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I’m a 22 year old woman and this is how I’ve been dealing with HPV. English is not my first langage, so I’m sorry for possible mistakes! I have found help and comfort in this feed and I hope I can help others go through what I have been through.

If you’re new with the diagnosis, repeat after me : this is not the end of my life. HPV is one of the most common STDs and your body can eliminate the virus by itself. It’s a pain in the ass (sometimes literally) and it will take time, but the good new is that you can get rid of it.

I was diagnosed with HPV back in August, but have experienced symptoms since January. I was feeling an itch in my lady parts, but thought it was only due to the cold weather that usually dries my skin a lot. Summer came and the itch was still there from time to time, but I didn’t have any other symptoms so I didn’t worry about it that much. After a summer of occasional drinking and smoking, I found what turned out to be warts in my vulval area. They were outgrows of skin that looked like cauliflower (it looked exactly like they described it on the Internet). Until I got checked by my doctor, since I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, I applied BETADERM creme on them to relieve the itching that got worse now that the warts were out. It managed the itch but didn’t do anything to the size of the warts. Once I checked with my doctor and got the confirmation that it was warts, I took an appointment to a gynaecologist to have them remove, but the appointment I got was only in November. There were quite a lot of warts and I wanted them gone because I thought they were embarrassing and uncomfortable.

I tried the ACV method and here’s how it went for me. I would apply ACV on the tip of a cotton ball and put it directly on the warts. It burned like holy hell at the first application and I think it’s totally normal. I have a great pain tolerance so I just went with it, but if you can’t stand the pain, try diluting the ACV with water. It may take longer to see results, but it won’t hurt as much. I would secure the cotton balls with bandaids and keep them on all night (a good 8 to 10 hours). Make sure your skin is dry before you try to put the bandaid on it otherwise it won’t stay in place. I had read that you may want to protect the skin around the warts from the irritation the bandaid can cause with oil or creme, but I found the bandaid as well as the medical tape didn’t stick to the skin. The vulval area can be a tricky place to put bandaids on. In the morning, I would take the cotton balls off and wash the area with a soft for the skin soap to get rid of the bandaid glue and the smell as well. I would finally apply coconut oil so that my skin repairs easier. In only three or four nights, they were gone. My advice would be to persevere with the treatment even if it hurts or feels sore : it’s a sign it’s healing.

What also really helps is keeping your immune system strong. I started taking Vitamin C and probiotics, stopped drinking, ate healthier and stayed active. The warts haven’t come back yet, except for a Monday morning after a night where I had had (yes, only) two beers. I treated the wart with ACV and it went away.

As for the itch, it’s still present (sigh). I find that putting ACV on the itching area relieves a lot of it. I know it might itch quite a lot, but DON’T SCRATCH IT. Scratching the area will only make the virus spread and warts appear.

Good luck to anyone who suspects they’ve been infected with HPV or have been diagnosed and stay positive, beautiful people.


I had genital warts for 9 months before they finally cleared. I went to the doctor for multiple topical treatments. Those treatments didn't work. I started taking vitamin C and one-a-day multivitamins daily. I also bought a natural ingredient soap with tea tree from Whole Foods. After doing that the warts were gone after 2-3 weeks of use. I wish I would've found that method out much sooner than doing other home remedies. If you decide to use soap with tea tree -only use for 6 weeks then switch to regular soap. Warts cleared at the end of July. Haven't seen any since.



I'm just here to give my contribuition to all of you. I'am a 24 year old female and I had genital warts since I got my HPV shot (Gardasil) when I was 15.

First, only one came up and was really small, I never thought it was a wart. Since then, thereafter others appeared and I didn't knew what to do because I was ashamed. I did every year the papsmear test and no HPV in my system they said, I didn't wanted to insist on the problem and blame the vaccine since the medical community can be very protective on the pharmaceutical industry.

So I decided to treat me at home with some natural remedies I saw on the internet. As some of you, I tried the ductape and the banana method and some oils I heard about. I can say that none of these worked for me and I needed to be more agressive so as the vírus was.

I took off little bits of the warts with scissors and then disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and Povidone-iodine (Betadine). I did this two times and I can assure you I have no warts since then, they are completely gone!

If you try this, make sure the scissors are disinfected and you regularly clean the area with hydrogen peroxide. If it is gona hurt? Yes, a little bit and it may seem that the warts go bigger, but in the next day they will be much much smaller. You should wait a day or two in between and then repeat the method.

Also, and this is very importante: stop shaving! I just do my bikini line, and I trim the rest of my pubic hair. This way I keep myself clean and I am wart free since then.

Sorry, but english is not my native tongue.

I hope I've been helpful.


Just take vit. C and vit. E everyday mine was gone..


i had a nasty case of genital warts that just seemed to be getting worse and worse. It starting on my penis and spread to my anus. My girlfriend also developed the same symptoms. I thought it would just go away by itself but it just kept getting worse. I starting using Natrula wart remover and within seven days all of my genital and anal warts were gone. So my girlfriend stating using natrula as well and had the same results. I recommend whatever you do dont want and start some type of treatment cuz genital warts suck and anal warts hurt.


I've found that the best remedy is by using Tyginta and ACV together twice a day. I brush on the Tyginta and then follow up with dabs of ACV with cotton wool.

