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Alex C.

I developed Genital Warts about 3 years ago and but has it been one of the biggest pains in the butt ever. I went from having sex all the time with my girlfriend to being ashamed and having no sex at all. But through trial and error I have discovered some great methods.

Step one: Boost your immune system to help fight off genital warts naturally. Step two: Use Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts fast. It's all natural so It's safe to use on sensitive areas. Step three: Stay positive and remember you are not alone. Each year over a million people develop genital warts. Good luck everyone!


I just want to let everyone know that ACV is no joke.

I'm pretty sure it made my wart fall off? Or at least beat it back a bit. BUT it also burned the shit out of my skin. So. You win some you lose some?

I think I'm just going to continue taking lots of vitamins and hope for the best.


Hi everybody.
I am a 23 year old male who was diagnosed with HPV about 5 months ago. Had only ever had one anal wart. Got it frozen and was all good after that. Skin however has gotten really irritated since. I've had days where itch is unbearable and sometimes burns a bit. I found another warty like growth I've had since november(doctor said looked like a skin tag at first) but now it looks like a wart. Getting that treated. Havent tried acv since I have irritated skin around my anus and am afraid it will burn even more than it did with others. However, if anyone out there knows of anything that can help with the affected skin(anything besides neosporin and vaseline since I've used both with no success) i would really appreciate it. And remember you can live a normal and happy life with this. Dont let it keep you down. Lets fight this!

Patna pooper

I had two genital warts for a year, but I honestly started looking for treatment only 2-3 months ago. One of my sexdate advised me Homeopathy, and I ended up wasting time and money for nothing. Then looked up this website and didnt quite find something sure shot. So I went again to the doctor, a proper Allopathic doc and pulled down my pants. He gave me a lotion/ paint called Podowart and asked me to apply once in every 4 days. I did, and in 2 weeks my warts are gone completey. just 2-3 application and wham! all gone. but I still have a tiny wart near my asshole. dont know how to reach there. Also I have this fear of getting them back again.
still Podowart is much better than trying out Acv n stuff. it costs around 2-3 dollars a bottle and u need just a few drops to treat a full grown wart. I dont remember I felt any pain in the whole process. the next day it feels hot inside the foreskin on the warts, but it doesnt hurt as much as to be called painful. yes, and the outer carton says that it's meant specifically for genital warts. So friends, I think there is no shame in going to the doc and taking prescribed medication. I think thats the safest bet. it leaves no scar at all coz the warts eventually fade off, they dont get killed drastically and ruthlessly as in apple cider vinegar. I wanted to stick with Homeopathy, but it just didnt produce any visible effects.


first I like to thank everyone that has written on here the remedies because they do work and worked for myself. what I did was bought alcohol at 70 percent apple cider vinegar cotton balls baby powder and a tree oil. I use a glove so hands wont smell grabbed cotton ball put two dunks of alcohol and then 2 of the vinegar and then I applied it on the area for 30 minutes. after I finished I added baby powder to drive out of the wart and so the smell won't be too bad I let it sit for about 2 to 5 minutes. then I got a small cotton ball and slowly massaged it with tree oil on the area and then after I just took a shower. I did this every other day. I did this and it came off easy not painful. I did ever other day so that I let my body heal n not get scars


I developed Genital Warts a little over 3 years ago when the girl I was dating admitted she had them. I was completely devastated, embarrassed and ashamed. But I learned to deal with my Genital warts and through a lot of trial and error, I found a few great ways to remove my Genital warts.

Step one: By boosting your immune system you can help your body fight off genital warts naturally. Step two: I used Skinhale wart remover to quickly remove any visible genital warts whenever they appear. It's all natural so It's safe to use on sensitive areas. It's important to know that each year over a million people contract Genital warts so you are not alone. Stay positive and good luck.


Use a cotton ball or and paper towel and soak in rubbing alcohol. I used 70% medical rubbing. Soak it and hold it on the wart/warts with a bandaid or anything that works. I did one during the day until it dried out and one overnight. It worked it a full 24 hours for me and it scabbed up and is gradually leaving. :) glad i could help. May tingle some. Thats how you know it works.


-31 year old male developed moderate case of gw at 25 - (very few sexual partners)
-diagnosed with crohn's disease and also commenced Remicade treatment at age 25
-gw breakouts seem to coincide with remicade treatment times
-confirmed with doctors that remicade weakens immune system therefore causes hpv to manifest
-also confirmed low-risk hpv
-electrosurgery - painful as hell, warts come back in a week
-aldara - horrible rash, made me feel physically ill
-veregen - just made the warts bigger and itched like crazy
-tea tree oil - helped with outbreaks, seemed to have a good effect, i experienced overdrying which may have spread them a tiny bit (however i did not dilute with water)
-grapefruit seed extract aka GSE - really seemed to prevent outbreaks when applied 2x day, but I skipped a few days and boom another outbreak

I applied apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, just a small amount and wrung it out about halfway - applied directly to wart and secured with a band-aid

Band aids work really well beacause the padded part in the middle does not get soaked with vinegar and helps everything stay in place (regular tape did not work for me)

after leaving on for 30minutes, the warts turn white - i suggest removing the band aid in the shower b/c it helps with the adhesive

another 30 min application at night, continued for 2 days then the warts darken and become scabs - i let them be and they literally flaked right off

i know its not a cure but honestly the smell isnt that bad at all, its sooooo much less painful than other methods and it's not as much of a hassle as you might think

the vinegar did cause a slight sore when i tried leaving it on overnight (mistake) but it's about 90% cleared up with Neosporin

i do regret i waited so long to try this method but am pleased with the results so far - good luck!


i am a 38year old female have only slept with 1 guy in the last 18mths and OMG 2 mths ago i get a bump on my anus then i get a few more, only one on my vagina i am too ashamed to go to dr, i tried acv oh it hurt like crazy so i only use it once a week but went to gnc an bought the acv pills and have just started vitamins for my immune system an have bought some tea tree oil today,The guy swears he is clean so i wonder could i have had the virus already? I have a current boyfriend and he has man problems so we dont have sex but i am to ashamed to tell him! well my warts are getting smaller for now!!!! good luck to all


Had an abnormal pap and what I thought were two small pimples. Dr said they were warts. I'm disgusted. Anyway, glad this website is here. I alternated between Apple Cider Vinegar (organic with the mother), Thieves Oil, and Vitamin E with Tea Tree Oil. I started with the Thieves, homemade because I didn't want to wait three days for Amazon. Its five oils that I mixed with a little grapeseed oil (it tingles a little too much for the sensitive skin, that’s why I added the grapeseed). Put a little on a square cotton pad, and slept with it. Here was the routine.
PM - Thieves - Overnight
AM - ACV - an hour or two
All day - Vitamin E / Tea Tree oil

It has been four days and I am about as raw as I can handle. The first layer of skin is gone. But I see no bumps. I didn’t see any black, like some other posts, but it’s hard to see down there. I hope im not repeating this process in a few months. But I think this has to be better than a bunch of dr apts and slowly watching the warts go away.

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