bottle was diluted with 50% of water which i used in the morning.
The other bottle is not diluted and thats what i use in the evening before i sleep.
It worked all my warts are gone. Trust me it hurts but its just a good way to cure genital warts. ACV , hydrogen P did the job.
FYI, u will get some wounds as u go through this treatments but vitamin E oil and joy ontiments will cure that.don't give up because of the wounds , u are not alone.


I noticed a single wart on the shaft of my penis, towards the bottom. I freaked out. I decided to wait a week or so and hoped that it would go away. It didn't. So I tried to pop it. It didn't work. I looked up wart removal and it was $300 to have it removed. I'm not broke but would rather not pay that. After a month, I found this website and read up on apple cider vinegar. I had nothing to lose so I went to Walmart and got everything I needed. I spent about $6. You'll need the ACV, cotton pads, and band aids or tape. I soaked a cotton pad in ACV, rung it out a little, placed it over the wart and held it down with a band aid. Tip: trim your pubes. I went to bed and the next day, the wart turned white. I peeled it and saw that beneath the white dead skin was a flattened black wart. I was so happy. It was at least 90% smaller. I went out the next day and bought some red marine algae tablets ($16). I took 1 in the morning and another at night. I repeated the ACV process again the next day. On the 3rd day the wart was gone. Unbelievable! I left it alone for about 3-4 days and it dried up and the scab fell off. It's completely gone! Thank god for this site and ACV!!! I didn't know I had genital warts but now that I have a remedy, I'm in control. If you're skeptical, I can tell you that this stuff works! You won't be disappointed.

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