Exercise and relation techniques help too as stress tends to cause outbreaks of warts as the immune system gets affected.

Finally working

After reading online for more than 3 weeks, I decided to try the ACV method. At first I didn't see any reduction in size of either of the 2 warts. At first I wasn't consistent in applying. But, after two weeks using soaked cotton balls on the warts for 15 minutes twice a day, I started seeing a great reduction in size and the ACV started to burn when applied. Both are 80\\% gone. I will continue until they are completely gone. So, ACV is working for me.


A month or two ago I noticed these weird looking growths inside my vagina.. Typically I googled and was almost certain it was GW. Went to the doctors and after waiting 45mins to see her. she dismissed my concerns saying "it's probably just glands." I wasn't satisfied with this and made an appointment with another doctor.. straight away she said "it looks like warts." My heart sunk. I felt disgusting. I'm only 20yo and all the forums i looked at had a lot of 'recurring' topics - this was not comforting.

I have done plenty of research and have started taking garlic and olive leaf tablets, and Blooms Viral Guard Immunity Support tablets (all antiviral ingredients) along with eating healthy (although i do slip up). I've only been taking these for a few weeks now and have already noticed a difference! Internally i look much better, however there are now growths on my vulva which i have applied Warticon so hopefully that will help. I cannot express how much positive thinking helps. Do not stress, do not be upset. You are NOT alone! My doctor assures me every time this is incredibly common.

Travis T

8 Years of having warts and i'm finally free!!! Ok, I don't have any secret formula or anything for you to try. I'll just share with you what helped ME. I have had warts for 6 years. I had to explain to people what they were and at times painfully admit that I had them (Please don't feel bad!) You're still human and A LOT of people have GW's. I got mine from my ex who had no clue she had them(Cant fault her) anyway. It got to a point where my warts multiplied and grew over the years. Constant condom rubbing and moisture from having sex does NOT help. This does not mean quit having sex by any means. But, warts do love moisture.It got to a point where they were getting REALLY bad. I tried the ACV and the tea tree oil combo for a little while. It did help bring down the size of some of the bigger ones. Also helped some of the small ones come off. I tried a few other things as well. The greatest things that i did that really helped were these. 1.) Quit smoking. 2.) I started eating healthy, not to get rid of the warts but just to be healthy.(Im a smoothie nut now.) and 3. My girlfriend bought me some all natural soap which contained tea tree oil. I don't know exactly what did it. But all I know is. The last few weeks have done more for me than the last 8 years has. All I know is I had warts a month ago. I woke up one morning last week and randomly noticed they were gone. I was in shock and so EXCITED. Can you imagine? After 8 years of warts? I jumped up and called my girlfriend in to come take a look. She was excited as well(She loves me regardless though.) Anyway, My warts are gone after having them for what seems forever. I just want anyone who's worrying and struggling to know its not the end of the world. You CAN get rid of them. You dont have to wait 8 years either. Just take care of yourself. ..You want to know what the best thing I did was? I STOPPED FOCUSING ON THEM. Mind over matter. To stop making it such a big deal and wake up one morning with them competely gone??....EPIC.

Love you all and good luck.

{First and last post.}


Ok, This is my fourth and hopefully final time posting on here for GW. My issues started 6 months ago with one bump on my very upper inner thigh. I did nothing for 2 months. Then, 4 months ago I went to the doctor to be seen for the first time about the bump, which I thought had 'spread' to 4 bumps. The doctor put the acid solution on 2 of the 4 bumps. She wasn't even 100\\% sure the bumps she treated were warts, and she said 2 of the 4 were ingrowns for sure so she didn't treat them. So, now I am down to 2 bumps after the doctor burned the other 2 off with acid. For the next 3-4 months, I keep an eye on the 2 bumps (I am not as convinced as the doctor that they are ingrowns). I try applying coconut oil, it makes them bigger. I try applying tea tree oil, it definitely helps reduce the size and seems to make them go away, but not all the way. But I am still convinced they are warts. One of the bumps 'flared up' in the heat and the next day broke open and pus started coming out, so that's when I call the doctor again. I just went into the doctor yesterday. I told her all of this. She looked at the 2 bumps that have been there for 6 months. She confirms they are NOT WARTS. They are ingrown hairs. She says "warts will never have pus coming out of them" and they don't typically get irritated / swell in the heat. So, through all of this, I am not even 100\\% sure I EVER had warts. They could have all been ingrown hairs. I feel so silly - but also incredibly relieved. If your "warts" have pus coming out of them, they are probably not warts, and infected ingrown hairs. Google "ingrown hair cyst" and "infected ingrown hair" and you will see. I NEVER thought ingrowns could get like that, but boy was I wrong. So final tips of advice: Go to the freaking doctor and get a professional eye on your bumps. Don't go 6 months stressing about something you might not even have! Also, don't shave or wax, wear loose clothing (I've started going commando daily and I'll never look back to underwear again!). Honestly, I've started just looking at my lady parts in the mirror daily to get a better idea of what everything looks like when it's normal / healthy and I think this will help people get oriented with their private parts and what is normal and what is not. Also, warts are incredibly sensitive, tender and itchy, and mine were not very tender. Ok good luck ya'll. Go to the doctor. It's worth every penny for peace of mind.

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